Rhinoceros Symbolism And Meaning (Totem, Spirit and Omens)

Rhinoceros Symbolism And Meaning

Being one of the largest terrestrial mammals, the Rhinoceros is a horn-bearing herbivore that is endemic to Africa as well as the southern parts of Asia. There are five extant species of Rhinoceros in the world, out of which three are critically endangered, and the other two are vulnerable. These animals are not a common sight in reality and are even rarer seen in dreams. But do they have a deeper spiritual meaning for us?

Rhinos are highly paradoxical animals; they have strength but choose to be gentle and tolerant. They are lazy but can be aggressive as well. Above all, they look like carnivores but are pure herbivores in reality. Rhinos represent kindness, gentles, tolerance, and a sense of being grounded. On the other hand, they are also symbolic of authority, ancient wisdom, stability, comfort, and freedom.

Are you wondering whether the Rhinos are your spirit animal? Or are you simply curious about what could dream of them mean? Whatever your queries are, they will be answered today.

In this article, we are going to talk about the symbolism of Rhinos and explain the different interpretations of dreaming about them. Moreover, we will also discuss what it is to have them as your totem as well as your spirit animal.


What does Rhinoceros symbolize?

What does Rhinoceros symbolize

The Rhinos are ranked among the oldest as well as most powerful animals walking on earth. But what do they symbolize for us?

Here are the two most important symbolisms of the Rhinos:


Weighing between 1000-2500 kilograms on an average with a height of about 5-6 feet, the Rhinoceros certainly doesn’t lack in strength. Therefore, they symbolize to us the same. Although they seldom use their strength to harm others, they are respected and revered for it worldwide.


When you look at a Rhino, what’s the first emotion that crosses your mind? Fear. And it’s logical as well. However, although they seem to be brutally powerful and dangerous, Rhinos are actually gentle and peace-loving animals that have a diet entirely made up of plant matter.

They are rarely found to attack other animals or humans. These animals are the perfect example of not judging a book by its cover.


Despite their size and ability to wreak havoc, Rhinos consciously choose not to. They don’t believe in violence and live by the principle of harmony and mutual respect.

This trait sets an example for us; if animals much stronger than us can be kind and gentle to us, why can’t we practice the same? It gives out an important message: just because you happen to have power doesn’t necessarily mean you must use it to oppress those who are weaker than you.


What does it mean to see a Rhinoceros in your dreams?

Rhinoceros in dream

Have the Rhinos recently been coming to your dreams? Rhinos are powerful animals with a powerful spiritual meaning. Dreaming of them is rarely just a coincidence. But what does it mean to see them in your dreams? It could have a variety of meanings and interpretations depending upon the exact details of the dream.

Given below are the interpretations of some of the common Rhino dreams:

Riding a Rhinoceros

A Rhino is often the representative of an authoritative figure in your life. If you see yourself riding a Rhino in a dream, it means that you are soon about to persuade your boss or your parents into allowing you to do something you have wanted for some time now.

Hunting or killing a Rhinoceros

To hunt or kill a Rhino is symbolic of handling challenges successfully by virtue of patience. You are more likely to work with an ill-tempered client or colleague soon, where your temper and patience will be tested. If you can keep yourself in check, you will succeed.

A baby Rhinoceros

A baby Rhino is symbolic of help. If you are seeing them in your dream, it could mean two things. First, you might need to seek the help of your friends or close relatives in the near future. Second, someone you care about might be in need of your help but is hesitant to ask.

A giant Rhinoceros

The giant Rhino in your dream is a symbol of your worst fears. If you encounter them in your dream, it means that you are afraid about something that is eating you from inside. It is a message that hiding your fears will do you no good. If you really want to feel better, you shouldn’t shy away from sharing them with your close companions or friends.

An angry Rhinoceros

It is only natural to think that dreaming of an angry Rhino might have a negative interpretation. However, it is far from the truth. In reality, angry Rhinos in your dream is a happy sign since they signify that all the problems you have been struggling with are about to end. The Rhino’s rage is indicative of your fierce personality and capability to overcome all your fears and challenges.

A Rhinoceros without horns

A Rhinoceros without horns is symbolic of emotional turbulence in your life. Dreaming of Rhinos without horns is a sign that you might get into a heated argument very soon with someone very close to you, and things might get ugly. More often, such problems occur with your significant other. It is a warning that you should try to keep your temper in check in the near future.

A Rhinoceros in the water

Dreaming of a Rhino standing in the water is symbolic of your greed and envy. Such a dream says a lot about you: you are habituated to compare yourself with others. And this habit, if not mended soon, can create bigger problems for you.

A Rhinoceros chasing you

If you dream of being chased by a Rhino, it is a sign that you would soon have to deal with the tedious tasks that you have been putting off for quite some time. It could be an assignment at the school or a work deadline you have been dreading. Whatever it is, putting it off for any longer can have severe consequences for you.

An injured Rhinoceros

Dreaming of an injured Rhino has negative implications. Such a dream is indicative of difficult times at your home. The nature of the difficulty can be diverse; it could either be a health crisis, a financial fallout, are emotional tension between your family members. Whatever it is going to be, you should handle it with tact and patience to avoid unnecessary damage.

A dead Rhinoceros

To see a dead Rhino in your dream is symbolic of the major change that awaits you in the near future. This change might look dicey in the beginning, making you question every decision you’ve made lately. However, once you pull through, it will all be alright.

A white Rhinoceros

Although white is the color of purity and divinity, seeing a white Rhino in your dream doesn’t exactly have a divine interpretation. If you see them in your dreams, it is an indication that you lack confidence, which is why you are unable to reach your full potential.

In your dreams, the white Rhino brings you a lesson to have more faith in yourself and be more courageous in your endeavors. Once you give up all the doubts and second thoughts holding you back, you will acquire new heights in your life.

A black Rhinoceros

Seeing a black Rhino in your dreams can have two different meanings. On the one hand, the black Rhino in your dreams is symbolic of your ambition. Seeing them means you are well on your way to achieving everything you desire.

However, black Rhinos also represent change and transformation. If you are seeing them in your dreams at a time when nothing seems to be going your way, it means that you need to change the direction of your efforts if you want to see positive results.


The significance of Rhinoceros in different cultures

Spiritual Meaning of Rhinos

The Rhinos have been roaming on earth for too long (approximately 15 million years) not be a part of the ancient cultures around the world. Let’s find out what these animals signify in different cultures:

In the Chinese culture

In Ancient Chinese medicine practice, the Rhinos were believed to be an invaluable resource. The practitioners back then used these animals to make a unique healing powder that would work miraculously on all kinds of ailments, be it a fever, muscle pain, a broken rib, or a headache.

The horn of the Rhinos was used to test poison by the Chinese. Moreover, during the rule of the Zhou Dynasty, their skin was used to make armors for the highest rank of soldiers.

In the African culture

A Golden Rhino has always been considered culturally important to the people of Africa. These magnificent African creatures are believed to be a link between the land and its people, almost like a sacred thread between the two.
On the contrary, in some parts of Africa, Rhinos were also killed, and their meat was consumed by the most superior members of the tribe.


Rhinoceros totem

A Rhino totem will enter your life when you’ve surrounded yourself with too many people and are, thus, disconnected from your inner spirit. It will remind you of the necessity of giving yourself a little me-time so that you can balance the noise of the world with the peace within.

However, these totems also have a job of warning you when you’re being too solitary, on the verge of becoming full-fledged anti-social. You should remember that humans are, after all, social animals. It is unhealthy for you to shun all human contact. Instead, it would be best if you tried to master the art of maintaining a balance between the two.

The Rhino totems teach you to surround yourself with things that have a real, spiritual value and are not simply materialistic. They encourage you to enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature, to revel in it, and find an unparalleled joy.

These totems also remind you that to be truly strong should be humbling. You should always remember that the strongest people are the kindest. If you try to use your power to suppress others, you will no longer be strong.


Rhinoceros spirit animal

Do you feel like you don’t quite fit in with the crowd of your age and would much rather be alone? If you are, the Rhinos can be your spirit animal.

People who have Rhinos as their spirit animal are primarily solitary in nature and tend to prefer their own company over the company of others. Such people have attained an unusual comfort in their own skin and are, thus, above the world of trivialities and pretense. They are ground and never lose touch with their soul.

Moreover, people guided by the Rhino spirit are more often than not workaholics and can’t help it. This is because they don’t believe in inheriting success but are passionate about creating something of their own. Once they’ve decided what they want to do, there’s no stopping them. They’re steady and capable and are unafraid of hard work.

Strength defines these people. They are strong and resilient, not only physically but also mentally. They have stability ingrained within their skin and are hardly disturbed by the events of the world.

You cannot easily instigate these people. They tend to go out of their way to avoid any kind of quarrel or dispute. Most people can also call their attitude passive because of their inability to confront people or situations until inevitable.

However, once you push them over the edge, you better prepare yourself for a comeback you deserve. Although they don’t seek out trouble, once you’ve managed to piss them, they make sure to give you what you deserve.

However, in their family, these people are very different. They are extremely kind and forgiving and tend to share their wisdom with their loved ones. There is a hint of authoritativeness in them, which can sometimes be overwhelming for the other family members. But you can be sure to trust their judgment blindly.


When should you call on your Rhinoceros spirit animal?

Rhino spirit animals can always be relied upon to show you the right path. You can call upon your spirit animal when:

You are tired of being around people all the time. If Rhinos is your spirit animal, you certainly need some solitary time in your life to balance with all the noise and hustle. Not getting it can drain you mentally and can lead you to do things that are uncharacteristic of you.

The stress from your work or personal life is overwhelming you. The spirit of the Rhino is ideal for providing you a break from the mundane and taking you to the lap of nature. There, you will be reminded of all the good things of your life and would be reinvigorated to face your challenges.

You aren’t getting your way in life and are about to run out of patience. Rhino spirits are a storehouse of calm and patience for you to draw from any time you need it.


Facts about Rhinoceros symbolism

Apart from all the qualities we have discussed above, is there anything that we can learn from these ancient animals? Let’s find out:

Slowing things down

After having been around for millions of years, if there’s one thing that the Rhinos have learned, it is patience. You can’t try to change the world in a single day because it has taken a lot more time for it to be how it is.

If you are too hasty in life, you might miss out on all the important things. Therefore, you should always try to take things slowly. For unless you don’t get to the depth of things, you will never be able to comprehend it fully, and that kind of comprehension takes time and patience.

Avoiding judgment

Rhinos are the representatives of how appearances can be deceptive. They appear deadly from the outside but are real softies on the inside. We often tend to judge people or circumstances based on their appearances, which is not right. What appears on the surface is rarely the whole truth.

Passing judgment without complete knowledge of things is not right and can say a lot about who you are as a person. Therefore, you should always try to avoid judging people too soon or too harshly.


Rhinoceros symbolism and meaning (final thoughts)

In the end, let us recapitulate all the symbols we can associate with the Rhinos: strength, kindness, peace and tranquility, humility, and the true essence of power.

Above anything else, these animals stand for authority and ancient wisdom. To dream of them can have various interpretations.

The key is to gather all the details of the dream carefully in order to understand its true meaning. The spirit of the Rhinos always lend you patience and courage in times of your need and watch over you as you strive to find the path of your life.