Squirrel Symbolism and Meaning (Totem, Spirit and Omens)

Squirrel Symbolism and Meaning

Being closely related to the Dormice and the Mountain Beavers, the squirrels are medium-sized rodents that are particularly fond of nuts. There are about 285 species of squirrels globally, including ground squirrels, tree squirrels, flying squirrels, prairie dogs, chipmunks, and marmots. But what do these little rodents symbolize to us?

Squirrels symbolize joy, playfulness, light-heartedness, cheerfulness, fickleness, and practicality. They live by the principle that nothing is more important than their inner peace, something that we can learn from them as well. The spirit of the squirrels has mastered the art of letting things go and teach us the same.

In this article, we are going to talk about the cultural significance of the squirrels, the interpretations of their dreams, spirit animals, and totems.


What do Squirrels symbolize?

All of us might have seen a squirrel skittering around at least once in our lives. But how many of us know what these rodents stand for? Let’s find out:


If you’ve ever seen a squirrel in action, you would agree that “energetic” is their middle name. These little creatures do not have a slow moment in their life. They have been blessed with a surprising speed, which is probably a defense mechanism to outrun their predators. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that they inspire the same energy in us.

Playfulness and resourcefulness

Squirrels have been known to be playful and enjoy their life like it’s a party. However, this doesn’t mean that they never plan for their future. The mere fact that they hoard their ration (mainly comprising of all kinds of nuts) is a sign that their survival is important to them, and they are always looking for ways to plan ahead.


What does it mean to dream of Squirrels?

Squirrel in dream meaning

Squirrels are highly adaptable animals that are found almost everywhere in the world. Therefore, seeing them in your dream is not altogether a foreign concept. However, what they’re doing in your dream is the key to finding its spiritual meaning. Listed below are some of the common squirrel dreams and their interpretations.

A Squirrel on a tree

If you dream of a squirrel perched on the branch of a tree or sneaking from the hole in the trunk, it is a sign that your patience will be tested soon. The project you’ve been working on might take longer than you anticipated, or a deal you were counting on wouldn’t pan out. In such circumstances, you have two options: to give up with frustration or to hold on with patience. You must choose wisely.

A Squirrel eating nuts

If you are planning on getting married soon or are already married, dreaming of a squirrel eating nuts has a positive interpretation for you. It means that in the coming months, your marital life will be free from any kind of stress, with you and your partner spending plenty of time together.

A pet Squirrel

Dreaming of a pet squirrel is a sign you will soon meet with your close friends unexpectedly.

A dead Squirrel

When you see a dead squirrel lying around, what feelings does it invoke in you? Shock, sadness, even fear at times. Surely dreaming of such a thing can’t have a positive interpretation. Such a dream is a sign that the one you put your trust in is going to betray you in the near future.

And not only will you have to deal with the hurt of the betrayal, but you will also have to handle the consequences of it. You should be more cautious around such people.

A jumping Squirrel

Dreaming of a squirrel jumping from branch to branch is a sign that someone who pretends to be your well-wisher is actually just trying to distract you from your goals. These are the kind of people who want to win by pulling others down.

However, soon you are going to find out who this person is and what their agenda is behind it. It would also be helpful for you if you could learn from this experience and be more careful about it in the future.

A Squirrel biting you

Dreaming of a squirrel biting you is not a good sign. Such a dream indicates that you will have to feel disappointment and embarrassment because of someone you’re very close to. If you are a mother or a father, it will likely be one of your children who has caused it.

A Squirrel in a cage

If you dream of a squirrel in a cage, it is not a good sign. Such a dream indicates that you have been withdrawing from the company of the people you love lately, such as your friends and family. All of these people have noticed this change in you but none, except you, know the reason behind it.

A Squirrel swimming in the water

How often have you seen a squirrel swim in real life? Probably never. To see them swimming in your dream is even more absurd. Such a dream signifies that you have been trying to let go of the ideas and beliefs you have stood by all your life, not because you want to change but to please someone in your life. It is wrong to do so because if you can’t be true to yourself, you can’t possibly love someone truly.

A Squirrel in your house

If you dream of a squirrel in your house or squirrel droppings spread all over in your house, it means that you need to do some work on your house, such as preparing for rain or the harsh winters.

A Squirrel in your bed

Dreaming of a squirrel in your bed is a bad sign. Such a dream is symbolic of a loveless relationship. It is either you who feels that way or your significant other. And if it’s not you, your partner might secretly be planning to leave you.

A squirrel crossing your path

Dreaming of a squirrel crossing your path is a sign that you will face a minor inconvenience today, such as a flat tire or spilled coffee.

A Squirrel during winters

Dreaming of squirrel in a winter landscape, with snow all around it, is a bad omen. This dream indicates that you have been heavily manipulated by someone or a group of people. And very soon, you might have to do something undesirable under their influence.

A Squirrel running in a field

If you dream of a squirrel running in a field or seemingly vacant land, it indicates that something very precious to you is at risk. It might be your car, your favorite flower vase, or your wedding dress.

A dog chasing a Squirrel

Dreaming of a dog chasing a squirrel is a bad sign. Such a dream indicates that you might get into a heated argument with a loved one shortly, which will result in the falling out between you two. If you value this person, you should try to control your temper and talk calmly when that happens.

A Squirrel staring at you

If in a dream, you find a squirrel staring at you in a park, it is a sign that either the relationship or the business you are currently involved in is not going to amount to anything. Therefore, you shouldn’t invest too much in it.

A Squirrel following you

If you see a squirrel following you in a dream, it is a sign that the people in your social circle are curious about you; your thoughts, and your actions. It is a warning that you should re-think your actions and make sure you’re not doing anything that you might regret later.

A Squirrel talking to you

If a squirrel talks to you in your dream, the dream’s main message lies in what it is saying to you. Try to focus on the things it says to you and apply it in your life.

A flying Squirrel

Dreaming of a flying squirrel is a message for you, telling you to keep a backup plan ready for yourself just in case things go south.

A baby Squirrel

Dreaming of a baby squirrel is indicative of problems with your children, especially those who are too young. They might be getting out of hand or have difficulty learning new things. To resolve this, you have to be a resourceful parent and indulge them in creative learning techniques.

A giant squirrel

If you dream of a giant squirrel, consider yourself lucky. Such dreams are symbolic of abundance. They mean that you will not face any difficulty in the next couple of months, be it financial or otherwise.

A friendly squirrel

Dreaming of a happy or friendly squirrel is a sign that you need to let go of the toxic people in your life if you truly want a chance at happiness.

A sleeping Squirrel

If you see a squirrel that is sleeping, it is a bad sign. Such a dream indicates you are taking your life, especially your work, a little too seriously, which is stressing you out unnecessarily. You should try to take a break and enjoy the little things in life.

Chasing a Squirrel

Dreaming of chasing a squirrel is a bad sign. Such a dream signifies that you are at the risk of losing a substantial amount of money, either due to a poor investment yield or because of gambling. It is a warning that you should be careful about how you use your money.

Eating a Squirrel

Eating a squirrel is as bad in a dream as it sounds in reality. Such a dream signifies that you are about to make a bad decision in your life very soon, because of which you might have to pay later. Therefore, you shouldn’t be headstrong and think long and hard before settling on what to do.

Catching a Squirrel

Catching a squirrel in your dream has a negative implication. Such a dream means that you have been ignorant of things that are going on around you, because of which you might end up in a dangerous position very soon.

Killing a Squirrel

While killing a small, defenseless squirrel might sound bad in reality, but dreaming of it is a good sign. Such a dream indicates that you are finally ready to get rid of the people who have been taking advantage of you for a long time.

Feeding a Squirrel

If you see yourself feeding a squirrel in your dream, it means that in the near future, you might have to rely on certain unpleasant means to get your task done, such as bribing someone. However, you shouldn’t over-think it because it is the only way to get what you want.

Squirrels fighting among each other

Dreaming of squirrels fighting with each other is the prediction of upcoming quarrels in your own life, either at home or with your co-workers. Acting impatiently in such circumstances isn’t going to help you. Therefore, you must not lose your calm at any cost.

Playing with a Squirrel

If you see yourself playing with a squirrel in your dream, it is a good sign. Such a dream means that the next few months will be peaceful and harmonious for you and your family. All your worries will be resolved, and you will be able to enjoy your life.

Rescuing a Squirrel

If you see yourself rescuing a squirrel from a cage in your dream, it indicates that you will have to help out a friend or family who is in a financial mess. For this, they will forever be grateful to you.

Being surrounded by Squirrels

If you find yourself surrounded by squirrels in your dream, it is a good sign. Such a dream indicates that you will soon be visited by an old friend or relative you are very fond of. Together you people will reminisce old days and have a fun time.


Different colored Squirrel dream interpretations

Most of the squirrels we see are greyish brown in color, but in our dreams, they can appear in whatever color they choose. And all these colors have hidden meanings and interpretations for us. Let’s take a look at what does it mean to dream of the following colored squirrels:

A Red Squirrel

Red squirrels are symbolic of our love life. Dreaming of them indicates that maybe you’re spending far too much time and energy in your relationship or planning way too ahead in the future at a relatively early stage. Rushing into things can end up hurting you.

A Grey Squirrel

If you dream of a grey squirrel, it is a sign that the hard work you have been doing will soon be paid off.

A Black Squirrel

Dreaming of a black squirrel is a warning that you’re probably too trusting, making it easy for others to take advantage of you. You should try to have a more skeptical approach toward others.

A White Squirrel

A white squirrel in your dream is indicative of hard times ahead. If you deal with it patiently, it will be over soon.


The cultural significance of Squirrels

How do the cultures around the world perceive squirrels? Let’s find out:

  • The Shamans believe that the squirrels teach us how to let go of our mental, physical, and emotional baggage to move on in full spirit.
  • Squirrels are considered to be the representative of duty, honor, and trustworthiness in the Scottish heraldry.
  • The Chinese believe these animals to be a symbol of light-heartedness and a childlike essence.
  • In Choctaw history, it is believed that the black squirrels are tricksters that eat up the sun, which leads to the solar eclipse.
  • The fact that the squirrels can give birth to as many as 30 babies at once is the reason why they are used as a symbol of fertility in one of the Native American myths.


Squirrel totem

The squirrel totem will enter your life when your tendency to take things too seriously begins to make your life difficult. These totems will teach you the art of letting go as well as building relationships without investing too much in them. If you don’t try to keep a more practical approach in life, there is no chance for you to find success or even peace.


Squirrel spirit animal

Squirrel spirit animal

If you are one of those who can find a moment of fun even amidst all the stress of your personal and professional life, the squirrels are your spirit animal.

One thing that the spirit of the squirrels is the best at is the art of blowing off steam. Though they are hard workers and can feel pressured, they know where to draw the line. Once they feel like they need a break, nobody can convince them otherwise.

The people guided by the squirrel spirits are also great planners. Be it a housewarming party, a vacation next summer, or a board meeting at work next week, they have it all planned out. This has one downside: they are not much of a spontaneous planner. Quick-thinking is not their strong suit since they are used to working in a comfortable timeframe.

Such people can easily win others’ confidence, but none of their relationships, be it personal or professional, last too long. They are not good at commitment and consistency, which draws people away after their initial charm wears off.

As lovers, they are passionate and charming but cower at the thought of taking things long terms. It will take a lot of motivation for these people to decide to move in with someone or marry them. But once they get over their fears, they are all in; there’s no going back.


Squirrel symbolism and meaning (bottom line)

Let us quickly refresh our memory about everything we’ve learned about the symbolism and spiritual meaning of the squirrels. These animals are associated with joy and light-heartedness, practicality, and detachment. Squirrels are common visitors in the dreams of many, but not all of them understand the deeper meaning of these dreams. While some of these dreams have a happy interpretation, other dreams warn us about what we might be doing wrong in life.