Goat Symbolism and Meaning (Totem, Spirit and Omens)

Goat Symbolism And Meaning

Known for their child-like curiosity and cheerful personality, goats are one of the most adorable animals to have around yourself. Not only are they great companions as pets, but they also benefit us as a domestic animal. But what do they symbolize to us?

Goats are symbolic of curiosity, balance, and intuition. These animals are both easy-going and ambitious, a contrasting combination that they seem to have mastered. They teach us how to maintain a balance between being carefree without letting go of all our responsibilities and obligations. In many cultures, goats are also believed to symbolize good fortune, abundance, and wealth.

Do you see strange goat dreams and are wondering if it has a deeper meaning for you? Or are you willing to learn about the personality of the spirit of these animals? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about their symbolism.


What do Goats symbolize?

Goat Symbolism

Goats provide us with plenty of things to be grateful about: they give us milk, we consume their meat, and as pets, they are great companions as well. However, is there anything else we can learn from these animals? Let’s find out:


All of us know that goats are inquisitive animals. The most obvious evidence of this fact is that these ruminants put anything and everything they can find into their mouths.

To someone who doesn’t know about them, it might look like they’re trying to eat it. However, goats rarely eat anything that’s not good for their health.

For them, the only way to test things is by putting them into their mouth. Therefore, goats are the perfect symbol of curiosity, of the hunger for knowledge.


Unlike their fellow cattle animals (sheep, cows, etc.) that are content with grazing grass, goats are more of a browser. They are always trying to get to the branches of the trees to feed on the leaves.

Simply eating the grass growing on the ground is never enough for them. These ruminants are also fond of climbing. These traits signify how goats are more ambitious than the other cattle, always trying to achieve something better and greater.


Most of the goat-owners claim that they don’t have to worry about their pet goats eating something unhealthy or harmful. Unlike cats or dogs, the goats are smart enough to know what’s not good for them in most cases. They represent to us how listening to our intuition can benefit us in more ways than we can imagine.


What does it mean to see Goats in your dreams?

Goats seem to us such harmless animals. Can you imagine their dreams meaning anything negative? While it might come as a surprise to many, not all goat dreams have a positive interpretation.

To better understand the hidden meaning of a dream, you must pay attention to its trivial details. Given below are some of the common goat dreams interpreted for you. Check them out:

Milking a goat

Dreaming of milking a goat is not a good sign. Such dreams can either mean that someone close to you will suffer from a severe disease, or your reputation is at the risk of being tarnished.

A fat goat

A fat goat symbolizes wealth, luxury, and abundance. Therefore, dreaming of them has a positive interpretation. It indicates that you’re about to come across a huge amount of wealth very soon.

A thin goat

Thin goats are symbolic of ill-fortune and poverty. If you find yourself dreaming of a goat that appears to be unusually thin, it is a bad sign. It indicates that the coming few months are going to be difficult for you and your family financially. You must stay strong through it.

A wild goat

Wild goats are symbolic of freedom. If you dream of them, it indicates that you feel restricted either by your loved ones’ expectations or by the shackles of society. Whatever it is, you must break free of it if you want a true chance at happiness.

A domesticated goat

Domesticated goats are symbolic of good fortune and abundance. If you dream of them, it means that your luck is going to be in your favor. If you have planned to begin something new, right now is the ideal time to get on with it.

A goat on a mountain

Dreaming of a goat standing on a mountain top signifies that you are about to face some challenges in the near future, but with hard work and courage, you will overcome them all. However, in some cases, these dreams might also indicate impending problems in your love life.

A Goat grazing grass

Seeing a goat grazing grass in a field might draw a nice picture in your head, but dreaming of it is not nearly as nice. Such a dream might indicate that you’re not satisfied with your life, be it your job or personal life. Maybe your hopes and desires are not fulfilled, and they eat you from inside. Your dream is a sign that you should seek what you truly desire.

A Goat with its cubs

Dreaming of a goat with its cubs is a good sign. Such a dream means that someone close to you will help you and take care of you soon.

A herd of goat

Dreaming of a herd of a goat has a positive interpretation. Such dreams indicate the happiness and good health of your family and loved ones.

A baby goat

A baby goat is very adorable, but at the same time very fragile. Dreaming of them could be a sign that you need to take care of your health more diligently. You might suffer from flu or fever in the coming months. However, it will not be anything significant, so you needn’t worry too much.

A goat chasing you

If you see yourself being chased by a goat in your dream, it is a bad sign. Such a dream means that you have done something wrong in the past, are aware of it, but don’t want to suffer its consequences. Goats are symbolic of persistence, which indicates that you’re not going to be able to escape the consequences. Sooner or later, you will have to pay for what you did.

A horned goat

Dreaming of a horned goat is symbolic of a bully. If you dream of it, it means that there’s someone around you who has bullying tendencies, which might be making your life difficult unnecessary.

It could also be indicative of your uncaring attitude towards your life. Maybe you’re the kind of person who never thinks ahead. If that’s the case, take your dream as a warning for taking your life more seriously, or you might end up jeopardizing your future.

A wounded goat

If you dream of a wounded or injured goat, it indicates that some changes are about to happen in your life. You might have to move to a different city or country in the next few months.

A dead goat

Dreaming of a dead goat is apparently a bad sign. Such a dream could indicate impending sickness or death, so you should be careful about your health and that of your loved ones.

A talking goat

If you dream of a talking goat, it represents your caring and nurturing nature, your readiness to aid anyone who might need it. The words that the goat said to you might have a special meaning, so pay attention to what it’s saying.

A goat hitting you

If you see yourself getting hit by a goat in your dream, it is not a good sign. Such a dream is more like a warning, asking you to step back from any kind of gamble you’re about to make. If you don’t, you might have to incur a huge loss, financially or otherwise.

Goat horns

Dreaming of goat horns without seeing the animal itself is relevant to your love life. Such a dream indicates that you are about to meet someone you will fall in love with, but that person might not be good for you.

Drinking the milk of a goat

Dreaming of drinking the milk of a goat has two interpretations. The first interpretation is that you’re about to face some challenges in your path, but if you face them bravely, you’ll get through in no time. However, if a woman dreams of drinking goat’s milk, it’s a good sign. It indicates that she is soon about to marry the man who is just right for her.

Eating goat cheese

Dreaming of eating or even seeing goat cheese is indicative of the fact that you’re trying to save up money for an important cause. Either that or you’re frugal by nature.

Riding a goat

If you dream of yourself riding a goat, it is a good sign. It foretells a passionate encounter shortly.

Feeding a goat

A dream in which you find yourself feeding a goat is a warning. It indicates that you might have shared some of your secrets with someone who is about to use them either against you or for their own advantage.

Killing a goat

Dreaming of killing a goat has a negative interpretation. Such a dream is pointing towards your own indifferent personality towards most things. It is a warning that if you don’t change your attitude, you might end up miserable.


Interpretations of dreaming of goats based on their color

The last time you dreamt of a goat, did you notice its skin color? The color of the goat can also have a significant meaning for you. Let’s read more about what it means to dream of a black and a white goat:

A Black Goat

A black goat in your dreams can have several interpretations. Since black is symbolic of uniqueness and strangeness, dreaming of them might indicate that you are one of a kind, and don’t care for blending in with other people.

Black goats can also represent unexpected challenges and unusual troubles. They might be indicative of difficult times ahead. Amidst such difficulties, you might not act in conventional ways, but that’s okay. You need a fresh perspective if you want to overcome them.

A White Goat

Dreaming of a white goat often has a positive interpretation. White goats are symbolic of good health, wealth, and fortune. Moreover, they are also symbolic of a clear conscience. If you dream of them, it means that there is no space for guilt and regrets in your life. You are truly at peace with your inner self.

In the coming months, you will have stability in all spheres of your life, be it work or family. You will also find time to indulge in things you are passionate about and acquire new skills.


The cultural significance of Goats

Now that we’ve learned about the symbolism of goat both in reality as well as in our dreams, let’s take a look at how these ruminants are perceived in different cultures around the world:

  • Many Asian countries have been using goats traditionally as a sacrificial animal in front of their deities. They believe that if they sacrifice them, their deities will be appeased and, in return, will grant them what they desire. In India, goats are most commonly sacrificed in front of the demon-goddess Kali.
  • ‘In China, under the reign of the Zhou and the Shang Dynasties, the goat was one of the animals that were sacrificed in Thai Lao and Shao Lao.
  • Ancient Chinese believed little goats to be symbolic of beauty as well as noble qualities.
  • The meat of goats is popularly consumed in most parts of the world, especially in Asia.
  • In Greek mythology, Pan, the god of wilderness, is described to be half-man, half-goat. His personality is said to be carefree and flirtatious, because of which he represents virility and fertility.
  • In the Norse legend, Thor’s chariot, the god of thunder, was pulled by goats. Some tales also claim that Thor would feed on these goats every night, only to resurrect them the next morning.
  • In Astrology, Capricorn is the ninth zodiac, with the mountain goat as its symbol. People who are born under it are dependable, resourceful, and patient. They are also very down-to-earth and, thus, make great friends.


The message behind goat tattoo

In ancient times, it was believed that goats were the first animals that the early humans were able to domesticate. These animals have always been ready to serve mankind, even to be sacrificed at their hands.

Their tattoo could be a symbol of our service towards mankind. Moreover, it could also be symbolic of the community’s strength since goats are primarily herding animals. If you happen to have Capricorn as your zodiac, getting their tattoo can also seem like an appealing idea.


Goat totem

The goat totem will enter your life when it gets boring beyond your imagination, and you can’t be bothered to liven it up. Adventurous as they are, their totem will re-ignite the passion and hunger for new things inside you, transforming you into a person you might not even recognize yourself.

These totems can also guide you if you’ve lost your judgment and are confused about your right path. They are great judges and can guide you towards what’s best for you. It might not be easy, but it will certainly be worth it in the end.


Goat spirit animal

Goat spirit animal

If you are guided by the goats’ spirit, then persistence and fearlessness are your defining attributes. You are one of those who just don’t know how to give up on things.

Once you’ve set your eyes on a goal, you can’t just back down, no matter how many failures you go through. You get up every single time, more determined than before, ready to charge forward with refreshing zeal.

The people around you find your determination inspiring. The thing that helps you in trying again is your lack of fear. Unlike most people, you’re not haunted by the fear of failure. Even the challenges or obstacles on your path can’t scare you. You have faith in your inner strength, which keeps you moving against all odds.

Such people are curious to a fault. If they ever come across anything new, they make it their mission to learn everything about it. It is not easy to satisfy them, for they believe that satisfaction is the death of growth. And they want to keep growing in any sense as long as they are alive.

These people also have high morals; their sense of right and wrong is unbendable. You will never find them resorting to dirty tricks and methods to achieve their dreams. They’re in no hurry to get what they want, but they want to get it the right way.

As partners, these people are amazing. You can never have a dull moment with them, for they are always actively seeking new adventures, pulling you along. They never settle and will push you to do your best in life as well.

If you have people guided by the goat spirit in your family, you are very lucky. You can always look up to them for advice or suggestions regarding anything, for they are quite knowledgeable in all fields. So, whether you’re planning a holiday or looking for a college, they can be your go-to person.


Goat Symbolism and meaning (endnotes)

Let’s refresh our memory on goat symbolism: goats represent abundance, curiosity, fearlessness, balance, intuition, ambition, and honor. These animals are hungry for knowledge and symbolize the same to us. If you have them as your spirit animal, you will achieve everything you’ve dreamt of because you don’t know how to settle for anything less.