Spiritual Meaning Of Luna Moth

Spiritual Meaning Of Luna Moth

With pale green wings, transparent eyespots, and unique markings, luna moths are beautiful apart from appearing mystical.

Though they don’t look anything like the common moths that we see around us, they do belong to the family of giant silk moths.

If you have seen one, you might know that they really are giant moths with an average wingspan of 114mm, which can reach up to 178mm in some moths. Luna moths get their name from the Latin word “Luna” which means “Moon.”

For the very reason that they live only for 10 days as a winged adult after almost a year of growth as an egg, larvae and pupa, they are believed to have different symbolism associated with them. The life of a Luna moth is believed to be symbolizing transformation, transience, the brevity of life, life cycles, new beginnings, and a lot more. Some even consider them the most mystical of animal totems they are ever going to encounter.

Luna moths are born, they transform, and they live as an adult for a very short time which resonates with our lives.

Luna moths are a reflection of our lives and remind us of how short our time is here. They always remind us to make the most of our life and live it to the fullest.

In this article, we will have a look at the different symbolism and meanings associated with a Luna moth.


Why is a Luna Moth considered special?

Luna Moth Meaning

Before we discuss the answer to why Luna moths are considered unique, let’s have a look at their life cycle.

The life cycle of a Luna moth begins as an egg, which hatched in 2 weeks.

Then comes the larval phase that lasts almost up to 8 weeks, after which it turns into a pupa. It remains a pupa for nearly nine months before becoming a fully developed adult Luna moth.

It is quite depressing to see that these adult winged moths live only for less than ten days after they come out of their cocoon.

If you take a minute to really observe the life cycle of a moth, it feels as if their entire life was spent on one significant transformation. This resonates in sync with how humans develop as a person, as a human being, spiritual transformation, and whatnot.

Now you know why Luna moths are considered to be special!

Now let’s have a look into the different symbolism that is associated with a Luna moth.



Take a look back at yourself, were you the person you are today a few years back? All the ups and downs you have been through made you the person you are today.

Just like a Luna moth that underwent a series of transforms before being a beautiful winged moth!

A winged moth lives only for 10 days, and they seem to be the least bothered about it. They roam around happily and reminds us to stop wasting our time here on the least essential things and to start enjoying our lives more.

The metamorphosis in Luna moth undergoes from being an egg that has the potential of life to a beautiful winged moth also symbolizes resurrection.


The brevity of life

A Luna moth’s time here is less and reminds us how less time we have here. It shows us how we need to enjoy each second we have here.

Every time it flies, it shows us that to be alive is the greatest blessing we would ever have. What we make out of our life is in our hands.


The importance of leaving the past behind

In some cultures, there is a belief that seeing a Luna moth is considered a message to you from the universe.

A message to remind you that you need to let go of your past and embrace your present.

It is also considered as a message to get rid of your past identities and embrace the unknown.


A Luna moth is said to bring luck

luna moth brings luck

Though Luna moths are not rare species, it isn’t easy to spot them.

They are nocturnal species that spend most of the day time sleeping and come out flying at night. Only a few get a chance to see them flying during the day.

If you ever see one when the sun is still up, consider yourself lucky. Spotting one during day time is believed to be an indicator of luck.


What does a Luna moth mean spiritually?

spiritual luna moth

Moths and butterflies have almost similar spiritual symbolism that isn’t the case when it comes to a Luna moth. Unlike butterflies, Luna moths are nocturnal, and hence they symbolize a lot of other things which mostly contradict what a butterfly symbolizes.

As mentioned in the earlier sections, Luna moths are nocturnal species that do their life-sustaining activities and practices in complete darkness. Which makes them rely highly on their sensory perception.

Seeing a Luna moth can mean to be a spiritual totem to recognize one’s vulnerabilities, trust our instincts, and inner voice rather than just relying blindly on the concrete things we see, which is vital in a spiritual journey.


Do Luna moths symbolize determination?

Not just the Luna moth, moths, in general, are attracted to light. Though its efforts towards light may at times prove to be dangerous and futile, the moth continues its journey forward. This undeterred faith and determination of a moth are truly inspiring.

It is important to note that the moth just doesn’t blindly fly to the light. Instead, it remains vigilant in the entire path that leads to light. This reminds us to stay vigilant in all our quests while keeping our intuition and judgment intact.

A Luna moth also teaches us that it is foolishness to have blind faith with no grounding. In every journey of life, including the journey to the inner-self, we must pay attention to the signs and instincts as they might be trying to communicate with us.

The moth also reminds us that it is equally important to adjust our course as we move forward on our journey.


What does it mean to see a Luna moth in your house?

luna moth symbolism

Moths, in general, are believed to be a symbolism of personal transformation, secrets, mysticism, intuition, faith, determination rebirth, and so on. But let us keep aside all these for a few minutes and think straight.

If you see a moth inside your house, the chances are that because it is dark outside and there is sufficient lighting inside your house for it to get attracted. It may even be due to having rotten food or fruits inside your kitchen.

Altogether, people do not prefer moths, and most of them are irritated by the presence of one. It is for these reasons moths are considered to be a symbol of bad luck.

Moths have different symbolism associated with them, and it is not easy to interpret them. It is important to pay attention as to when they started appearing in your life or if you find them drawn towards you.

We’ll have a look at some of the symbolism associated with Luna moth inside your house.


  • Because a Luna moth undergoes a long period of metamorphosis, encountering on inside your house may be symbolizing the inner transformation that’s happening to you as a person. Sometimes they are also considered to be a message for you from the universe to make you understand that it is time for a change in your life.


  • Luna moths are vulnerable species, and yet they fly with their wings wide open. Seeing one at a vulnerable stage in your life means that you don’t have to be ashamed of your vulnerabilities.


  • Luna moths are attracted to lights like every other moth. If you find yourself drawing attention from a Luna moth, it is not considered to be a good indication.


  • Luna moths also indicate that you need to focus on your goals rather than worrying about the hurdles and setbacks. Just like how a Luna moth focussed on becoming a beautiful winged moth throughout its metamorphosis.


If you are not sure about what to make up from the encounter with a Luna moth, always trust your instincts. This is, in fact, the most solid interpretation one can take from what a Luna moth symbolizes.

Always remember that before you jump into conclusions, take a pause, take a deep breath, calm your mind, and keep your emotions out. And always trust the universe!


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