226 Cute And Funny Lizard Names

lizard names

Lizards are one of the most intriguing creatures on this earth. If you like lizards there are are more than 6000 species of lizards to choose from, across the globe.

Lizards range in size from a few centimeters long (chameleons and geckos) and go all the way up to even 300 centimeters (Komodo dragon)

In a time so long ago it’s hard to imagine reptiles explored the world in an age before the dinosaurs. There were
probably lizards among them. No fossil trace of them has been found earlier than 170 million years ago but by that
time a variety of true lizards were sharing the planet with the so-called terrible lizards, the dinosaurs.

But keep in mind that lizards are not close relatives of dinosaurs they are a very different group of reptiles. Lizards remained separate from the other groups all have survived into modern times.

Some of the lizards are even poisonous or can change their skin to camouflage with the surrounding environment to avoid predators seeing them. They are stunning to look at and resemble the mythical dragons of fairy tales.

If you’re in search of a name that’s as cool as these miniature dragon-like creatures, you’re in luck, we have compiled a list of 226 cute and funny names for lizards.


Good Lizard Names

The list below includes overall good names for your pet lizard!

  • Fireball
  • Venom
  • Reid
  • Perseus
  • Frank
  • Dragos
  • Mojo
  • Fidalgo
  • Dino
  • William
  • Leonardo
  • Cesar
  • Rex
  • Harry
  • Bob
  • Mike
  • Cactus
  • Michelangelo
  • Axel
  • Donatello
  • Mikey
  • Spike
  • Spiro
  • George
  • Gustav
  • Musa
  • Alberto
  • Leo
  • August
  • Raphael
  • Camo
  • Dracks
  • Morgan
  • Oscar
  • Arizona
  • Paulo


Funny Lizard Names

Funny Lizard

  • Fluffy
  • Cutie
  • Jello
  • Kiwi
  • Cricketslayer
  • Diamond
  • Crystal
  • Smoky
  • Riri
  • Dondon
  • Puffy
  • Sweets
  • Greedo
  • Toothless
  • The Lizard of Oz
  • Yoshi


Female Lizard Names

These are great names for female lizards!

  • Athena
  • Misty
  • Peanut
  • Honey
  • Saphira
  • Ivory
  • Cloe
  • Misha
  • Atiya
  • Quinn
  • Cauda
  • Eliza
  • Jade
  • Savanna
  • Anna
  • Mia
  • Sia
  • Riva
  • Ella
  • Paula
  • Kayla
  • Kylie
  • Ellie
  • Izzy
  • Kendall
  • Hailey
  • Riley
  • Myra
  • Kimba
  • Jasmine
  • Suki
  • Plum
  • Kaa
  • Freckles
  • Arianna
  • Emily
  • Tundra
  • Syrena
  • Gizzy
  • Karla
  • Dolores
  • Sapphire
  • Bridge
  • Stassie
  • Jackie
  • Abby
  • Akira
  • Em
  • Nova
  • Lizzie
  • Jenna
  • Jo Jo
  • Taloula
  • Shana
  • Aquarius
  • Nadia
  • Lucy
  • Anastasia
  • Selina
  • Missy
  • Christina
  • Tia


Badass Lizard Names

  • Roco
  • Croc
  • Boss
  • Axe
  • Ziggi
  • Natsu
  • Slayer
  • Sawyer
  • Thunder
  • Asher
  • Diablo
  • Demon
  • Sasuke
  • Itachi
  • Naruto
  • Jiraya
  • Gon
  • Kirua
  • Isoka
  • Kurapika
  • Sensei
  • Hotchner
  • Benzema
  • Leonidas
  • Achilles
  • Osiris
  • Gollum
  • King
  • Royal
  • Prince
  • Samurai
  • Predator
  • Pog
  • Sergio
  • Pablo
  • Escobar


Big Lizard Names

Largest Lizard

The names below are for the very big lizards who need a name to fit their size!

  • Kongamoto
  • Dirawong
  • Ness
  • Basilisk
  • Hydra
  • Charybdis


Disney Lizard Names

This section is perfect for avid Disney fans, as all names are from characters from Disney movies or shows!

There are many lizard-inspired Disney characters as they are well-loved creatures in the Disney realm.

  • Antonio Agama appears in the Disney show Elena of Avalor in an episode called “The Gecko’s Tale”. The character steals a treasure called the Golden Gecko and gets turned into a gecko as a result. He then receives aid from three princesses to return the treasure in order for him to return to human form.
  • Sugar Ray Lizard is a member of Rat Capone’s gang in the Disney show Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers. His character is inspired by boxer Sugar Ray Leonard.
  • Dr Axolotl is a crazy scientist in an episode of TaleSpin called “Bullethead Baloo”.
  • Bill the Lizard is a minor character who’s had plenty of appearances in the magical Disney realm. His first appearance was in Alice and Wonderland that came out in 1951, and has made appearances in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Mickey Mouse Works cartoon “Mickey’s Airplane Kit” and House of Mouse. He also inspired a character in The Great Mouse Detective that came out in 1986.
  • Blinky is a minor supporting character who plays Mr. Smee’s pet chameleon in the Jake and the Never Land Pirates.
  • Bruni is a character from Disney’s Frozen II that came out in 2019. He is a salamander that lives in the Enchanted Forest. Despite being shy, he gets attached to the characters who are nice to him.
  • Chameleon is in Disney’s The Mighty Ducks as one of Lord Dragaunus’ henchmen.
  • Camille Chameleon is a villain in Darkwing Duck who only appeared in the episode “Calm a Chameleon”, even though she eventually made a return appearance in the revival comics.
  • Chico is a half-witted iguana from Disney’s Beverly Hills Chihuahua.
  • Dragaunus, the leader of the Saurians, is the main antagonist in Disney’s The Mighty Ducks.
  • Wart is the most intelligent of four members of Fat Cats’ henchmen in Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers. He dresses in a suit and fedora, just like his gangster boss.
  • Flizard is a half frog, half-lizard character from The Wuzzles.
  • Frank is a green frill-necked lizard who plays in Disney’s 1990 animated film, The Rescuers Down Under.
  • Fred Lizard is a member of the Riverbottom Gang in the 1977 special Emmet Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas.
  • Hodari is a tiny turquoise pygmy gecko who dreams of being in a crocodile float.
  • Joanna the Goanna is a pet monitor lizard and appears in The Rescuers Down Under.
  • Mr. Jones is a pet iguana in Toy Story of Terror!.
  • Kenge is a monitor lizard in the Disney Junior series The Lion Guard.
  • Kinyonga is a female chameleon in The Lion Guard.
  • Lizard is the alter ego of Dr Curtis “Curt” Connors. In human form, he is a S.H.I.E.L.D. scientist working on developing numerous advanced technologies. He appears as in the series Ultimate Spider-Man and is a character created by the legendary creator of the Marvel Universe (Disney now owns that) Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.
  • Roderick Lizzard is from the television series Raw Toonage (1992) and the spinoff Bonkers (1993). He is a yellow lizard.
  • Makucha’s Army is an army of vicious animals led by a leopard, but the name can be fitting for a lizard as there are two unnamed Komodo dragons in the troop.
  • Mrs. Kipling is Ravi Ross’ pet Monitor Lizard in the series Jessie.
  • Knuckles is a character in Quack Pack. He is a pet iguana who acts like a dog and eats anything.
  • Herman Melville is the monster of Lucky Duck Lake in Doug’s 1st Movie.
  • Morg is from the animated series Phineas and Ferb. He is a reptilian alien prisoner, who swaps bodies with Phineas Flynn in an attempt to escape incarceration.
  • Burt Quackarach is a singer who appeared in the episode “The Uncrashable Hindentanic” of the series DuckTales, where he served as the crooner on board the Hindentanic. He also makes an appearance amongst the guests at Scrooge’s wedding in “Till Nephews Do Us Part”.
  • Gaspar Le’Gecko is a character in Brandy & Mr Whiskers.
  • Ora is a male Komodo dragon who appears in The Lion Guard.
  • Pascal is Rapunzel’s pet chameleon in Tangled.
  • Shupavu is a female skink in The Lion Guard.
  • Sal Manders appears as the main antagonist of the episode “You Bet Your Tuhkus” in the animated TV series Timon & Pumbaa.


Famous Lizard Names

The names below are all inspired by famous people or lizards that have been in movies, animated series or video games seen or played by millions across the globe!

  • Bad Bill (Rango)
  • Basilisk (Harry Potter)
  • Bill the Lizard (Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland)
  • Camille (Darkwing Duck)
  • Chance (Golden Knights Mascot)
  • Dragaunus (The Mighty Ducks)
  • Gaspar (Brandy and Mr. Whiskers)
  • Geico (Geico Insurance)
  • Goanna (FernGully: The Last Rainforest)
  • Hodari (The Lion Guard)
  • Hydra (Mythology)
  • Joanna (The Rescuers Down Under)
  • Kenge (The Lion Guard)
  • King Rool (Donkey Kong)
  • Kinyonga (The Lion Guard)
  • Liz (The Magic School Bus)
  • Master Viper (Kung Fu Panda)
  • Mr Jones (Toy Story of Terror)
  • Puff (Puff the Magic Dragon)
  • Rango (Rango)
  • Shupavu (The Lion Guard)
  • Sugar Ray (Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers)
  • Toffee (Star vs The Forces of Evil)
  • Uncle Deadly (The Muppets)
  • Wally (Hanna Barbera)
  • Yoshi (Mario Bros.)


Blue Tongue Lizard Names

The names below are symbolic of the word blue, as the blue-tongued lizards are known for their special bodily feature.

  • Smurf
  • Blueberry
  • Denim
  • Azul
  • Teal
  • Indigo
  • Ocean
  • Saphire
  • Blu
  • Bloo
  • Royal
  • Kool-Aid
  • Mavi
  • Biru
  • Zils


Pokémon Lizard Names

The names below are ideal for Pokémon lovers, as lizards are ever-present in the Pokémon universe! With many different powers and cool features, each Pokémon is unique in its own way, and all their names would be a cool name for a lizard!

  • Treecko is the evolution of the gecko type Grovyle.
  • Heliolisk does not look like a lizard, but he is the evolution of one.
  • Charmeleon evolves into Charizard and is a Flame Pokemon.
  • Frillzoid resembles a frilled lizard. The frills are solar panels that energize him. He can be compared to blue tongue lizards as he has a blue tongue and blue eyes.
  • Grovyle is the Wood Gecko Pokemon that evolves into Treecko and Sceptile.
  • Charmander is a fire lizard that stands on two legs. He evolves into Charmeleon and Charizard.
  • Digustongue
  • Helioptile is a small baby lizard that evolves into Heliolisk.
  • Humunguana is a Giant Lizard Pokemon that is in hibernation, but if awaken can cause mass destruction.
  • Kecleon is a chameleon lookalike Pokemon that has been seen changing colours.
  • Liguar is a useless Pokemon.
  • Sceptile is the evolution of the gecko type Grovyle.
  • Charizard is a great Pokemon-inspired lizard name despite the Pokemon being classified as a dragon.
  • Drakesserp is a Water/Electric type pokemon.


Cartoon Lizard Names

The list below is for lizards who have made it into cartoon animated series and that would make great names for lizards both big and small!

  • Leatherhead from the famous animated series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Leatherhead is a smart and powerful mutant who at first fights the ninja turtles, attacking their home in the sewers, but later befriends them and saves their lives. He was a doctor and scientist before testing an experiment on himself to cure a disease, and it didn’t quite go according to plan, but in the end, he was left happy with his transformation—a true reptile hero.
  • Rango from the famous movie of the same name starring Johnny Depp. The pet chameleon gets lost in the Mojave Desert.
  • Bad Bill is a Gila monster in Rango.


Conclusion: Lizard Names

There it is! The complete list of top-notch good, funny, female, badass, big, Disney-inspired, famous, blue tongued, Pokemon or cartoon lizard names for you to choose from to name your reptile friend.

With 226 names on the list, there will be something to suit every lizard, no matter how big or small!

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