151 Cute and Funny Panda Names

Cute and Funny Panda Names

Who wouldn’t love to have a panda as a pet? I would move mountains to get one, but it isn’t going to make a difference. Because, no matter what all we do, we aren’t going to get one as a pet.
Sad! Yeah, I know!

Technically speaking, all the pandas in this world are the property of the Chinese government, and the ones you see in zoos outside china are exchanged under a panda exchange agreement. It is going to cost a fortune for a zoo to get a pair of pandas, not to mention the money they would need to take care of them.

So, if things turn around for good and one day you were to keep a panda as a pet, what are you going to name him/her?

Haven’t thought about it yet? Don’t worry; I am here to help you out!
Read on folks I’ve got 150 cool names in a list and my personal favorite, the 151st name!

Since pandas are Chinese properties, let’s start with 17 names in Chinese. 7 for males & 10 for female pandas!


10 Famous Chinese Names For Female Pandas

Chinese Names For Female Pandas

1. Basi – Basi is the panda that lived for 37 years, which is equivalent to 100 human years. She was the lucky charm for the Beijing Olympics and was known for her calmness. In fact, it is by studying her behavior the scientific community came to know a lot about pandas.

2. Mei Lan – Mei Lan in Chinese means a beautiful orchid. Mei Lan was born in America, and she was so cute and chubby that there could not have been a more suitable name for her. If you were to have a female panda, you should seriously think of giving her this name.

3. Hua mei – She was the first panda cub to be raised in a zoo in the US. Can you believe that millions watched her grow up through panda cameras? She was a big-time celebrity back then.

4. Su Lin – She was a cute little panda born in the USA. She was known among panda nannies for being the most obedient panda.

5. Zhen Zhen – Zhen is Su Lin’s sister, who was brought up at a zoo in the USA.

6. Zi Chi – Translates to black and silk in English. This was the name that got the most votes in an Instagram voting organized by a panda conservatory in Beijing.

7. Ling-Ling – She was the first panda cub given to the US by China.

8. Bao Bao – The name means a treasured gift in Chinese. Do you think there can be a better name for your fat and fluffy panda?

9. Pochoo – This name doesn’t have a specific meaning. It is a word that’s used when cuddling little kids. Since there can’t be anything cuter than pandas, Poocho will be a beautiful name. Don’t you think so?

10. Mei Xang – She’s a giant panda weighing 230 pounds living in the Beijing panda conservatory. If your panda is really fat and chubby, you can name her Mei Xang.


10 Chinese Names for Male Pandas

Chinese Names for Male Pandas

1. Gu GU – He was a giant panda born in the Wolong National Nature Reserve and was sent to Beijing zoo.

2. Pan Pan – Pan Pan was the oldest male panda to be in captivity until his death in 2016. If your panda is naughty, there can’t be a better name than Pan Pan.

3. Zi Bo – Translates to white jasmine in English.

4. Ming Ming – Ming Ming in Chinese means smart. Let your panda be as sharp as his name.

5. Bei Bei – Bei Bei is a young panda that’s living in the National Zoo in Washington, DC, in the United States. He is part of US-China relations panda diplomacy.

6. Gao Gao – Gao Gao is a male giant panda in the US. If your panda is naughty, you can name him Gao Gao.

7. Tuan Tuan – He was the first panda to be sent to Taiwan.

8. Jia Panpan – He is one of the panda twins born at the Toronto Zoo in 2015. He is one of the two giant pandas to survive the neonatal period in North America.

9. Mei Lan – He was born in a zoo in Atlanta in 2006. The zookeepers thought Mei Lan to be a female until the researchers from the Chengdu research base found out Mei Lan was a male. Poor thing is a confused panda since birth, lol.

10. Tai Shan – He was the first panda cub to be born in the National zoo at Washington DC to survive the first few hours after birth. Tai Shan is a celebrity at the Washington DC National zoo.

The names given above are the names of famous panda personalities in the Panda world. Yeah, they are hard to pronounce! – D


Now let’s have a look at the other names on the list

20 Funny Names, You Can Give Your panda!

Funny Panda Names

1. Rollie – Pandas are known for their bizarre behavior of rolling around. Imagine your panda rolling towards you while you call him Rollie!

2. Sunshine – Imagine waking up to see your cute & chubby panda waiting for you on your window. Truly a burst of sunshine, huh?

3. Bamboo – If there is one thing that pandas cannot resist, it is eating bamboo. If I were a panda, I wouldn’t mind being called a bamboo.

4. Fluffy – Imagine cuddling your panda, feels fluffy, right?

5. Dumbo – Pandas are the dumbest creatures on this planet. Trust me folk’s; pandas deserve to be named cute Dumbos!

6. Mr. Miyagi – For people who don’t know Mr. Miyagi, he was a fictional karate master in an old Hollywood movie. After the movie Kung Fu Panda, pandas somehow ended up conjuring an image of a martial artist in the mind of people. Considering this, Mr. Miyagi would be an apt name.

7. Mr. Panda – That’s a pretty straight name for a panda, isn’t it?

8. Munchkin – Small name for a big panda, sounds quite funny huh?

9. Apple – After bamboos, apples are a panda’s favorite food. Imagine your panda rolling towards you when you call him/her apple?

10. The dragon warrior – This name is straight out of the movie Kung Fu Panda.

11. Mr. Bear – Pandas belong to the family of carnivorous bears. You can call your panda Mr. Bear if you wish to.

12. Cuddle bug – Wouldn’t you want to cuddle your panda? I believe pandas are a real cuddle bug.

13. Baloo – The famous bear from Rudyard Kipling’s Mowgli stories in the Jungle Book.

14. Ding Dong – If you have had a closer look at how pandas walk, you’ll understand how well the name ding dong will suit your panda.

15. Mr. lazy – You can’t beat a panda at being lazy. For instance, pandas sleep the moment they feel sleepy. Be it while they eat or climb trees, they don’t care where they are and sleep off.

16. Mr. Fat Bob – Why Fat Bob? Because pandas are fat. LOL

17. Mr. Cuddles Worth – Pandas are always worth hugging!

18. Teddy – Pandas do look like teddy bears, don’t they? Then why not name them Teddy?

19. The Clingy Panda – Pandas are found to be very possessive about their caretakers. If you ever get a panda eventually, it’ll end being lovably clingy.

20. Mr. Chubby – If your panda looks chubby at first sight, you should name him Mr. Chubby.


20 Common Names for a Giant Panda

Common Panda Names

Have a look at the 20 names you can give your giant panda.

1. Hercules

2. The Rock

3. Bruiser

4. Attila

5. Rambo

6. Rex

7. Zeus

8. Roller

9. Maximus

10. Hulk

11. Bear

12. Bruno

13. Rocky

14. Thor

15. Bull

16. Sarge

17. Jumbo

18. Bane

19. Chief

20. Knight


20 Names for Your Panda to Sound Tough!

Tough Panda Names

Though pandas belong to the family of carnivorous bears, they can’t ever look tough. I burst out to laugh every time I think of a panda being tough. LOL! They just aren’t made that way.

But if you want a name for your panda to tough, I can help you out!

1. Tyson

2. Kane

3. Rover

4. Butch

5. Gunner

6. Balboa

7. Dozer

8. Stone

9. Duke

10. Gnasher

11. Hyde

12. Gator

13. Bandit

14. Snipe

15. Warg

16. Cap

17. Hawk

18. Gruber

19. King

20. Beast


20 Cute Names for a Female Panda

Cute Names for a Female Panda

I prefer having cute names for pandas. Which is why I have made this list of 20 cute names that a female panda can be called

1. Lucy

2. Molly

3. Daisy

4. Lola

5. Jasmine

6. Millie

7. Lilly

8. Litty

9. Nala

10. Stella

11. Cookie

12. Munchkin

13. Aynu

14. Bella

15. Mia

16. Kitty

17. Isabell

18. Fiona

19. Lucky

20. Nat


20 Cute Names For a Male Panda

Cute Names For a Male Panda

1. Theodore

2. Alvin

3. Simon

4. Jack

5. Oscar

6. Oreo

7. Harvey

8. Mike

9. Mikey

10. Fitch

11. Pee wee

12. Scooby

13. Twinkie

14. Binx

15. Peanut

16. Bill

17. George

18. Frankie

19. Benji

20. Bo


20 Food-related Cute Names for a Panda

Food-related Cute Names for a Panda

Pandas are the hungriest creatures on this planet. On average panda can eat for 14hrs a day, consuming almost 20 to 40 pounds’ bamboo each day.

Naming them after food is the best way to go about it.

1. Mr. Bamboo

2. Cheeseburger

3. Meatball

4. Noodles

5. Nacho

6. Coco

7. Bailey

8. Apple Panda

9. Mr. Hungry

10. Honeydew

11. Kiwi

12. Choco pie

13. Almond joy

14. Twix

15. Bounty

16. Cadbury

17. Fudge

18. Gumball

19. Cotton candy

20. Toffee


10 Cute Names For Your Panda Inspired From Movies

Panda Names from Movies

There haven’t been many panda characters in movies so far. So we have shortlisted 10 names of famous movie characters that you can call you panda.

1. Luna – The female lead role in the Harry Potter series.

2. Zeus – Zeus is a Greek mythological character, as portrayed in epics. According to Greek mythology, Zeus is the god of sky & lightening.

3. Zimba – the famous lion from the movie “The lion king.”

4. Mufasa – The powerful king of the jungle, as portrayed in the movie “The lion king.”

5. Odin – The all-mighty king of Asgard, as portrayed in the movie Thor.

6. Bumblebee – The fierce yet adorable robot warrior in the movie Transformers. Just like how a panda warrior would be.

7. Optimus – The powerful leader of the Autobots in the film Transformers.

8. Captain Rogers – The man who needs no introduction, the lead character in the Avenger series

9. Aslan – The great lion responsible for creating Narnia as portrayed in the movie The Chronicles of Narnia.

10. Bagheera – The fictional black leopard in Rudyard Kipling’s Mowgli stories in the Jungle Book.


If I were to keep a male Panda as a pet, what would I name him?

Kung Fu Panda

I am a huge fan of the movie Kung Fu Panda & I wouldn’t have a second thought about naming him “Po the Panda.” I believe that you can’t find a cuter name for a panda than “Po.” And this goes as the 151st name that I have on my list for a panda!

So now that you have a list of panda names, let’s hope that at some point in time in the future, we get to keep a panda as a pet!


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