580 Roaring Tiger Names for the Majestic Feline

tiger names

Tigers – magnificent, regal, and undeniably captivating! 🐅

The majestic tiger, with its enthralling stripes and fierce demeanor, has always captured the human imagination. From ancient myths to modern pop culture, these magnificent creatures have earned their spot as symbols of strength, beauty, and wildness. As the largest members of the cat family, they command respect and, often, a sense of awe.

Whether it’s a beloved pet, a character in your next story, or perhaps a mascot, a fitting name can truly capture the spirit of this magnificent creature. Dive deep into our extensive list of tiger names, ranging from the fierce to the funny, the classic to the contemporary.

Let’s embark on this naming safari together and discover the purr-fect title for your striped companion!

Cool Tiger Names 🐅❄️

Bengal Tiger Attacks 3 Zookeepers After Faulty Door Left Them in Enclosure With 400lb Male

There’s something about tigers that exudes coolness. Their confident stride, the mesmerizing gaze, and that fierce yet regal demeanor – it’s no wonder they’re one of the most revered animals in the wild.

If you’re in search of names that capture the natural elegance and raw power of the tiger, look no further. Dive into our curated list of “cool” tiger names, perfect for that majestic feline in your life.

  1. Blaze
  2. Zephyr
  3. Thunder
  4. Onyx
  5. Riptide
  6. Storm
  7. Haze
  8. Cobalt
  9. Atlas
  10. Echo
  11. Raven
  12. Shadow
  13. Phantom
  14. Midnight
  15. Striker
  16. Maverick
  17. Rebel
  18. Orion
  19. Talon
  20. Vortex
  21. Apollo
  22. Draven
  23. Bolt
  24. Fang
  25. Titan
  26. Helix
  27. Ranger
  28. Koda
  29. Rumble
  30. Jett
  31. Drifter
  32. Zenith
  33. Cipher
  34. Surge
  35. Rogue
  36. Blaze
  37. Marlo
  38. Sterling
  39. Falcon
  40. Nova
  41. Prowl
  42. Viper
  43. Archer
  44. Summit
  45. Kestrel
  46. Knight
  47. Griffon
  48. Draco
  49. Wolf
  50. Talisman

Badass Tiger Names 🐅🔥

Your cat and ferocious tigers share a lot -- 95.6 percent of their DNA

Roaring through the jungle, tigers are a symbol of power and majesty. When you think of a tiger, you often imagine strength, courage, and fierceness. For those looking to name their tiger with a hint of ruggedness and boldness, this section is for you. Here are some badass names that truly capture the essence of this magnificent beast:

  1. Thunder
  2. Storm
  3. Vengeance
  4. Brutus
  5. Raptor
  6. Slayer
  7. Havoc
  8. Outlaw
  9. Sabre
  10. Gladiator
  11. Warrior
  12. Tornado
  13. Rebel
  14. Hunter
  15. Gunner
  16. Blade
  17. Bandit
  18. Fury
  19. Khaos
  20. Tyrant
  21. Diablo
  22. Phantom
  23. Czar
  24. Predator
  25. Marauder
  26. Riot
  27. Magnum
  28. Ravage
  29. Spartacus
  30. Renegade
  31. Sniper
  32. Savage
  33. Rampage
  34. Thor
  35. Viking
  36. Titan
  37. Zorro
  38. Khan
  39. Blaze
  40. Sable
  41. Juggernaut
  42. Diesel
  43. Talon
  44. Bullet
  45. Rascal
  46. Specter
  47. Tempest
  48. Spartan
  49. Ghost
  50. Wrath

Cute Tiger Names 🐯💕

Cute Tiger

When you think of a tiger, ferocity might come to mind, but these majestic creatures have a softer side too. Whether you’re naming a pet tiger, a stuffed animal, or simply searching for a name that embodies the more endearing qualities of this big cat, the following names are perfect.

Let your tiger embrace its inner cuteness with these adorable tiger names:

  1. Tigger
  2. Whiskers
  3. Bubbles
  4. Paws
  5. Fluffy
  6. Muffin
  7. Cuddles
  8. Sprinkle
  9. Buttercup
  10. Pebbles
  11. Dandy
  12. Cupcake
  13. Nuzzles
  14. Pippin
  15. Pounce
  16. Giggles
  17. Twinkle
  18. Buttons
  19. Doodle
  20. Munchkin
  21. Skittles
  22. Lolly
  23. Snickers
  24. Wiggles
  25. Snuggle
  26. Pudding
  27. Dimples
  28. Sparkle
  29. Sweetpea
  30. Jellybean
  31. Toffee
  32. Ruffles
  33. Zigzag
  34. Poptart
  35. Fizzle
  36. Biscuit
  37. Fuzzy
  38. Pumpkin
  39. Tootsie
  40. Dots
  41. Marshmallow
  42. Pickles
  43. Rolo
  44. Niblet
  45. Snickerdoodle
  46. Popcorn
  47. Caramel
  48. Bonbon
  49. Gummy
  50. Huggie

Funny Tiger Names 🐯😂

Funny Tiger

Who says tigers can’t have a sense of humor? Sometimes, the most unexpected names can be the most fitting and memorable. If you’re looking for a moniker that will make everyone chuckle or smile, you’re in the right place.

Dive into this amusing list of comical tiger names that playfully challenge the usual tiger stereotypes:

  1. Tiggles
  2. WhiskerPuff
  3. Meowzilla
  4. Purrball
  5. Gigglesnort
  6. Ruffstripe
  7. Tickly
  8. Pawsicle
  9. Catzilla
  10. Stripesicle
  11. WhiskerWoo
  12. Mr. Meow
  13. Fluffernutter
  14. Cat-a-tonic
  15. Ticklewhisker
  16. Sir Purr-a-Lot
  17. Catticus Finch
  18. Pawsanova
  19. Not-a-Leopard
  20. Chewbacca
  21. Sir Growls-a-Lot
  22. Purrlock Holmes
  23. Pawsome Twosome
  24. Spotnot
  25. Rumblepurr
  26. Chuffster
  27. Meowzers
  28. Grrroovy
  29. Purrster
  30. Tigtoe
  31. Roarly
  32. Furzle
  33. Hissterical
  34. Whiskerus Maximus
  35. Roaring Comedian
  36. Cat-apult
  37. Whisker Twister
  38. Roary McRoarface
  39. Tabby in Boots
  40. Catrick Tiger

These names might just get a chuckle or two and make your tiger’s name a fun conversation starter! 😄

Famous Tiger Names

Disney's Winnie the Pooh: 10 Worst Things Tigger Ever Did

Tigers have graced our books, movies, and cultural stories for centuries. These majestic creatures have often been characterized by distinct personalities, and their names have become iconic over time. If you’re looking for a name with some pop culture or historical significance, here’s a list of some of the most famous tigers:

  1. Shere Khan – The cunning antagonist from Rudyard Kipling’s “The Jungle Book.”
  2. Tigger – The energetic and playful tiger from “Winnie the Pooh.”
  3. Rajah – Princess Jasmine’s loyal pet in Disney’s “Aladdin.”
  4. Tony the Tiger – The mascot for Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes cereal.
  5. Richard Parker – The Bengal tiger from the novel and movie “Life of Pi.”
  6. Hobbes – Calvin’s stuffed tiger and imaginative friend in the comic strip “Calvin and Hobbes.”
  7. Khan – From Disney’s animated movie “Mulan.”
  8. Vitaly – The Siberian tiger from the movie “Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted.”
  9. Tygra – From the animated series “ThunderCats.”
  10. Raksha – Although not a tiger, Raksha is a notable character from “The Jungle Book” and is often mistaken for one due to her fierce nature.

Each of these tigers carries a legacy, whether from literature, animation, or real-world inspiration. Choosing one of these names adds an element of storied charm to your own tiger’s identity.

Female Tiger Names

Tiger cub accidentally killed by its mother in heartbreaking footage on RTE's The Zoo - Irish Mirror Online

When naming a female tiger, you might be inclined towards monikers that embody grace, strength, or the sheer beauty of this majestic creature. Whether your tigress has a calm demeanor or a fiery spirit, there’s a name on this list that’ll perfectly encapsulate her essence. Dive into these names and discover the ideal fit for your fierce feline beauty! 🐾💖

  1. Matilda
  2. Nala
  3. Stevie
  4. Coco
  5. Hera
  6. Olympia
  7. Mango
  8. Delia
  9. Uma
  10. Karma
  11. Maisy
  12. Trixie
  13. Izzy
  14. Kendra
  15. Ariel
  16. Kiki
  17. Xena
  18. Delia
  19. Lexi
  20. Catrina
  21. Amber
  22. Sandy
  23. Holly
  24. Evie
  25. Pixie
  26. Electra
  27. Maisy
  28. Izzy
  29. Alice
  30. Trudy
  31. Nitro
  32. Piper
  33. Lulu
  34. Indi
  35. Sophie
  36. Venus
  37. London
  38. Sunset
  39. Peggy
  40. Daisy
  41. Rosie
  42. Hadley
  43. Marie
  44. Kora
  45. Aria
  46. Belle
  47. Cleo
  48. Daisy
  49. Elena
  50. Gemma

Baby Tiger Names 🐯🍼

Baby Tiger

There’s nothing quite like the sight of a baby tiger – their innocent eyes, playful antics, and tiny roars. These little bundles of joy deserve names as adorable as they are. If you’re blessed to be around a young tiger cub or simply daydreaming about one, here’s a list of names capturing the essence of these furry cuties:

  1. Cublet
  2. Bitty
  3. Rumble
  4. TinyRoar
  5. Pounce
  6. Nuzzle
  7. Fluff
  8. Wiggle
  9. Muffin
  10. Whisker
  11. Toto
  12. Pip
  13. Doodle
  14. Squeak
  15. Chirp
  16. Mini
  17. Dot
  18. Nugget
  19. Tumbles
  20. Cuddle
  21. Dash
  22. Munchkin
  23. Pebble
  24. Zippy
  25. Button
  26. Twix
  27. Sprout
  28. Nibble
  29. Hiccup
  30. Bambi
  31. Tickle
  32. Dart
  33. Giggle
  34. Wobble
  35. Jingle
  36. Puff
  37. Chubby
  38. Snuggle
  39. Misty
  40. Fiddle
  41. Skip
  42. Hopper
  43. Dinky
  44. Fuzz
  45. Charm
  46. Twinkle
  47. Scoop
  48. Huddle
  49. Breezy
  50. Whirl

These names are as tender and cuddly as the baby tigers they represent. So, if you’re aiming for a heart-melting moniker, this list is your go-to destination! 🐾❤️🍼

Mythical Tiger Names

Winged Tiger - Ancient Greco-Roman Mosaic

Tigers have been central to countless legends, myths, and folklore tales across various cultures. Tying a name with mythical roots can lend a touch of mystery and power to your tiger. From ancient deities to legendary beasts, here are some mythical tiger names inspired by tales of old:

  1. Byakko – In Japanese folklore, Byakko is one of the Four Symbols, representing the white tiger and the west direction.
  2. Kerberos – While primarily known as the three-headed dog guarding the Underworld in Greek mythology, this name sounds fierce for a tiger.
  3. Wyvern – Dragons and tigers share symbolic ties in various cultures. While not a tiger, this dragon-like creature’s name has a mythical ring.
  4. Chimera – A fire-breathing creature from Greek mythology, combining features of a lion, goat, and serpent.
  5. Jambavan – A mighty bear in Hindu mythology, who once had a fierce battle with Lord Krishna. Its fierce nature is perfect for a tiger’s name.
  6. Tigris – Latin for “tiger”, but also the name of a river near the Garden of Eden, adding a layer of mystique.
  7. Fenrir – The monstrous wolf from Norse mythology; its fierce nature is parallel to a tiger’s.
  8. Nemean – Inspired by the Nemean lion Hercules fought in Greek myths.
  9. Griffin – A creature with the body of a lion and the head of an eagle, combining two powerful animal symbols.
  10. Surya – The Hindu sun god, who rides a chariot pulled by seven horses, signifying strength and power.

Disney Tiger Names 🐅🎬

From the captivating tales of animated classics to live-action masterpieces, Disney has portrayed tigers in ways that are both enchanting and memorable. These tigers have been a testament to strength, wit, loyalty, and sometimes, sheer cuteness! Here’s a list inspired by the magical world of Disney:

  1. Rajah – The loyal and protective tiger from “Aladdin.”
  2. Shere Khan – The sophisticated yet fierce tiger from “The Jungle Book.”
  3. Tigger – The energetic and bouncy tiger from “Winnie the Pooh.”
  4. Sabor – Although a leopard, this fierce creature from “Tarzan” has a name befitting a tiger.
  5. Vitani – Nala’s fierce sister in “The Lion King II,” a name with a wild touch.
  6. Kovu – From “The Lion King II,” a name that exudes strength and ambition.
  7. Zira – Another character from “The Lion King II,” and though a lioness, her name suits a fierce tigress.
  8. Banzai – One of the hyenas from “The Lion King,” but the name has a certain edge to it.
  9. Kiara – Simba’s daughter in “The Lion King II,” a graceful and fierce name for a tigress.
  10. Mufasa – The noble lion from “The Lion King,” whose name symbolizes strength and leadership.

White Tiger Names

25 Surprising White Tiger Facts For Kids (2023) - Milwaukee with Kids

The mystique and beauty of white tigers are truly unparalleled. These magnificent creatures, with their ethereal white coats and striking blue eyes, evoke a sense of wonder and reverence. Whether you’re naming a pet, a fictional character, or simply daydreaming, here’s a list of names inspired by their unique allure:

  1. Blizzard
  2. Frost
  3. Ice
  4. Snowflake
  5. Lunar
  6. Ghost
  7. Aria
  8. Pearl
  9. Whisper
  10. Starlight
  11. Eira (Welsh for “snow”)
  12. Arctica
  13. Iclyn
  14. Snowbell
  15. Blanca
  16. Winter
  17. Avalanche
  18. Crystal
  19. Misty
  20. Frostbite
  21. Glacier
  22. Polar
  23. Borealis
  24. Eskimo
  25. Moonbeam
  26. Zephyr
  27. Alba (Latin for “white”)
  28. Fairy
  29. Nimbus
  30. Cirrus
  31. Lily
  32. Opal
  33. Diamond
  34. Stardust
  35. Aurora
  36. Eve
  37. Solstice
  38. Circe
  39. Drift
  40. Nieve (Spanish for “snow”)
  41. Siberia
  42. Nova
  43. Gale
  44. Tundra
  45. Skye
  46. Blanco
  47. Yuki (Japanese for “snow”)
  48. Cloud
  49. Marble
  50. Twinkle
  51. Blanca
  52. Snow White
  53. River
  54. Smokey
  55. Snowy
  56. Icy
  57. Bandit
  58. Frosty
  59. Cloudy
  60. Vice

Bengal Tiger Names 🐅🌿

Amazing Facts about Bengal Tigers | OneKindPlanet Animal Education

Bengal tigers, known for their fiery spirit and vibrant orange coats, are native to the Indian subcontinent. They bring forth images of lush jungles, old legends, and the rich tapestry of Eastern traditions. Dive into a list of names that embody the vigor and charm of these majestic creatures:

  1. Raja (meaning “king”)
  2. Arya
  3. Mowgli
  4. Kali (after the goddess)
  5. Bindi
  6. Indra
  7. Veer (meaning “brave”)
  8. Lakshmi
  9. Ganga (after the river)
  10. Rudra
  11. Surya (meaning “sun”)
  12. Padma (meaning “lotus”)
  13. Chandra
  14. Jungle
  15. Rani (meaning “queen”)
  16. Kiran (meaning “ray of light”)
  17. Varun
  18. Bramha
  19. Tara (meaning “star”)
  20. Nila (meaning “blue”)
  21. Agni (meaning “fire”)
  22. Om
  23. Krishna
  24. Sita
  25. Vishnu
  26. Amar (meaning “immortal”)
  27. Maya
  28. Yara
  29. Vijay (meaning “victory”)
  30. Rishi (meaning “sage”)
  31. Devi
  32. Rohana
  33. Shanti (meaning “peace”)
  34. Raksha (meaning “protection”)
  35. Jai
  36. Radha
  37. Rahul
  38. Shiv
  39. Mata (meaning “mother”)
  40. Vanya (meaning “forest”)
  41. Narayana
  42. Prakash (meaning “light”)
  43. Lalit (meaning “beautiful”)
  44. Charan
  45. Sundar (meaning “handsome”)
  46. Pawan (meaning “wind”)
  47. Aadi (meaning “beginning”)
  48. Mani (meaning “jewel”)
  49. Sahara
  50. Arav (meaning “peaceful”)

Tapping into the essence of the Bengal tiger, these names resonate with the beauty, strength, and spirituality of the Indian culture they hail from. 🐅🌳🌞

Black Tiger Names 🖤🐅


The mystique of a black tiger is truly unparalleled. While true black tigers are more myth than reality, the notion of such a magnificent creature commands attention. Dive deep into the shadows and embrace the allure of the night with these inspired names for a black tiger:

  1. Noir (French for “black”)
  2. Shadow
  3. Eclipse
  4. Obsidian
  5. Raven
  6. Midnight
  7. Onyx
  8. Charcoal
  9. Ink
  10. Phantom
  11. Mystique
  12. Shade
  13. Moonshade
  14. Nyx (Greek goddess of the night)
  15. Silhouette
  16. Abyss
  17. Nightfall
  18. Dusk
  19. Twilight
  20. Sable
  21. Jet
  22. Void
  23. Cosmos
  24. Umbral
  25. Velvet
  26. Starless
  27. Puma
  28. Vesper
  29. Tenebris (Latin for “darkness”)
  30. Gloom
  31. Riddle
  32. Panthera
  33. Shroud
  34. Nero (Italian for “black”)
  35. Ombre
  36. Blackfire
  37. Enigma
  38. Pitch
  39. Cinder
  40. Slate
  41. Smoky
  42. Tarmac
  43. Graphite
  44. Mara (meaning “nightmare”)
  45. Coal
  46. Shiver
  47. Soot
  48. Haze
  49. Blotch
  50. Inferno

From the depths of imagination emerges the essence of a black tiger, radiating power and intrigue in every whisper of its name.🖤🐅

Cartoon Tiger Names 🐅🎥

The Tigger Movie | Disney Movies

Animated tales have always enchanted us with their fascinating characters, and when it comes to tigers, they’re no different! Let’s journey through the world of animation and explore names inspired by some of the most memorable cartoon tigers we’ve grown to love:

  1. Tigger (from Winnie the Pooh)
  2. Rajah (from Aladdin)
  3. Shere Khan (from The Jungle Book)
  4. Tygra (from ThunderCats)
  5. Tony (Tony the Tiger from Frosted Flakes cereal commercials)
  6. Vitaly (from Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted)
  7. Khan (from Mulan, though he’s more of a horse, he bears the same name as the infamous tiger from Jungle Book)
  8. Claw (from Inspector Gadget’s nemesis, Dr. Claw, though not a tiger, embodies that fierce spirit)
  9. Daniel (from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood)
  10. Esso (from the Esso/Exxon Mobil brand)
  11. Cringer (from He-Man, before he becomes Battle Cat)
  12. Hobbes (from the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip)
  13. Stripe (from Gremlins, while not a tiger, his name and striped appearance merit a mention)
  14. Siber (a lesser-known cartoon tiger from a 90s animation)
  15. Tigress (from Kung Fu Panda)
  16. Lungri (Shere Khan’s nickname as a cub in Kipling’s stories)
  17. Tab (from a 60s animation)
  18. Fang (representing the sharp-toothed tigers of many animations)
  19. Roary (from Roary the Racing Car, though he’s a car, the name is reminiscent of a roaring tiger!)
  20. Pounce (a playful cartoonish name for a tiger)
  21. Stripes (inspired by a tiger’s striped appearance)
  22. Cubbi (for those younger animated tigers)
  23. Rumble (imagining a fierce yet cute animated tiger)
  24. Jest (a tiger known for its mischievous antics)
  25. Flash (because many cartoon tigers are surprisingly swift!)
  26. Zinger
  27. Dash
  28. Zoom
  29. Zap
  30. Flicker
  31. Jag
  32. Sketch
  33. Toon
  34. Doodle
  35. Sprite
  36. Mischief
  37. Rascal
  38. Wisp
  39. Twist
  40. Bolt
  41. Blitz
  42. Zest
  43. Ripple
  44. Glimmer
  45. Bounce
  46. Skip
  47. Flip
  48. Giggle
  49. Wink
  50. Zippy

Every one of these cartoon-inspired names holds the charm, fun, and vivacity that’s perfect for capturing the playful essence of a tiger in the animated world! 🎬🐾🐅

Stuffed Animal Tiger Names 🐅🧸

Tiger Stuffed Toy

Stuffed tigers, with their plushy fur and embroidered eyes, often become lifelong companions, guardians of bedtime, and essential playtime pals. Naming your plush tiger can be a unique experience. These names aim to encapsulate the soft, lovable, and cuddly nature of these stuffed friends:

  1. Snuggles
  2. Fluffy
  3. Tiger-Toes
  4. Softy
  5. Pillow
  6. Cuddles
  7. Stripey-Puff
  8. Fuzzball
  9. Pounce-Pillow
  10. Tiger-Ted
  11. PlushPaws
  12. Huggle
  13. TiggyWig
  14. Purrball
  15. Velvet
  16. Furry-Friend
  17. Tiglet
  18. Muffin
  19. Teddy-Tiger
  20. Cozy
  21. Nuzzle
  22. Squish
  23. Cotton
  24. Lullaby
  25. Tiny-Toes
  26. Huggy
  27. Sleepy-Stripe
  28. Drowsy
  29. Cuddlebug
  30. Tumble
  31. Whisker-Wiggle
  32. Dreamy
  33. Pillow-Paws
  34. Cushion
  35. Marshmallow
  36. Fuzzkins
  37. Baby-Stripe
  38. Twinkle-Toes
  39. Puffy
  40. Cloud
  41. Feather
  42. Hush
  43. Blanket
  44. Snuzzle
  45. Silky
  46. Tenderness
  47. Fleece
  48. Bubbly
  49. Cushy
  50. Woolly

These snuggly names are sure to resonate with anyone who’s ever held tight to a stuffed tiger during a stormy night, imagined grand adventures with their furry friend, or simply enjoyed a lazy afternoon nap, wrapped in the embrace of their plushy pal. 🧸❤️🐅

Tips for Naming Your Tiger: Finding the Perfect Fit

When it comes to naming a tiger, be it your new pet (hopefully, a stuffed one), a character in your novel, or a beloved mascot, the name should resonate and fit its personality. Here are some essential pointers to guide your naming adventure:

  1. Research the Origin: Understand the roots and significance of the name. This especially applies if you’re leaning toward cultural or mythical names.
  2. Sound it Out: Say the name out loud. Does it have a nice ring to it? Sometimes, names look great on paper but sound off when spoken.
  3. Reflect the Personality: Whether your tiger is fierce, playful, or majestic, choose a name that mirrors its characteristics.
  4. Avoid Overly Common Names: If you’re looking for uniqueness, steer clear of very common names. You wouldn’t want ten other tigers named “Stripe” at a tiger meet-up!
  5. Length Matters: Remember, a name that’s too long might be hard to recall or might get shortened.
  6. Consider Physical Features: Especially relevant for real or fictional tigers. A white tiger could be named “Blizzard” or “Snow,” while a fierce one might earn the title “Thunder” or “Blaze.”
  7. Historical or Fictional Characters: Drawing inspiration from literature, movies, or history can give you some iconic names.
  8. Avoid Controversial Names: Steer clear of names that might be considered offensive or inappropriate.
  9. Seek Feedback: Share your favorite names with friends or family. Sometimes, a fresh perspective can help!
  10. Trust Your Instincts: Sometimes, a name just feels right. Go with your gut!

Finding the perfect name for your tiger, regardless of its context, can be both a fun and challenging experience. Let your creativity flow, reflect on your tiger’s persona, and soon, you’ll find a name that’s just the right fit! 🐅🌟

Wrapping Up Our Tiger Naming Adventure

Choosing the ideal name for a tiger, be it a playful stuffed animal, a character in a story, or even a representation of a brand, is no small feat. It’s an exploration of sounds, cultures, traits, and sentiments.

From the cool and badass vibes to the whimsical and mythical inspirations, we’ve roamed through a vast landscape of names in this guide. We hope that this list has ignited a spark of inspiration for your tiger-naming journey.

Remember, whatever name you settle on, ensure it resonates with the spirit and essence of the tiger it represents. After all, a name is more than just a label; it’s an identity, a story waiting to unfold.

So, go ahead, let your tiger roar its name with pride!

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