Do Poodles Like to Play Fetch?

Do Poodles Like to Play Fetch

Poodles are cute little furry darlings. Famous for their multiple hairstyles and soft fur, poodles are energetic and active dogs. They look very classy and maintain an elegant posture. They are known for their intelligence and belong to the pool of smart dogs.

So, do poodles like to play fetch? Yes, poodles love to play fetch. One of the reasons that this breed is so popular and endeared by many is that poodles are great service dogs. They like to please their owners and are very loyal to them. Apart from that, poodles are quite active and intelligent. They are quick to train and can perform well with instructions.

Read further to find out why poodles love to play fetch and how they can be trained for the same!


How Do I Train My Poodle To Play Fetch?

Training poodles is not only a piece of cake but also quite fun. Their happy faces and energy are contagious, and they will definitely give you a good laugh.

They are perfectionists, and they love to impress. Grace comes naturally to them, and they look beautiful with a nice haircut.

There are many ways to train a dog. Fortunately, with poodles, you won’t have to put a lot of effort into it.


Keep Them Engaged

Since poodles have a sharp brain and high energy, they like to stay occupied. The best way to keep them happy is to keep them engaged in some activity. They crave a good game that exercises not only their body but also their brain.

Saying that poodles love to play fetch an understatement. They see it as a reward more than an exercise, and fetch can even be used as bait later on when you want to teach them other tricks.


Time To Reward Your Poodle!

The first step to training poodles or any dog breed for that matter is to find what motivates and intrigues them.

Some dogs like biscuits as treats while a few like chunks of meat. Pick your dog’s favorite treat use it as a reward. Now to further stimulate their excitement, use their favorite toy.

The best advice is to not rush into things. Your dog will learn how to fetch the ball or newspaper eventually, but you have to remain patient and start off with the basics.


Make Use Of Instructions

Use instructive words like “Sit,” “Fetch,” “Get it here,” so they understand your medium of instruction. Once you start training them, focus on the small victories and successes.

Poodles have a sensitive personality, and if you punish or scold them from the beginning, they might start disliking the sport. So, make sure you keep rewarding them and appreciating their efforts.

You can use voice modulation to let them know the difference between instruction, praise, and punishment.

To get them started, you can call their name in excitement or clap your hands. This will encourage them and let them know you are ready to play. When they fetch and get the toy back, make sure you pet them!


Raise The Bar At The Right Time

Now once they get the hang of it and start performing to your expectations, you can train them for other tricks. Raise the bar and give additional instructions. You can experiment a little and change the object you want them to fetch.

For example, if you want to train them to pick a magazine up, then start using a magazine for fetch. Make sure you use the word “magazine” so the next time you want your poodle to grab one from the doorstep, he/she understands.

These are a few basic tips and tricks you can follow to get your poodle to play fetch and do other tricks. As mentioned before, poodles are quite friendly and loyal. They obey their owners and like to flaunt their skills.


What Makes Poodles Great Service Dogs?

Being immaculate service dogs, poodles have been employed by many. They have jobs like that of assisting a disabled person, being guide and therapy dogs, and much more.

They are one of the most popular breeds to take part in competitions since they are quick learners and follow instructions firmly. 


Poodles Are Attentive And Obedient

They maintain a good habit of listening to instructions and delivering. One of the oldest breeds they have been employed for jobs for ages now. These dogs not only carry themselves with charm and grace but are also very well mannered.

They are barely mischievous; however, they love a good run. Poodles are quite active dogs. Exercise and athletics suit them well as they are filled with energy.


They Were Bred To Be Water Dogs

An interesting thing to note is that the word poodles comes from the word “puddles,” which means shallow water holes. Now the reason this breed is named after water is that they were bred to be water dogs.

They are especially affectionate towards the water and are always up for a good swim.

Their body type and structure allow them to swim well and with skill. Their fur is designed to protect them in cold waters and help them swim more smoothly.


Poodles Are Smart Dogs

They are quite obedient and love to do tricks. They can easily be taught to play fetch. They like to play and are quite agile. They move fast and are vigorous in nature.

Poodles can easily be trained to not only fetch but also perform other tricks. You can ask them to fetch you a newspaper, your jacket, or even bounce a ball on their noses.


They Are Compliant And Dutiful

Once they are comfortable with their owners, they will listen to them in one go. This breed of dogs is very responsible and alert as well.

This is one of the reasons they are used as guide and assistance dogs.

They have their eyes and ears open at all times and have a very sharp memory.


What Makes Poodles Fun To Play Fetch With?

Poodles are very kind and amiable dogs. They are quite playful and jumpy. They love being around people and try their best to impress others.

This is one of the reasons they are a bit sensitive. They don’t like to be rebuked and get restless and might lose interest.

The best way to keep them engaged and cheerful is by giving them tasks or playing with them. They are outdoorsy, and keeping them in an apartment might not be the best option.


Poodles Are A Perfect, Fun Breed

What makes this breed so enjoyable and a delight to play with is first that they are incredibly gentle and fun to be around. You can leave them with kids or even other animals, and they won’t get cranky.

The second is that this breed is quite intelligent and cautious. Not only will they swoon you with their wit and joyful nature, but also make you feel safe and protected.

At last, these dogs are beautiful. The various hairstyles you can try on them will never fail to make you smile.


Poodles Don’t Shed Much

A less known fact is that poodles don’t have fur; they have hair. This means that they don’t shed any fur, so you don’t have to be worried about their fur being all over the furniture and bed.

They have hair that doesn’t shed or fall that easily unless they are going through major body changes like in humans. This makes playing fetch even indoors easier as you don’t have to be stressed about fur flying all around the house.


Swim, Play, And Fetch- All At Once!

Another fun activity that you can try with your poodle is swimming. This breed was meant for water. They can swim really well and will have a gala time in the pool.

You can play fetch with them even in the pool. Not only will they have their best time, but it will also be a joy for you to be around them.

You can train them to perform water tricks and even teach them how to rescue. They are quite efficient with their limbs and snout since they are so agile.

It won’t take much effort to teach them how to carry the water tube in and out of the pool. The entire concept of fetching the tube remains the same.


Conclusion: Do Poodles Like to Play Fetch?

Poodles are a bundle of joy. Owned by many and loved by all, this breed has always been big on the fun and quirky scoreboard for dogs. They have very good instincts and are quite protective of their owners as well. You will be awed by them from the very first day.

Poodles’ sweet eyes, soft nature, and string bodies make the perfect combination. These breeds are brilliant in almost every sense. With high intellect and childlike energy, they know how to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

To answer your question, yes, poodles do like to play fetch. It is their favorite game and pastime.

If you are in a fix and don’t know how to cheer your poodle up, then playing fetch is the most promising road you can go down.

Poodles will happily get you things and listen to you as long as they know they are going to be rewarded for it. All you have to do is give them an incentive, and they are all yours.

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