Octopus Symbolism and Spiritual Meaning (Totem, Spirit and Omens)

Octopus Symbolism and Spiritual Meaning

Inhabiting the depths of the ocean, the octopuses are eight-limbed mollusks that are known for their fascinating biological and behavioral traits. These aquatic creatures have three hearts and nine brains, can change their body color within seconds, and regrow their arms when they lose one! Anyone would be curious about them, wouldn’t they? Let’s find out what do octopus symbolizes spiritually? 

Octopuses are symbolic of intelligence and wisdom, flexibility and adaptability, illusion and evasion. Although they are soft in the body, their mind is their most lethal weapon. They aren’t cowards but know when to pick a fight and when to escape one. These creatures symbolize unpredictability; they are always one step ahead of their enemies, never giving them an inkling of what they might be up to.

In this article, we are going to talk in detail about the symbolic meaning of the octopus. We will discuss what their dreams might mean, explore their cultural significance, and learn what it means to have them as our animal spirit animals and totems.


What does an Octopus symbolize?

What does an Octopus symbolize

The brains of the octopuses are scattered all over their body, with neurons present in all eight of their limbs. These nine-brained creatures are symbolic for their wit and intelligence.

Octopuses are soft-bodied mollusks that do not possess the physical strength they can count on to survive in the oceans full of lethal predators. How else can they survive? By using their brains. They are quite deceptive creatures that can change their skin color at short notice and have mastered the art of escape. To us, they represent the fact that the brain can trump brawn if appropriately used.


What does it mean to dream of Octopuses?

Dream of Octopus meaning

With their eight limbs, tentacles, and a pudding-like body, the Octopuses are a sight to behold in action. However, what if they have been coming to your dreams lately?

Dreaming of the octopuses is not a common affair. If you’re encountering them in your sleep, it is possible that your dream might have a deeper meaning, a hidden message, or a warning for you from the spiritual powers watching out for you.

But how must one decipher these dreams to comprehend their true meanings? That’s what we’re here for. Each octopus dream can have a unique meaning depending on what the octopus is doing in it. Let’s learn the interpretations of the following octopus dreams.


An Octopus in the sea

The sea or ocean is the natural habitat of the octopuses, and dreaming of them in their homes is unlikely to have any negative interpretation. If in your dream, you see an octopus swimming around underwater without any indication that they acknowledge your presence, it is a sign that you are either about to meet old friends or make new ones. It might also be indicative of an important social event that you are about to attend very soon.


An Octopus on the ground

Although octopuses are aquatic creatures, they are capable of surviving on land just for a little while. However, if it becomes prolonged, they begin to suffer. Therefore, dreaming of them on the ground is not a positive sign.

It is a sign that you are about to face unforeseeable problems in the path to achieving your dreams. Someone or something might become a persistent hurdle between you and your success. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you should give up. With patience and dedication, you can always overcome such obstacles.


An Octopus in an aquarium

If you dream of an Octopus in an aquarium, it is a lucky dream. It indicates that the issues you’re dealing with in work or school will resolve themselves very soon. So instead of letting it consume you, you should sit back and let time do its trick.


A pair of Octopuses

Dreaming of a pair of octopuses is symbolic of your love life. If the couple seems to be enjoying themselves in the dream, swimming, and playing around, it means that you are about to spend quality time with your significant other. If you’re single, the dream might indicate a new arrival in your life. However, if the octopuses seem upset and ignore each other in your dream, it is a sign that bad times are ahead.


Many Octopuses

A dream where you see too many octopuses around you is suggestive of the competitive environment you are a part of at work. It indicates that your competitors are greedy for success and would go to any lengths to stay on the top. If you wish to succeed in such a cutthroat competition, you should work smart.


Intertwined Octopuses

A dream of intertwined Octopuses is symbolic of a co-dependent relationship. It could be with your sibling, parents, significant other, or with someone in your workplace. Such a dream is a warning that you should be careful about maintaining a balance in these relationships.


A dead Octopus

The dream of a dead octopus can be interpreted in two different ways, one of them being positive and the other negative.

In the positive interpretation, the dead octopus can be symbolic of the enemies or competitors you have defeated and the obstacles you have overcome on your path to success. You have proved that you are capable of being successful and are now standing right in front of your goals.

However, if the dream invokes sadness or anxiety in you, it is a bad sign. It might mean that you are bound to go through a failure in the near future, and there is nothing you’d be able to do about it. In such circumstances, your best choice is to accept the failure and move on; you can’t control everything no matter how much you want to.


A giant Octopus

The giant octopus in your dreams is the representation of your own hidden persona. It means that you’re stronger than you let on and can deal with a lot worse than people give you credit for. However, you prefer for the people around you not to know your true self. That way, you will always have an element of surprise, an upper hand, should you need it.


A baby Octopus

Baby octopuses stand for adaptability. If you see these cute octopuses in your dream, it is a sign that working with or under someone is better right now for your career than working alone.


An old Octopus

Like all the old folk of the world, the old octopuses are believed to be the powerhouse of knowledge and wisdom. If you see them in your dreams, it is a sign that you’re probably not approaching your problems from the right perspective, which is why you keep failing. If you truly want success, you will have to think more wisely and open-mindedly.


A pet octopus

Having octopuses as pets is symbolic of strong intuition. If you see yourself having one in your dream, it means that you are capable of making the right decisions and shouldn’t second-guess your choices. They will certainly lead you to success in the long run, even though they might seem to be going haywire right now. Try to see the bigger picture.


An Octopus strangling or attacking you

Being strangled or attacked by anyone in your dream can be quite a scary experience, let alone the eight-handed octopuses. Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising for such dreams to have a negative implication.

If you dream of an octopus strangling or attacking you, it is a sign that there is an invisible threat lurking in your environment that you should be careful about. It might be someone who claims to be your friend or well-wisher but secretly wants to see you fail in life.

They might also try to manipulate, distract, or exploit you to get what they want. You should be more cautious of people who you do not fully trust.

Such a dream is also indicative of some of your past deeds haunting you. Maybe you have done something wrong in the past, and your conscience is trying to punish you for it.


An Octopus biting you

Dreaming of an octopus biting you is symbolic of greed hurting one of your close relationships. This greed could either be your own or of the other person in the relationship. Whatever it is, you should try to have a heart-to-heart with the people you love in order to save your relationship from damage.


An Octopus grabbing multiple things

If the octopus in your dream is grabbing or has grabbed too many things with its multiple hands, it is a bad sign. Such a dream means that you’ve put your feet in far too many boats, which is not healthy for you. There’s a chance that you might fail in all those things due to the lack of focus.


An Octopus dragging you underwater

If an octopus has wrapped its hands around your body and is trying to drag you underwater with them, it means bad news for you. Such a dream is indicative of some serious troubles in the near future.


An Octopus stretching its tentacles

Dreaming of an octopus stretching its tentacles in all directions has negative interpretations. It is symbolic of problems in your personal or family life.


Catching an Octopus

Catching an octopus in your dream is a good sign. Such a dream foretells that you are capable of protecting yourself as well as those you love in the face of adversities.


Turning into an Octopus

If you find yourself turning into an octopus in your dream, it is a sign that very soon you will have to make an important decision of your life, and getting it wrong can be disastrous. The dream is a message that you should probably consult your close ones, particularly elders, and ask for their opinion and guidance.


Being an Octopus

Seeing yourself inside the body of an octopus is a dream that signifies your romantic desires. Such a dream is an indication that you fancy someone but are afraid to take the next step. If that’s the case, listen to your heart and move forward, or you might be too late.


Killing an Octopus

Killing an octopus in your dream has a surprisingly good interpretation. Such a dream is symbolic of the fact you have either already received or are about to find the answers that you’ve been looking for desperately. These answers will play a key role in the decisions you are about to make.


Eating an Octopus

Dreaming of eating an octopus represents the upcoming emotional turmoil in your life. Maybe you will go through some trouble at home or might even have a breakup. The dream is asking you to be strong and have faith that things will get better eventually.


Octopus dream interpretation based on their color

Like we’ve already mentioned before, almost all species of octopuses are capable of shifting their body color if the need be. So, their skin color in your dream may have a unique symbolism. Check out what these octopuses could mean in your dream.

A White Octopus

A white octopus stands for a grounded personality. If you dream of them, it is a warning that you shouldn’t let others’ compliments and praises get to you. Remember, over-confidence can destroy you.

A Black Octopus

A black octopus is symbolic of a possessive person in your life who is bent on establishing complete control over you. Dreaming of them is a warning that you must maintain a safe distance from such people.

A Red Octopus

Red octopuses represent the presence of love and respect in your relationships. Dreaming of them is a sign that you might soon meet someone you can build a loving relationship with.

A Blue Octopus

If you dream of a blue octopus, it means that in the process of opening up to your partner, you are making them suffocate. If you want things to work out between you two, you might want to give them some space, which they need badly.


Cultural significance of Octopuses

Owing to their unique traits, the octopuses have found their way into several cultures around the world with diverse interpretations in all of them.

  • In some ancient cultures, they were believed to be the eight-legged monsters of the sea. Since the largest octopus species can be as large as humans and could’ve been even larger in the past, the travelers and sailors who encountered them in the sea began to narrate their scary tales.
  • The people of the Mediterranean held the octopuses in great reverence and were also believed to worship them.
  • According to a Hawaiian myth, the octopuses are the sole survivors of the old cosmos who are still living and breathing in ours.
  • In Japanese culture, the octopus is the symbol of someone who is good at handling multiple things at once.
  • In the Ainu folklore, a monster-like creature is talked of. Its name is Akkorokamui, and it is described to resemble the appearance of an octopus.
  • In Greek mythology, the appearance of Medusa seems to be a reflection of the octopuses.


Octopus totem

The octopus totem comes to your life to open your eyes to the world of creativity. They view the world quite differently and are always looking for ways to express it. People with these totems often end up becoming artists, writers, or musicians, expressing their opinions through their art.

Octopus totems are also handy when you are facing difficulties in adapting to the changes taking place in your life. Being around for millions of years, these creatures have what it takes to survive and believe in adaptability being the sole key to survival.


Octopus spirit animal

The people who are guided by the spirit of the octopus are a perfect blend of intelligence and emotions. Although these people are always the smartest in a room, they also have a warm and fuzzy heart, making them all more attractive.

Such people are very accepting of the flaws in others and do not judge. In their company, you will always feel like your worries have disappeared. These people are quick to fall in love and are drawn to the simple pleasures of romance. They are old school in their notions and don’t believe in casual dating.

In their professional life, these people always tend to go for the most stimulating career choices. They can’t sit around and do mundane tasks for a living; tedium can drive them crazy. They want a job that challenges them every day and gives their mind a thorough exercise. They’re more afraid of boredom than of hard work.


Octopus symbolism and spiritual meaning (final thoughts)

To wrap it up, here is a list of everything octopuses represent to us: flexibility, creativity, intelligence, diversity, complexity, adaptability, knowledge, focus, and will. These magnificent creatures have a razor-sharp brain with the warmest heart. People who are guided by their totem and spirit are intelligent and creative, but at the same time grounded and accepting, making them ideal friends and companions.