100+ Awesome Irish Horse Names (With Meanings)

Irish Horse Names

A smart horse deserves a suitable creative name. An Irish horse name is ideal for those attracted to Irish culture or wanting to stick to their Irish roots. However, the right name can be difficult to pick, and options might seem scarce. Given the exclusivity of Irish culture, you might be struggling to find a meaningful and suitable fit for your horse.

That is why, in this article, we will go over more than 100 Irish horse names along with their meanings. This will surely help you bond with your new horse and give them a truly unforgettable title.

Since horses are such intelligent and beautiful creatures, just any random name won’t do. They are not just meant to be ridden but also cared for and communicated with. This is where a name becomes crucial. You will have to find the perfect name based on your horse’s character traits.

In this article, we will give you multiple males, female and unisex names under different categories. Whether you want to give your horse a more luxurious name or a rugged one is up to you. The Irish have a long and diverse history, and many names can be derived from their colorful past.

Ultimately, your pet’s new name will reflect your ambitions and goals for your horse and shape their personality.


Beautiful Irish Horse Names

Beautiful Irish Horse Names

If you want a name that’s suitable for your alluring and marvelous steed, this list won’t leave your wanting.

Holly – a majestic and lovely creature

Moher – Irish coastal sea cliffs

Ennis – extraordinary, special

Finley – brave and fair warrior

Brennan – little raven

Finnegan – white and fair. Perfect name for your white horse.

Sullivan – a name for a dark-eyed pet

Cullen – handsome and masculine

Austin – majestic, magnificent, or regal

Kieran – dark-haired and handsome

Barry – fair-haired

Mane – dawn, morning, secure

Ken – handsome, made from fire

Caolan – slender, attractive

Nora – fair, famous

Jade – beautiful green gem

Claire – dark-haired

Jasmine – a gift from God, a beautiful flower

Goldie – golden-hair or valued for their beauty

Anna – graceful, poised, and elegant

Fiona – white, beautiful, fair

Eileen – bright light, guiding light

Kylie – graceful, beautiful

Eimear – refers to the 6 aspects of womanhood: wisdom, sweet voice, beauty, gentle words, virtue, and skill

Niamh – daughter of the Sea god, lustrous

Ciara – dark-haired, or having dark eyes

Roisin – little rose

Aoibhinn – beautiful and pleasant

Aine – a mythical Queen, radiance

Sadhbh – sweet and wise

Laoise – light, splendor

Mairead – pearl, shining

Imogen – innocent, maiden

Cliodhna – Goddess of love, beautiful

Blathnaid – blooming flower

Dearbhla – true desire, loveliness

Riona – regal or queen-like

Muireann – fair as the sea, name of a legendary mermaid

Fionnuala – white shoulder or fair shoulder

Sile – patron of music, untarnished

Sorcha – radiance, brightness, and splendor


Unique Irish Horse Names

Unique Irish Horse Names

For some uniquely Irish names, you can explore different geographical names or names from myths and legends.

Blarney – a lovely town in Southwest Ireland

Dublin – the capital of Ireland

Donegal – a town in Northwest Ireland, fort for strangers

Kane – gift or tribute

Cashel – a town in southern Ireland, also means castle

Burren – location in Southeast Ireland, a rocky place

Erin – peaceful, calm, and kind

Connemara – wild and beautiful, a coastal location in West Ireland

Willow – caring, soft, and quite

Wexford – a coastal town in Southeast Ireland

Niall – a champion, exceptional, a star

Keegan – little fire, feisty and spirited

Callum – dove

Tadhe – bard or poet, name of a historical king

Aidan – an energetic and lively pet

Gallagher – a kind and helpful pet

Craig – rocks or crags

Owen – born of a yew tree

Sage – wise and intelligent

Sean – God’s grace, old and wise

Doyle – mysterious, dark stranger

Cian – an ancestor of Cianachta, part of an Irish myth

Conan – respected, brilliant, special

Daithi – agile and fast, a ruler of Ireland

Loki – cunning, an ancient God, trickster

Duff – dark-haired

Griffin – mythical creature, fierce guardian of precious treasures

Asher – blessed, an old Biblical name

Flannery – a red-haired pet

Oisin – small deer, a mythical poet, and hero

Seamus – cunning, clever

Darragh – fruitful, dark oak tree

Senan – ancient, wise

Kaylee (or Kayleen) – pure and pristine

Deirdre – a broken heart, emotional and sensitive

Breena – a fairy castle from an imaginary tale

Kayla – innocent, good, and pure

Carys – pure and deep love, soulful romance

Cordelia – honest and good-hearted

Saoirse – freedom, a patriotic name

Aisling – dream, a form of poetry

Eabha – the Irish version of Eve, a Biblical name

Orla – golden ruler or princess

Grainne – grain, Goddess of harvest

Bronagh – sorrowful, name of a Saint

Nessa – rough, powerful, a mythical character

Oonagh – lamb, unity, and oneness


Cute Irish Horse Names

Cute Irish Horse Names

Who wouldn’t want to give their cute pet an equally adorable name? There are plenty of cute Irish names to choose from on this list.

Unisex Names

Bevin – one with a melodious voice

Logan – hollow, lightweight

Limerick – humorous or silly, the largest city in Ireland

Cork – hollow area in a hill


Male Names

Beacan – cute or little one

Pickles – a popular food item

Felix – one with good fortune, happy and content

Kevin – handsome and small, cute

Brody – a ditch

Fionn – small fair-haired soldier

Flynn – a red-haired man’s son

Champ – a mashed potato meal with scallion and butter

Chance – good luck and fortune

Kirby – a church farm

Ronan – a small seal

Rian – little king

Rory – rust-colored or red

Oscar – deer-lover, a mythical character

Odhran – little sallow one, healthy

Collin – a cute cub or puppy

Lam – forest or woods


Female Names

Ivy – a vine, evergreen climber

Killian (or Kelly) – energetic, lively, happy

Tara – one that carries you

Clare – clear and bright, famous

Destiny – fortune, good luck, and fate

Clover – charming, lucky, a green plant

Annabelle – name for a joyful and happy pet

Cara – a beloved friend, a kindred spirit

Yuki – for a fun-loving pet

Shannon – wise river

Cadie – rhythmic, flowing sounds

Shauna – gift, God’s grace

Siobhan – charming

Dolly – cute, small, pet-like

Nayeli – cute and attractive

Aleen – pretty, good-looking

Khu – cheerful, joyous, and adorable


Strong Irish Horse Names

Horses are majestic and proud creatures. A suitable title is necessary for your strong and powerful partner.

Unisex Names

Murphy – strong, descendants of a sea warrior

Molly – rebellious or adamant

Reagan – majestic, superior, suitable for a ruler

Cailin – strong, brave, and powerful


Male Names

Riley – determined, a brave fighter

Donnelly – name for a courageous pet

Liam – strong-willed warrior

Fergal – brave and valiant

Grady – noble-born, aristocratic

Donovan – a dark and fierce warrior

Connor – lover of wolves, exalted

Lon – battle-ready, indomitable

Berk – a strong man, derived from Birch

Allon – strong as an oak, like a rock

Gerard – strong, spear-like, brave

Miles – merciful and generous soldier

Eamon – a loyal and dedicated guardian

Atty – possessing the strength of a bear

Cathal – fierce in battle, name of a saint

Darick – powerful, heart like an oak

Cormac – the son of a chariot driver

Patrick – noble-born, name of a Saint

Cillian – war-like, radiant

Andrew – masculine, war-like

Etan – firm, steady and stable

Diarmuid – having no enemies, a legendary warrior

Donnacha – brown-haired warrior, an Irish king

Shay – hawk-like, aristocratic

Brian – strong and noble-minded, an Irish king

Darren – little oak, vitality, and strength

Brandon – prince, royal

Lorcan – powerful, silent, brave warrior

Donal – all might, ruler of the world

Tiernan – little lord, a historical king


Female Names

Bedelia – a strong-willed and lively pet

Fiadh – wild and free-spirited

Brianna – virtuous, noble, and good

Aspen – a tree, protective, good-natured, and valiant

Bridget – brave, well-behaved, and a strong pet

Aoife – radiant and beautiful, a great mythical warrior

Maeve – legendary warrior queen, intoxicating

Ailbhe – mythical warrior, white

Bria – hill, strong, noble-born

Lina – noble, loyal, pledge

Aela – strong and lovely

Brid – protective, strong, and courageous

Toiressa – powerful

Bernardine – strong and bold as a bear

Piritta – strong, helpful

Brielle – powerful, hill, divine woman

Connal – powerful wolf

Alaura – magical and strong

Pirjo – exceptional, protective


Conclusion: Irish Horse Names

To make a statement with your horse’s new name, ensure that it packs a punch.

A name with a story is a good way to encapsulate multiple values and themes that capture your pet’s personality.  Also, a name with an illustrious history will also make for impressive introductions.

Whether it’s for races, or just training, calling out your pet’s Irish name is sure to be an exciting experience!

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