100+ Unique Names For Red Horse

Red Horse Names

Horses come in various colors and coat patterns. They may be red, black, or palomino with patches, spots, or markings on their coat. A red horse is a beautiful beast with a coat, which is usually chestnut, brown, or reddish-brown in color.

Such a unique horse deserves a unique nickname. When naming any pet, the key is to have fun in the process! Don’t fret about finding the best name ever. Always think about what makes you and your animal unique and go for something with a personal touch.

If you own a gorgeous red horse, it may be tough to come up with a perfect nickname for it on your own. Don’t worry! We have the perfect solution. Here’s a long list of cool, funny, exotic, and unusual names for your red pet horse. 

Pick whatever suits your horse the best.


Some Delicious Red Horse Names

Cute Red Horse Names

How about naming your red horse after a red food item? If you’re looking for an offbeat and unusual name for your charming red horse, here are some ideas.

Strawberry — A very long time ago in ancient Rome, the sweet red fruit was known to be the symbol of Venus, the goddess of love. This is why strawberries are associated with romance and love.

Cherry — The bright red fruits are delicious. Plus, cherry is also a popular term of endearment. If your red horse is a cherry on the cake, best to name it cherry!

Apple Pie — Calling your pet after a sweet dish can be both endearing and confusing at the same time!

Red Pepper — Hot and spicy!

Chilli — For the fiery spirited ones!

Salmon — Not the one you can have on your plate.

Red Lobster — This can get confusing. It is sure to elicit a few laughs when people find out your Red Lobster is actually a red horse!

Pomegranate — Or Pomme for short.

Cayenne — Cayenne pepper is a kind of red pepper which is known for its hot flavors.

Melon — Fitting for a cute little red pony!


Red Horse Names Inspired By Disney Characters

Disney red horse names

Princess Ariel — The gorgeous little red-haired mermaid from The Little Mermaid. Princess Ariel is a romantic and rebellious spirit and a tribute to red-haired beauty!

Princess Merida — The fiery redhead with a head full of curls from the Disney movie Brave. Princess Merida had a horse of her own named Angus.

Giselle — One of the most beautiful redheads in any Disney film. Princess Giselle appears in the Disney film Enchanted.

Hercules — Surprisingly, Disney gave its Greek hero red hair. Also, Hercules is a name that signifies strength and glory, that translates as “Glory of Hera”. It’s a great name for a sturdy red horse.

Peter Pan — The Disney adaptation gave Peter Pan a lovely mop of ginger hair that we all love.

Phineas — That’s one of the guys from the show Phineas and Ferb.

Anna and Hans — The perfect name for a pair of red horses. Anna and Hans are two redheads from the Disney flick Frozen.


Cool Names For Your Red Horse

Cool Names For Your Red Horse

Little Red Riding Hood — Why not name your red horse after the legendary fairy tale?

Maple Leaf — The red colored maple leaf is a symbol of peace, unity, and tolerance.

Cupid — The winged god of love and desire shooting arrows with red hearts to spread love.

Red Bull — Red bull gives you wings, but what use are these when you have a red horse?

Cherry Blossom — The perfect nickname for the sweetest little pony.

Mars — The red planet.

Valentine — If your red horse is your soul mate!

Mr. Red — That’s keeping it short and simple.

Reed — For your skinny red horse.

Redhead — Redheads are known for being fiery creatures.

Fiery One — A personality revealing nickname.

Mary, Queen of Scots — Famous for her striking red hair.

Garfield — The ginger cat from the comic strip Garfield.


Cute and Funny Red Horse Names

Blush — A cheeky pun!

Missy — A short and sweet name for any horse.

Chestnut — A fitting epithet for a horse with a charming chestnut coat.

Redwood — It’s one of the oldest trees still surviving.

Red Rose — The flower of love.

Red Heart


Ginger Boy — For the one with a ginger coat.

Musty Rusty — Best to keep this one as clean as you can!

Hibiscus — The wild red flowers are a unique name for a lovely red horse.



Nemo — Remember the cute little orange fish from the Disney movie Finding Nemo?

Big Red — Add the big for your big red guy.

Ladybird — Ironic to name a majestic red beauty after a tiny little beetle, isn’t it?







Red Horse Names For Mares

Lady in Red — A perfect name for the gorgeous red mare.

Scarlett — A shade of red that is bright red. Also, remember the iconic Scarlett O’ Hara from the classic Gone With The Wind?

Honey — A fitting name for a red horse that’s close to your heart.

Rosette — A lovely English name, which means “little rose”.

Miss Red — She trots in style!

Ruby — The precious gemstone which is bright red in color.

Ember — Glowing and burning pieces of wood.

Russet — A reddish-orange color.

Crimson — A dark shade of red.

Rosie — An English name, which means “little rose”.

Autumn — If your red mare reminds you of the yellows and browns of the Autumn season, then go ahead and call her Autumn.

Poppy — Reminds one of the bright red flowers.

Roxanne — Or Roxy for short.


Red Horse Names for Stallions

Valentino — An Italian name for the brave and strong ones.

Rusty — The perfect choice for a horse with one beautiful rust-colored coat.

Flame — A fitting complement for your gorgeous red beast.

Fireball — For the fiery one!

Russel — A French name usually bestowed on those with red hair or skin color.

Gem — A perfect name for a gem of a horse.

Ruddy — A shade of red.

Roan — An Irish name, which means “little redhead”.

Derry — Derry means “like a red oak” in Irish. It’s a great name for a strong and sturdy red horse.

Redmond — An Irish name, which means “protector”.

Radcliff — That’s a Saxon name which translates to a red cliff.


Unique Red Horse Names

Unique Red Horse Names

Rory — This is an Irish name, which means “red-haired king”. The perfect name for a royal red horse.

Flannery — It means “red warrior” in the Irish tongue. That’s a unique name for a strong and sturdy red horse.

Flynn — An Irish name that translates to “reddish” complexion.

Carmine — It has an Italian origin and basically refers to a dark shade of red.

Sienna — A beautiful Italian name which refers to reddish-brown tresses.

Garnet — A gemstone that is red in color.

Rowan — A name of Gaelic origin which means “little red one”. It’s perfect for your lovely red pony.

Clancy or Clarence — That’s a name of Irish origin, which means “red-headed warrior”. This is where the idea that red stands for fierce and fiery people comes from.

Azalea — Tiny red flowers that bloom in the spring season and give off a beautiful soft fragrance.

Roth — That’s a German name, which usually refers to a redhead.

Rufus — A popular name for pets. It simply means “red”.


Red Horse Names Inspired From Redhead Celebrities

Julia Roberts — How can we ever forget Julia’s fiery red curls and the prettiest smile from Pretty Woman?

Molly Ringwald — She stole the show with her supercool strawberry bob in the 80s.

Julianne Moore — Her signature red hair is a classic beauty.

Lucille Ball — One of America’s top comedienne, Lucille Ball’s beautiful red hair, has had no equal.

Emma Stone — No one carries a head full of red hair with panache as Emma Stone does.

Lana Del Ray — This redhead’s silken voice is a gift to one’s ears.

Amy Adams — Red hair is most becoming on her!

Lindsay Lohan — The Mean Girls star is stunning in her vixen red hair.

Kate Winslet — Kate’s amber curls in the classic cinematic Titanic will always be unforgettable.

Nicole Kidman — The ultimate strawberry blonde woman of Hollywood.


Exotic Red Horse Names

Phoenix — A mythical red bird with the unique superpower to rise from its ashes every time it dies.

Pyrrhus — The son of Achilles from Greek mythology whose name means “fire”.

Rousseau — Remember the philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau? The name Rousseau comes from the French word “rous” which means “red”.

Electra — A character from Greek mythology. The name Electra means “amber” in Greek.

Ygritte — The gorgeous redhead from Game of Thrones, who was Jon Snow’s love interest.

Anne of Green Stables — Little Anne of Green Gables is a talkative adorable redhead from the novel of the same name. Why not spice it up and make it Anne of Green Stables? Sounds perfect now!

Aphrodite — Naming your gorgeous red horse after the Greek goddess of love and desire would be as unique as it gets!

Cleopatra — A royal name for a red horse. Cleopatra was the legendary queen of Egypt who also had love affairs with prominent figures such as Julius Caesar and Mark Antony.

Melanie — It’s an uncommon name, which means dark and beautiful in Greek.

Melissa — Melissa is a nymph from Greek mythology. In Greek, Melissa means “honeybee”.

Celosia — It’s a red flower with a velvet texture. The name Celosia has a Greek origin, which means “aflame”.