Can Poodles Eat Apples?

Can Poodles Eat Apples

Apple is probably the tastiest fruit on this planet and who wouldn’t want to take a bite from this delicious fruit, right? Apples are not just tasty; they are also rich in fibers, vitamin c, antioxidants, and other vital nutrients, making them an ideal healthy snack!

Not just humans, even your cute little poodle would want to have a bite of the fruit. But is it safe for them? Can poodles eat apples?

If they can, how many apples can they have? These are some of the common questions that most poodle owners have. Now let’s go find answers to them.

So, can poodles eat apples? Yes, poodles can eat apples in limited quantities. Being rich in vital nutrients and antioxidants, apples can be a tasty and healthy snack at the same time. Due to the high nutrient content in apples, it can help boost your poodle’s immunity and eventually give then adequate protection against many diseases and skin allergies.

What makes apple the ideal snack for dogs is the high content of antioxidants in them. These antioxidants in apple can help dogs reduce the oxidative stress and ailments caused by aging.

There are many such interesting benefits of feeding apples to your poodles, which we will discuss in the coming sections.

Let’s get going!



Is it safe to feed apples to my poodles?

Feeding apples to my poodles

Yeah, apples are perfectly safe to be fed to poodles. As said earlier, apples are rich in nutrients that are vital for the health of Poodles. For instance, apples are a good source of fiber as well as vitamin A and C.

Apart from this, feeding apple slices once in a while can also help in clearing the residue from the teeth of your poodles.

That being said, it is essential to note that apples should not be fed to them as a staple diet owing to two main reasons.

High sugar content in apples

Your poodles do not like apples for their nutrient value or health benefit. Instead, they love apples only for their sweetness.

Yeah, dogs have the same sweet tooth as ours, but unfortunately, sugar can be detrimental to the health of your poodles in ways that you can’t even possibly imagine. Excessive sugar in your poodles’ diet can have long term impacts.

For instance, it can cause obesity, diabetes, and other diseases, which can reduce your canine friend’s lifespan.

It can upset their tummy

Though apples are rich in nutrients, your poodle may not be able to handle apple as a staple diet. Eating apples in excess can sometimes cause digestive disorders. It is always advised to give apples to poodles only as a tasty snack!


Can poodles eat apple peels and seeds?

Can poodles eat apple peels and seeds

Well, it depends on how much peel and seeds they eat. For instance, if they were to eat a few slices of apple with skins, it won’t be a problem.

It is important to understand that the peel of an apple is not toxic, as most people believe it to be. In fact, apple peel is highly nutritious and has a high concentration of Vitamin K, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium, and Potassium in it.

The real culprit is the possible presence of pesticides on the apple peel. Dogs do not have good tolerance against pesticides like we do. It is advised to avoid feeding them apple peels.

Another common misconception is about apple seeds. Most people believe that apple seeds contain cyanide, and it can kill dogs. Though it is correct to an extent, it isn’t like what most people believe it to be.

Apple seeds do not contain hydrogen cyanide as such rather it contains a chemical known as amygdalin. When chewed, the amygdalin in the seed decays to form hydrogen cyanide in minuscule quantities.

But don’t worry, unless your poodle eats 2 pounds of apple in one go, there won’t be any risk of cyanide poisoning.
But it is advised to peel off the skin, remove the seeds and stem of apples before feeding them to poodles to avoid the risk of digestive disorders and choking.


Benefits of feeding apples to poodles

The benefits of feeding apples to poodles are many owing to apple’s high nutritious value. In this section, we will have a look at the benefits of feeding apples to poodles.

Apples are a good source of Vitamins

Poodles are more prone to skin infections and diseases such as seborrhea, which can cause dry, flaky skin or oily skin. Vitamin C in apples can help boost the immunity of poodles, thereby preventing such skin diseases.

Similarly, Vitamin A in apples helps poodles keep their skin soft, silky, and moisturized. Also, Vitamin E in apples has excellent antioxidant properties because of which apples are considered to be an excellent treat for senior poodles.

Apples are rich in dietary fibers

Constipation is common among dogs. Apples being rich in dietary fibers can solve this issue is by giving your poodle plenty of dietary fiber.

Apples are rich in Calcium and Phosphorus

Calcium and Phosphorus are minerals that are vital for dogs, especially for pups, as it plays a vital role in bone and cartilage development and maintenance. Apart from this, it can also help

  • Lower the risk of cancer
  • Improve the digestive process
  • Reduce the risk of bone and joint diseases

Apart from these, apples can come in handy, especially in the case of senior dogs who have to reduce their meaty treats due to protein restrictions.


Are there any side effects of feeding apples to poodles?

Though Apple is good for dogs and is generally safe, there are some possible side effects to it too. As said earlier, apples should only be fed in moderation. Feeding apple in excess of poodles can sometimes cause indigestion.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that you should feed only fresh & thoroughly cleaned apple to your poodles. Feeding them dry apples can cause severe indigestion & diarrhea, always make sure that you only feed them fresh apples.

Apart from these, you must also clean the apple thoroughly and peel off the skin before feeding it to the poodles.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that every dog is different. If you were to start feeding apples to your poodle, start with small quantities.

Look for any allergic reactions or symptoms of indigestion before including apple in the list of treats for your poodle. Also, keep in mind that apples are rich in sugar. Excessive sugar in your poodle’s diet can cause obesity and diabetes.


Can I feed apples to poodle pups?

Well, it depends on the age of the pup. The general rule of thumb is not to feed them an apple or any other fruits until they are 2 to 3 months old. By doing so, you can give the poodle pup enough time to accustom themselves to the new food items.

Once they are three months old, start by introducing small pieces of apples. Make sure that you properly clean the apple, remove the peel, and cut them down into small pieces.

Look for any allergic reactions or signs of indigestion. If everything looks okay, you can start giving apples as an occasional treat to your poodles.

Feeding poodle pups apples has an additional advantage because of the high concentration of calcium and Phosphorus in apple. These minerals are vital for the pups for proper bone and cartilage development.


What are the other fruits that I can feed my poodle?

Apples should only be given to poodles as an occasional treat. In this section, we will have a look at the other fruits that can also be given to them.

  • Bananas – An excellent low calory treat
  • Blueberries – Ideal for senior poodles
  • Cantaloupe – Rich in dietary fibers
  • Cucumber – Ideal for poodles who are overweight
  • Mango – Rich in Vitamin A, B6, C & E.


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