Can Golden Retrievers Eat Watermelons? What about rind and seeds?

Can Golden Retrievers Eat Watermelons

The golden retriever is one of the most popular choices among pet dog owners. It is an exceptionally well-behaved dog that can be trained very well. They are excellent domestic help. They are so adept at their job that they are used for various life-saving jobs. Search and rescue and bomb squads etc. For such a great breed of dogs, the golden retriever also deserves delectable treats from time to time. But owners often wonder whether or not golden retriever can eat watermelons. Are watermelons safe for them?

So, can Golden Retrievers eat watermelon? Yes, Golden Retrievers can eat watermelons and they enjoy it very much. It is one of their favorites when it comes to fruits. The water content of watermelons makes it a great summer treat. It also has excellent health benefits for the energetic golden retrievers. 

They love the taste of the watery fruits in the summer. A Watermelon has many great health benefits for the golden retriever. It is rich in vitamins and many nutrients.

Watermelons are a great boost for the health of the golden retriever. Due to its composition being 92 percent water, the Watermelon is a great way to include liquid content in the golden retriever’s diet.

However, too much of anything can be problematic. Even the watermelon can be harmful to the golden retriever if consumed too much. The rind and seeds can cause serious health hazards.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of feeding watermelon to the golden retriever.


Benefits of feeding watermelon to Golden Retrievers

Feeding watermelon to Golden Retrievers

1. A Watermelon is full of essential vitamins and various nutrients. These include potassium, vitamin A, vitamin B6, and vitamin C. These are beneficial for golden retrievers and all dogs in general.

2. The watermelon is of high fiber content. That is good for the digestive system of a golden retriever.

3. The watermelon contains sugar, which could be problematic. But the fiber content in the watermelon insulates the sugar and slows its release into the stream of blood circulation of the golden retriever.

4. It has a low-calorie and low-sodium level.

5. It is fat and cholesterol-free.

6. These factors make it healthier than most of the store-bought dog treats.

7. The watermelon also contains Lycopene. It is an antioxidant that may be helpful in preventing cancer in the golden retriever.

8. Its composition is 92% water, it is an excellent source of hydration for golden retrievers, who are extremely busy dogs.

9. Lastly, it is a great treat on a hot summer day.


That being said, as mentioned earlier, even the best things can prove fatal if the consumption is too much. The watermelon is no exception to that. If consumed the wrong way or fed too much, it can prove disastrous. Let’s now look at the scenarios where watermelon is not good for Golden Retrievers.


Adverse effects of watermelon related to Golden Retrievers

Adverse effects of watermelon related to Golden Retrievers

So, when is the watermelon not good for golden retrievers?

  • It should not be a large portion of a golden retriever’s diet.
  • Too large portion of Watermelon would lead to stomach aches in golden retrievers.
  • Also, there will be a chance of other gastrointestinal diseases spreading. Diarrhea is one common problem in such cases.
  • Most dogs react poorly to sudden changes in their diets.
  • It is best to give small amounts of watermelon to your golden retriever and observe how they react to it.
  • Too much too soon can lead to severe problems.

These are some cases where watermelon is not a good option for Golden Retrievers. Now let’s take a look at the right way to feed watermelons to Golden Retrievers.


How to feed watermelon to Golden Retrievers

Consulting the veterinarian is the first step to decide the appropriate amount to be fed.

  • Once a diet has been fixed for the dog, the watermelon should be gradually initiated in their diets
  • Make sure you remove the skin, the seeds and the rind of the watermelon before feeding your Golden Retrievers.
  • Small bite-size chunks are the best way to feed your golden retrievers.
  • Frozen bits(only if safe) can be used to make smoothies
  • Mixed with other healthy fruits like blueberry, it can be a great refresher and a healthy option.


What parts of the watermelon are safe for golden retrievers?

This is one of the most important yet most ignored aspects of feeding our dogs. We must know everything about our dog’s feeding habits and activities before introducing anything new to them. Here are some pointers regarding what parts of watermelon are safe for golden retrievers and what parts aren’t.

The seeds – the seeds of watermelon can prove extremely difficult to digest. They can cause blockage of the digestive tract. If the Golden Retriever is of small stature, the intake of Watermelon seeds can be deadlier than if it is a fully grown adult. Young pups are at a greater risk of choking due to multiple seeds being ingested.

The Rind – the rind is also not suitable for eating. Golden Retrievers tend to nibble on the soft inside of the watermelon which is fine. But the rind is extremely difficult to digest and can cause intestinal blockage. Golden retrievers pups have yet more to lose here.

The Skin – The skin of the watermelon is also not safe to be eaten by golden retrievers. It can also lead to the same blockage problems. Pups are at more risk. Results of rind, seeds, and skin ingestion can be vomiting, intestinal pain, lethargy, and constipation.

A 24 hour watching period is advised if a golden retriever ingests the seeds, rind, or skin of a watermelon.

A veterinarian should immediately be contacted if the symptoms show. The safety of the dog should be a top priority for the owner.


Difference between watermelon and watermelon flavored products for golden retrievers

With the popularity of watermelons, there also comes the giant market of flavored products. Watermelon flavored products are in abundance everywhere. This is also the case with Dog treats.

There are many such treats being advertised for Golden retrievers that promise the flavors of watermelons. This should be taken very seriously. These flavored products are heavily infused with sugar, artificial sweeteners, and chemicals that are not safe for Golden Retrievers. They can make the dogs sick.

Too much sugar is bad for anyone. It is especially deadly for Golden Retrievers as it leads to gastrointestinal problems in the present and severe forms of diabetes in the long term. The flavored products contain artificial sweeteners such as Xylitol which is toxic for dogs.

As a precaution, one should stick with natural watermelons that one has prepared for the dogs. That way we can be sure about the contents and as a result, of the safety of our Golden Retrievers.


Now, some questions that you may have

Should the seeds, rind, and skin be eaten by golden retrievers? No, those parts of the watermelon are not safe for the dog.

Are there health benefits of watermelons for golden retrievers? Yes, watermelon is a great source of vitamin C, B6, and A. It is also fat and cholesterol-free. It is a great source of hydration as well.

Are flavored products good substitutes for watermelons? No. They are unhealthy for golden retrievers and should be avoided.



Watermelons are a great treat for your dog. It is tasty, healthy, and easy to feed. There are bad effects associated with it too. However, exercise the necessary precautions and your Golden Retrievers will be very happy with their favorite treat.

Hope you got all the answers you were looking for. Please feel free to contact us regarding your queries.