136 Famous and Cute Seal Names

Famous and Cute Seal Names

Seals are pinnipeds that generally look like dogs with no ears. They belong to a group of animals known as pinnipeds that evolved from a single ancestor over 25 million years ago.

These animals can either be classified in their own order or the order of the Carnivore. Unlike other sea animals, seals have not severed their links with the land. Once in a while, they return to the ice or land to give birth.

Highly synonymous with the cold Arctic and Antarctica waters, seals can also be found in tropical climates with seas and oceans.

Interesting Seal Facts

Did you know there are over 30 species of seals? Well, now you know.

Examples include Harp seal, Harbor seal, Mediterranean monk seal, Northern elephant seal, Ross seal, Hawaiian monk seal, Leopard seal, Crabeater seal, Bearded seal, Galapagos seal, Weddell seal, Spotted seal, among many others.

Here are a few other interesting facts about these marine mammals:

  • In as much as seals spend most of their time underwater, they come on the shore to mate, breed and feed their offsprings.
  • In order to wade off cold, seals have a protective fur covering as well as blubber (thick mass of fat beneath the skin). However, the blubber is more useful in keeping them warm.
  • Seals are valuable for their oil and fur. The protective fur is highly valuable and is used in luxury designer coats. The oil is used as a source of fuel, soap manufacturing as well as in nutrition – it contains rich Omega-3 fatty acids. Seals are therefore considered an endangered species due to poaching activities.
  • Seals can sleep underwater. To prevent drowning, they will close their nostrils when sleeping underwater.
  • Their whiskers act as antennas that detect vibrations underwater. This helps them to detect prey as well as predators.
  • Female seals outlive male seals and can live up to 35 years, while male seals 25 years.
  • The barrel-shaped body of a seal makes it an excellent swimmer and diver. The flippers come in handy to enable the seal wade through the water currents.

Do not let their fin-like limbs confuse you into thinking that seals are from the fish family.

Seals are actually mammals commonly referred to as pinnipeds (mammals with fins).

They are also popular in the world of entertainment and some species are usually trained to do live performances in zoos and conservatories.

Besides live performances, animated movies and cartoons are notorious for adapting pinniped characters. Or you have not yet come across a seal character?

Well, look no further. Let me enlighten you on several famous and cute seal fictional names as well as pet names you can use on seals, in case you come across one by the seashore.


20 Famous Seal Names

Famous Seal Names


Jaguar is a name given to the seals that originate from the bearded seal species.

These types of seals tend to visit the bays where their solitary fellows look for fish in the shallow waters. Unlike other seals, these are some of the largest.

These seals mating songs are also so loud that they can be heard as far as 20 kilometers away.


The Monk

This name is meant for seals that are classified in the Phocidae family.

At birth, these seals grow to about 2.6 feet in length and an average of 7.9 when they are adults.

These seals previously had a wide range of habitats including the Atlantic, offshore islands, and even the islands.  Their current habitat range has also reduced a great deal and currently includes the Cabo Blanco region.



This name simply means to strive for excellence. The name is usually given to seals since they tend to strive for excellence as animals. While this name is suited for the male seals, it can also be given to female seals.


Mr. Morton Slumber

Although in the film Bond Universe, Mr. Slumber was part and parcel of the diamond smuggling chain; the seal type or version of this does not lead such a life.

They are said to be one of the largest seals that have ever existed. They have also transitioned to living in the outdoor pools which are considered huge progress.


Lupe Lamora

In the film license to kill, Lamora was the girlfriend of the key villain. However, it’s known that she had a thing to bond with others. The characteristics and habits of this woman have, therefore, been used to name this seal.



The name Siarl means free man and is originally from welsh. This name is meant for free seals that originally inhabited the shores of the North Atlantic.

These seals are large, and therefore they can grow up to 10.8 feet long with the females being approximately 5.2 feet. Apart from fish these seals also prey on sand eels, lobsters, herring, gadids, flatfish, and skates.



This name is given to seals with a silverfish kind of skin. As compared to other seals out there, these seals are usually healthy enough hence are capable of surviving even on their own.

Currently, so many seals have been named silver. Although this seal prefers to stay on the water, it also spends a fair amount of time on land. While they are quite social, they can also be a bit noisy.



With the name coming from its color, this seal is gray in color.

Since these seals are large, they can reach even up to 10.8 feet long. Its pups have a sport silky white fur, and they fatten fast due to their mother’s rich milk.

As some of the most valuable seals, they are protected both in the US and the UK.


Sea Lion

The name lion simply means lion. A lion is a figure in art that symbolizes not only courage and grandeur but also kingliness. It’s a name given to seals that are courageous and strong.

These seals tend to fight when conventions and rules restrict them. They are also optimistic, intelligent, and make friends easily. Further, these seals may also be restless and changeable.



The seal name malachite is derived from the Greek word malachite that means mallow. It’s one of the most preferred names since it’s sweet and memorable.

It also has brilliance and a positive vibe. Falling into the mineral and gem category, it’s also a popular name among seals.



The name Vivien originates from the Latin word Vivianus. Although it has been used as a popular muscular name for long, nowadays it’s being used as a feminine name. It’s, therefore, mostly meant for female seals.

It’s one of the most famous and cute seal names that are being used. This is perhaps the reason why many people love it.



There are also certain species of seals known as Baikal. They are given this name because they are the only pinniped seals that are limited to freshwater habitats.

Their torpedo-shaped bodies make them some of the greatest swimmers. Their skin furs also have a dark silver grey on the upperparts and yellowing grey on the lower parts of the body. More so, they only inhabit Russia’s lake, which is conserved the oldest and most famous.


Ringed seal

These are perhaps the smallest type of seals living in both the subarctic and arctic regions. As the smallest of the arctic seas, they have a small head, plump body, and short cat-like snout.

They are known as ringed seals since their coat has silver rings on the back and the sides. Apart from resting a lot on an ice floor, they also regularly relocate further north in search of denser ice.



Alani is an Irish baby name that means the orange tree. Since those with this name tend to initiate events, it’s a name given to seals that are adventurous and outgoing. They also tend to focus on a specific goal that they need to achieve.

They are blessed with a wealth of creative ideas with determination and efficacy that they require to succeed. As unique creative seals, they also tend to resent authority and are sometimes proud, stubborn, and impatient.



Chaton is a name that is popularly used for boys. It is, therefore, one of the cutest names that can be given to male seals. Although in some instances it may be used to name female seals, which is quite rare.



The seal’s name snow is a girl’s name from the English origin. Since it’s meant for the girls, it’s mostly used for naming female seals. It’s actually a name that feels not only brisk but also pure evocative, fresh and magical in nature.

Although it’s a bit rare there a number of seals that have been given this name in the past. This name denotes seals with a very white hair that almost resembled snow.


Hooded seal name

This seal’s name is generally inspired by the inflatable hood that is present on the head of the adult make seals. This type of seal tends to inhabit deep waters in the north of the Atlantic Ocean.

This seal also has a bluish or silver-grey coat with scattered black spots and botches. The hooded seals tend to stay alone hence are antisocial. They are also born in uniquely advanced forms and are weaned within four days.

Once their mothers abandon them on the ice they tend to survive on their reserve fats.



The seal name Palomina is a girl’s name. Although it may also be used as a males name it’s not commonly used. According to the name, it means that the creature can potentially help.

It associates well with people and also has the potential to inspire their creative ability. Their artistic talent and imagination are also of the highest order.

The seals named this way may be capable of using and developing their talents throughout their lives. Further, they have a strong awareness of their own feelings as well as the feelings of others.


Bearded seal

There are also seals named as bearded.

They majorly inhabit the shores of the Arctic Ocean. These seals are as bearded since they have abundant and prominent whiskers.

The seals normally feed on small prey such as clams, fish and squid. Their whiskers also act as feelers in the sediments.



The name Osian is derived from the old Irish Os plus the suffix in which means young dear. Traditional Osian was regarded as one of the greatest poets of Ireland.

Since this name means a young dear it’s a name given to seals that resemble young deer in their characteristics and physical features.



Did you know that there are seals named leopard? Well, these are the types of seals that appear muscular and large. While their backs are dark grey their stomachs are light grey in nature.

Also, their molars are fashioned like those of crabeater seal since they can lock together. They tend to live in the cold waters around the Antarctic and are believed to be some of the most dangerous predators.



As a male name, Hedwyn originates from welsh. It’s a name that means fair peace. Although it’s not a common thing, it may sometimes be used as a girl’s name. It’s a name given to seals that tend to be peaceful.


18 Famous Seal Names Inspired From Cartoons and Movies

Seal names from cartoons and movies

1. Fluke: Pixar’s sequel to Finding Nemo – Finding Dory, introduced 3 pinnipeds. One of them was Fluke. Truth be told, he was fluked to the sea on a daily basis.

2. Rudder: Fluke’s sunbathing mate in Finding Dory. Rudder and Fluke wanted nothing more than to lounge all day in the sun.

3. Gerald: The third pinniped in Finding Dory.

4. Chip: From the 1987 Japan – American animated series, Hello Kitty’s Furry Tale Theater. Chip was a white male seal protagonist, synonymous with his tank top with red and yellow stripes.

5. Stefano: In Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted – Stefano comes out as a comical, bubbly character wearing a clown’s frill. When you think of seals, I bet the last thing on your mind is “funny character,” Huh!

6. Hunter: In Penguins of Madagascar, a young leopard seal by the name of Hunter, saves the life of a major character and they end up being close friends.

7. Andre: A 1994 movie by the name Andre, depicts an unlikely friendship between a girl and an ailing seal. The seal is nurtured back to health by the girl’s family.

8. Slappy: In the family-friendly movie – Slappy and the Stinkers, Slappy is a pinniped confined to a circus and goes through mistreatment. A group of concerned children try to rescue and set him free.

9. Sophie: Appearing in both Dr. Dolittle and Doctor Dolittle’s Circus, Sophie is befriended by Dolittle who tries to set her free from the circus life, into her natural habitat – the ocean.

10. Pup: A baby seal who was separated from its mother, is rescued by a Princess in the movie In Search of Santa. It retains the name Pup throughout the movie.

11. Flynn: In the animated series Ice Age, Flynn is a giant elephant seal who portrays the role of a pirate in Ice Age 4: Continental Drift. He is looked upon as the crew’s leader.

12. Sandy: In Sandy the Seal, a lonesome seal is rescued by a lighthouse keeper who takes her home for protection.

13. Wolfgang the Seal: Wolfgang is a stuffed seal muppet who appeared in Sesame Street. He depicts a hyper and excited friend to one of the characters, Zoe.

14. Sneezly: In the cartoon series Breezly and Sneezly, the two main characters are a polar bear called Breezly and his friend Sneezly – a seal who has perpetual bouts of flu causing him to sneeze all the time, hence the name Sneezly.

15. Robby: In Pingu, the penguin Pingu ends up having a seal best friend called Robby. Their friendship is unique since they started off as rivals. Robby used to steal Pingu’s bait while fishing. Robby is also the name of a seal character from the animated cartoon – The Little Polar Bear. Lars (the little polar bear) is Robby’s best friend.

16. Romeo and Juliet: Sealed With a Kiss – In this animation movie, two seal characters named Romeo and Juliet fall in love. Their love is forbidden since their families do not get along.

17. Kotick: Based on Rudyard Kipling’s The White Seal, Kotick is the white seal in the animated movie of the same name. Kotick is depicted as a hero who looks out for other seals.

18. Skaeg: A famous character from the popular Danish comical series – Rasmus Klump.


13 Cute Male Seal Names

Cute Male Seal Names

1. Jumbo: A name befitting a male seal. Male seals (bulls) are known by their humongous size compared to female seals.

2. Slouchy Sid: yeah! There is nothing quite as slouchy as a male seal dragging itself across the sandy beaches, am I right?

3. Peeping Joe: Who can resist those big, black eyes that touch your soul?

4. Mr. Flipper: Mmm! Quite an appropriate name for a fin-footed mammal.

5. Willy the Whiskers: Do not be tempted to pluck off those cute protruding whiskers from the seal’s upper lip.

6. Sloppy: There is no better word that describes a seal.

7. Seamus: Seamus the seal depicts the macho male seal species such as the elephant seal.

8. Rusky: For the furred seals, the name Rusky comes in handy!

9. Cecil: Well, Look! Here we have Ce-SEAL!

10. Snoofy: Do not underestimate a seal’s blunt snout. It is very capable of snoofing around for prey!

11. Boogie Woogie: Seals are heavyweights. Male seals can weigh up to 375 pounds. That’s quite a boogie train.

12. Snorky: A popular pastime for seals is snorkeling around in the water!

13. Bulldog: Not a bad name, considering the facial features of a seal resemble those of a dog! You can compare them.


12 Interesting Female Seal Names

1. Bulbous Betty: Well, no one can dispute the rounded figure!

2. Miss. Lazy: Yeah! Today I just want to sunbathe!

3. Blurby: Look at all this belly fat! Blurb! Blurb!

4. Twinkle: Aaaw! Have you ever seen a seal blinking its eyes? They look like twinkling little stars!

5. Cecilia: Hey! Is that you, Ce-SEAL-ia? Nice to see you!

6. Harper: Mmm! I bet Miss. Harper just wants to floss her white furry coat! Do not confuse with Harbor seal, one of the many seal species!

7. Lucille: When you are lost for names to call your female seal, Lu-SEAL will suffice!

8. Smiling Sally: Is it just me or does a seal’s face appears to be smiling all the time?

9. Coco: A female seal is called a cow! You can drop the ‘w’ and oomph it up with ‘coco’.

10. Dorea: Quite a motherly name for a mother seal, don’t you think?

11. Nami: You have to agree that seals are peaceful mammals! Nami sounds peaceful too!

12. Fluffy: You cannot get enough of the warmth given out by this furred and blubbered fluffy mammal.


62 Interesting Seal Names

  1. Spotty
  2. Mondo
  3. Bulky
  4. Crabby
  5. Wooly
  6. Tainty
  7. Flusky
  8. Patchy
  9. Monk
  10. Laysie
  11. Namaste
  12. Sly
  13. Hermes
  14. Bosco
  15. Sifty
  16. Channel
  17. Bianca
  18. Shorty
  19. Missy
  20. Windy
  21. Crusty
  22. Streaky
  23. Mr. Jaws
  24. Raffy
  25. Goatee
  26. Loner
  27. Ringo
  28. Miss. Vee
  29. Hardy
  30. Rocky
  31. Harb
  32. Robin Hood
  33. Flippy
  34. Miss. Paley
  35. Baikal
  36. Plumpy
  37. Casper
  38. Torpy
  39. Sunny
  40. Creamy
  41. Happy
  42. Cuty
  43. Atlantis
  44. Terry
  45. Medi
  46. Hawi
  47. Troppy
  48. Carla
  49. Miss. Gray
  50. Earl
  51. Weddell
  52. Padre
  53. Trudy
  54. Hooky
  55. Stella
  56. Ferro
  57. Flash
  58. Horse head
  59. Solo
  60. Ross
  61. Bladdernose
  62. Ribbon


7 Cute Baby Seal Names

Cute Baby Seal Names

1. Lil’ Huggy: I just want to hug one right now!

2. Squishy: Baby seals are like little masses of jelly that you can squish between your fingers! Do not try that, though!

3. Pup: Baby seals are pups! Don’t go any further if you are looking for a pet name!

4. Sleepy: Have you ever seen a seal lazing around by the seashore? It may not be asleep but it gives off a sleepy look?

5. Snow: Don’t Harp seal pups look like snowballs? Sure, their snow-white fur can easily be mistaken as snow.

6. Cuddle: You cannot resist a seal coming your way. The mass of blubber makes it so cuddly!

7. Peek-a-boo: A perfect playmate for hide and seek. I can guarantee you that those big, black eyes will find you soon.


4 Famous Stuffed Seal Names

stuffed toy seal names

1. Flopsie: Oops! I can’t keep still! I am so flopsie!

2. Travel tails: With my wagging tail, I will sail the high seas!

3. Pillow: A huge stuffed seal looks like a pillow! This gives you many options when sleeping.

4. Hug Ems’: Who wouldn’t want to hug a stuffed animal?



Our flippered friends are very interesting. Next time you come across one at your local zoo or circus, stop for a while and befriend it. Use one of the many famous and cute seal names as outlined above.