200+ Cute and Funny Possum Names

Cute and Funny Possum Names

Originated in South Africa, Possums belong to the Marsupial family of mammals with a flexible and adaptive nature that enables them to survive in diverse locations. Although possums are wild mammals, many people in urban areas tend to keep these little creatures as pets.

Keeping a possum as a pet might be more tricky than other animals, but in the hands of the right caretaker, they thrive both mentally as well as physically. Wild possums live up to three years on an average, whereas a pet possum who is well taken care of can live twice as long.

Have you found a cute little possum in your backyard and want to keep them as your pet? You must be brainstorming ideas as to what to name your new pet. Well, you needn’t worry, because we are going to solve that problem for you. Read on to find more than 200 different names you can use for your pet.


Cute possum names

Cute possum names

We can all agree that possums are indeed cute animals. The more time you spend with them, the cuter they seem. Following are some cute possum names that will do justice to the cuteness of your pet:

  1. Poppy
  2. Booger
  3. Pika
  4. Pie
  5. Noice
  6. Paws
  7. Pixel
  8. Tipsy
  9. Fuddles
  10. Boozy
  11. Pokey
  12. Drewsum
  13. Patches
  14. Pet wolf
  15. Piko
  16. Perdy
  17. Onyx
  18. Milo
  19. Pansy
  20. Kibbles
  21. Lio
  22. Kid
  23. Lynx
  24. Paco


Funny possum names

funny possum

Possums are fun to be around, aren’t they? If they are in a good mood, they can climb all over you and play with you for hours. If you want to name your possum something funny, we understand. Here is a list of funny possum names to make your task easier:

  1. Moonshine
  2. Egg
  3. Fizzy
  4. Goober
  5. Posy
  6. Polo
  7. Heidi
  8. Sabre-tooth
  9. Kendall
  10. Southern kangaroo
  11. Chaz
  12. Roadkill
  13. Petunia: from ‘Harry Potter’
  14. Posse
  15. Trickster
  16. Cujo
  17. Groggy
  18. Wet pants
  19. Piccolo
  20. Amigo
  21. Darby
  22. Poof
  23. Hissy fit


Cartoon possum names

Cartoon possum names

Does your pet possum remind you of someone from the world of animation? Someone you have grown up watching? You’re not wrong. Possums have indeed been a part of several cartoon shows. Here is a list of all the cartoon possum names you can borrow for your pet:

  1. Jill
  2. Joey
  3. Lil’ Jack
  4. Jojo
  5. Jillybean – The members of the Virginia possum family. They appeared in ‘opossum in my pocket’ in the ‘Wild
  6. Kratts’.
  7. Ozzie
  8. Heather – from ‘Over the Hedge’
  9. Ollie – from ‘T.U.F.F. Puppy’
  10. Lester – from ‘A Goofy Movie’


Pet possum names

When we name our pets, we attach a particular warmth and affection with these names that make them special both to us as well as our pets. Given below is a list of pet possum names you might like for your pet:

  1. Nigel
  2. Elke
  3. Molly
  4. Flamingo
  5. Baltimore
  6. McGrupp
  7. Henrietta
  8. Eyeball
  9. Marco
  10. Palmer
  11. Tormund
  12. Meatstick
  13. Theo
  14. Bumps
  15. Tater
  16. Doug
  17. Guelah
  18. Cactus
  19. Quigly
  20. Keepa
  21. Fluffhead
  22. Gordon
  23. Onie
  24. Rigs
  25. Peetie


Famous possum names

Are there any possum names that we are all aware of? Well, aside from the cartoon shows, the possums have appeared in the world of fiction a few other times as well. Let’s take a look at these famous possum names associated with the fictional world.

  1. Pogo – Pogo is the titular hero of the comic strip by Walt Kelly
  2. Awesome possum – he is in the video game ‘Awesome Possum… kicks Dr. Machino’s Butt.’
  3. Pasadena O’Possum – a character that appears in the video games: ‘Crash Tag’ and ‘Team Racing.’


Baby possum names

If fully-grown adult possums are cute, baby possums are outright adorable. If you have a baby possum at home, it is only fair to find for them an equally adorable name. Check out these baby possum names.

  1. Joey
  2. Pigpen
  3. Andy
  4. Wilson
  5. Julius
  6. Carrini
  7. Harvey
  8. Merriweather
  9. Mr. Hood
  10. Potter
  11. Nutbag
  12. Trey
  13. Mr. Miner
  14. Opal
  15. Snowball
  16. Titus
  17. Smithers
  18. Sox
  19. Tuck
  20. Holdsworth


Girl possum names

Have you recently realized that your pet possum is female? Whether humans or animals, females should be named accordingly. Take a look at the list of girl possum names.

  1. Milly
  2. Peony
  3. Dee
  4. Abby
  5. Pewter
  6. Amie
  7. Elvius
  8. Kiki
  9. Echo
  10. Pepper
  11. Nora
  12. Peggy
  13. Gigi
  14. Chica
  15. Opi
  16. Eva
  17. Quinn
  18. Ursula
  19. Suzy
  20. Penny


Boy possum names

If your possum is a male, it should reflect a certain playful rashness and endearing charm of the young boys. Here are a few boy possum name suggestions you can go through to find one suitable for your pet.

  1. Bob Weaver
  2. Mike
  3. Vanilly
  4. Levon
  5. Helmer
  6. Loki
  7. Andre
  8. Jeff
  9. Lightwood
  10. Jezmund
  11. Robert
  12. Mac
  13. Ace
  14. Champ
  15. Chip
  16. Mio
  17. Hooch
  18. Dodo
  19. Lucky


Ice Age: Possum names

People of all ages equally adore the franchise of Ice Age for its true-to-life characters, fascinating theme, and fable-like structure. The universe of Ice Age began with the animated movies but is now extended to the world of television as well as of video game.

We have watched, loved, and related to so many characters from these movies. If you’re looking for an ideal name for your pet, you can certainly find a meaningful one here:

  1. Manfred
  2. Sidney
  3. Diego
  4. Ellie
  5. Peaches
  6. Granny
  7. Milton
  8. Fungus
  9. Eunice
  10. Marshall
  11. Louis
  12. Shira
  13. Julian
  14. Brooke
  15. Scrat
  16. Soto
  17. Roshan
  18. Zeke
  19. Oscar
  20. Lenny
  21. Runar
  22. Nadia
  23. Dab
  24. Carl
  25. Frank
  26. Jennifer
  27. Rachel
  28. Tony
  29. Stu
  30. Cretaceous
  31. Maelstrom
  32. Skratte
  33. Buckminster
  34. Momma
  35. Rudy
  36. Johnny
  37. Gazelle
  38. Egbert
  39. Yoko
  40. Shelly
  41. Roger
  42. Captain Gutt
  43. Flynn
  44. Raz
  45. Silas
  46. Squint
  47. Dobson
  48. Gupta
  49. Ethan
  50. Steffie
  51. Katie
  52. Meghan
  53. Ariscratle
  54. Precious
  55. Gavin
  56. Gertie
  57. Shangri Llama
  58. Teddy
  59. Francine
  60. Neil
  61. Bubbles
  62. Misty
  63. Ethel
  64. Clint
  65. Prance
  66. Santa Claus


Different types of possums

Possums have over a hundred different species. However, in this article, we will take a look at the species that we can find around us.

Common brushtail possum

The Greek name for the common brushtail possum is Trichosurus Vulpecular, roughly translating to the furry tailed little fox. How can a possum be called a fox, you ask?

Because of their furry tail, it closely resembles the tail of a fox that the common brushtail possum has been named so. These possums are quite large in size and can grow to be as big as a cat.

They have a pointed face, oval-shaped ears, and their fur can be black, silver, or golden in color

Pygmy possums

There are five separate categories of the pygmy possums.

Mountain pygmy possums – They are small in size, have big eyes, and a thick grey coat over their bodies. These possums have prehensile tails and are omnivores in nature.

Eastern pygmy possums – They are of the size of rodents with a relatively long tail. They have a thick fur, hairless tail, a grey head, and a white body.

Western pygmy possums – These possums are larger than other pygmy possums. They have brightly colored fur with a white body underneath. A unique feature characteristic to their kind is a long tongue that helps them in catching insects.

Little pygmy possums – The little pygmy possums are the smallest possums in the world. These are solitary possums with big eyes, short snout, and long whiskers.

Long-tailed pygmy possums – Found in rainforests, these possums have tails twice as long as their bodies. They hibernate in the winters, pretending to be dead.

Common ringtail possum

In Latin, the common ringtail possum is called Pseudocherius Peregrinus, which means a false hand pilgrim. Most of their diet contains fruits and vegetations. These possums are more sociable than the other breeds, and oven lives with their families.

Honey possum

Although their name contains honey, these possums feed on pollen and nectar instead. They don’t have claws and thus aren’t the best climbers. Whenever they face a scarcity of food, they enter into hibernation.

Stripped Possum

The stripped possums are dark black in color, with white stripes running over their bodies. They are also referred to as woodpeckers since their teeth are strong enough to bite into trees. This species of possum is rare, and like to be in solitary.


Conclusion: Possum Names

Possums can become adorable pets if trained the right way. If you are looking for a name for your pet possum, you can find one in this article.

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