Lizard Symbolism and Meaning (Totem, Spirit and Omens)

Lizard Symbolism And Meaning (Totem, Spirit and Omens)

Did you recently encounter a Lizard in your dream and are wondering what it might mean? Or are you simply curious about what these fascinating reptiles symbolize in different cultures?

The symbolism of Lizards is a rather tricky and complicated matter. It can mean different things to people under different circumstances. Almost all ancient cultures have different beliefs regarding Lizards.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about the spiritual meaning and symbolism of lizards.

What do lizards symbolize?

What do lizards symbolize

Like we mentioned above, Lizards have been used to symbolized different things in different cultures. Moreover, many people use the physical traits of these reptiles to symbolize regeneration or resurrection, healing, protection, and so on.

Let’s take a look at some of these important symbolic representations:

Regeneration and survival

Lizards are believed to be a symbol of regeneration and survival due to their ability to grow back their tail once it falls off. Moreover, the fact that they go through the process of molting and acquire a different appearance afterward is baffling to many cultures.


Lizard’s trait of survivability has made them the representatives of healing and protection in multiple cultures. This symbolism was most prevalent in many of the Native American tribes.

For instance, whenever a boy was born in these tribes, their umbilical cords were cut and sewn into amulets that looked very much like Lizards. These amulets were said to protect and ensure the strength, health, and masculinity of the new-born.


What does it mean if you see a lizard in your dreams?

Lizard in dream

Seeing Lizards in your dreams can’t be a pleasant experience. But most of us believe that our dreams have some hidden meaning that doesn’t meet the common eye. Keeping it in mind, the lizard in your dream must mean something, too.

However, the meaning of seeing Lizards in your dream is not straightforward. You have to be more specific about your dream; their actions in your dream can mean different things.

Attacking a Lizard

If in your dream, you see yourself attacking a Lizard, we have good news for you. It is a sign that you are about to overcome major adversity in your life.

Being attacked by a Lizard

Being attacked by a Lizard in your dream is indicative of some kind of hindrance or obstacle in your upcoming endeavor.

Eating a Lizard

This can have two different meanings. If you’re literally holding a Lizard by its tail and putting it into your mouth, it signifies that you’re about to seize a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. However, if you find a Lizard on your dinner plate in the dream, it is a symbol of insecurity or loneliness.

Catching a Lizard

If you see yourself chasing after a Lizard in a dream, it means that you are avoiding the responsibilities that have been thrust upon you.

Running away from a Lizard

Running away from a Lizard is a direct indicator of guilt. Many people associate it with displeasure as well.

A headless Lizard

If you encounter a headless Lizard in your dream, it means that you are facing difficulties in maintaining a balance between your emotions and logic.

A crawling Lizard

If a Lizard is crawling over your body in your dream, it signifies that some of your close friends or relatives might have an ill intention towards you.

A Lizard under your skin

Seeing a lizard under your skin in a dream can only mean one thing for you: conflict. It signifies the inability to make a decision.

A tailless Lizard

The appearance of a tailless Lizard in your dream is a warning that you’re sacrificing way too much for others and need to be more self-centered.

A Lizard eating a frog or snake

If you find a Lizard eating a snake, frog, or any other animal, it means that you are actively seeking any kind of emotional attachment in your life.


Interpretations of seeing different kinds of lizards in your dream

The lizards have a large family with varying physical attributes. Can you remember exactly which type of lizard did you see in your dream? If you can, it might unfold more secrets and hold new meanings for you.

A Monitor Lizard

Seeing Monitor Lizards in your dream is a clear indication of a new beginning in your life.

An Anole Lizard

Seeing an Anole Lizard in your dream when you’re confused or conflicted tells you to follow the path of the truth and leave the rest to the superpowers.

A Frilled Lizard

An encounter with a Frilled Lizard in your dream signifies that you have probably been a lousy leader in a team and need to exercise more authority over your team-mates.

A Skink Lizard

The Skink Lizard is a symbol of a duplicitous personality. If you see these lizards in your dream, it is either talking about your own personality or the personality of someone close to you.

An Alligator Lizard

If an Alligator Lizard has visited you in your dream, it signifies that you face difficulties in expressing your feelings or emotions and should try harder.


Spiritual meaning of Lizards based on their color

Spiritual meaning of Lizards

It might come as a surprise to most people, but the color of the lizard you see in your dreams can also interpret many things. It is usually noticed that most people dream of brown, green, red, or blue lizards.

Green Lizard

Green Lizards are said to appear in people’s dreams most often. These lizards are indicative of your desire for growth. If you have been seeing them in your dream often, it means you have a strong desire for growth and success in your life.

Brown Lizard

A Brown Lizard comes to your dream to remind you of the things that should matter the most in your life, such as your family. It is a reminder that having a safe, secure home means everything.

Red Lizard

Red is the color of love, passion, and desire. Seeing a Red Lizard in your dream is a sign to pay attention to your innermost desires.

Blue Lizard

Blue Lizards are known to have an impressive voice and often appear in our dreams to teach us to be more vocal or expressive about our emotions.

White/Albino Lizard

Encountering an Albino Lizard in your dream is a symbol of enlightenment and self-realization.

Black Lizard

It is believed that the Black Lizards come to our dream to tell us of the criticism we are soon going to face in our life, either in private or professional.


The symbolism of lizard in different cultures

Lizards are ancient reptiles that have been around for a long time. Most of the cultures around the world have associated certain symbols with them. Let’s take a look at how the following civilizations perceive them.

In Ancient Egypt, Greek, and Roman culture

The traits and behavior of the lizards have been associated with the sun in many ancient myths and legends. The main reason behind this association was the movement of these reptiles, which was said to mirror the movement of the sun in the sky.

It was believed in Egypt that the lizards were blind in the dark, and their eyesight returned every morning when the sun rose.

In both the Greek and Egyptian cultures, the lizards were said to represent good fortune and wisdom. The symbol of lizards in the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic roughly translates to “plentiful” or “abundant”.

In ancient Greece, lizards were somehow connected to two major deities; Serapis, the God of healing, and Hermes, the God of wealth, luck, trade, and fertility.

In ancient Roman culture, these reptiles represent sleep throughout the winter and also the cycle of life and death.

In the Native American culture

Lizards play a significant role in Native American culture. They are commonly associated with regeneration and rebirth, protection and healing, fortune, and prosperity, as we discussed at the beginning of the article. In most of the Native American myths, legends, and folklore, these reptiles are displayed in a positive light.

For instance, in the Navajo tribes, the myth of the Gila Monster hero, who was a lizard, is very popular. Moreover, in an Achomawi legend, there is a lizard that has supposedly prevailed over greed.

The people of the Pueblo and Hopi communities have clans named after lizards. Also, within the Hopi community, a lizard supernatural being, Mononya Kachina, is believed to be a link between them and their deities.

The Cheyenne people consider killing a lizard as a bad omen, and the southwestern tribes treat the Horned Lizard as a sacred animal.

In Christianity

In the Bible, the lizard is represented as a creature with the face of a human and an unpleasant temperament living in a household.

In the Celtic culture

The Celts believed lizards to be a symbol of good fortune. Moreover, these reptiles were often seen as guardians or guides that showed people the path to the Spirit World. If people saw a lizard on or right before a trip, it was believed that they would have a safe and successful trip.

In the Aztec culture

Lizards are probably used as a symbol of unisexuality in the Aztec culture, for in their calendar; you can find a lizard with an unknown gender, referred to as Cuetzpallin.

In the Hindu culture

The lizards are representatives of a wide range of meanings in Hinduism. Their chirping is considered to be holy and fortunate in most Hindu cultures. When a lizard accidentally falls on a person, the part of the body it touches can have a specific meaning.

For instance, if a lizard falls on your head, it is a sign that you have to be prepared for a revolt or a rebellion. If it touches your hair, you are about to gain something meaningful.

A lizard falling on your face indicates the arrival of a guest, but if they fall on your upper lip, you might face a substantial loss of wealth. If they fall on your left arm, it suggests sensual pleasure or fulfillment. However, their falling on your right arm can bring illness. Lastly, if they fall on your back or your feet, it is a sign of upcoming bad fortune and destruction.

In some Hindu cultures, lizards are even worshipped as an avatar of Goddess Lakshmi.

In Buddhism

In Buddhism, it is believed that before he reached the nirvana, Gautama Buddha had passed through several lives. In one of them, he was born as a Bengal Monitor Lizard. Therefore, the statue of Gautama Buddha in a Thai Buddhist temple (Bangkok) has the head of a Bengal Monitor Lizard.

In the Chinese culture

In the art of China, five animals are considered to be noxious, and lizards are one of them. Most people in the country get the symbol of a Gecko Lizard painted at the back of their cars because it is believed that it would keep their rides accident-free.

In the sub-Saharan African culture

Unlike most cultures, the lizards are considered to be bad omens in the sub-Saharan African culture. Here, they are signified as the harbinger of death.

There is a popular myth in the Bantu culture, in which the chameleon arrived on earth as a messenger of God, bringing with them news of eternal life. On the other hand, the lizard came down to deliver the news of death.

In the Mayan culture

In the Mayan civilization, there is a mention of a feathered reptile that is believed to be a supernatural being or a God. In many texts, this reptile is described to be a snake, a dragon, or a lizard.

Moreover, for the Mayans, the image of lizards signified abundance and fertility. The onset of the harvesting season was marked by their symbol, known as “Kan”. This symbol is of a growing maize plant and is placed fourth in the Mayan horoscope.


Lizard Totem

The job of totems is to bring you the messages from nature when you need them the most. When you feel like you have reached the end of your path and have nothing more than the drudgery of daily life to look forward to, the lizard totem comes to you to remind you of your dreams. It re-ignites your lost imagination and fills your life with fresh hope and excitement.

The lizard spirit will liberate you from the chains of mundane life and provide you with a fresh perspective towards everything. With all your dreams coming to life once again, you will be courageous to face all your fears and deal with your vulnerabilities, set out to win the world.

With lizard as your spirit animal, you are most likely to be a dreamer. You will enough faith and confidence in yourself to believe that you can achieve anything you set your mind to.


Lizard Spirit Animal

The people who have Lizards as their spirit animal are usually very easy-going in nature. When they find themselves in conflicting or confusing circumstances, instead of fretting too much, they just surrender themselves to the flow of life.

On the one hand, the lizard guides you to follow the flow faithfully and unthinkingly, while on the other, it teaches you to tread carefully. Their perceptive nature, combined with craftiness, enables you to tackle any situation successfully.

The spirit of lizards is also indicative of resilience. They empower you to keep on going in spite of the difficulties and obstacles you face in your life. Instead of cowering from your fears and challenges, the lizard spirit pushes you to face them squarely and overcome them.

Lizards also stand for rebirth, a new beginning of your life. This means that they push you to move on from the failures of your past and replace them with better achievement. They have a calm, laid-back attitude and motivate you to do the same. Instead of being busy chasing after things that have little worth, you should be prepared for the great opportunities life will throw at you.

The prime goal of the lizard spirit animal is to always be on the watch. They don’t like to be caught off-guard. You should always be on the lookout for something that can potentially harm you so that you can spot and turn it around in time. Lizards also symbolize flexibility, encouraging you to be adaptable, so that you can grow in any environment.


Lizard symbolism and spiritual meaning (final thoughts)

In a nutshell, lizards are generally associated with these major symbols worldwide: regeneration, protection, imagination, adaptability, introversion, cleverness, and detachment.

In different cultures, these reptiles have a different significance. However, they are mostly shown in an agreeable light in all cultures, except the sub-Saharan African culture.

When you see a lizard in your dream, it could mean any number of things based on their kind, color, and action in the dream.

Having these reptiles as your spirit animal can make your life easy-going. At the same time, they also push you to let go of the ordinary achieve all your larger-than-life dreams.

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