533 Coolest Scorpion Names For Your Stinging Pet

Scorpion Names

Having a scorpion as a pet is not for the faint-hearted. It’s a statement of fearlessness, intrigue, and admiration for one of nature’s most potent predators. But beyond its fascinating features and venomous tail, every scorpion deserves a name that echoes its cool and intimidating demeanor. If you’re struggling to christen your eight-legged friend, we’ve got you covered with 350 of the coolest scorpion names you could consider.

Dive in and discover the perfect title for your tiny terror!

Badass Scorpion Names: Embrace the Ferocity

The natural fierceness of scorpions calls for equally badass names that mirror their daunting aura. Scorpions, with their predatory skills and signature stings, deserve names that evoke power, mystery, and an undeniable edge.

Here’s a list of intimidating yet intriguing names for those who want their pet scorpion to command respect (and perhaps a hint of awe) from all who glance its way.

  1. Venom
  2. Sting
  3. Spike
  4. Blade
  5. Reaper
  6. Thunder
  7. Diablo
  8. Razor
  9. Viper
  10. Titan
  11. Onyx
  12. Shadow
  13. Phantom
  14. Fang
  15. Raptor
  16. Slayer
  17. Vortex
  18. Sabotage
  19. Chaos
  20. Gladiator
  21. Wrath – Perfect for a scorpion with an intense and fiery demeanor.
  22. Shadow – This name embodies the mysterious, lurking nature of these arachnids.
  23. Slayer – Apt for a predator that knows its way around its territory.
  24. Blade – Just like the sharpness of a blade, your scorpion possesses a piercing sting.
  25. Fury – For the ones that carry a storm within them.
  26. Midnight – The darkest hour can be the most intriguing, much like your pet.
  27. Phantom – For scorpions that move silently and mysteriously within their habitats.
  28. Viper – Blending the fierceness of snakes with scorpions.
  29. Thunder – A name as intense and powerful as the storm.
  30. Onyx – Named after the sleek, black stone known for its strength.
  31. Titan – For a scorpion that seems larger than life.
  32. Reaper – Embodying the silent yet certain nature of our pet’s hunting prowess.
  33. Sabre – Reflecting sharpness and precision, much like the scorpion’s sting.
  34. Diablo – Spanish for ‘devil’, capturing the ferocious spirit.
  35. Bullet – Fast and impactful, just like your scorpion’s strike.
  36. Talon – Representing the sharp pincers of the scorpion, ready to grasp.
  37. Marauder – Perfect for the scorpions that are natural raiders of their terrarium.
  38. Stormbreaker – An epic name that carries a sense of immense power.
  39. Predator – A direct nod to the scorpion’s natural hunting abilities.
  40. Tempest – Embodying the turbulent and unpredictable nature of a storm.
  41. Savage – Perfect for the wild and untamed spirit of the creature.
  42. Gunner – For the scorpion with precise and direct attacks.
  43. Rave – A scorpion that brings intensity to every move it makes.
  44. Fang – Representing the sting that scorpions are notoriously known for.
  45. Stealth – Apt for those scorpions who move silently and catch their prey unawares.
  46. Bandit – Perfect for the mischievous scorpions that have a knack for surprises.
  47. Raptor – Mixing the fierceness of birds of prey with the charm of scorpions.
  48. Spike – Simple, direct, and undeniably badass.
  49. Cobra – Combining the allure of serpents with the aura of the scorpion.
  50. Mauler – For the scorpion that doesn’t hold back.
  51. Berserk – For moments when the scorpion goes all out.
  52. Renegade – Apt for the ones that love to break the rules of the terrarium.
  53. Dagger – Sharp, sleek, and deadly.
  54. Ghost – For the elusive and mysterious scorpions that appear and disappear in a flash.
  55. Cannon
  56. Hathor
  57. Thor
  58. Blade
  59. Carinus
  60. Whip
  61. Bruce
  62. Rev
  63. Terminator
  64. Darth Vader – Use this name in case you happen to be a Star Wars fanatic.
  65. Vivid
  66. Eusi – A name that bears a Swahilian origin and translates into “black.” Pick this one for a black-colored pet scorpion.
  67. Sage
  68. Giftig – This African name translates into “poison.”
  69. Trigger
  70. Katy
  71. Hattie
  72. Maximus
  73. Yolanda
  74. Quentin
  75. Ray
  76. Marc
  77. Rouge – Pick this name if you have a red-colored scorpion.
  78. Arid
  79. Swart
  80. Orkin

Funny Scorpion Names: When You Want a Giggle with Your Sting

Choosing a name for your scorpion doesn’t have to be a serious business. After all, who said that these arachnids can’t have a sense of humor? If you’re looking to add a little levity to your scorpion’s persona, these comical names might just do the trick. Whether you’re inspired by puns, play on words, or just downright silly names, this list has got you covered!

  1. Stingie
  2. Pinchy
  3. Clawy
  4. Bubbles
  5. Stingerella
  6. Mr. Pinchy
  7. Tailspin
  8. Snippy
  9. Clawdia
  10. ScorpiOuch!
  11. Pointy Pete
  12. Stings-a-Lot
  13. Zapper
  14. Nipster
  15. Snapster
  16. Sir Stingsalot
  17. Pokie
  18. Lil’ Prick
  19. Sir Snaps-a-Lot
  20. Zippy
  21. Cuddlebug
  22. Scorpickle
  23. Toasty Tail
  24. Sting Crosby – Perfect for music enthusiasts or those who fancy a golden-era crooner vibe.
  25. Pinchy – If the ‘Simpsons’ lobster episode had a crossover with scorpions.
  26. Mr. Nipper – For those playful ones that never miss a chance to give a sly pinch.
  27. Scorpio-no – Ideal for the scorpion with a bit of an attitude problem.
  28. Snap-oleon – An homage to the French emperor – but with a lot more pincers involved.
  29. Cuddles – Ironic, considering scorpions aren’t exactly the cuddly types. But isn’t that the fun?
  30. McStingy – A comical shoutout to everyone’s favorite clown – but with a little more edge.
  31. Spike Lee – For the cinephile scorpion keeper.
  32. Sir Stings-a-Lot – He might not be a knight, but he sure knows how to use his weapon!
  33. Tickle Toes – It sounds adorable and may make one forget those toes can sting.
  34. Ben Stiller – For a scorpion that’s equal parts comedic genius and sneaky critter.
  35. Zig-Zag – This zig-zagging crawler deserves a name as whimsical as its walk.
  36. Arnold Stingzenegger – Perfect for the muscle-bound, larger than life scorpion in your tank.
  37. Pinch Me Not – It’s both a name and a fair warning!
  38. Snapster – The hipster of the scorpion world, probably lounging with a tiny scorpion-sized latte.
  39. Barbed Bob – Bob might seem ordinary, but he comes with a pointy surprise.
  40. Lady Stingray – No, she isn’t an aquatic creature, but she sure does dominate her terrain.
  41. Sir Pinch-a-Lot – A relative of Sir Stings-a-Lot, perhaps?
  42. DJ NipNip – Maybe he’s spinning some sick beats when you’re not watching.
  43. QuirkTail – For the one with the quirky tail moves.
  44. Tickler – For the scorpion that seems to be always up to some mischief.
  45. Stingo Starr – Maybe your scorpion is secretly a beetle? Oops, I meant Beatle!
  46. Tiny Dancer – Is your scorpion making graceful moves across the tank? Elton John would be proud.
  47. Scor-Punny – Because a good pun never hurt anyone, but a scorpion might!
  48. NipNap – Does he nip? Does he nap? Probably both!
  49. Jester Sting – Every court (or terrarium) needs its jester.
  50. Peek-a-Sting – A playful take on the classic children’s game. Just don’t actually play peek-a-boo with him!
  51. Sir Crawls-a-Lot – For the one who can’t stay put.
  52. Poco Loco – “A little crazy” in Spanish, apt for a lively, unpredictable scorpion.
  53. Sting-Kong – For when your scorpion seems to tower over its terrarium like a skyscraper.
  54. Barbarella – For the diva scorpion that rules the roost.
  55. Zorro – For the masked avenger in your terrarium. Beware of his swift moves!
  56. Stingleberry – It’s sweet, it’s sassy, and it’s a little stingy.
  57. Cuddles: Irony at its best.
  58. Mr. Tickles: Those claws do look like they could give a good tickle, right?
  59. Scooter: For the one that’s always on the move.
  60. Aboo
  61. Scorps
  62. Spanky
  63. Scones
  64. Punk
  65. Rusty
  66. Burrow – Because this is where scorpions usually dwell.
  67. Stinger
  68. Punkyfish
  69. Scamper
  70. Venny
  71. Fluffy – Quite an ironically funny name to use for a fierce-looking scorpion.
  72. Juju
  73. Spanky
  74. Sting-a-Ling
  75. Link
  76. Poison Ivy
  77. Sharpton
  78. Mr. Scary
  79. Pea
  80. Frisky
  81. Hue Jass
  82. Cuddles – Simply because you can’t!
  83. Angry Scorp
  84. Peony
  85. Noip – A funny-sounding name that’s curated by reversing the last four letters of “scorpion.”
  86. Peepee
  87. Scarry
  88. Sting-O-Ion
  89. Sweetie Pie – Yet another ironic name for a dangerously scary pet scorpion.

Classics with a Twist Scorpion Names

Scorpions, ancient creatures that have been around for over 430 million years, embody a combination of mystery, elegance, and danger. Their enigmatic nature has been a source of fascination for cultures around the world, and many classic names have emerged to celebrate these wonderful creatures.

When naming a pet scorpion, it’s intriguing to adopt classic names but with a contemporary spin, making it both timeless and current.

  1. Clawpatra
  2. Stingspeare
  3. Stingbeth
  4. Desert Drifter
  5. Winston Pincchill
  6. Sting Slayer
  7. Clawdius
  8. Pinchwell
  9. Stingberg
  10. Tailspin
  11. Stryker – Sounds like a fighter jet and just as deadly.
  12. Stingray – A nod to the marine world, but wholly fitting for your land predator.
  13. Scorpio – Derived from Latin, this name represents the constellation and the zodiac sign.
  14. Stinger – Emphasizing the scorpion’s most recognizable feature, its venomous stinger.
  15. Desert Shadow – Scorpions are commonly found in deserts, and their stealthy nature can be likened to a shadow.
  16. Pincher – Highlighting another distinctive feature of the scorpion – its pincers.
  17. Scorpius Rex – A blend of the classic Scorpio and the majestic Tyrannosaurus Rex, giving it an added layer of fierceness.
  18. Venum Vibe – Play on the word ‘Venom’ with the modern-sounding ‘Venum’ and combine it with ‘Vibe’ to give it a trendy feel.
  19. Pixel Pincher – In the age of technology, ‘Pixel’ makes everything sound cool. This is a playful nod to the digital age, making ‘Pincher’ sound updated and hip.
  20. Scorpione – The Italian word for scorpion. Sounds elegant and adds a touch of European charm.
  21. Al’Aqrab – Arabic for ‘The Scorpion’. Given that scorpions are common in many Middle Eastern deserts, this name feels both authentic and exotic.
  22. Sombrero – Spanish for ‘Hat’, but also a nod to the Sombrero Galaxy. It links the scorpion’s curved body resembling a hat and the vastness of the universe – where the Scorpio constellation resides.
  23. Doku – Japanese for ‘Poison’. It’s short, catchy, and directly references the scorpion’s venomous nature.
  24. Scorpio Potter – A blend of the classic Scorpio with the world-renowned Harry Potter series.
  25. Sting Stark – A nod to Tony Stark from the Marvel Universe, this name is perfect for Iron Man fans.
  26. Venom Vader – A combination of ‘Venom’ and the infamous Darth Vader from Star Wars.
  27. Desert Drogon – Combining ‘Desert’ with Drogon, one of Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons from Game of Thrones.
  28. Pinky Pincher – Inspired by Pinky and the Brain, an animated television series. This name is both playful and memorable.

While classic names have their own charm, adding a modern twist can make them sound fresh and relatable. Whether it’s by incorporating pop culture, blending languages, or simply playing with words, these names ensure your pet scorpion will have a name as fascinating as it is!

Pop Culture-Inspired Scorpion Names

Our popular culture, teeming with iconic characters, gripping tales, and unforgettable moments, offers a treasure trove of inspiration when it comes to naming our pets. Given the scorpion’s distinctive characteristics of fierceness, mystery, and resilience, it’s a joy to draw parallels with some of pop culture’s most captivating personas.

Let’s dive into a plethora of names inspired by movies, television, literature, and more.

  1. Scorpson
  2. Pinctress
  3. Clawbacca
  4. Stingderman
  5. Stingis Khan
  6. Stingbella
  7. Trojan
  8. Valerie
  9. Spike
  10. Stark
  11. Skorupi
  12. Voldemort – The one who should not be named, but definitely should be considered for your scorpion!
  13. Khan – After the unforgettable Star Trek villain.
  14. Morpheus – A nod to The Matrix; will your scorpion offer the red pill or the blue one?
  15. Scorpwick – A fusion of the mighty scorpion and the skilled assassin John Wick. For the scorpion, that’s as silent as it is deadly.
  16. Ripley – Celebrating the fierce and resourceful Ellen Ripley from “Alien.” For the fearless scorpion in your life.
  17. Scar – The cunning antagonist from “The Lion King” whose sleekness and strategy mirror a scorpion’s hunting prowess.
  18. Vito – Channeling the authoritative energy of Vito Corleone from “The Godfather.” For a scorpion, that’s truly the head of the family.
  19. Heisenbug – A playful twist on Walter White’s alter ego, Heisenberg, from “Breaking Bad.”
  20. ScorpSnow – Melding the cold resilience of Jon Snow from “Game of Thrones” with our favorite arachnid.
  21. Striker Things – A play on “Stranger Things,” ideal for a scorpion with an aura of mystery and the unknown.
  22. Varys – The enigmatic and secretive character from “Game of Thrones” whose strategies are as sharp as a scorpion’s sting.
  23. Sheldon – The quirky genius from “The Big Bang Theory” for a scorpion with a peculiar charm.
  24. Gollum – The elusive creature from “The Lord of the Rings,” perfect for a scorpion that loves to hide.
  25. Dexter – Borrowed from the book series turned TV show, for the scorpion that’s meticulous and precise.
  26. Sherlock – The world’s greatest detective, for the scorpion that’s always observing and analyzing its surroundings.
  27. Mystique – From the X-Men comics, this name embodies the scorpion’s enigmatic and ever-changing nature.
  28. Smaug – The fierce dragon from “The Hobbit” whose protective nature over its treasure is reminiscent of a scorpion guarding its lair.
  29. Kratos – From the “God of War” series, symbolizing strength, determination, and combat skills.
  30. Raiden – The thunder god from “Mortal Kombat” who’s as electrifying as a scorpion’s strike.
  31. Zelda – Representing beauty, strength, and royalty from the beloved game “The Legend of Zelda.”
  32. Arachnidus – A fun twist on “Ridley,” the dragon-like antagonist from the “Metroid” series.
  33. Bowser – The powerful and fiery antagonist from the “Super Mario” series, ideal for a scorpion with a commanding presence.
  34. Scorpbowie – A tribute to David Bowie, merging the allure of glam rock with the enigmatic charm of scorpions.
  35. Madonna – For the queen of reinvention, perfect for a scorpion with a bold and dynamic personality.
  36. Fleetsting Mac – A playful spin on Fleetwood Mac, for scorpions that groove to the rhythm of classic rock.
  37. Zeus – A name that channels the thunderous might of the king of Greek gods.
  38. Electra – Drawing inspiration from Greek tragedy, it’s perfect for a scorpion with dramatic flair.
  39. Aladdin – For the clever and cunning scorpion with a penchant for adventure.
  40. Lucius – Illuminate your pet’s presence with this radiant name, meaning “light”.
  41. Expelliarmus – A nod to every Potterhead’s favorite disarming charm.
  42. Alpha – Perfect for a scorpion that leads and never follows.
  43. Apollo – Channel the fiery power of the sun god with this melodic name.
  44. Zane – With roots in Hebrew, it’s a tribute to divine grace.
  45. Klaus – Victory personified, and a nod to Greek valor.
  46. Delta – Name your scorpion after the alluring river mouths of ancient Greece.
  47. Scarlet – Vivid and vibrant, just like the hue it represents.
  48. Moco – A whimsical choice that’s both playful and memorable.
  49. Meridius – Celebrate honor and distinction with this regal Roman name.
  50. Scorp – Casual yet affectionate, perfect for your spiky companion.
  51. Arcadia – Transport your scorpion to idyllic landscapes with this harmonious name.
  52. Basiliscus – Crown your scorpion as the ruler of its terrain.
  53. Lucifer – Boldly showcase the allure and charm of the morning star.
  54. Nero – Perfect for a no-nonsense, imposing scorpion.
  55. Razor – Highlighting the sharp edges of your scorpion’s personality.
  56. Vex King – Give a nod to wisdom and resilience with this name.
  57. Scorpo – An edgy twist to the original, underlining its origin.
  58. Hercules – For a scorpion whose might rivals that of heroes.
  59. Nge – Celebrate the scorpion’s essence with this Swahili term.
  60. Gypsie – Celebrate the restless spirit of your constantly exploring scorpion.
  61. Diamond – Brilliant, resilient, and precious – just like your pet.
  62. Dominique – Imbued with spirituality and divine grace.
  63. Octavia – Celebrating the distinctive eight-legged silhouette.
  64. Cleopatra – Fit for a scorpion queen, known for her allure and power.

Mighty Mythological Scorpion Names

Scorpions, with their mysterious and powerful presence, effortlessly evoke the spirit of ancient myths and legends. Mythology is a treasure trove of stories about gods, goddesses, heroes, and monsters. Drawing inspiration from these tales can provide your pet scorpion with a name that’s not only unique but also deeply resonant.

Here are some names from various mythologies that suit the strong and enigmatic nature of scorpions.

  1. Thor
  2. Loki
  3. Odin
  4. Thorpion
  5. Medusa
  6. Orion
  7. Anubis
  8. Narasimha
  9. Scorphea
  10. Vritra
  11. Serqet
  12. Hades
  13. Hera
  14. Hades – Ruler of the underworld. Need we say more?
  15. Athena – The goddess of wisdom and warfare; a name dripping with potency.
  16. Ares – The Greek god of war, symbolizing the fierce nature of scorpions.
  17. Fenrir – A monstrous wolf, symbolizing raw power and strength.
  18. Valkyrie – Choosers of the slain; for a scorpion with a majestic and powerful demeanor.
  19. Ra – The sun god, for a scorpion that shines brightly in its own world.
  20. Osiris – The god of the dead, fitting for a creature as enigmatic as the scorpion.
  21. Isis – The goddess of magic and motherhood, for a scorpion with a nurturing yet mysterious nature.
  22. Shiva – The destroyer and rejuvenator, representing the scorpion’s deadly sting and its ability to start anew after shedding its exoskeleton.
  23. Kali – The goddess of time, power, and destruction; for a scorpion with a fierce presence.
  24. Garuda – The eagle that is the arch-enemy of snakes, a symbol of protection against venoms.
  25. Vishnu – The preserver, for a scorpion with a calm and protective demeanor.
  26. Durga – A warrior goddess, representing the scorpion’s resilience and strength.
  27. Ryūjin – A Japanese dragon god of the sea, for a scorpion with a commanding presence.
  28. Sun Wukong – The Monkey King from the Chinese legend “Journey to the West,” known for his mischief and power.
  29. Huli Jing – Chinese fox spirits, representing cunning and adaptability.
  30. Fūjin – The Japanese god of wind, perfect for a fast-moving scorpion.
  31. Amaterasu – The Japanese sun goddess, for a scorpion that lights up your life.

Pun-tastic Scorpion Monikers: Humor with a Sting!

Naming a pet scorpion might sound like a serious endeavor given their fierce appearance and, well, that intimidating tail. But, who says it can’t be fun? Infusing humor and puns into your scorpion’s name not only lightens the mood but can also be a memorable conversation starter. So, for all the pun lovers out there, here’s a collection of quirky, pun-driven names for your stinging sidekick:

  1. Scor-pal – Your tiny, armored pal!
  2. Sting-king – The ruler of all stingers.
  3. Tailor – Because he’s all about the tail!
  4. Scoopion – A play on the word ‘scoop’, perfect for that inquisitive scorpion who loves to explore and dig around in its enclosure.
  5. Stinger Swift – A tribute to pop sensation Taylor Swift, but with a twist! Is your scorpion ready for its close-up?
  6. Scorp-Icon – For that larger-than-life scorpion that demands attention the moment someone enters the room.
  7. Pinch-erella – If fairytales had scorpions, Pinch-erella would undoubtedly be the star. Who knows? Maybe she’s waiting for her prince to arrive at the next molt.
  8. Scorptimus Prime – Inspired by Optimus Prime from the Transformers series, this name is perfect for a scorpion that seems to be ahead of its time.
  9. Pinchy Pie – Combining the pinch of their pincers and the sweetness of pie, this is a fun, adorable name for any pet scorpion.
  10. Sting King (or Queen) – Let’s face it: scorpions are the monarchs of the insect world when it comes to delivering a sting. Pay homage with this fun, regal title.
  11. Tail-or Swift – Another pop-culture pun, but this time focusing on the tail. If your scorpion moves swiftly and has a bit of an attitude, this name might be a perfect fit.
  12. Pinchington – Give your scorpion a touch of British flair with this name, reminiscent of British surnames.
  13. Scorpachino – For those who love their morning brew and their nightly scorpion watching. A blend of ‘scorpion’ and ‘cappuccino’, it’s an unusual mix but works in a fun, punny way!
  14. Mr. Pointy – A tribute to Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s favorite stake, but in this context, it’s all about the pointy stinger!
  15. Zodiac – A cheeky nod to the Scorpio star sign and an excellent name for astrology enthusiasts.
  16. Snapoleon – Combining the action of a snap with the historical figure Napoleon, this name is fit for a scorpion that rules its terrarium with an iron tail.
  17. Scorpillow – For the scorpion that loves to burrow and hide, making its cozy little nooks in the enclosure.
  18. Buzztail – While scorpions don’t buzz, this punny name is too fun to resist, blending the imagery of buzzing insects with the tail of our beloved arachnid.
  19. Tailer Moon – Anime fans rejoice! A fun twist on “Sailor Moon” but with an emphasis on the most striking feature of your scorpion – its tail.
  20. Scorpito – A blend of ‘scorpion’ and ‘burrito’, perfect for a scorpion that loves to wrap itself up or hide.
  21. Sting-a-ling – A playful take on the action your scorpion might be most famous for. It brings to mind bells and might be great for a scorpion that gets active around the same time daily.

Fierce Scorpion Names: Embracing the Intimidation

Scorpions, with their menacing pincers and potent stingers, are among the most formidable creatures in the animal kingdom. Their very appearance screams strength, power, and mystery. So, if you’re looking to give your pet scorpion a name that encapsulates its fierce nature, you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s a list of strong, intimidating names that will make anyone think twice before approaching your scorpion’s enclosure:

  1. Widowmaker – A menacing title for your pet.
  2. Ghost – A silent but deadly stalker of the night.
  3. Reaper – The harbinger of doom.
  4. Spartan – Named after the mighty warriors of Sparta, this name epitomizes strength and bravery.
  5. Ripper – Perfect for a scorpion with a particularly strong pinch or a feisty temperament.
  6. Warlord – A title for a scorpion that rules its terrarium with unmatched power and command.
  7. Valkyrie – From Norse mythology, the Valkyries were fierce female warriors who decided who would die in battle. A powerful name for a formidable female scorpion.
  8. Blade – Sharp and deadly, this name is reminiscent of a weapon, echoing the scorpion’s lethal tail.
  9. Tempest – Storms can be unpredictable and fierce, much like a scorpion defending its territory.
  10. Fury – A simple yet potent name that captures the essence of a scorpion’s potential wrath.
  11. Raven – Dark and mysterious, this name invokes images of the blackbird, known to be a symbol of power in various cultures.
  12. Titan – A colossal name for your mighty arachnid, derived from the powerful deities of ancient Greek mythology.
  13. Marauder – Signifying a warrior that raids, this name encapsulates a scorpion’s predatory nature.
  14. Reaper – A nod to the Grim Reaper, symbolizing death and the unknown, which aligns perfectly with a scorpion’s menacing aura.
  15. Vortex – A force to be reckoned with, just like a whirlwind or a scorpion in attack mode.
  16. Thunder – Denoting strength and power, this name is befitting of a dominant scorpion.
  17. Sabre – A curved sword used in combat, this is an apt name for a scorpion with a distinctively curved stinger.
  18. Talon – While scorpions don’t have talons, the imagery of a sharp, clutching instrument aligns well with their pincers.
  19. Bane – Meaning a cause of great distress or annoyance, this name mirrors the potential danger a scorpion poses.
  20. Nemesis – In ancient Greek religion, Nemesis was the goddess who enacted retribution against those who succumbed to arrogance. A mighty name for a scorpion with an intimidating presence.
  21. Raptor – Even though it’s derived from birds of prey, the name embodies a sense of hunting prowess, which can be likened to a scorpion’s hunting technique.
  22. Brutus – A historical name with a hint of treachery, given Brutus’ betrayal of Caesar. It adds an air of unpredictability to your pet.
  23. Havoc – For the scorpion that leaves chaos in its wake, whether it’s upturning its habitat or chasing prey.
  24. Onyx – A black gemstone that symbolizes strength and power. This name could suit a dark-colored scorpion or one with a strong personality.
  25. Khan – Echoing the strength and power of leaders like Genghis Khan, this name is apt for a scorpion with a dominant nature.
  26. Blitz – Signifying a sudden attack, this name is reminiscent of a scorpion’s swift strike.
  27. Majesty – A regal title for a scorpion that carries itself with unmatched grace and power.

Scorpions, by nature, are powerful and awe-inspiring creatures. Giving them a fierce name not only respects their potent aura but also celebrates their unparalleled strength in the animal kingdom. Whether your scorpion is the king or queen of its terrarium, or the ultimate predator, these names offer a fitting tribute to its majestic might.

Nature-Inspired Scorpion Names: Echoing the Wild

When we think of nature, our minds often wander to majestic mountains, serene lakes, vast deserts, and sprawling forests. Nature is both gentle and fierce, tranquil and stormy. It’s this multifaceted beauty that offers a plethora of inspiration when naming your pet scorpion. Here, we explore names that reflect the elegance, might, and mystery of the great outdoors:

  1. Rattler – After the venomous rattlesnake.
  2. Viper – Sleek, silent, and deadly.
  3. Hawk – For a scorpion that’s a top predator.
  4. Desert – Given that many scorpions are native to arid desert regions, this name serves as a nod to their natural habitat.
  5. Dune – A reference to the shifting sand dunes often found in desert landscapes where many scorpions reside.
  6. Canyon – A name that captures the essence of vast, rugged terrains, reflecting a scorpion’s resilience and strength.
  7. Mesa – Named after the flat-topped mountains in deserts, this name exudes a sense of grounded strength.
  8. Sahara – Inspired by the world’s largest hot desert, this name pays homage to a scorpion’s heat-loving nature.
  9. Storm – A name that embodies the unpredictable nature of both the weather and a scorpion’s demeanor.
  10. Blizzard – An unexpected choice, representing the icy side of nature, highlighting a scorpion’s chilling presence.
  11. Tempest – Much like a storm, this name reflects both chaos and beauty, attributes you might associate with your pet.
  12. Thorn – A small yet formidable defense mechanism of plants, much like a scorpion’s sting.
  13. Cedar – Named after the mighty cedar tree, symbolizing strength and endurance.
  14. Moss – A gentle, soft name, perfect for a greenish or more docile scorpion.
  15. Tundra – A nod to the cold, vast landscapes of the far north, highlighting a scorpion’s adaptability and toughness.
  16. Rocky – Not just a boxer’s name, but a tribute to the rugged terrains where some scorpions can be found.
  17. Creek – For the calm, unassuming scorpion, named after the gentle streams found in nature.
  18. Flare – Inspired by the sun, this name is a perfect fit for a scorpion that loves basking under the terrarium light.
  19. Mist – A soft, ethereal name that brings to mind early morning fog, capturing a scorpion’s mysterious side.
  20. Cliff – Named after steep rock faces, symbolizing both danger and majesty.
  21. Lava – Reflecting the fierce heat and flow of molten rock, this name suits a fiery and vibrant scorpion.
  22. Jungle – A tribute to the dense, wild rainforests – even if scorpions aren’t typically found there, the name exudes a wild charm.
  23. Prairie – Representing vast open landscapes, this name suits a scorpion that enjoys roaming its enclosure.
  24. Breeze – A gentle name, ideal for a more relaxed, easy-going scorpion.
  25. Mangrove – These coastal trees can be as mysterious and intriguing as scorpions, making it a fitting name.
  26. Delta – Where rivers meet the sea, this name embodies a confluence of qualities, just as a scorpion is both delicate and deadly.
  27. Horizon – As vast and limitless as the sky, this name signifies endless possibilities and mystery.
  28. Pebble – Simple yet charming, for the smaller scorpion that might remind you of a tiny stone with a big presence.

Color-Based Scorpion Names: Celebrating Every Hue and Shade

Scorpions, despite their often austere reputation, come in an astonishing variety of colors. From the classic black and brown to the more unusual blues, greens, and even translucent varieties, the scorpion’s palette is vast. Color-based names offer a unique blend of simplicity and personal touch, highlighting your pet’s unique physical characteristics.

Let’s dive into a world painted with hues and tints to find the perfect name for your vibrantly colored pet scorpion:

  1. Ruby – A radiant name for a reddish scorpion.
  2. Ebony – A rich, deep black that evokes elegance and mystery.
  3. Midnight – Perfect for a scorpion that’s as dark as the night sky, embodying mystery.
  4. Goldie – For those with a golden glint.
  5. Charcoal – A matte, dark gray shade that’s both subtle and powerful.
  6. Sable – A dark brown-black hue that’s synonymous with a luxurious and sophisticated feel.
  7. Onyx – A pitch-black gemstone, perfect for a glossy black scorpion.
  8. Shadow – Ideal for a scorpion that’s elusive, slipping away like a shadow.
  9. Ink – A name that’s both simple and profound, reminiscent of dark, liquid black.
  10. Crimson – For the passionate pet owner who sees their scorpion as vibrant and full of life.
  11. Azure – Inspired by clear blue skies, perfect for rare blue scorpions.
  12. Emerald – A brilliant green shade, capturing the essence of gem-like beauty.
  13. Ruby – A dazzling red shade, symbolizing passion and vitality.
  14. Topaz – Whether your scorpion has a golden-brown shade or just shines brightly, Topaz is a radiant choice.
  15. Pebble – A gentle, neutral shade reminiscent of smooth river rocks.
  16. Hazel – A blend of brown and green, reflecting depth and complexity.
  17. Mocha – For the coffee lovers, a name that combines richness with warmth.
  18. Taupe – A brownish-gray color that’s both stylish and understated.
  19. Pearl – Perfect for a pale or translucent scorpion, embodying elegance and simplicity.
  20. Opal – A name inspired by the gemstone, which shimmers with a rainbow of colors.
  21. Jade – A deep green shade that’s both elegant and earthy.
  22. Lavender – Perfect for the unusual purple-hued scorpion, bringing a touch of softness.
  23. Marble – A blend of colors and shades, reflecting the intricacies of your pet’s personality and appearance.
  24. Ivory – For the pale, almost white scorpion, this name evokes a sense of purity.
  25. Amber – A golden, translucent shade, perfect for a scorpion that has a warm, amber-like hue.
  26. Sapphire – A deep, resonant blue, capturing the essence of regality and depth.
  27. Tiger’s Eye – A brownish-red with golden-yellow streaks, for a scorpion with a unique and fierce pattern.
  28. Graphite – A metallic gray shade, symbolizing strength and resilience.
  29. Copper – A reddish-brown metal, perfect for a scorpion with a similar sheen.
  30. Cherry – A deep red shade, perfect for a scorpion with a vibrant personality.

By naming your scorpion after a particular color or shade, you’re not just acknowledging its physical appearance, but you’re also giving a nod to its unique personality. Whether it’s the fierce red of a fiery spirit, the calm blue of a peaceful demeanor, or the deep black of a mysterious soul, there’s a color-based name out there that captures the essence of your pet scorpion perfectly.

Cute Scorpion Names

Scorpions might be recognized for their formidable appearance and notorious sting, but anyone who’s owned one knows that they can have their moments of sheer adorableness. If you see the cute side of these arachnids and wish to give them a name that reflects their charming and endearing nature, then this list is tailor-made for you.

  1. Twinkle – For that scorpion whose beady eyes seem to sparkle with mischief.
  2. Niblet – An endearing name for a small and lovable pet.
  3. Pookie – A universal pet name that suits just about any cute creature, scorpions included.
  4. Wiggles – Perfect for a scorpion that’s always wriggling and on the move.
  5. Muffin – An adorable name to suit the sweet nature of your scorpion.
  6. Pebbles – Apt for a petite and delicate-looking scorpion.
  7. Fluffy – A touch of irony never hurt, and this name is perfect for a scorpion with a soft side.
  8. Snickers – For the little critter that seems to giggle through its antics.
  9. Tootsie – Reflecting the tiny, endearing size of many pet scorpions.
  10. Buttons – Those tiny scorpion eyes can be as cute as buttons!
  11. Sprout – Perfect for a young or particularly tiny scorpion.
  12. Jellybean – Sweet and colorful, capturing the essence of a vibrant scorpion.
  13. Pudding – For a scorpion that’s as delightful as dessert.
  14. Cuddles – An ironic yet adorable name for a scorpion.
  15. Giggles – For a lively scorpion that’s full of zest and energy.
  16. Doodle – A fun, light-hearted name for an active scorpion.
  17. Tinker – Perfect for a scorpion that’s always fidgeting and tinkering around.
  18. Sparkle – A scorpion that stands out and adds shine to your life.
  19. Squirt – Apt for a tiny scorpion that’s full of surprises.
  20. Sweets – For a scorpion that’s simply too sweet for words.
  21. Nuzzle – For a creature that, in its own way, seeks your attention.
  22. Popcorn – A popping personality deserves a popping name!
  23. Binky – For the scorpion that reminds you of a playful, young spirit.
  24. Dimples – For those moments when your scorpion looks irresistibly cute.
  25. Tidbit – Because sometimes, the smallest things bring the most joy.
  26. Whiskers – Adding a feline touch to your scorpion’s persona.
  27. Munchkin – Embracing the small stature of your scorpion.
  28. Snugglebug – A term of endearment for a pet you’ve grown particularly fond of.
  29. Lollipop – Sweet, delightful, and always a treat to watch.
  30. Tippy – For those scorpions that always seem to be on their toes.
  31. Trinket – A tiny, precious keepsake – just like your pet.
  32. Boo – Simple, sweet, and absolutely adorable.
  33. Hiccup – For those random, funny moments your scorpion gives you.
  34. Cupcake – A delicious treat and a deliciously cute name for a pet.
  35. Teeny Weenie – A delightful name for a small-sized pet scorpion.
  36. Scorpor
  37. Dogo
  38. Jiggly Wiggly
  39. Boss
  40. Hubba Bubba
  41. Snappy – A great and adorable way to cutely describe your pet’s attitude.
  42. Kiwi
  43. Izzy
  44. Skinny
  45. Tongues
  46. Scopo
  47. Awie
  48. Rainbow
  49. Sugar – Use this lovable moniker for a pet that loves to be pampered.
  50. Whiz
  51. Fudu
  52. Twinkle
  53. Kirsten
  54. Shale
  55. Bam Bam
  56. Sweet Cheeks
  57. Scor
  58. Carinus
  59. Smooches – Just because you cannot come any closer to your scorpion, doesn’t mean you cannot pick this name!
  60. Jabberwock
  61. Ringo
  62. Pip – This looks like a fitting title for a baby scorpion.
  63. Reddie
  64. Donna
  65. Cupid
  66. Puffy
  67. Buddy – Probably the best way to commemorate the special bond between you and your wonderful pet.
  68. Princess
  69. Freckles
  70. TikTok
  71. Decan
  72. Mystique
  73. Rango
  74. Diva
  75. Constantine

Male Scorpion Names

When it comes to naming your male scorpion, there’s a universe of choices that reflect the strength, resilience, and fascinating nature of these creatures. Scorpions, having existed for over 400 million years, exhibit both enduring perseverance and undeniable charm. And if you have a male scorpion, you might be looking for a name that’s as unique and captivating as he is.

Let’s dive into some of the top picks that stand out.

  1. Archie
  2. Baxter
  3. Mark
  4. Blackjack
  5. Winchester
  6. Cyrus
  7. Klaud
  8. Enkil
  9. Ivar
  10. Wanda
  11. Chuck
  12. Kobe
  13. Emanuel
  14. Ted
  15. Orkin
  16. Decentius
  17. Willy
  18. Baddie
  19. Yoda
  20. Charlie
  21. Karl
  22. Zorom
  23. Jupiter
  24. Wyatt
  25. Jonah
  26. Ares
  27. Dawg
  28. Kirby
  29. Fred


Female Scorpion Names

If there’s one thing that’s similar between women and female scorpions, then it has to be the fact that both of them boast a feisty attitude!

Fun Fact: Did you know that a female scorpion is much more likely to sting you in contrast to a male? This is because, on average, they get pregnant approximately four times every year, which means that they spend most of their time guarding their scorplings. So, they tactfully employ their protective instincts by stinging attackers in exchange for their lack of mobility when pregnant.

Check out some of the most ideal names that your gal-pal can rock:

  1. Phoenix
  2. Stormy
  3. Linda
  4. Macy
  5. Scara
  6. Pixie
  7. Lyla
  8. Marina
  9. Medusa
  10. River
  11. Suzan
  12. Kia
  13. Ness
  14. Wylie
  15. Sephora
  16. Sapphire
  17. Jade
  18. Wynk
  19. Rosie
  20. Cleopatra
  21. ScorWoman
  22. Zelda
  23. Jess
  24. Juliet
  25. Yoshi
  26. Rev
  27. Crystal
  28. Sady
  29. Willow
  30. Demi
  31. Jacquelina


Have You Scorp’d The Name Yet?

Scorpions are undoubtedly the most magnificent creatures on the planet. Their splendor can be testified by the fact that these creatures glow whenever scanned under ultraviolet light! So, if you are lucky enough to have a scorpion as your pet, then make sure that you give it a name to remember.

The key to finding the right name is to get to know your animal well enough, taking their habits, likings, and appearance into account.

Remember, you can always skip experimenting by picking a classic title, but don’t hesitate to try something new and creative—because it might just lead you to the perfect one for your beloved pet!

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