114 Cute and Exotic Names For Your Pet Jellyfish

Have you just bought a pet jellyfish? Congratulations! Jellyfish make cute pets and are very easy to take care of. The first thing that needs to be done when you get your pet jellyfish is to name it. You will spend a lot of time with your pet so you should give it a good name. This article has loads of excellent names for your jellyfish buddies.

Jellyfishes are the new exotic pet that everyone wants to bring home! They are gorgeous, no doubt. But having a pet jellyfish can be a tricky and expensive job.

Contrary to their name, jellyfishes are not fish at all. In fact, they are just pure jellies! These wonderful sea creatures don’t have a brain, blood, or bones. They are completely gelatinous and almost invisible to our eyes.

The tiny ghost-like Moon Jellies are popular pet jellyfish. Jellies are not conventional pets. You can’t take them for a walk or pet them. But they are exotic beings who will bring their luminous glow to your room. Plus, they are very rare pets to find.

If you ever have a beautiful jellyfish of your own, it may be puzzling to think of a name for your exotic pet. But don’t worry, we have your back. Here’s a list of cute and funny names that may be the perfect fit for your pet Jelly!

Jellyfish Names From Popular Cartoons

Jellyfish Names From Popular Cartoons

  • Smurf — Who doesn’t know and love the little baby blue Smurfs from the comic series? These tiny gnome-like creatures come pretty close to a jellyfish. Name your pet Jelly after these adorable munchkins and embrace the fandom today!
  • Rocky — Rocky the flying squirrel is a tiny squirrel from the animated Rocky & Bullwinkle Show. Why should you name your jellyfish after the little guy? Jellyfishes don’t have bones. They are purely jelly. Imagine calling one of these squiggly, boneless, and spineless creatures Rocky. Oh, the irony!
  • Snoopy — Remember Snoopy the beagle? This adorable creature featured in the comic strip Peanuts.
  • Scooby — Scooby is the companion dog to detective Shaggy Rogers in the cartoon Scooby-Do. It’s the perfect name for any pet. Our pets are our best friends, aren’t they? A jellyfish is not exactly a conventional pet but that doesn’t make the bond any lesser!
  • Jerry — Tom and Jerry have been one of the sweetest parts of our childhood. Jerry the mouse is the naughtiest cartoon character ever. Name your pet after this guy and reminisce about your happy days. Plus, Jerry and Jelly rhyme well!
  • Winnie — Remember Winnie the Pooh? The cute teddy bear who made every kid want to own a teddy.
  • Disco — Disco is one of the characters from 101 Dalmatian Street. This is the perfect pet name for a jellyfish as they are bioluminescent. Moon jellyfish actually glow in the dark. They can create beautiful luminous effects in your room at night, like a disco ball!
  • Tweety — That’s the cute yellow canary from the Tweety cartoons. She’s a ball of joy and brightens your day—reasons why anyone would own a pet.
  • Minnie — Mickey’s girlfriend from the famous Mickey Mouse cartoons. She’s one of the most memorable cartoon characters ever.


Jellyfish Names Based On Pokemons

Jellyfish Names Based On Pokemons

  • Tentacool — This Pokemon is actually based on a jellyfish. If you are a fan of the immortal cartoon, this is the coolest name for your pet jelly!
  • Tentacruel — The evolved version of Tentacool. It comes with poisonous tentacles and looks like a supercool jellyfish.
  • Squirtle — A water-based Pokemon who looks like a turtle but is called Squirtle.
  • Chinchou — This little guy is a water Pokemon with electric powers. It has got two tentacles which can conduct electric currents.
  • Lumineon — This water Pokemon looks like a fish. It can emit light from its beautiful blue fins to lure other creatures, much like our jellyfish.
  • Frillish — Another Pokemon based on a jellyfish. It looks like a cute and tiny ghost with tentacles.
  • Jellicent — The evolved version of Frillish. They come in two colors—blue and pink, with fluffy white tentacles.


Jellyfish Names Based On Disney Characters

Jellyfish Names Based On Disney Characters

Sharks, jellyfish, and all sorts of other menacing sea creatures typically make us think of a few scary names for pets. When Pixar released their popular 2002 film Finding Nemo, it’s safe to say everyone’s favorite underwater creatures went mainstream.

There are so many lovable characters from Nemo to Bruce on the list, but I think you’ll love some of our jellyfish names based on Disney characters the most!

When you’re first confronted by your new pet jellyfish, it’s easy to be at a loss for what to call it. Well, have no fear; we’ve created this list of Disney-inspired names for your pet jellyfish.

  • Tinker Bell — She’s a tiny fairy sprinkling magic dust all over town. The perfect name for your magical Moon Jelly!
  • Nemo — The star clownfish from the Disney film Finding Nemo.
  • Dory — The blue colored fish who appears in the film Finding Dory.
  • Ariel — Princess Ariel is the mesmerizing mermaid from the film The Little Mermaid.
  • Rapunzel — The beautiful princess with long ravishing hair.
  • Jasmine — She featured in the film Aladdin, always dressed in a magnificent blue. Princess Jasmine is the perfect name for a royal jelly!
  • Elsa — The beautiful queen in the Disney film Frozen.
  • Willie — Willie was a whale who loved the opera. He appeared in The Whale Who Wanted to Sing at the Met.
  • Esmeralda
  • Ursula
  • Little Mermaid — Much like mermaids, jellyfishes have fascinated us for a long time!


Funny Jellyfish Names With A Pun

Funny Jellyfish Names

Do you have a pet jellyfish or know someone that does? Jellyfish are the newest trend in pets. They can be cool and sophisticated for kid’s birthdays or they can represent your unique fun side.

Here are funny punny names for your jellyfish. They will make your friends wet their pants, or at the very least, giggle.

  • Jelly Bean — The perfect name for a pet jellyfish that is more jelly than fish.
  • Jell-O — A jellyfish is pure jelly but don’t try eating it!
  • Squishy — An apt name for a jelly.
  • Splish Splash — The perfect name for a pair of pet jellies.
  • Mr. Fishy — Are jellyfish fish? No, they’re not. Then why are they called jellyfish? Something’s fishy!
  • Squiggly — Since jellyfishes have no bones in their bodies.
  • Stout — The opposite of what it means to be a jellyfish! Naming your pet jelly Stout will tickle anyone who meets him.
  • Jelly Melly — If you are getting a pair of jellies, best to give them names that rhyme.
  • Bumblebee — These tiny creatures have a Transformer named after them!
  • Bubbly
  • Bubbles
  • Jelly Jam — Sounds edible, no? But a jellyfish isn’t.
  • Jim Jam
  • Moon Beam — For those with a pet moon jellyfish that glows in the dark.
  • Pebbles
  • Wiggly — What do you call a pet jelly? You call it wiggly!
  • Mr. Wiggles
  • Neon — Neon is the perfect pick for these mesmerizing bioluminescent beings.
  • Jilly Billy — What do you call a pair of jellies? You call them Jilly and Billy!


Cute and Tiny Jellyfish Names

Cute and Tiny Jellyfish Names

Jellyfish are so cute and tiny, aren’t they? They’re definitely among the most popular kinds of animal pets, so it’s only logical to find a good name for your cute and tiny jellyfish.

  • Peanut — The average size of a Moon Jelly is only 2 to 15 inches.
  • Pearl — For your equally precious pet jelly.
  • Pixie
  • Gus — A cute name for any tiny pet.
  • Penny — Jellyfish are expensive pets, so you might have to spend more than a penny on these guys!
  • Cookie
  • Coco
  • Teeny Tiny — This one is for all the pet owners who love a rhyme!
  • L’il Guy — A neutral name for any small pet.
  • Ladybird
  • Fluffy
  • Toffee
  • Nugget
  • Button — Is your jellyfish cute as a button? Then you know what to name it.


Male Jellyfish Names

Looking for male jellyfish names? This is the list you’ve been waiting for. No matter what your taste, you’re sure to find a name that’s perfect for your pet jellyfish. Whether he’s artistic, handsome, or tough, you can find the right name from this list of great ideas.

  • Mr. Jelly — Spongebob had a pet jellyfish once, whom he just called Jelly.
  • Mr. Blob — What’s a better name for a purely gelatinous creature?
  • Liquid — That can be confusing but fun!
  • Sting — Jellyfishes are not just harmless jellies. They have poisonous tentacles that they use to sting their prey. Jellyfish stings can cause pain and itchiness.
  • Beanie — The coolest jelly bean in your home.
  • Coral — A beautiful name for any marine animal.
  • Bubba
  • Sushi — Did you know that jellyfish are a delicacy in some Asian countries? They are popular in salads, but also eaten boiled or dried.
  • Mr. Squirt
  • Ziggy
  • Bluey — Jellyfish are creatures of the blue seas, so why not call it a Bluey?
  • Orion — A constellation in the night sky.
  • Topaz — A precious blue gemstone.
  • Phantom — Jellyfish can look like tiny ghosts with their gelatinous bodies and hanging tentacles.
  • Joey
  • Saucer — Another name for moon jelly is saucer jelly.
  • Noodle


Female Jellyfish Names

A jellyfish in your tank is pretty neat, but if you are looking for a pet jellyfish name, you’ll likely find yourself a little stumped.

If you’re in the market to find a beautiful, unique name for your new pet female jellyfish — look no further! Below are stunning female jellyfish names guaranteed to give your jelly a wonderful moniker.

  • Jellyanne
  • Jell Bell — Set of names for a pair of pet jellies.
  • Glow — Moon jellies glow in the dark, giving your room a beautiful edge.
  • Twinkle — For your little luminous pets.
  • Shimmer
  • Belle — In French, belle translates to beautiful. It’s a lovely name for a captivating moon jelly.
  • Daisy
  • Pink
  • Jewel — For the jewel of your aquarium.
  • Azure — That means bright blue, like the color of the sky.
  • Luna — In Italian, Luna means the Moon, a perfect choice for your moon jelly.
  • Jasmine
  • Angel
  • Dawn
  • Hydra — The jellyfish tentacles look like a hydra.
  • Victoria — The crystal jellyfish is known as Aequorea victoria. Plus, Victoria sounds like a royal name, doesn’t it?
  • Nessie — This is an adorable nickname for the Loch Ness Monster. It’s part of Scottish folklore and some scientists say it may be based on an eel.
  • Lily


Exotic Jellyfish Names

Whether you just got your first pet jellyfish or you’re looking for a fresh new name for your old and boring one, we have a quick and easy-to-use list of exotic names that are sure to make it stand out in the crowd.

For a touch of the exotic, the color, and whimsy of the underwater world, try these pet jellyfish names.

  • Neptune — If you like royalty, name your pet jellyfish after the Roman god of seas.
  • Poseidon — The Greek god of storms.
  • Pluto — The smallest planet in our solar system, also the Roman god of the underworld.
  • Apollo — The powerful sun god in Greek mythology.
  • Achilles
  • Aristotle — One of the wisest philosophers ever.
  • Medusa — The fine long tentacles of a jellyfish remind everyone of Medusa. She is a mythical creature, with snakes rising out of her head instead of hair.
  • Electra
  • Aurelia — Moon jelly is another name for the Aurelia aurita jellyfish species.
  • Aurora — Perfect name for luminous creatures.
  • Calypso — One of the nymphs in Greek mythology. She lived on the island of Ogygia.
  • Aphrodite — The Greek goddess of love, beauty, and desire.
  • Jezebel
  • Florence
  • Cleopatra — The majestic Egyptian queen.
  • Venus — The Roman goddess of love.
  • Selene — In Greek, Selene means the Moon. It is one of the lunar gods.
  • Atlantis — A fictional island.
  • Leviathan — A mythical sea creature in the shape of a serpent.


Conclusion: Jellyfish Names

Congratulations, you’ve made it to the end of our article. Hopefully, this list of names for your pet jellyfish has given you some inspiration. We had a lot of fun putting together this article and we hope that you’ve had fun reading it.

So, did you decide on a name for your jellyfish? Whether you did or not, I hope that our article helped you find a name that fits your new friend. If you were successful in naming your pet jellyfish, we want to hear the story! Share it with us via our contact page.

Also, if you liked this article, please don’t hesitate to share it with others.

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