Dreams About Dolphins: Meaning And Interpretation

Dreams about dolphins meaning and interpretation

With their curved mouths that give them a permanent smile, dolphins are among the most adorable creatures in the ocean. There are over 36 recognized dolphin species distributed in all the oceans of the world. But what do these crustaceans mean spiritually?

Most of the ancient as well as contemporary cultures believe dolphins to be a lucky charm. These mammals represent happiness, virtue, humor, willpower, and courtesy. They are free spirits of the ocean that inspire the same freedom and purity in us.

In this article, we will talk at length about what does it mean to dream of dolphins, along with the interpretation of common dolphin dreams.

What do Dolphins symbolize?

What do Dolphins symbolize

We all know that dolphins are beautiful creatures, but what do they symbolize to us? Let’s find out:


For many centuries, the sailors have believed dolphins’ sightings to be a good omen for their voyages.

The reason behind it is that dolphins are extremely friendly with humans and have been witnessed to protect humans from shark attacks in many instances. Therefore, they symbolize protection for us.



If you have ever seen dolphins for real, you would already know why they are associated with the symbolism of grace.

They have been blessed with a sleek form that helps them move effortlessly and gracefully in the water. To watch them swim or glide in the water bodies is a sight to behold.


What does it mean to see a dolphin in your dreams?

Seeing a dolphin in your dreams

As we have already mentioned, dolphins are widely believed to be a positive symbol. However, if you have dreamt of them, the more details you can remember, the better. It is because these details help you to comprehend the true meaning of your dream.

Take a look at the following dreams and see any of them matches with yours:

A Dolphin in water

Water is the natural habitat of the dolphins, which is why most people when they dream of dolphins, see them in water. Such a dream has a positive interpretation, as well. To have these dreams is a sign that you are about to meet new people and expand your social circle shortly.

A flying Dolphin

Although dolphins can’t fly, seeing them fly in your dream has an important symbolic meaning. Seeing such a dream is a sign that a child buried deep down within you wants to come to the surface. It means that you should try to loosen up a little bit and enjoy the good things in life.

Two Dolphins playing together

Any dream that involves two dolphins is symbolic of your love life. If you dream of them playing together, it is a good sign. It means that you and your partner have love and understanding in your relationship, and in the coming time, both of you will experience great times together.

A Dolphin biting or attacking you

Dolphins are peace-loving mammals that are usually keen on maintaining a cordial relationship with humans. There are rare events of them attacking humans, and even then, they mostly head-butt them or lash out with their tails; biting is even rarer.

However, dreaming of a dolphin attacking has a positive interpretation. Such a dream signifies that you are prepared to do all it takes to achieve your goal. With such determination, you are bound to attain success.

A Dolphin swimming with Sharks

Sharks are one of the major predators of dolphins. Therefore, dreaming of them swimming together is a rather ominous dream. Such a dream is a sign that you might be surrounded by troublesome people determined to bring you down. With such threats around you, you should be more careful about your actions.

Whales and Dolphins swimming together

Dreaming of whales and dolphins swimming together has quite the opposite meaning of dreaming of them with sharks. This is because whales do not eat dolphins. The only whales that are known to eat dolphins are the Killer Whales, which aren’t true whales but belong to the dolphin family.

If you see whales and dolphins swimming together in your dream, we have good news for you. Such a dream conveys that you can be carefree because an authoritative figure is watching over you and protecting you.

A jumping Dolphin

Seeing a jumping dolphin in your dream signifies good health. If you have such a dream, it means that any sickness or ailment that you’re suffering from right now will soon be healed.

A Dolphin jumping in the water under the full moon

This is a particular dream that is likely to come to you only if you’re a woman, for it has feminine implications. Such a dream is a symbol of your femininity and attraction. If you dream of this, it means that you’re in touch with your feminine side and are aware of how attractive you are in the eyes of men.

A sick or injured Dolphin

Dreaming of a sick or injured dolphin has negative implications. Such a dream is an indication that the path you’re currently on might be flawed. It is a message for you to re-evaluate your position and make alternations if required.

A Dying Dolphin

Seeing a dying dolphin in your dream is not a good sign. It signifies your despair about the people around you, not understanding you.

A Dead Dolphin

If you see a dead dolphin in your dream, it means that you have either lost connection with someone you cared a great deal about, or you are going to soon.

A baby Dolphin

Baby dolphins are too young to take care of themselves and need nourish and protection from someone they can depend on. Dreaming of them signifies that you seek the care of someone you can count on, i.e., your parents, elder siblings, relatives, or spouse.

A happy Dolphin

Dreaming of a seemingly happy dolphin has two implications, both of which are positive. First, it is indicative of the fact that good things are about to come into your life. Moreover, it is a sign that you should be grateful for all that you have.

A giant Dolphin

If a giant dolphin comes to your dream, it is a sign that you’ve been too occupied with friends and colleagues lately and need to take a break and have some quality me-time.

Several Dolphins

If you encounter several dolphins in your dream, they might be trying to tell you that your social circle is going to expand soon. All the people you will meet in the near future will be friendly, genuine, and fun to be around.

Riding a Dolphin

Riding on a dolphin in the ocean is symbolic of optimism. It is also indicative of your larger-than-life dreams. If you have such a dream, it means that you are now prepared to climb higher on the ladder of success.

Riding a dolphin is also an indication that you are at the best stage of your life, where you are popular in your social circle, your friends and colleague respect you, and you have earned the admiration of those who look up to you.

Petting a Dolphin

If you see yourself petting or touching a dolphin in your dream, it is a sign that you are not putting all your mental efforts into the task at hand, and must try harder.

Feeding a Dolphin

Feeding a dolphin in a dream has a positive interpretation. Such a dream indicates that you are about to impress the people around you by displaying your mental prowess and talents.

Playing with a Dolphin

Dreaming of playing with a dolphin is an indication that you have a great opportunity ahead of you but need to use your intellect to grab it.

Killing a Dolphin

If you see yourself killing a dolphin in your dream, it is a sign that you’re either about to undergo a bitter fight with one of your friends or your friendship with someone close to you is about to end.

Eating a Dolphin

Dolphins are adorable creatures, and eating them is a rather unpleasant idea. To see such a thing in your dream has a negative interpretation. It is a warning that you are about to get into an ugly quarrel with someone very close to you.

Making eye contact with a Dolphin

Making eye contact with a dolphin in your dream is symbolic of physical and emotional attraction. It means that you’re attracted to someone but lack the courage to confess to them.

Watching Dolphins in the water

If in your dream, you see dolphins in the water while you’re standing on the shore, it is symbolic of your desire to attain the freedom of spirit and mind.

Swimming with the Dolphins

Dreaming of swimming with the dolphins is a dream full of positive implications. It is a sign that your future is bright and full of opportunities. All you need to do is sit back and let good things happen to you.

Losing sight of a Dolphin

Dreaming of losing sight of a dolphin has a negative interpretation. If you see such a dream, you feel guilt and grief for letting someone close go. If there’s any chance that you could salvage your relationship, you should try to communicate with them and fix it.

A Dolphin carrying you

Dreaming of a dolphin carrying you is symbolic of unselfish help. Seeing such a dream indicates that you are about to receive help unexpected help from someone without giving them anything in return.

Talking to a Dolphin

Talking to a dolphin in your dream is a significant dream. If you see such a dream, you should try to remember what you talk about, since it could mean communication between your conscious and subconscious mind.

Being friends with a Dolphin

If you see yourself making friends with a Dolphin in your dreams, it is a sign that you are about to make friends with someone you never considered to be a potential friend. Moreover, this unusual friendship will bring you immense pleasure.

Saving a Dolphin

If you find yourself saving a dolphin in your dream is a sign that you might need to save a friendship or relationship that is very important in the near future.

Chasing a Dolphin

Chasing a dolphin in your dream is indicative of your solitary nature. If you see such a dream, it means that it is time for you to break the monotony of your life. You are ready to socialize more to be able to develop a meaningful connection with people.


Spiritual meanings of Dolphins based on their color

When you dreamt of Dolphins, did you notice what color its body was? It might come as a surprise to many, but the color of the Dolphin in your dream can say a lot about its spiritual meaning. Let’s find out what the following colors might indicate:

A white Dolphin

White is believed to be the purest of all colors and is symbolic of divinity and nobility. If you dream of a white dolphin, it is a sign that a divine spirit guides you. Any new journey you begin now will certainly be fruitful for you.

A black Dolphin

Black is believed to be the antithesis of white in every possible manner and symbolizes darkness and ignorance. Therefore, dreaming of a black dolphin has a negative implication. It means that the path you’re currently treading is flawed, and you must not move forward on it.

A pink Dolphin

Pink is the color of happy emotions such as love, affection, joy, and warmth. Pink dolphins come to your dream to remind you of all how loved and appreciated you are. Dreaming of them might also be the foretelling that you are about to find someone who will make you feel adored.


Conclusion: Dreams about Dolphins

To sum it up, let’s revise everything we know about dolphin symbolism; they are associated with symbols such as purity, freedom of spirit, grace, virtue, and joy.

To see these mammals in your dream is usually a positive sign but could also have a negative interpretation, depending upon the nature of the dream.

Wow, you really made it to the end! Thank you so much for reading our article. We hope that our piece was able to help you clear up all your confusion and give you the dolphin dream meaning that you were looking for.

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