Panda Symbolism and Spiritual Meaning (Totem, Spirit and Omens)

Panda Symbolism and Spiritual Meaning

Distinguished from the other members of the bear family due to their black and white appearance and mild personality, the pandas are unique animals. They are capable of both climbing and swimming and spend half their days eating (preferably bamboos). But what do these adorable animals symbolize to us?

Although they are non-threatening and soft in appearance, pandas are powerful animals symbolic of warriors to the Chinese. They represent balance and personal boundaries, patience and wisdom, care and nourishment, peace, and gentleness. These animals can teach us what it means to appreciate the simple pleasures of life.

Pandas are endangered animals; you might not see many of them around (unless you are in China). But if they make an appearance in your dreams, what could it mean? If you have been dreaming of them for a while and want to know what it might mean, you are at the right place.

In this article, we will discuss in-depth what it means to dream of them, exploring the interpretations of some common panda dreams. Moreover, we will also talk about their symbolism, cultural significance, and the traits of their spirit animals and totems.


What do Pandas symbolize?

Panda Symbolism

Even though pandas are a kind of bear, they rarely share a trait with their siblings. These animals are proudly unique and are loved all the more for it. But what is their spiritual meaning? Let’s find out:

Personal boundaries

Judging by their snuggly appearance, most people consider pandas to be social animals. However, it is far from the truth. In reality, pandas are solitary animals that spend the majority of their lives by themselves.

These are animals that don’t appreciate contact even with one of their own. It is only in the mating season that they seek out partners; soon after the end of the season, they part ways.

Pandas symbolize to us the importance of having personal boundaries. While it is good to be surrounded by family and loved ones, not having me-time can take away your contemplation from you, which is not a good idea. You must always make time for yourself, no matter whether you’re happy or upset.


The lifestyle of pandas demonstrates how good things take time. Let’s take an example: all of us know that pandas absolutely love to eat bamboos.

But did you know that it takes about 2-3 years for the bamboos to start growing? If the pandas lose patience during that time, will it do them any good? No. That’s why they have learned to wait patiently to get what they want, and so should you.


What does it mean to dream of Pandas?

Panda in dream meaning

Who would say that dreaming of these cute and cuddly bears could ever mean anything bad? However, not all panda dreams are indicative of joy and happiness. The interpretation of the dream is highly dependent on the nature of the dream and the feelings it invoked in your mind.

Let’s take a look at some of the common panda dreams and see what they might mean for us:

A Panda soft toy

The appearance of a soft toy Panda in your dream is a great sign! It means that soon you will be in a calm state of mind, without any anxiety or worries. You must try to enjoy the time while it lasts.

A trapped Panda

If you dream of a panda trapped in a cage, it means that somehow your personal space has been violated or is about to be violated. Very soon, you might feel the urge to get away from people.

A Panda eating

To dream of a panda eating is not a good sign. Such a dream suggests that you’ve been gorging on junk food lately and must eat healthier if you want to remain healthy. You must analyze your diet and make the necessary changes to enhance your nourishment. Such dreams often also signify your digestive issues.

A Panda playing with its cub

Seeing a panda play with its little baby panda is as pleasant a dream as it is in reality. If you are married and trying to have a baby, it is a prediction that you might have one soon. If you already have kids, you are about to have a gala time with them in the near future.

A Panda chewing on bamboo

Dreaming of a panda chewing on bamboo peacefully without acknowledging your presence, it is one most peaceful dream you can have. Such a dream is the sign of a new and prosperous beginning in your life. It might also be a sign that a kind and a gentle person is about to enter your life.

A Panda attacking you

Seeing a panda attacking you in a dream is a bad omen. Such a dream is a warning that your life is soon going to turn upside down. The promises of good things, be it financial gain or other good news, will soon turn into bad ones. Anything you are working on currently will not end well. In such circumstances, there is nothing you can do but have patience and wait for things to blow over.

Running away from a Panda

The dream of running away from a panda has a positive interpretation. It signifies that you are about to win something very soon, be it a project, a new job title, a rank in your class, etc.

A Panda running away from you

If you dream of finding a panda running away from you and hiding somewhere, it is a bad sign. Such a dream means that the profits you are reaping in your professional life are very short-lived. If you feel anxious in the dream, you might lose something you hold very dear.

A dying Panda

Dreaming of a dying panda is not a good sign, as you might have guessed already. Such a dream indicates that you’re currently faced with an important decision and are unable to make it. You have too many feelings involved that are stopping you from making the right choice.

Killing a Panda

Killing a panda might sound bad in reality, but if you find yourself doing that in a dream, it is a good sign. Such a dream means that you are about to beat your competitors and achieve success.

Someone else killing a Panda

If you dream of someone else killing a panda, it is a good sign as well. Such a dream is symbolic of the losses your enemies or competitors are going to incur very soon. Right now is the best time to strike a deal with them, when they are hit too hard and are at their lowest.

Chasing a Panda

Chasing a panda in a dream is a good sign. Such a dream tells you that the things you’re chasing after in your life right now are all going to be good for you in the end, so don’t stop until you’ve achieved them.

A Panda standing far away

If you dream of a panda standing far away from you, not daring to come any closer, it is probably a bad sign. Such a dream signifies that someone around you is plotting against you and is likely to succeed in their actions. You have very little time to find and stop them, or else you will have a difficult time dealing with the repercussions of their plot and schemes.

A giant Panda

A giant panda appears in your dream when you have been buried in work with no time for yourself. It is suggestive of the fact that putting too much pressure on yourself is not good for your health. You must try to find a balance between your work and other parts of your life.

A flying Panda

Dreaming of a flying panda is indicative of your deep-hidden desire to break free from the shackles of society. These dreams signify that you’ve lately been feeling stifled with the stereotypical judgments of the people around you.

A baby Panda

If a baby panda appears in your dream, it means you might be losing touch with your inner goodness and lack the compassion you once had. The panda is here to remind you to be kind to others.


Cultural significance of Pandas

Today, we adore pandas for their cute, dorky appearance and snuggly body. However, have you ever wondered what people who lived centuries ago thought of these animals? What did pandas symbolize to them? Let’s find out:

In the Bible

In the Bible, the pandas are admired as ancient beings that have a knack for survival. The Christians also respect these animals for the attainment of inner calm.

In Chinese culture

Pandas are very important in Chinese culture. To the Chinese, they are symbolic of peace, friendship, and harmony. When China was in the war, it was the image of a panda that was used by them to spread the message of a truce. Chinese considered these animals to be powerful and revered warriors.

They were also offered to the royalty as presents in the past. The black and white appearance of the pandas is also symbolic of the Yin and Yang energy.

In Japanese culture

In Japan, pandas are widely regarded as a symbol of diplomacy. Back in the time of the Tang Dynasty, Empress Wu Zetian sent a pair of pandas to the Japanese emperor, and the practice is still very much prevalent in the country.


What does it mean to get a Panda tattoo?

Panda tattoo meaning

Tattoos have been used by many as a means of expression; what people can’t express in words, they express through inking their skin. Panda tattoos are popular all over the world. But other than them being cute animals, is there anything else that could motivate one to get their tattoo?

Yes! Below, we have stated some of the common panda tattoo symbolism:

Peace and harmony

By now, we’ve already established how pandas are widely regarded as a symbol of peace and harmony. Having them tattooed on your skin is a great idea if you feel like you can relate to their peace-loving personality. The pandas can also be symbolic of your inner peace.

A balance between the feminine and masculine

The pandas have a primarily white body with huge black spots scattered all over them. This color combination is significant to the Chinese because of its resemblance to the ancient Chinese Yin and Yang concept of dualism.

Yin and Yang are considered to be the primary source of all energy. Therefore, getting panda tattoos can symbolize the balance between the Yin and Yang, the good and bad


Panda totem

Although the panda totem is inherently gentle, it wields a huge amount of power over its surroundings. They have attained an inner peace so profound that they can simply watch the drama unfold around them without having a desire to participate in it.

They will come you to at a time when you have somehow blurred the lines of all your relationships and don’t quite know how to fix it. They will teach you how to draw personal boundaries and find a way to detach yourself from the outer world when you most need it.

The panda totem might also approach you when the balance between your work and life has tilted too much towards the former. Pandas are symbolic of enjoying the simple pleasures of life. You can learn from them how important it is to take ahold of life and enjoy it instead of wasting it engrossed in work.


Panda spirit animal

If the pandas are your spirit animal, you’re as happy-go-lucky as they come. Such people have perfected the balance between being carefree but not too much, which makes them approachable to all kinds of people.

Even the uptight and rigid people seem to enjoy themselves around them. These people are the best at handling crises. They are known for not losing their inner calm easily and can also do a great job of calming others down. Their secret? They always have faith in the fact that even the worst challenges have an expiration date.

Just because they’re carefree doesn’t mean they are unfit for a task. The spirit of the pandas has a single-minded focus that you will rarely witness in another spirit animal. They have an uncanny ability to devote all their effort and energy towards a single goal until they achieve it. If you have assigned them a task to perform, you needn’t worry about it anymore.

People with panda spirit animals are charming to be around, and yet they need some me-time to recharge themselves as well. They love their own company a little too much. In their personal life, they are gentle and sensitive, and at times too emotional. They have an inherent docile personality, which makes them easy to love.

Often, they are subdued in their relationship because of it. In their family, they play the role of nurturers perfectly. They care about everyone’s smallest needs and are the most dependable family member. You can count on them for anything and everything.


When should you call upon the Panda spirit animal?

You can count upon the spirit of the panda to help you whenever you need it. Here’s when you can call upon them:

  • When you feel like you are losing the balance of your life. In order to lead a happy life, balance is most essential. However, in today’s world, it is just as easy to lose it. Many times, we don’t even realize that we’ve lost it until we are too far gone. The spirit of the panda will teach you slowly and steadily how you should regain control of your life and establish a balance again.
  • When you lack confidence. Confidence is an important element of our personality. Without it, we can never reach our full potential in life. Pandas are creatures that are most comfortable in their skin, and you can learn that from their spirit.
  • When you lack satisfaction. In the time and world we are living in, you will find a rat race at every corner. It is difficult to find satisfaction amidst it all. However, without it, you will never be able to enjoy the things that you’ve worked hard for. That’ where the pandas come in. Satisfaction comes easy to them, and they can help you master that art as well.


Panda symbolism and spiritual meaning (final takeaway)

In the end, let’s recapitulate all the traits that we can associate with our black and white bear friends: peace, gentleness, harmony, friendship, nourishment, balance, patience, knowledge, wisdom, and focus.

Pandas are believed to be the symbol of good fortune and abundance throughout the world, and their significance in many of the ancient cultures tells us the same about them. To dream of these bears is usually considered lucky. However, to learn the exact meaning of the dream, you must try to remember all its minute details.

People who have them as their totem and spirit animals are gentle, docile, and likable. They are good at handling crises, which makes others depend on them.