91 Cute and Funny Whale Names

Whale names

Whales are the largest animals on our planet, some species weighing up to 200 tons and measuring up to 100 feet! These magnificent creatures live in our oceans. They are the top aquatic predators out there, fascinating us with their unique qualities.

Besides their huge size, there are many interesting facts about whales that many don’t know!

Whales spend their whole lives underwater, but they differ from fish. They are aquatic mammals. Like us, they are warm-blooded and give birth to their young ones. Whales use their lungs to breathe, unlike fish that breathe through gills.

Whales come in all shapes and sizes! The Blue Whale is the largest of all whales, weighing a whopping 200 tons. On the other hand, the Dwarf Sperm Whale weighs a mere 600 pounds at best. It is the smallest member of the whale family.

Due to their endangered status, Whales are now protected by law. It’s rare that you will be able to have a pet whale of your own someday. However, if you ever have the chance to name one, we’re here to help you out!


Famous Whale Names From Books and Movies

Famous Whale Names

Whales have featured in many famous books and movies, fascinating us ever since their discovery! Let’s take a look at some of these famous whale names.

Moby Dhick — This one is for all the book lovers! Moby Dhick is a classic novel by the American writer Herman Melville. It was published in 1851. Moby Dhick is the name of a giant sperm whale in the book.

The name was inspired by Mocha Dhick. This was a real albino whale that was notorious for drowning whaling ships in the Pacific Ocean during the 19th century.

Willy — Free Willy was a 1933 movie that became very popular at the time. It tells the tale of a foster boy named Jesse who becomes friends with a captive orca. The orca is named Willy.

Jesse and his friends help poor Willy escape from captivity and reunite with his marine family, against all odds. It is a heart-warming tale of friendship between humans and animals! The Free Willy franchise has 3 beautiful films you can binge-watch this weekend.

Keiko — Do you know who the celebrity whale was in the movie Free Willy? It was an orca named Keiko. After the film became a hit, there was a robust campaign by fans to free Keiko from captivity in an amusement park in Mexico City.

Following the “Free Keiko” movement, Keiko was released into the wild. Sadly, he soon caught pneumonia and did not survive for long. However, the legend still survives!

Namu — This is the name of the whale from the movie Namu, The Killer Whale. It tells the story of a marine biologist named Hank, who forms a unique bond with a killer whale.

Roxanne — That’s a sexy name for a whale, right? This is from the 1997 movie Zeus and Roxanne. It tells the story of how a dog named Zeus and a dolphin named Roxanne become the best of friends.

Tilly — The orca who features in the documentary film Blackfish is named Tillikum or Tilly.

Winter — The 3D movie Dolphin Tale was inspired by a real-life dolphin named Winter. She was rescued after losing her tail due to a crab trap. A prosthetic tail was attached to help her swim. She inspired the popular heart-warming Dolphin Tale series!

Samson — The whale from the animated movie Samson and Sally. In the movie, Samson is a sperm whale who struggles to survive in an ocean with whaling ships, oil spills, and water pollution. He must also escape being eaten for dinner by killer whales.


Male Whale Names

Male Whale Names

Iceberg — Inspired from the G.I. Joe episode, where a character named Iceberg is transformed into a killer whale.

Papa Whale — The Disney male humpback whale in the film Fantasia 2000.

Mr. Mammoth — For a mammoth-sized creature.

Whaley — This is an adorable one, isn’t it?

Mr. Jumbo — This is a popular name for elephants, but equally suits a giant animal like the whale.

Mr. Whopper

The Giant


Heavyweight — Weighing up to 200 tons, they deserved the epithet!


Big Foot — An ape-like giant who roamed the forests of North America, according to folklore.

King Kong

The King


The Killer — If you want to name a killer whale, why not pick the most obvious pet name?

The Bull — A male whale is actually referred to as a bull, while a female whale is called a cow.


Female Whale Names

Female Whale Names

Moby Doll — The female version of Moby Dhick!

Mama Whale — The female whale in the Disney film Fantasia 2000.

Ariel — The gorgeous mermaid from the Disney film Little Mermaid.

The Queen — The perfect name for the largest mammal on Earth!



Hera — Queen of all gods in Greek mythology and the wife of Zeus.

Athena — Greek goddess famous for her battle skills.

Artemis — The Greek goddess of hunting.




Jasmine — The Disney character who appears in the film Aladdin.

Aurora — Another name for the famous Sleeping Beauty.

Attina — One of the minor mermaids in the Disney film The Little Mermaid.


Cute and Funny Whale Names

Cute and Funny Whale Names

Blubber — Because whales are insulated by a thick layer of fat known as blubber. This helps them keep warm even in the cold ocean waters.

Flipper — This sounds like a fun name for a whale, isn’t it? It comes from the American adventure movie Flipper. The film tells the story of a touching friendship between a young boy and a dolphin named Flipper.

Splashy — The whale from the Flushed Away franchise, a set of funny animated movies.

Slappy — In the film Slappy and the Stinkers, the sea-lion is named Slappy. This is a funny movie about the bond between kids and animals. Although the name originally belongs to a sea-lion, I think it equally suits a whale!

Mr. Humphrey — This will perfectly suit a Humpback whale, don’t you think? Humphrey the whale is also a legendary whale in history who even has his own grave!

The Big Guy — They are big, aren’t they?

Big Mouth — Whales do have a big appetite!

Hagrid — The big burly guy from Harry Potter.

Nemo — That’s the goldfish from the movie Finding Nemo. Imagine naming a giant whale after a tiny goldfish. Quite the irony!

The Little Guy

Shrek — The big green Disney giant.

Whalerus — For those who love a pun!

Bingo — This is what you say when you have landed on the perfect name for your whale!


Whale Names Inspired From Superheroes

Whale Names Inspired From Superheroes

Hulk — This is an apt pet name for such a giant beast!


Giganto — Monsters with whale-like qualities, appearing in Marvel comics.

Colossal Boy


Atlas — Another superhero with unmatched strength. This may be the perfect name for a killer whale, which is the top aquatic predator ever!

Ultra Boy — Also known as Jo Nah, he is a DC Superhero. He is named after Jonah, a boy who survived being swallowed by a whale in the Bible!

Thanos — Although he is a supervillain and not a superhero, everyone is in awe of his superhuman strength and power!


Whale Names From Disney

Bailey — A beluga whale in the Disney movie Finding Dory.

The Whale — He is one of the characters in Finding Nemo. Why not name your whale, simply The Whale? It can’t get more obvious than that!

Willie The Whale — Willie is a whale who loves opera, featuring in The Whale Who Wanted To Sing At The Met. If your whale is a guy who loves music, name it Willie!

Spot The Killer Whale — He appeared in the Little Mermaid television series.

Monstro — He is “the whale of a whale”! Monstro features in the Disney film Pinocchio. He is a killer whale with a fearsome reputation.

Lester The Whale — He is a dark blue whale who appears in the television series Timon & Pumbaa.

Papa Whale, Mama Whale, and Baby Whale — They are a family of humpback whales, featuring in the Disney film Fantasia 2000.


Exotic Whale Names

Goliath — Can you think of a better name for the largest animal on earth? LOL

Leviathan — An animal of that size deserves a big name.

Klee Wyck — Klee Wyck means the laughing one! This was the name of the killer whale mascot for the 1994 Commonwealth Games.

Megalodon — Megalodons are an extinct shark species. They were enormous in size and feasted on whales. However, they mysteriously disappeared and whales prevailed as the top predators of the oceans.

Poseidon — In ancient Greek mythology, Poseidon is the God of the seas.

Zeus — The King of all the gods in Greek mythology.

Apollo — One of the most powerful gods in ancient Greek mythology.




Hector — In Greek mythology, he was the greatest fighter on the Trojan side.

Maximus — Maximus Decimus Meridius is a fictional character from the movie Gladiator.




Jupiter — The largest planet in our solar system



Olympus or Olympia — The gods live on Mount Olympus according to ancient Greek mythology.

Phoenix — A mythical bird that rises from its ashes after dying.



Cleopatra — The powerful Egyptian queen, whose name announces beauty, power, and royalty!


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