115 Cute and Funny Camel Names

Also known as ships of the desert, camels have been domesticated for thousands of years for many reasons.

There are two types of camels, dromedary (one hump) and Bactrian (two humps). Camels are found in desert lands such as the Middle East, Sahara Desert, and Southwestern Asia.

Fun Camel Facts

1. Did you know that camels are well adapted to withstand the harsh desert climate and high temperatures? Here are some of the unique ways camels are adapted for the desert.

2. The fur-lined ears to filter out dust, sand, or any other residues that may enter the ear canal.

3. Thick and bushy eyebrows which act as a shade against the scorching sun.

4. A double row of extra-long and curly eyelashes to prevent sand and dust particles from entering the eyes.

5. Minimal perspiration, hence body fluids are retained to prevent water loss.

6. Tough, leathery skin patches on the knees and chest. These help to minimize friction from sand when the camel is resting or rising.

7. The hairy body which keeps the camel cool.

8. When threatened, they will spit out saliva and stomach content on the threat.

9. They have the ability to shut their nostrils to keep off sand.
10. Wide, pad-like feet which spread when the camel is walking. This prevents the camel from sinking beneath the sand and also prevents injuries.

11. The humps are used to store fat which comes in handy when there is food or water scarcity.

12. Camels have long, strong legs to enable them to sustain balance when walking.

It is easier to own a camel if you live in natural habitats of camels.

However, if you desire to own one, it is better to confirm your state’s laws on pets. Other close relatives of camels that are popular as pets are llamas and alpacas.

If you have a pet camel and are wondering what to name it, read on.

You have plenty of options to choose from since camel names can be derived from different angles.

Let’s start with some Arabic camel names, shall we?


Educative Arabic Camel Names

Arabic Camel Names

Camels are popular among the Arabs in North Africa as well as the Middle East. It turns out that they have hundreds of different ways of naming camels. Check them out.


5 Camel Names Based On Origin

  1. Al Sudaniyat – Sudanese camels
  2. Al Omaniyat – from Oman
  3. Al Mahajim – tall camels from Saudi Arabia
  4. Al Muhajjanat – crossbred camels from different origins
  5. Al Mahaliyat orra’iyat al dar – local camels


5 Camel Names Based On How They Drink Water

  1. Al-Ghab – camels which drink after every two days
  2. Al-Maqameh – camels which don’t drink as a result of pain
  3. Al-Melwah – camels with an unquenchable thirst
  4. Al-Riffah – camels which drink water at any time
  5. Al-Salouf – a camel leader who directs others to drink


20 Other Arabic Camel Names

  1. Al-Jamal Al Dhukur – a male camel
  2. Al-Unthaa – female camel
  3. Al-Tifl – baby camel
  4. Al-Jdhour – a female camel which gives frothy milk
  5. Al-Nhous – a female camel which refuses to be milked
  6. Al-Harib – a female camel which leads the way and walks in front of others
  7. Al-Hyaj Qafl – a male camel (stallion) with a lean stomach that is ready to mate
  8. Al-Aqlu – camels which eat anything on their way
  9. Al-Jafool – a fearful camel
  10. Al-Khalifa – a female camel with a calf of fewer than six months
  11. Al-Kbout – feet-tromping camels
  12. Al-Shroud – an elusive camel
  13. Al-Sharif – an aged, docile camel
  14. Al-Haml – camels which wander and get separated from others
  15. Al-Qalissa – mature camels which train younger calves
  16. Al-Jabbar – strong, mighty camels
  17. Al-Shaheen – superior camels
  18. Hawm – a group of 1,000 camels
  19. Dhawd – a group of 3-10 camels
  20. Laila – a group of 300 camels


13 Funny Camel Names

Funny Camel Names

If you are not in for the above Arabic tongue twisters, don’t worry. Here are some funny camel names you can choose instead.

  1. Humpy-dumpy: Quite suitable for your humped pet.
  2. Toesy: The two flat toes of a camel really stand out. Toesy would be an ideal pet name.
  3. Sandy: From spending time in sandy deserts, Sandy is quite an appropriate name.
  4. Hump: Hey, look at my hump! Do you like it?
  5. Cammy: Hi there Miss. Cammy? Are you a camel by any chance?
  6. Dromy: I can see my one-humped Dromy strolling over there!
  7. Camelot: All hail, king Camelot! Master of the dunes!
  8. Caramel: The scorching sun is no match for a camel’s caramel skin!
  9. Carma: I don’t know about you, but Carma over here needs some water.
  10. Backy: My back hurts! Humans can be heartless! Placing load upon load on my poor back!
  11. Camille: A perfect gift for my good friend.
  12. Leggy: Hey! Check out my l-o-o-o-o-n-g legs. I can catwalk!
  13. Hunchback: Oh yeah! It just started growing on its own! There is nothing much I can do about it.


50 Cute Baby Camel Names

Cute Baby Camel Names

These adorable names will melt your heart anytime. Use them for your cute little camel pet.

  1. Caddie
  2. Browny
  3. Dodo
  4. Emma
  5. Chico
  6. Cherry
  7. Teeny toe
  8. Smiley
  9. Cami
  10. Carmel
  11. Fluffy
  12. Tally
  13. Lanky
  14. Bitsy
  15. Lil’ Caramel
  16. Desert Ninja
  17. Squishy
  18. Tinkly
  19. Spitz
  20. Carl
  21. Fuzzy
  22. Herby
  23. Tacky
  24. Spitfire
  25. Alpaca
  26. Spitball
  27. Beast
  28. Milky
  29. Joe camel
  30. Snouty
  31. Lashy
  32. Drome
  33. Majesty
  34. Kiddo
  35. Doe
  36. Lippy
  37. Pur
  38. Hoofy
  39. Nibbly
  40. Lil’ Hump
  41. Chewy
  42. Homey
  43. Cama
  44. Knobly
  45. Curdy
  46. Bellow
  47. Tooty
  48. Dora
  49. Tuf
  50. Calfy


22 Funny Camel Names Based On Their Characteristics


  1. Spitzy: Camels are well known for spitting. This is a defense mechanism whenever they encounter threats or aggression.
  2. Miss. Long: Who can dispute a camel’s extra-long legs? Did you know that the long legs not only help in balance, they also keep the camel from being close to the hot ground, hence minimizes perspiration?
  3. Tufty: Camels have tufted tails which help in reducing the surface area of exposed skin. They also help to brush off sand and dust.
  4. Tootly teats: Unlike most mammals with two teats, camels have four teats.
  5. Molty: Camels undergo annual molting of hair. They shed and grow hair every year. Camels also have hairy ears, nostrils, and eyes which act as a buffer against sand and dust.
  6. Paddy: Some major outstanding features in a camel are the padded feet. The broad hooves give them stability when walking on the sand.
  7. Slitzy: Camels have slit-like nostrils as well as upper lips. A camel is able to close its nostrils to prevent dust from penetrating.
  8. Crispy: Did you know that camel dung is usually dry? This is important to minimize water loss in the body.
  9. Mr. Bony: Camels have a lean body. Another bony structure in a camel is the bony arch where eyebrows are. This arch shields the camel from the sun.
  10. Mr. Cool: Camels are able to remain cool despite the excruciating heat in deserts. This is made possible by the presence of fewer sweat glands compared to other animals. Their internal organs like the kidneys and intestines are also designed to eradicate less water content.
  11. Conky: Camels are synonymous with excreting highly concentrated urine. This is important to minimize water loss.
  12. Curvy: Have you ever noticed that camels have long, curvy necks?
  13. Fluffy: Camel’s hair or fur is highly valuable. It is used in the manufacture of luxury coats, designer bags as well as rugs.
  14. Doc: Camel milk is highly popular due to its medicinal value as well as nutritional value. Communities that domesticate camels swear by the milk’s ability to heal respiratory illnesses like Tuberculosis. Camel milk is thought to contain thrice the number of Vitamins as cow milk.
  15. Glutton: Camels are not fussy eaters. You will encounter them happily munching on just about everything at their disposal.
  16. Mr. Tank: An interesting fact about camels is their ability to consume gallons and gallons of water at a go. This is an adaptation mechanism that is necessary for the harsh desert climate. Camels can, therefore, go for several days without consuming water.
  17. Hump: An obvious trait is a hump. Contrary to popular belief, the hump is not a water reservoir as such. It stores fat that the camel can use when there is little food.
  18. Sturdy: Camels are real survivors. They can go for several months without food or water, without getting lethargic or sick.
  19. Miss. Greeny: Camels are herbivorous, hence you will not find them scavenging on meat or carcasses.
  20. Graceful: Have you ever seen a camel walk? A camel will walk in a steady motion, moving both legs on one side and then the other side.
  21. Windshield: How appropriate for this ship of the desert. A camel’s physique is made to withstand the strong desert winds.
  22. Yummy: Have you ever tasted camel meat? Well, me neither. However, camel is a real delicacy among the communities which keep them. Roast camel meat is popular on special occasions like weddings. The hump is said to be the most delicious part. Baby camels are also tastier than mature ones.


Conclusion: Cute and Funny Camel Names

Camel, camel, camel! Plenty can be said about these ships of the desert. In case you are lucky to own one or several, enjoy studying their characteristics and you will get inspired to name your camel based on the various traits or even in Arabic.

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