Bat Symbolism and Meaning (Totem, Spirit and Omens)

Bat Symbolism and Meaning

They are capable of flight, but are not birds; they look like rodents but aren’t really rodents either: yes, we’re talking about Bats. You might have seen one of these flying around, particularly in the dusk. With about 1300 recognized species of Bats, these creatures are found in almost every part of the world. But what do they symbolize to us?

Bats are nocturnal creatures that symbolize evil, death, and destruction. Its most distinguishing characteristics, namely its talent for navigating in the dark and its sharp sound-emitting ability, emphasize a unique relationship to sound, space, and consciousness. In some cultures, Bats are also symbolic of inspiration, intuition, and a strong need to connect with one’s inner nature.

Are you interested in learning more about Bat symbolism? Do you think that the spirits of the Bats guide you? Don’t worry; we have all the answers you are looking for here.

This article will talk about Bat symbolism, the different interpretations of their dreams, and their significance in different cultures.

Moreover, we will also learn about what it means to have Bats as your spirit animal and totem.


What do Bats symbolize?

What do Bats symbolize

It might come as a surprise to many, but not all Bats are bloodthirsty. Only the vampire Bats are hematophagous, while the others are mostly insectivores; some species are even herbivores!

Let’s try to understand what these flying mammals might symbolize to us:

Death and darkness

Bats are associated with the symbols of death and darkness due to their nocturnal habits. These creatures are mostly seen out and about at night, and night time is traditionally believed to be the time of all the evil spirits. Their association with death is somewhat similar; many believe that after we die, we move on to a world of darkness, where there’s no light. Just as light is the driving force of all life forms, darkness can be associated with death.


Bats have a heightened sense of vision and hearing that helps them to hunt for their prey in the dark. Therefore, they symbolize sensitivity to us.

Change and transformation

Bats symbolize change and transition because they are symbolic of one’s journey from the darkness into the light. Their spirit teaches us that changes might not be easy, but if they make our life better, they are certainly worth it in the end.


What does it mean to dream of Bats?

Dream about Bats meaning

Most of us don’t associate Bats with a happy or positive symbolism. But what about their dreams? Do they have negative interpretations as well? Well, in most cases, they do. Following are the interpretations of some common Bat dreams:

A giant Bat

A giant Bat is symbolic of pressing or concerning issues that you are choosing to ignore currently for some reason. If you dream of an unnaturally large Bat, it is a warning that the problems you consider inconsequential right now might create a huge problem for you soon. Therefore, you must deal with them now, while they can still be solved.

A baby Bat

Dreaming of a baby Bat is a sign that you might feel like you have reached the end of your path at self-improvement, but that’s not true. There are still some flaws in you that need to be fixed. Now might be a good time for self-evaluation.

A pet Bat

A pet Bat symbolizes the confrontation of unfamiliar things. If you dream of them, it indicates that you are the kind of person who doesn’t appreciate changes in your life. However, to achieve something, you must be prepared to accept the transition. Your dream might be a sign to tell you that embracing changes will make your life better.

A flying Bat

If you dream of a single Bat flying, it is not a good sign. It foretells that you should expect some challenges in the future. But if you’re prepared for them, they will not do you any harm. You will overcome them easily.

Group of Bats flying

Unlike the last dream (of a single Bat flying), seeing several Bats flying in your dream has an even scarier interpretation. Such a dream indicates the impending problems in your life that you cannot solve easily and will have to struggle with.

A Bat flying during the daytime

Most of the Bat species have a nocturnal tendency and only come out during the night-time, sleeping throughout the day. Therefore, seeing them flying around in the daytime cannot have a good interpretation. Dreaming of it can indicate that you might have to move out of your comfort zone soon and do things you might disagree with in order to achieve your goal. But in the end, it will all be worth it.

A Bat flying inside your body

Dreaming of a Bat flying inside your own body is a strange and uncomfortable dream and has a similar interpretation. Such a dream indicates that you might appear to be fine on the surface, but deep down, you’re either dissatisfied with yourself or disappointed in others. You should try to be more vocal about your issues.

A dead Bat

Dreaming of a dead Bat can have two different interpretations: one good and the other bad. The first interpretation is that the impending problems on your path have been thwarted on their own, which is a good thing for you. However, another interpretation is that the people around you are not grateful for everything that you’ve done for them. It is probably a sign that you shouldn’t be wasting your time on such people.

A vampire Bat

The Vampire Bats are a subfamily of Bats endemic to the Americas that are known to feed on blood. Dreaming of these Bats is certainly not a good sign. Such a dream indicates the presence of someone in your life who sucks up all your joys and leaves you stressed and unhappy. If you recognize this person, it is best to cut off all ties with them so that you can leave in peace.

A large Bat in your house

If you dream of a large Bat flying around in your house, it has a negative interpretation. Such a dream is a foretelling of the hostile environment at your home, a tension among the family members that is difficult to dissipate.

Several Bats hanging from a wall

Bats hang themselves upside down when they sleep or rest. So, dreaming of them hanging from a wall has a positive interpretation. It indicates that you’re going to spend the next few months of your life peacefully, without any trouble or difficulty.

A Bat attacking you

If you find yourself being attacked by a Bat in your dream, it indicates that the decisions you make these days have not been contemplated enough. Most of them are made blindly and without a second thought. Such decisions could put both your family and your future in great peril, which is why you should be more careful about them.

A Bat attacking someone else

If in your dream you see a Bat attacking someone else while you stand watching, it means that someone close to you is going to get into a huge mess shortly, and although you’d want to help them, you won’t be able to.

A Bat chasing you

Dreaming of a Bat chasing you is symbolic of your love life. Such a dream means that your love interest is sending you mixed signals, which is scary and thrilling at once. However, to move to the next step of your relationship, both of you must get past such games and be honest about your feelings for each other.

Catching a Bat

If you see yourself catching a Bat in your dream, it is a good sign. It indicates that you are finally about to get rid of all the problems and the toxic people in your life. Once they leave you alone, you will feel happy and liberated.

Killing a Bat

Killing a Bat in your dream is as bad as it sounds in reality. Such a dream tells you that you are about to hurt someone you love deeply. It might not be intentional on your part, but they will be heartbroken and might even try to part ways for good.

Being afraid of Bats

If you are afraid of Bats in your dream, it means that you are about to be in a serious, potentially life-threatening accident very soon. However, you will survive it and recover from it surprisingly early.

A Bat’s nest

Dreaming of a Bat’s nest with the inhabitant nowhere in sight suggests that you will be furious with someone or something shortly.

Bat’s wings

The wings of a Bat are symbolic of your gut instinct or intuition. Dreaming of them is a sign that you should follow your intuition in the decisions you are about to make.

A Bat’s cave

To dream of a Bat cave is reflective of your dark thoughts that are making you a bitter person. Such a dream is a warning that if you don’t change the way you perceive things, you will end up alone and miserable.


Bat dream meanings based on their color

Most of the Bat species have their fur or skin-colored in varying shades of brown. But what if you see a different-colored Bat in your dream? Here’s what these dreams could mean:

A Black Bat

A black Bat is symbolic of bad luck, which is why dreaming of them might mean that you’re going to go through a problematic phase very soon. However, it will not last too long, so don’t lose hope.

A White Bat

Dreaming of a white Bat means that someone in your family is going to pass away soon. However, death will probably be caused by old age or a long-known disease, so it will not cause a great shock to anyone.

A Green Bat

A green Bat symbolizes your communication skills. If you dream of these Bats, it indicates that you have to convince people to do what you need from them.

A Red Bat

If you dream of a red Bat, it signifies that your partner or love interest is hiding things from you, things you ought to know. You should be careful about moving forward with this relationship.


The cultural significance of Bats

What are the most common bat tales you’ve grown up listening to? Tales of the vampires and the Dracula. These are the stories in which the bats can take human form in order to drink from the veins of other humans.

There are a large number of books, comics, and TV shows based on these ideas, where they are related to nocturnality, bloodlust, and wickedness. However, the origin of this folklore was merely intended to keep people indoors after dark.

The people of Tonga consider bats to be a separate soul, while many tribes of India believe them to be evil spirits. On the other hand, these mammals are a sign of happiness, longevity, and prosperity for the Chinese.

In Mesoamerican mythology, bats are believed to be symbolic of the land of the dead or the underworld. Seeing them is considered to be a bad omen and indicates impending death and destruction.

In the pre-Columbian culture, bats are associates with one of the legendary Gods. And in the United Kingdom, they are sincerely protected. Anyone who has been proven to harm them on purpose can be fined.

In the world-renowned DC comics, the fictional character of Bruce Wayne becomes a superhero (Batman) by overcoming his fears of the bats.


Bat totem

The bat totem enters your life when you seem to be making all the wrong decisions but don’t know where you’re going wrong. In your difficult times, their totem will lend you their uncanny sense to make the right choice.

Moreover, they will teach you what it means to be a part of a community. After all, we are social animals; too much loneliness is not good for our mental and emotional health.


Bat spirit animal

If you have an uncanny sense of perception and are rarely wrong, the bats might be your spirit animal. People that are guided by their spirit are nothing if not intuitive; they have this innate ability to judge things, circumstances, and people. And if you want your life to be easy, you should follow their judgment unquestioningly.

It is not easy to fool the people that are guided by the bat spirits; they have the ability to see the truth through any kind of deception. Being more of a manipulator themselves, these people are very difficult to convince or prove wrong. They don’t make hasty decisions, but if they’ve made up their mind, it means they’ve calculated every aspect and possibility before making it.

These people are also unafraid. They are not faint-hearted and can withstand a considerable amount of pain and torture. If you want someone brave and courageous at your side, they’re your most ideal choice, for they will never abandon you even in the toughest times.

Guided by the sensitive spirits of the Bat, such people do not trust easily. This is because it is difficult for them to trust anyone besides themselves. If you want to earn their trust, you might have to travel a rather long path. But once they put their trust in you, you’re most important to them.

These people take after the social tendencies of the bats value their family greatly. They would be willing to go to any lengths for the people they love and care about. They’re fierce, passionate, and devoted. You’d be lucky to have them in your family.

As a partner, these people might be a little difficult to be around at first. They’re unable to express their emotions openly but can get hurt easily. It might take you a long time to figure them out. But once you do, you’d never want to spend a moment apart. They are one-of-a-kind lovers.


When should you call upon your Bat spirit animal?

You can call upon your bat spirit animal for guidance in the following circumstances:

  • When you are standing at a turning point in your life and are afraid of all the changes, you’re about to undergo.
  • When you can’t communicate with the people you care about properly, you’re always at a loss of words and feel like you might drift apart.
  • When you trust too quickly and easily and are, therefore, taken advantage of at every point.


Bat symbolism and meaning (final takeaway)

In the end, what are the symbols that we can associate with bats? Death, darkness, underworld, grief, change and transition, clairvoyance, and communication. These flying mammals are widely regarded as a bad omen, which is why most of their dreams have a negative interpretation. You can rely on their spirit animals and totems to help you make the right choices and embrace the necessary transition.


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