241 Cute and Famous Dolphin Names

Dolphin Names

It’s safe to say that dolphins are amongst the most adored animals, and what’s better than having the best names for these wonderful and friendly creatures? Here, we will explore the top options when it comes to naming dolphins.

Now the task at hand may seem easy, but that’s far from the truth. With so many names available, how can we choose the right one? That’s where we come in.

We’ve categorized names and set you up to find the perfect name for your dolphin. Although you won’t be able to have one as a pet, unless you are the owner of an aquarium or zoo, it’s perfectly fine to look for great names to give your dolphin if you were able to get one! We will begin with names that are cute.


Cute Names For Dolphins

Dolphins are adorable animals, so it’s only fitting to give them a cute name. Listed below are 15 of the cutest names to give a dolphin!

  1. Star – Dolphins are huge hits when it comes to seeing animals, so they can be considered amongst the stars of the animal kingdom.
  2. Chirp – Everyone’s familiar with dolphin noises, and Chirp is a great name for a dolphin who loves to communicate.
  3. Clicker – Similar to the aforementioned name, Clicker refers to the sounds that dolphins make.
  4. Fin – Dolphins have fins on their backs, and it can even be their name. Short and cute, just like their actual fin!
  5. Cuddly – Perfect for the super friendly dolphin!
  6. Happy – Ideal for the dolphin who is always in a good mood!
  7. Lazy – For the dolphin who’s less active than his friends.
  8. Bubbles – Cute name for any sea animal!
  9. Kisser – Dolphins often pop up and out of the water of their aquarium to give kisses to their human visitors, so what better name for a dolphin who loves to smooch his adoring fans!
  10. Jumper – For the dolphin who’s constantly jumping out of the water to give people some extraordinary pictures!
  11. Jumpy – Similar to the name above, Jumpy is great for dolphin who’s constantly jumping up and out of the water.
  12. Trickster – Reserved for the most talented performer!
  13. Hops – This name is extremely suitable for the dolphins that get major air time when jumping out the water.
  14. Hopster – Another suitable name for a dolphin who spends a large amount of time flying in and out of the water to greet people and let them get some great pictures!
  15. Agape – We can all agree we absolutely adore dolphins, so what better name for a dolphin than the Greek word for love!


Famous Dolphin Names

There may not be many famous dolphins out there, but the names listed below are the ones that made it to the big screen!

  1. Flipper – The absolute perfect name for an active dolphin, as they are known for doing acrobatic tricks in water. Three TV series featured a dolphin named Flipper, so it’s a very popular name for dolphins under the spotlight!
  2. Snorky – In a Simpsons episode called “Night of the Dolphin”, we see a dolphin at Springfield’s Marine World doing tricks and stunts in front of a crowd. The episode takes a dramatic turn, which sees Snorky talking and commanding an army of dolphins.
  3. Alpha – In the movie “The Day of the Dolphin”, Alpha is the name of one of the two dolphins that are subject to an experiment, and later a kidnapping, in an effort to train them to carry out an assassination. It is also the first letter of the Greek alphabet.
  4. Beta – From the aforementioned movie, Beta is the name of the other dolphin. It is also the second letter of the Greek alphabet.
  5. Snowflake – The movie starring Jim Carey called “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective”, features the Miami Dolphins mascot, a dolphin named Snowflake. The mascot goes missing and Jim Carey’s character needs to find him.


Good Dolphin Names

Good Dolphin Names

Below are a group of names that would suit any dolphin, overall very solid and interesting names.

  1. Aqua
  2. Summer
  3. Buddy
  4. Azul (male)
  5. Azula (female)
  6. Ocean
  7. Oceana
  8. Captain
  9. Pirate
  10. Crystal
  11. Destiny
  12. Sparkle
  13. Aquamarine
  14. Blue
  15. Blueberry
  16. Odessa
  17. Queen
  18. Princess
  19. Sunshine
  20. Hotshot
  21. Paradise
  22. Delphine
  23. Mermaid
  24. Santorini
  25. Mykonos
  26. Aegean
  27. Aegeus
  28. Samos
  29. Chios
  30. Lemnos
  31. Naxos
  32. Kos
  33. Paros
  34. Milos
  35. Karpathos
  36. Skyros
  37. Delos
  38. Hydra
  39. Andros
  40. Leros
  41. Psara
  42. Aegina
  43. Thasos
  44. Amorgos
  45. Kasos
  46. Spetses
  47. Serifos
  48. Antiparos
  49. Alonnisos
  50. Keros
  51. Ios
  52. Syros
  53. Zakynthos
  54. Xenios
  55. Bella


Discovery Cove Dolphin Names

Discovery Cove is a theme park where people can interact with a large number of marine species, including bottlenose dolphins! We’ve put together a list of the names that the people over at Discovery Cove have given their dolphins.

  1. Dixie
  2. Hutch
  3. Starsky
  4. Akai
  5. Lester
  6. Oscar
  7. Copper
  8. Rascal
  9. Maria
  10. Hayley
  11. Capricorn
  12. Diego
  13. CJ
  14. Scarlet
  15. Tyler
  16. Bossa
  17. Latoya
  18. Sharky
  19. Goofy
  20. Astra
  21. Thelma
  22. Kendall
  23. Yoko
  24. Rose
  25. Natalie
  26. Clipper
  27. Roxy
  28. Madison
  29. Coral
  30. Kaylee
  31. Dot
  32. Aries
  33. Stella
  34. Calypso
  35. Maui
  36. Frankie
  37. Catalina
  38. Nueces
  39. Gala
  40. Luna
  41. Kailani
  42. Brigg
  43. Kyla
  44. Soleil
  45. Ipanema
  46. Aurora
  47. Starla
  48. Bimini
  49. Finn
  50. Gertrude
  51. Sparrow
  52. Prim
  53. Isadora
  54. Reef
  55. Skye
  56. Eden
  57. Kona
  58. Titan
  59. Lola


Barbie Dolphin Magic Names

Barbie Dolphin Names

The famous Barbie film series featured a movie in which there were dolphins called gemstone dolphins. Barbie and her crew visited a tropical resort, where they eventually encounter the dolphins.

  1. Emerald (green)
  2. Topaz (red)
  3. Ruby (pink)
  4. Amethyst (purple)


Funny Dolphin Names

The list below is a compilation of comical names to give a dolphin.

  1. Kisame – Japanese for “demon shark”. Funny name considering how loving and cute dolphins are.
  2. Leonidas (or Leo) – A Greek general who was feared by all, Leonidas would be a funny name to give a male dolphin.
  3. Jack Sparrow – Everyone has heard of Captain Jack Sparrow! The famous pirate from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean ruled the seas, and would definitely make for a funny dolphin name, especially for young fans.
  4. Mushu – Naming a dolphin after a small dragon is quite amusing, especially since the character from the movie Mulan puts a smile on people’s faces, just like a dolphin does!


Male Dolphin Names

The names below are great for male dolphins, either for their underlying meaning or the simple greatness of the person whom the name originated from.

  1. Okeanos – The name of a Greek Titan, God of the ocean-steam and freshwater.
  2. Poseidon – Named after the Greek God of the ocean, a dolphin named Poseidon is extremely fitting.
  3. Odysseus – The hero of Homer’s epic poem the Odyssey, Odysseus spent 10 years at sea following the Trojan War. Having upset Poseidon, the god of the seas, Odysseus had an extremely hard time making his way home to the island of Ithaca.
  4. Hercules – The Greek hero Hercules was one of the strongest and most feared characters of Greek mythology, a great name for a male dolphin.
  5. Alexander the Great – Amongst the greatest generals to have ever lived, the Greek leader conquered and led a vast empire.
  6. Achilles – A name inspired by arguably the best Greek soldier to have ever existed.
  7. Kobe – In honor of one of the greatest ever basketball players, who inspired so many people in sports and in day to day life.
  8. Thor – Norse God and superhero, Thor is a great name for a male dolphin.
  9. Loki – Dolphins are extremely intelligent creatures, so naming a dolphin after the Norse God of mischief isn’t a bad idea.
  10. Einstein – Einstein possessed one of the greatest minds, so why not name a smart animal like a dolphin after him.
  11. Natsu – Japanese for “born in summer”, Natsu is a fantastic name for a dolphin, due to how they love the warm weather.


That’s our comprehensive list of the best names for a dolphin!

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