156 Cute And Funny Penguin Names

Cute And Funny Penguin Names

If you are a kid who grew up watching the cartoons Pingu the penguin or Oswald, I bet you would have dreamt of having a penguin as a pet. Forget these cartoons, who wouldn’t want to keep those cute and chubby penguins?

For me personally, as a kid who grew up watching cartoons, I have always been penguin-mad. Their upright waddling, flappy arms, fluff-ball chicks & the way they toboggan to get around makes me badly want one.

As a kid, I remember asking the Santa for a penguin as a gift and crying on my birthday because I wanted a penguin. Though I never got one, I was all set with a list of penguin names. In this article, I will share a list of 156 cute and funny penguin names with you.

Technically it is impossible to keep a penguin as a pet because they are not anything like your common pets. Feeding them itself is going to cost you a lot and we believe you would be better off with a stuffed penguin! So let’s get going.


7 Names for your penguin inspired form cartoons

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In this section, we have compiled a list of the famous penguin cartoon characters that are well known among kids. Kids in general love penguins & they would also love to have their penguins named after famous cartoon characters!

If you are planning to name a penguin for your kids, you can choose one from this list.

1. Pingu – If you are a 90’s kid who grew up watching cartoons like me, you wouldn’t want an introduction to who Pingu is. And for those who don’t know Pingu, he is a mischievous little cartoon character who lived with his parents in Antarctica (as portrayed in the cartoon). Pingu was known for being always hungry & for his weird house parties.

2. Opus – Opus was a penguin cartoon character created by the artist Berkeley Breathed. In the cartoon, Opus was portrayed as a politician, a garbage man, a newspaper ombudsman, and so on. Opus was known as the existentialist penguin!

3. Chilly Willy – Chilly Willy is a cartoon character in the New Woody woodpecker show. Sounds like a nice name for a penguin living in the Icy polar regions right?

4. Cody Maverick – A 17-year-old rockhopper penguin character who aspires to become a surfer. Cody is portrayed as a penguin living in Antarctica with his mother and Edna & His elder brother Glen. Since penguins are social animals, Cody Maverick who lives with his family can be a nice name for your pet!

5. Skipper – Who can forget Skipper, the penguin from the animated movie series Penguins of Madagascar. For those of you who don’t know skipper, he is portrayed as the leader of a group of 4 penguins who plans to escape from their zoo.

6. Kowalski – Kowalski is another protagonist in the animated movie series Penguins of Madagascar. Though he hasn’t got much physical endurance as Skipper he is important in the group. Kowalski is the brain behind all their plans. Seems like a great name for a penguin right?

7. Wheezy – Wheezy is portrayed as a stuffed toy in Disney’s animated movie “Toy Story 2”. He is known as Wheezy the squeaky penguin in the movie.

Well, that’s pretty much the list we have got for you. If you have got any interesting names in your list, do let us know in the comment section!


10 funny names for your pet penguins – Inspired by their intelligence

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Though there isn’t a measure for intelligence, Penguins are found to be very smart & intelligent. Penguins are one of the species that can adapt to changes very fast. Similarly, their social behavior is an example of their intelligence.

In this section, we have compiled a list of 10 names inspired by their intelligence.

8. Albert – Yeah you guessed it right, this name is indeed inspired by the great Albert Einstein. We know that penguins aren’t capable of solving a relativity equation or give you a lecture of time-travel. But they are still intelligent in their own way and so the name Albert!

9. Professor – I don’t know why but seeing the way penguins walk always reminds me of a lecturer I had back in college. Imagine professor penguin giving you a physics lecture. Sounds interesting, huh?

10. Tesla – The genius who solved many mysteries of electrical engineering!

11. Tony – Yeah, the epitome of intelligence in the comic world. Don’t you think Tony is going to be a nice name?

12. Brand – The famous physicist, shown in the movie Interstellar. He is portrayed as an intelligent scientist trying to solve the gravity equation.

13. Schrödinger – The famous Australian Physicist who won a Nobel prize for his work in quantum theory. Yeah, we know that it’s going to a bit difficult to pronounce but it would be fun!

14. Granger – Yes, Hermione Granger the intelligent young witch who knows all the answers in the Harry Potter series.

15. Dave – Dave is an intelligent Penguin that researchers from the USA studied for years. Dave was found to remember the faces of humans that he had met.

16. Dr. Penguin – Doesn’t Dr. Penguin seems to be a nice name?

17. Banner – Yeah, Dr. Banner A.K.A Hulk from the Marvel comic world. He is supposed to be the best when it comes to Gamma radiations. If you love comics, Banner is going to be a nice name.


30 Superhero names for your Penguins

Yeah, we know that penguins are no superheroes or ferocious fighters. In fact, some penguins are found to be quite aggressive too. But let us forget all that, and have a look at the 25 superhero name for your penguins we have compiled in this section.

18. Bruce Wayne

19. Hercules

20. Hulk

21. Kurt

22. Jene Grey

23. Mysterio

24. Mystique

25. Magneto

26. Cyclops

27. Thor

28. Captain

29. Bucky

30. Juggernaut

31. Flash

32. Natasha

33. Falcon

34. Hawk Eye

35. Dr. Strange

36. Aquaman

37. Whiplash

38. Wanda

39. Robin

40. Green Arrow

41. Panther

42. Peter Parker

43. Gambit

44. Air Bender

45. Master Shifu

46. Deadpool


25 Cool names for boy penguin – male penguin names

boy penguin names


If you are having a hard time figuring out some cool names for your penguin, this list is for you.

In this section, we have compiled a list of 22 super cool names for your male penguin that can make them stand out of the pack.

47. Erza

48. Tai Lung

49. Master Oogway

50. Selda

51. Zimba

52. Lennon

53. Dimitri

54. Nayana

55. Ayana

56. Roxanne

57. Rocky

58. Balboa

59. Ethan

60. Pitbull

61. Deckard

62. Hobbes

63. Torreto

64. Eddy

65. Bryan

66. Turbo

67. Kane

68. Jerrico

69. Rambo

70. Rocky


25 Cool names for girl penguin – female penguin names

girl penguin names

This list is for those who want to find out some good names for female penguins. Let’s get going

71. Bella

72. Emma

73. Cindy

74. Amanda

75. Natalie

76. Dexy

77. Maya

78. Mattilda

79. Belinda

80. Alexa

81. Zabeth

82. Judy

83. Maggie

84. Kate

85. Isabelle

86. Pringle

87. Lizzy

88. Puppy

89. Skyler

90. Kiki

91. Fiona

92. Cat woman

93. Emily

94. Romanoff


15 names for penguins inspired from food & drinks

Naming a pet after a favorite food Item is gaining a lot of popularity in the pet world. Most of the pet owners that we know of are giving their news pets such names. They say that they want to break all conventions while naming a pet.

If you are planning to follow their path and give your pets names inspired by food, this section is for you. Here we have compiled a list of 10 names that are inspired by food & drinks.

95. Toffee

96. Chocolate

97. Pepsi

98. Margherita

99. Coffee

100. Snack

101. Applepie

102. Candy

103. Laddu

104. Mojito

105. Barbecue

106. Drunken Soldier

107. Red Neck

108. Honey Badger

109. Ecstasy


22 Baby Penguins Names

110. Jr. Penguin

111. Peanut

112. Teeny

113. Smallapi

114. Munchkin

115. Copper

116. Pepper

117. Pearl

118. Mr. Tiny

119. Mrs. Weeny

120. Penguin Little

121. Shorty

122. Beed

123. Cheeku

124. Nibbles

125. Tom

126. Junior

127. Mr. Small

128. Mrs. Little

129. Puppy

130. Baby

131. Scrappy

Also check out our article on Cute Baby Penguin Photos, Videos, and Facts.


25 Funny Penguin Names

132. Mr. Penguin

133. Dj Penguin

134. Knot

135. Clumsy

136. Agent Pingu

137. Lupin

138. Boogieman

139. Panda

140. Arthur

141. Po

142. Shifu

143. Tigress

144. Mantle

145. Guitar

146. Uke

147. Raksha

148. Happiness

149. Shaggy

150. Scooby

151. Rolly

152. Squeaky

153. Ecstasy

154. Macho

155. Pingu

156. Whitey