617 Captivating Black Horse Names for Your Dark Steed

Black Horse Names

There’s an unparalleled mystique to a black horse – a blend of grace, power, and the allure of the unknown. Just as the night sky captivates us with its deep vastness and twinkling stars, so does a black horse with its enigmatic charm and beauty.

They’re the living embodiments of midnight tales, whispered secrets, and age-old legends. And just as every star in the cosmos has its name, so too does every black horse deserve a moniker that captures its essence.

Dive into our expansive list of names, each crafted to reflect the splendor and magic of these equine wonders. Whether you’re seeking inspiration for your own shadowy steed or simply wish to wander through a galaxy of names, saddle up, and let the journey begin! ✨

Black Horses in Myth and Legend

Sleipnir, Odin's eight-legged horse - Find Your Quest

Black horses have galloped through the annals of history, leaving a trail that blends reality with myth. In many cultures, they’re symbols of power, mystery, and sometimes, foreboding. Let’s take a canter through time and explore the rich tapestry of tales that these majestic creatures have inspired.

Odin’s Steed, Sleipnir: In Norse mythology, Odin, the chief of the gods, rode Sleipnir, an eight-legged horse as black as the darkest winter night. Sleipnir was no ordinary horse; he was the swiftest and mightiest, capable of galloping across the skies and the sea.

The Black Horse of Famine: Mentioned in the Christian Book of Revelation, this horse symbolizes famine and its rider is said to carry a pair of scales, representing the balance of food scarcity and its cost.

The Kelpie: Originating from Scottish folklore, the Kelpie is a water spirit, often described as a shape-shifting black horse, luring the unsuspecting to their watery doom.

Rhiannon’s Horse: In the Welsh Mabinogion, Rhiannon, a queen and enchantress, rides a magical white horse. However, in many retellings, her steed is portrayed as a black horse, symbolizing her deep connection with the spirit world and the mysteries of the afterlife.

These legendary black horses have not only played significant roles in tales and myths but have also inspired countless names that echo their power, allure, and mystique.

As we delve into our expansive list of names, let’s pay homage to these iconic steeds and the legends they’ve inspired.

Popular Black Horse Names from Fiction 📖

Black Beauty (Picture Book) by Anna Sewell, Ruth Brown - Ebook | Scribd

When we dive into the realm of fiction, black horses often take on roles that are as commanding as their striking appearance. These magnificent creatures, with their glossy black coats, have captivated authors and filmmakers, leading to them being immortalized in countless stories, movies, and TV shows.

Let’s look at some of the most memorable names of black horses from the pages of fiction.

  1. Shadowfax: Perhaps the most famous black horse in literature, Shadowfax is the swift and intelligent steed of Gandalf in J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings.” Although described as silver-grey, many adaptations picture him as black, highlighting his majesty and power.
  2. Black Beauty: From Anna Sewell’s classic novel, “Black Beauty” recounts the life of a handsome black horse and the various owners he serves throughout his life. His tale of resilience and spirit has touched generations.
  3. Midnight: The star of “The Midnight Horse” by Monica Edwards, this black horse emerges mysteriously one night, leading to a series of adventures for his young rider.
  4. Nightmare: A prominent figure in comic books, Nightmare is the trusty steed of Ghost Rider, reflecting the dark and supernatural elements of the storyline.
  5. Zorro’s Horse, Tornado: The masked vigilante Zorro rode this spirited black horse in various film and TV adaptations. Tornado’s fierce loyalty and speed were unmatched, making him an essential companion for Zorro in his daring exploits.
  6. Raven: As the chosen mount of a prince in some fantasy novels, Raven is often depicted as a loyal horse with a coat as dark as the midnight sky.

Dipping into fiction gives us a rich pool of evocative names, each carrying its own tale of adventure, loyalty, or drama. These names resonate with readers and viewers, making them perfect inspirations for naming your own black horse.

Majestic Black Horse Names

13 Breeds Where You Can Find All Black Horses - Helpful Horse Hints

A black horse is not just any ordinary horse. With its shimmering ebony coat, it carries an aura of mystery, elegance, and power. When you think of naming such a magnificent creature, you’d want a name that reflects its grandeur.

Dive into this list of majestic names tailored for the dignified black stallion or mare gracing your barn.

  1. Midnight
  2. Onyx
  3. Raven
  4. Phantom
  5. Shadow
  6. Eclipse
  7. Obsidian
  8. Stormy
  9. Nightfall
  10. Noire
  11. Dusk
  12. Thunder
  13. Eclipse
  14. Galaxy
  15. Celestial
  16. Silhouette
  17. Twilight
  18. Charcoal
  19. Sable
  20. Blackfire
  21. Moonshade
  22. Stardust
  23. Velvet
  24. Noir
  25. Nightshade
  26. Abyss
  27. Panther
  28. Darkstar
  29. Nightwind
  30. Mystique
  31. Blackstone
  32. Inkwell
  33. Jet
  34. Nightingale
  35. Cinder
  36. Hades
  37. Blackbeard
  38. Void
  39. Cosmic
  40. Blackbird
  41. Umbra
  42. Eclipse
  43. Solstice
  44. Nightseeker
  45. Nebula
  46. Vortex
  47. Shade
  48. Nightglow
  49. Stormcloud
  50. Midnight Sun
  51. Mirage
  52. Puma
  53. Blackrose
  54. Caviar
  55. Knight
  56. Eclipse
  57. Afterdark
  58. Blackpearl
  59. Nighthawk
  60. Starless
  61. Specter
  62. Enigma
  63. Tempest
  64. Nightflare
  65. Blackhawk
  66. Ebon
  67. Nightsong
  68. Carbon
  69. Blackwing
  70. Nyx
  71. Pegasus
  72. Smoky
  73. Ashen
  74. Draven
  75. Pitch
  76. Coal
  77. Starry Night
  78. Eventide
  79. Phantom
  80. Omen
  81. Soot
  82. Riddle
  83. Black Sun
  84. Nightlore
  85. Darkwater
  86. Blackfrost
  87. Starling
  88. Blacklight
  89. Nightstar
  90. Enchant
  91. Nightveil
  92. Shade
  93. Stygian
  94. Voidstar
  95. Nighthorse
  96. Blackspell
  97. Blackfeather
  98. Nightwhisper
  99. Shady
  100. Gloom

These names evoke a sense of majesty, beauty, and the vastness of the night sky, making them perfect choices for a regal black horse that deserves a name as grand as its presence.

Nature-Inspired Black Horse Names 🍃

13 Beautiful Black Horse Breeds In the World

The natural world, with its myriad of colors, patterns, and phenomena, has been a source of inspiration for names for centuries. A black horse, with its deep and captivating hue, can easily remind us of some of the world’s most beautiful dark wonders.

Here are names inspired by the elements of nature that mirror the enchanting darkness of a black horse.

  1. Thunderstorm
  2. Raincloud
  3. Blackberry
  4. Pinecone
  5. Coal
  6. Stormcloud
  7. Ebony
  8. Nightshade
  9. Willow
  10. Blackbud
  11. Darkleaf
  12. Mossy
  13. Thunder
  14. Nightbloom
  15. Tornado
  16. Moonshadow
  17. Eclipse
  18. Rainslick
  19. Forest
  20. Blackfern
  21. Dewdrop
  22. Blackoak
  23. Darkpine
  24. Nightowl
  25. Foggy
  26. Crow
  27. Evergreen
  28. Blackwood
  29. Cinder
  30. Twilight
  31. Rainy
  32. Shadowleaf
  33. Bark
  34. Nightfall
  35. Sablewood
  36. Darkwater
  37. Blackstone
  38. Ravenclaw
  39. Fogrise
  40. Twilight Mist
  41. Blackriver
  42. Starry Night
  43. Raindrop
  44. Deepwood
  45. Stormy Night
  46. Darksky
  47. Thunderhoof
  48. Darkfeather
  49. Eclipse Dawn
  50. Silhouette
  51. Stormy Sea
  52. Nightforest
  53. Blackhawk
  54. Thunderclap
  55. Darkmoon
  56. Nightwave
  57. Seastorm
  58. Dusktide
  59. Moonlit
  60. Nightbreeze
  61. Cloudy
  62. Deepsea
  63. Darkmist
  64. Oceanstorm
  65. Darkgrass
  66. Blackmarsh
  67. Nightcliff
  68. Shadowbranch
  69. Thunderbolt
  70. Darkbeach
  71. Misty
  72. Moondark
  73. Stormrise
  74. Rainshadow
  75. Blacksand
  76. Darkwave
  77. Blackdew
  78. Thunderpeak
  79. Darkglow
  80. Rainmist
  81. Blackpeak
  82. Darkridge
  83. Shadowspring
  84. Starless Sea
  85. Thunderbay
  86. Blackfrost
  87. Moonless
  88. Rainfall
  89. Shadowcreek
  90. Nightlake
  91. Midnight Ocean
  92. Stormbreaker
  93. Blackthorn
  94. Nightthorn
  95. Darkgrove
  96. Thundergrove
  97. Blackmoon Bay
  98. Starshadow
  99. Nightveil Falls
  100. Thunderfield

Nature, in all its dark and mysterious beauty, provides a plethora of names fitting for a black horse. Drawing inspiration from the earth’s elements ensures a name as timeless and enduring as nature itself.

Female Black Horse Names

In the horse world, mares, or female horses, are known for their grace, elegance, and strength. Naming a black mare can be a beautiful blend of her femininity and the deep allure of her coat.

Here’s a compilation of names that resonate with the elegance and mystique of a female black horse.

  1. Bella Noire
  2. Midnight Rose
  3. Raven
  4. Elvira
  5. Moonlit Maiden
  6. Serena
  7. Esmeralda
  8. Dark Angel
  9. Sabrina
  10. Luna
  11. Noire
  12. Dahlia
  13. Aurora
  14. Selene
  15. Mystique
  16. Onyxia
  17. Velvet
  18. Sable
  19. Ebony
  20. Stella Noctis
  21. Cassandra
  22. Nightingale
  23. Whisper
  24. Twilight Princess
  25. Sienna
  26. Amara
  27. Obsidian
  28. Odette
  29. Marcella
  30. Anastasia
  31. Vesper
  32. Orla
  33. Isolde
  34. Mirella
  35. Calista
  36. Rosalind
  37. Elara
  38. Nightshade
  39. Celine
  40. Layla
  41. Mireya
  42. Octavia
  43. Desdemona
  44. Lavinia
  45. Azura
  46. Elodia
  47. Bellatrix
  48. Maelle
  49. Morrigan
  50. Freya
  51. Astrid
  52. Osiris
  53. Pandora
  54. Cleopatra
  55. Nyx
  56. Seraphina
  57. Aria
  58. Zephyra
  59. Morgana
  60. Aisling
  61. Nadira
  62. Oriana
  63. Nocturna
  64. Delphine
  65. Midnight Beauty
  66. Zara
  67. Esclara
  68. Clarice
  69. Indigo
  70. Lysandra
  71. Nephthys
  72. Lilith
  73. Umbra
  74. Rhiannon
  75. Calypso
  76. Lyria
  77. Ophelia
  78. Zelda
  79. Ishtar
  80. Sapphira
  81. Calandra
  82. Persephone
  83. Arcadia
  84. Nyxie
  85. Mordana
  86. Starless
  87. Thalassa
  88. Vivianna
  89. Mystica
  90. Eclipsa
  91. Nera
  92. Selina
  93. Viola
  94. Lunaire
  95. Mirabelle
  96. Nyra
  97. Calista Noire
  98. Navi
  99. Lenora
  100. Aradia

A female black horse carries with her an aura of mystery, grace, and strength. These names aim to capture that essence, giving voice to her powerful presence.

Male Black Horse Names ⚔️

Male horses, known as stallions or geldings depending on their reproductive status, are often seen as symbols of power, strength, and majesty. When combined with a deep black coat, they become the embodiment of elegance and grandeur.

Dive into this list to find the perfect name that echoes the robustness and allure of your male black horse.

  1. Black Knight
  2. Eclipse
  3. Thunder
  4. Obsidian
  5. Onyx
  6. Phantom
  7. Shadow
  8. Midnight Warrior
  9. Stallion Noir
  10. Orion
  11. Ravenclaw
  12. Blackstone
  13. Jett
  14. Cimmerian
  15. Nocturne
  16. Erebus
  17. Ashen
  18. Night King
  19. Diablo
  20. Abyss
  21. Sable King
  22. Darkstar
  23. Draven
  24. Maverick
  25. Nightfall
  26. Hades
  27. Graphite
  28. Vulcan
  29. Blackfire
  30. Titan
  31. Dusk
  32. Zorro
  33. Tempest
  34. Charcoal
  35. Morpheus
  36. Panther
  37. Darkwind
  38. Blade
  39. Stormbringer
  40. Rook
  41. Nightshade
  42. Umberto
  43. Nero
  44. Ravenwing
  45. Thanatos
  46. Darklord
  47. Blackhawk
  48. Steel
  49. Darkwater
  50. Ironclad
  51. Spectre
  52. Valorian
  53. Helios
  54. Ebon
  55. Twilight Lord
  56. Coal
  57. Vortex
  58. Obscurus
  59. Abyssal
  60. Shadestar
  61. Nox
  62. Stygian
  63. Nightstrider
  64. Mordor
  65. Erebusian
  66. Vader
  67. Blackthorn
  68. Sable Knight
  69. Merlin
  70. Nightstorm
  71. Shroud
  72. Thor
  73. Alaric
  74. Draco
  75. Ember
  76. Goliath
  77. Coven
  78. Riptide
  79. Slate
  80. Darkstalker
  81. Ragnar
  82. Nightfire
  83. Maelstrom
  84. Umbra King
  85. Talon
  86. Grizzle
  87. Shade
  88. Reaper
  89. Sombra
  90. Azabache
  91. Pegasus Noir
  92. Noctis
  93. Blackbeard
  94. Cyclone
  95. Shadowmancer
  96. Zephyr
  97. Obscuro
  98. Stallion of the Night
  99. Black Ice
  100. Galahad

Just as the night sky is vast and mysterious, the depth of names suitable for a male black horse is endless. These titles endeavor to encapsulate the splendor and might of your equine companion.

Funny Black Horse Names 😂

Silly Horse" Images – Browse 23 Stock Photos, Vectors, and Video | Adobe Stock

Humor has a way of forming unforgettable bonds. It lightens our spirits and brings joy to everyday moments. Why not bring a little chuckle every time you call out to your black horse?

Dive into this amusing list for names that add a touch of whimsy to your horse’s majestic presence.

  1. Black Bean
  2. Midnight Snack
  3. Inky Dinky
  4. Ebony & Ivory (for when he’s dirty!)
  5. Dark Chocolate
  6. Blackberry Pie
  7. Coffee Break
  8. Licorice Whip
  9. Night Owl
  10. Coal Miner
  11. Dark Side (of the Horse)
  12. Cosmic Joke
  13. Black Hole
  14. Moon Pie
  15. Shadowsaurus
  16. Dark Knight Rides
  17. Zorro’s Zany Brother
  18. Eclipse of the Heart
  19. Blackout Blunder
  20. After Eight (Minty!)
  21. Spooky Dookie
  22. Noir Nonsense
  23. Char-coal Horse
  24. Sir Shadows-a-Lot
  25. Soot Suit
  26. Knight Light
  27. Black Ops Oops
  28. Nocturnal Nicker
  29. Ninja Nightshift
  30. Unbearably Black
  31. Blackjack Joker
  32. Galactic Giggles
  33. Moonwalk Mischief
  34. Twilight Twister
  35. Black Tie Affair
  36. Sir Lurks-a-lot
  37. Starless Standup
  38. Phantom’s Phunnybone
  39. Dark Matter Doesn’t
  40. Licorice Lark
  41. Midnight Muffin
  42. Dark & Stormy Nightcap
  43. Blackcurrant Burst
  44. Night School Dropout
  45. Shady Shenanigans
  46. Caviar Comedy
  47. Darkroom Daydream
  48. Galactic Goofball
  49. Not-so-Dark Horse
  50. Coal’s Gold
  51. Shadow Shenanigans
  52. Shade-Thrower
  53. Noir Nicker
  54. Stargazer Goof
  55. Dusk to Dawn Dawn-to-Dusk
  56. Shadowboxer Shorts
  57. Charcoal Chuckles
  58. Moonbeam Mistake
  59. Nocturnal Nut
  60. Starry-Eyed Silly
  61. Black Comedy Colt
  62. Moonlit Mischief
  63. Coal’s Kooky Side
  64. Knight’s Knock-Knock
  65. Starless Satire
  66. Eclipse Eclairs
  67. Black & White Movie
  68. Twinkle Toes Twilight
  69. Nighthawk Nutcase
  70. Starry Night Snickers
  71. Galactic Giggler
  72. Charcoal Cartoon
  73. Black Boot Boogie
  74. Night & Day Play
  75. Twilight Tickles
  76. Dark Horse Drama
  77. Caviar Caper
  78. Noir Neigh-sayer
  79. Blacked-out Buffoon
  80. Cosmic Clown
  81. Night Owl Howl
  82. Eclipse Entertainer
  83. Starless Comedian
  84. Dark Sky Delight
  85. Twilight Trickster
  86. Knight-time Noodles
  87. Licorice Larrikin
  88. Moonshine Muddle
  89. Nocturnal Noodle
  90. Shadow’s Standup
  91. Dusky Doodle
  92. Blackjack Belly Laugh
  93. Moonlit Monkey
  94. Night Sky Surprise
  95. Charcoal Comedy
  96. Nightfall Nonsense
  97. Eclipse’s Echo
  98. Darkside Daydreamer
  99. Starry-Eyed Silliness
  100. Midnight Mockery

Your black horse’s name can become a daily source of smiles with these quirky choices. Let laughter and love fill your stables and make every interaction a joyful memory!

Strong & Powerful Black Horse Names 💪

When you lay eyes on a stunning black horse, there’s often an overwhelming sense of power and strength that radiates from them. These majestic creatures deserve names that reflect their commanding presence.

Dive into a list of names inspired by strength, royalty, mythology, and nature, all befitting your magnificent black steed.

  1. Thunderbolt
  2. Nightstorm
  3. Valkyrie
  4. Odin
  5. Titan
  6. Hercules
  7. Warrior
  8. Spartacus
  9. Goliath
  10. Onyx
  11. Vortex
  12. Atlas
  13. Midnight King
  14. Phantom
  15. Blackhawk
  16. Knightfall
  17. Thunder
  18. Draven
  19. Tempest
  20. Zeus
  21. Achilles
  22. Thor
  23. Hades
  24. Ruler
  25. Darklord
  26. Viper
  27. Pegasus
  28. Osiris
  29. Avenger
  30. Behemoth
  31. Everest
  32. Midnight Sun
  33. Diablo
  34. Stallion
  35. Vulcan
  36. Apollo
  37. Czar
  38. Emperor
  39. Sirius
  40. Leviathan
  41. Orion
  42. Kingpin
  43. Dreadnought
  44. Talon
  45. Crusader
  46. Eclipse
  47. Raven
  48. Hercules
  49. Armageddon
  50. Outlaw
  51. Champion
  52. Blackbeard
  53. Ironclad
  54. Gladiator
  55. Thanos
  56. Nightshade
  57. Tornado
  58. Warlord
  59. Griffin
  60. Phoenix
  61. Ravenclaw
  62. Thunderclap
  63. Saber
  64. Lancer
  65. Monarch
  66. Renegade
  67. Dynasty
  68. Sultan
  69. Magnum
  70. Brutus
  71. Stealth
  72. Thunderhead
  73. Paladin
  74. Tyrant
  75. Dynasty
  76. Riptide
  77. Sable Knight
  78. Mace
  79. Darkstar
  80. Warhammer
  81. Barbarian
  82. Cyclone
  83. Prowler
  84. Legion
  85. Marauder
  86. Centurion
  87. Tsunami
  88. Shadowlord
  89. Reaper
  90. Trident
  91. Blackfire
  92. Ares
  93. Gunner
  94. Blade
  95. Midnight Fury
  96. Eclipse King
  97. Juggernaut
  98. Thunder King
  99. Darkwind
  100. Tempest King

With names like these, your black horse’s mighty presence is emphasized and celebrated. Whether you’re riding into the sunset or participating in competitions, your steed will carry a name that resonates with power and majesty. 🖤🐎

Black Horse Names In Movies 🎥

Black Horse Names In Movies

Throughout cinematic history, many black horses have galloped onto the screen, leaving a lasting impression on audiences. These horses, often characterized by their elegance, strength, or mystery, have become iconic in their own right. Here are some notable black horse names from films:

  1. Black Beauty – from “Black Beauty”
  2. The Black – from “The Black Stallion”
  3. Artax – from “The NeverEnding Story”
  4. Flicka – from “Flicka”
  5. Goliath – from “Ladyhawke”
  6. Shadowfax (Though often depicted as white, there are instances where he appears as a dark steed) – from “The Lord of the Rings”
  7. Bucephalus – from “Alexander”
  8. Gulliver – from “The Horse Whisperer”
  9. Samson – from “Sleepy Hollow”
  10. Angus – from “Brave”
  11. Khan – from “Mulan”

These horses, with their captivating appearances and engaging stories, have carved their places in movie history. Whether they played a central role or were the trusted companion of a protagonist, these black horses added depth and emotion to the tales they were a part of. 🐎🎬

Tips for Naming Your Black Horse 🐴

Choosing the right name for your black horse can be both exciting and challenging. Here are some guidelines to ensure that the name you pick not only suits your horse’s unique personality but also holds significance:

  1. Reflect on Personality: Just like humans, horses have unique personalities. Observe your horse for a few days, and you might find inspiration in its behavior.
  2. Short & Sweet: While long names can sound majestic, it’s often the short and memorable names that stick. Names like “Jet”, “Onyx”, or “Stella” can be easy for both the horse and others to recognize.
  3. Cultural Significance: Explore names from different cultures, especially if they relate to black or darkness. For instance, “Kuro” means black in Japanese.
  4. Famous Figures: Historical, fictional, or even contemporary figures can be a great inspiration. Names like “Napoleon” or “Sherlock” can add a touch of character.
  5. Avoid Negative Connotations: While black horses are stunning and majestic, avoid names that might have negative or fearful associations.
  6. Ask Friends & Family: Sometimes, a fresh perspective can help. Share a few names you’re considering with friends or family, and they might just help you find the perfect fit.
  7. Say It Out Loud: Sometimes, names sound great on paper but not when spoken. Ensure the name rolls off the tongue easily.
  8. Historical Roots: Consider names of famous black horses from history or mythology. They often come with great stories attached.
  9. Stay Patient: Don’t rush the naming process. Sometimes, it takes time for the perfect name to come to you. Spend quality time with your horse, and inspiration might just strike.

Remember, a name is a reflection of identity. Take your time, think about what you want the name to represent, and most importantly, ensure it’s a name that resonates with the majestic beauty and spirit of your black horse. 🖤🐎

Conclusion: The Majesty of Black Horses

Black horses are renowned for their majestic beauty, grace, and aura of mystery. Whether they gallop through the pages of literature, star in blockbuster films, or are simply a beloved family companion, their allure is undeniable.

The names we bestow upon them should encapsulate their elegance, strength, and character. Whether you’ve been inspired by nature, myths, movies, or even humor, your horse deserves a name that stands out.

In this comprehensive guide, we journeyed through a realm of names suited to the splendor of black horses. However, the perfect name is always one that feels right to you, the one that strikes a chord and fits the horse’s individual spirit.

So, whether you choose a name steeped in history, inspired by the night sky, or one that simply makes you smile, ensure it celebrates the uniqueness of your black horse. After all, naming is a way of bonding, and your horse is bound to make countless memories with you, galloping with its proud name. 🐴🌟

Happy naming, and may your horse always gallop with pride!

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