12 Cool Toys For Leopard Geckos

Toys For Leopard Geckos

Named due to their leopard-like coloration, the Leopard Geckos are a lizard species endemic to the Middle East that are popular worldwide as an exotic pet. They have evolved in captivity and now have a variety of colors and patterns. These lizards are also easy to care for due to their minimal demand for attention and maintenance needs.

Most people believe that Leos prefer to lie around in their tank and do nothing. But this is only partially true. If you provide them with the right toys, you will find that these lizards can also be active and play around, entertaining both themselves and you.

This article will give you 12 toy ideas that you can explore for your pet Leo.


Reptile vines

What’s the singular activity that all lizard species, including Leopard geckos (aka Leos), can never get tired of? Yes, you’re right, it is climbing.

These reptiles are ever-climbing creatures and might not get enough space to do it inside the confines of their tank. However, if we told you there was a way they could enjoy climbing within their tank? Wouldn’t that be great?

That’s exactly what the reptile vines are created for. Ideal for pet lizards, geckos, and chameleons, these jungle vines make fantastic toys for your pet Leo. They are about 8-feet long and can be twisted and bent in any way you want.

Using these, you can create a complex path on which your pet gecko can climb whenever they feel like it. The vines are made of non-toxic material and can be firmly fixed using suction cups to attach them to the walls of their tank.

They don’t simply entertain your pet but also provide them with plenty of exercises and stimulate both their body and brain.


Moss balls

Have you added a moss ball to your pet Leo’s tank yet? If you haven’t, you should do so today. Designed using absorption resin, these balls trap nitrite, nitrate, and phosphate inside their tank and help keep it clean and odorless.

Moreover, they’re medium-sized, green, and round, which makes them a great toy for your little pet as well. They will tire themselves by pushing the ball around within the tank. These balls are also surprisingly affordable, which is why you won’t mind changing them every couple of months.


Live food

Do you know how your pet geckos enjoy nothing more than the opportunity of chasing and feeding on live food? It is because they are accustomed to catching their own food in the wild, something they can’t do in captivity.

Therefore, in order to make their life inside the tank more exciting, you should occasionally drop some live food in their tank. Not only will they stimulate your pet and make them happier, but they are also a rich source of protein. However, don’t go looking for worms in your garden to feed them.

You never know what parasites or diseases they might carry. Instead, buy them live pre from a trustworthy supplier or online.


A decorative reptile feeder

While we’ve already settled on feeding them live food occasionally as a sport, do you have a bowl or a dish in which you will serve them these? If you don’t, it is time to get one for them.

Now, you can either choose a basic dish or you can go all out and get them a colorful, decorative dish that can serve as an attractive addition to their tank. If you’re thinking of getting the latter, check out this artificial plastic dish that is designed like a hollow tree trunk with artificial plants and grass surrounding it.

It is made of eco-friendly material and is durable even inside water. These dishes can be used for geckos, turtles, lizards, frogs, etc. So, if you have any other reptile pet at home, you can get one for all of them.


Artificial plants

Many lizard owners out there wonder what purpose artificial plants serve in their pet’s tank? Are they merely there for decorative purposes? Today, we are going to answer that question for you.

While it is true that these plants enhance the decorum of their tank, that is not the sole reason behind adding them. The plants are added to their tank to make their new habitat resemble their old one. The Leos are used to living around trees and plants in the wild.

If they find a similar environment inside their tank, it will make them feel safer and more comfortable. This is especially true for the new pets; the more familiarity you provide them with, the faster they will get acquainted with their new home.

Moreover, these plants can also provide a hiding space for your Leos. And, if you want to stimulate their brain a little, you can also hide their food in them and hone your pet’s hunting skills. You can easily find artificial plants that are eco-friendly and non-toxic for them online.


Egg fossil ornaments

Can you imagine your little Leo coming out of a mini dinosaur egg? This is why we have added egg ornaments to our list of toys for Leos. They will provide entertainment not only to your pets but also to you.

Seeing a Gecko crawl out of the eggs of their million years old ancestors would be fascinating. Moreover, these eggs can also work as a hideout for them, having several entrances for them to use in order to get in and out.


Reptile hammocks

What do we use hammocks for? Lounging. Adding a hammock in your Leo’s tank will serve the same purpose. Only these little reptiles have a lot more spare time on their hands than you do, which is why they will use their hammocks much more than you might get to use yours.

The Leos have a tendency of perching high in their natural habitat. The solid ground doesn’t give them the same comfort it gives us. If you add a hammock in their tank, they can climb and rest on it, feeling secure and enjoying themselves at the same time.

We know you’d want to give your little pet gecko nothing less than the best, which is why we recommend you to get the climbable, hand-woven hammock that is made up of natural seagrass fiber. It is both durable and flexible, with suction cups attached at each of its ends.

You can fix it anywhere inside their tank, and if your Leo doesn’t seem to like the position, you can always relocate it. You can get two or more of these hammocks to create a sort-of jungle gym inside your gecko’s tank to keep them active.



It might come as a surprise to those who are new to keeping reptiles as pets, but they don’t drink water. What do they do for hydration, you ask? It’s pretty simple: they can absorb moisture through their skin. Therefore, bathing them is a great way of keeping them hydrated.

Moreover, bathing also helps your geckos with their shedding as well as in regulating their blood-flow. It is clear to us by now that bathing is an essential activity for your little friends.

Is there a way to make it fun for them, too? Certainly. That’s what floaties are for. Circular plastic tubes filled with air, floaties are used by us to teach our children swimming. It can also help your gecko enjoy floating in the water.

But how would you find a floatie small enough for your Leo? It’s all about improvisation. Take a look at these inflatable drink holders for pool parties that might be just the right size for your reptiles.

The pack contains 12 holders shaped like different aquatic creatures such as dolphins, crabs, ducks, flamingos, and mermaids. Then there are also some shaped like donuts and unicorns. Your Leos would look so adorable swimming in these.


Piers and Ledges

Since Leos are cold-blooded animals, like most of the other reptiles, basking is one of the activities that they enjoy immensely. While they do not have the luxury of basking in the wild since it would make them vulnerable to their predators, inside the safety of their tank, they can certainly enjoy it.

Do you know what could make basking even more fun for them? Adding to their tank a pier or a ledge specifically for that purpose, an elevated platform on which they can climb to get more sunlight and relax.

You can either go with a triangular artificial wooden pier with a basking platform and a hideout beneath it, or a basking ramp with steps on both sides and a rock-like finish.


Hideouts and Caves

Hideouts and Caves

You would agree that on some days, hiding from the world gives us a sense of peace and security. But in the case of your Leos, that’s pretty much all they want.

If you observe them closely, you will find that they’re most interested in hiding behind anything that can provide them cover inside the tank. If that’s their idea of fun, why don’t we give them something better to hide in?

If you look online, you will find a variety of hideouts and caves that can make an interesting addition to their tanks.

You can either go for a hideout that appears like a fallen wooden bark with a hole from which your Leo can peep out. Or, if you want to go with a more decorative cave, you can buy a skull-shaped one that is made up of non-toxic material and is, therefore, completely safe for your Leo.

Go through all the diverse caves and pick the one that appeals to you.


A Bridge

Although a bridge in your Leo’s tank is not so much a toy as an accessory, it would certainly provide your pet with a unique way of crossing distance and even resting (if they feel like it).

When buying a reptile bridge for your Leo’s tank, you must make sure that it is made up of non-toxic resin material that doesn’t allow bacteria to collect on them. Moreover, these bridges are sturdy, easy to clean, and have a woody appearance, and add a natural touch to their tank.


Laser Pointers

Although laser pointers are not commonly used as gecko toys, there are some Leo-owners out there who have claimed that their pet loves chasing around the beam. It keeps them active and is a great outlet for their energy.

A common mistake made by the owners while letting their pets chase the laser beam is: they keep moving it long enough for the gecko to realize that it’s not a bug or insect, after which they lose interest quickly.

The trick here is to only let them chase the beam for about 2 minutes, once or twice a week. That way, the laser will never lose its appeal for your pets. You can either buy these laser pointers online or from a local store.


Conclusion: Best toys for Leopard Geckos

Although the long list of toys we’ve talked about above will give you an idea of the options you can explore, choosing one for them is not that easy.

Leos are not known for making their pleasure apparent to their owners, so you might never know if they’re happy with it or not. However, the goal of these toys is to provide them with more accessories to use as well as to stimulate their body and mind a little.

Leos are not highly active reptiles and spend most of their days basking or hiding out. Therefore, it is perfectly normal for them to ignore the toys you’ve added for days and then spend about 5 minutes playing with them. You shouldn’t take it personally, that’s just how it is to have a pet Leo.

Moreover, the kind of toys your pet enjoys playing with is also dependent on their individual personality; some Leos are more social or active than others. Therefore, the more you know your pet, the better-suited toy you’d choose for them.


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