Spiritual Meaning of Hummingbird – Symbolism, Totem, Spirit and Omens

Spiritual Meaning of Hummingbird

Hummingbirds are beautiful and have always been a matter of fascination for many. The speed at which they fly, their ability to fly forward, backward, and hover up and down has fascinated people of all cultures. Owing to these unique abilities possessed by the hummingbirds, people across cultures believe that there is something magical about these birds.

The native Americans saw hummingbirds as a symbol of love, playfulness, and healing. While in other parts of the world, hummingbirds were considered to be the symbol of adaptability.

In short, across cultures since ancient times, hummingbirds were considered to be a good omen or a gentle reminder to those who are going through tough times in life.

So what does a hummingbird mean spiritually? Hummingbirds, in general, symbolize love, joy, and playfulness. Owing to their extreme maneuverability skills and focus, they are also considered to be a reminder for us to find the courage to pursue our dreams while skillfully navigating the storm. They are also considered to be a symbol of healing.

These are some of the general meanings that are associated with hummingbirds. What a hummingbird means to each individual depends on a lot of factors like the situations they are in, the people they are surrounded by, and many more.



Depending on the circumstances they are in, hummingbirds can symbolize anything from being an omen telling you to pursue your dreams to be a reminder to be adaptable in life.

In this article, we will have a detailed look into the spiritual meaning of a hummingbird, their symbolism, omens, and what does it mean to have a hummingbird as a spirit animal.


Spiritual meaning of hummingbirds

Spiritual meaning of hummingbirds

Hummingbirds are known for their amazing maneuverability and control of the flight. These birds can hover up and down and also fly forward and backward with ease.

Another adaptation that these birds are known for is their long slender beaks help them collect nectar from far reaches of the flower, which the other birds aren’t capable of.

Due to these abilities, hummingbirds are often portrayed as a symbol of adaptability that is needed to survive and succeed in life. These birds are also considered to be symbols that remind us to focus our energies on our goal and stay in control of our life rather than lamenting.

If you didn’t know, hummingbirds migrate when the climate is unfavorable for them. These tiny birds fly almost 2000 miles to reach their destination. This shows their endurance and persistence, the two traits which we should all have to achieve our goals in life.

This migratory nature of hummingbirds also symbolizes their willpower to look for better opportunities and pursue them even during the worst times.

You might also have noticed how quickly do these hummingbirds change their positions. This ability symbolizes the need to be flexible and open to changes in life.

It also conveys the message that nothing is constant in life, and you shouldn’t be afraid of changes. Rather than staying inside of your comfort zones, you should have the guts to come out of it.

There are many such meanings to hummingbirds. Deciphering the right implication of spotting a hummingbird depends on the present circumstances and the phase of life, one is going through. In the following section, we will have a look at it.



What does seeing a hummingbird symbolize?

Hummingbird Symbolism

Hummingbirds are known for the fantastic maneuverability and hovering skills that it symbolizes the ability to survive tough times. These little birds can change direction quickly yet stay in control, like how we are supposed to stay in control even when there happens an unexpected change in the course of our life.

When you start spotting hummingbirds in your life, it can mean an umpteen number of things. Let’s have a look at each one of them.


A call sign of being more flexible in life

We all would want our life to take the course that we decide, yet at times, things can go out of control.

When you are at such a cross juncture, and you spot a hummingbird, it is an indication from the universe asking you to be more flexible.

Rather than losing control of yourself because your life took an unexpected turn, you should quickly adjust yourself to the new course and gain control.

You need to stay in control of your life like how hummingbirds do when they suddenly change their flight course.


A reminder that you need to stop being pessimistic

Life won’t always be sunshine and rainbows; sometimes it can also be very mean. When you hit an unexpected setback in life you shouldn’t lose hope.

Spotting a hummingbird at such a period might be an indication from the universe that you need to look for the positive things around you.

If you closely watch a hummingbird, you can see how happy they fly to beautiful small flowers to get nectar from them.

A hummingbird shows us the beauty of the little things that we often miss seeing. If you start being receptive to the positivity around you, you will start doing wonders in your life.


Seek the magic of life

There is something magical about the hummingbird. Everything about hummingbirds including their color, size, and shape is beautiful.

When you spot a hummingbird while you are going through a rough phase, it can be a reminder from the universe that you need to start seeking the magic of life.

The native Aztecs believed that hummingbirds are messengers of the ancestors, reminding them that this too shall pass.


Shift your focus to the good

If you have seen the way hummingbirds hover near a flower to collect nectar from it, you might have noticed how sharp their focus is. These little birds flap their wings almost 80 times in a second to keep themselves flying while carefully inserting their needle-like beak into the flower.

Though they struggle to keep themselves hovering, they don’t lose focus. Irrespective of everything, their focus lies in the nectar in flower.

Similar to hummingbirds, irrespective of the situation you are in, you need to focus your energies on the good things rather than lamenting about the struggle. As a saint once said, you are the result of your thoughts. Focus on the good, and you will be blessed with abundance.



Be Resilient

Hummingbirds often teach us the importance of resilience. In many cultures, hummingbirds are often associated with the idols of resilience.

If you were to encounter a hummingbird while you are in a bad phase of life, consider it a reminder that there is no obstacle in this world that can’t be crossed with resilience.


Be confident about the path that you have chosen

If you didn’t know, hummingbirds migrate thousands of kilometers in search of better breeding grounds and a favorable climate for their eggs.

It takes a lot of energy for these tiny birds to reach their destination and a hell lot of confidence to embark on such a journey.

Due to these reasons sighting a hummingbird is considered to be a message from the universe that you need to be confident on the path that you have chosen.

Be confident and embark on the journey focusing on the good rather on the fear of failure. Hummingbirds also remind us to take control of our life and take responsibility for the results of your action.


Hummingbird as a spirit animal

Hummingbird as a spirit animal

If your spirit animal is a hummingbird, it can tell a lot about your character and traits. Let’s have a look at them.

As said in the previous sections, irrespective of their size, hummingbirds are skillful among the birds.

These tiny birds can fly almost 2000 miles in search of better breeding grounds and are known for their impeccable skills to adapt to new environments. Hummingbird being your spirit animal it shows that you are strong, courageous, determined, and resilient.

You can battle through even the worst of the storms while keeping your focus on your goals. Courage is another trait of yours that most people envy you for.

With the courage, resilience, and determination, you are a go-getter.

With Hummingbirds being your spirit animals, you can focus your energies on the good, and you are an expert in finding peace even in the difficult of the times.

You are also someone who knows your boundaries and chooses to stay within it. Apart from these, you are playful, loyal, entertaining & affectionate that people are always attracted to you.

These are some of the positive traits of people with hummingbirds as spirit animals. Now let’s have a look at the negative traits.

Hummingbird is the only bird that can fly backward. This shows that you often choose to revisit your pasts, and there are many triggers in you that can take you back in time.

But being courageous and aware, you don’t let your past take control of your present. You are also an emotionally unstable person. Being extremely loyal & affectionate, you expect the same from people.

You are also so enthusiastic that you often forget to take a break. It is important to keep in mind that you burn a lot of energy and find ways to recharge yourself.



Hummingbird in your dream meaning

Hummingbird dream meaning

Sighting a hummingbird in your dream may mean different things, depending on how you see them in your dream.

Dreaming of a hummingbird collecting nectar from a flower indicates that you will be successful in the pursuit of your dreams. Whereas, seeing them hovering means that you need to have patience and start gaining control over your life.

Dreaming of a hummingbird while you are in a phase where you are struggling to find answers indicates that you need to start giving attention to the minute details.

It can be a reminder to you to focus on things that you thought were insignificant. Chances are that you might find the missing pieces to finding answers to your questions.

If you dream of a hummingbird while you embark on a journey through a new path (It can also be while you are stepping into a new phase of life), but you are confused, the hummingbird is reminding you to have faith in yourself.

Consider it a message from the universe that you need to embark on this journey by keeping your focus on the good and taking the negativities out of the equation.

If you are going through a struggling phase, the hummingbird in your dream might be asking you to take it slow. Rather than burning your full energy, you need to take it slow and carefully navigate through the storm.

Always remember that the question is whether you reach your destination or not? How fast did you achieve your goals or how much time did it take you doesn’t matter. The more important question is whether you enjoyed your journey or not.