289 Perfect Blue Dog Names for Your Beautiful Pup

Blue Dog Names

Ah, blue dog names. Choosing a dog name can be tough. You have a name picked out already, but when it comes time to fill out the paperwork there’s that list of standard dog names to choose from. The standard dog names are good and fine, but they don’t inspire loyalty or adventure. They don’t feed into your dog’s personality and story like you want them to. Well, look no further because this post has 300 awesome blue dog names.


Blue Dog Names

Although not very common, blue-coated and blue-eyed dogs are found in a variety of breeds. Rare breeds like Blue Lacy and Kerry Blue produce inherently blue dogs. Poodles and Great Danes are more common breeds in which we see blue dogs.

If you have a dog with this beautiful and uncommon coat and eye color, then it’s only fitting that you choose a name that is representative of their unique treats. Blue dog parents should choose a name based on the physical and behavioral characteristics of their pet.

A few of the great name options for your blue dog include the following:

  1. Blue – As obvious as it sounds, blue is a great name for your blue dog. It is not just a perfect representative of them but is also catchy and easy on the tongue. Blue is the first word anyone would think of when they look at your blue-coated dog, so why not name him that?
  2. Indigo – Indigo is another great choice for your blue dog’s name. If you don’t want to go for “blue” outright, then indigo makes an excellent alternative. It sounds cool and fits your dog perfectly.
  3. Ocean – Trust us! Calling your dog “ocean” will add to the sense of warmth and affection that you feel around them. Ocean is not only a unique name, but it’s also a great name for a blue dog since the ocean is also blue.
  4. Sky
  5. Icy
  6. Bluey
  7. Bleu
  8. Sapphire
  9. Sea pup
  10. Nala
  11. Blueball
  12. Beanie
  13. Tido
  14. Magic
  15. Genie
  16. Smurf/Smurfette
  17. Ember
  18. Grizzly
  19. Misty
  20. Smoky
  21. Beryl
  22. Powder
  23. Royal
  24. Bailey
  25. Summer
  26. Comet
  27. Dolphin
  28. Blue’s clues
  29. Destiny
  30. Azurite
  31. Zeus
  32. Blue Jay
  33. Iris
  34. Joy
  35. Neptune
  36. Sonic
  37. Teal
  38. Topaz
  39. Bay
  40. Blue Blaze
  41. Bloom
  42. Curly
  43. Riley
  44. Kayla
  45. Ginger
  46. Joy
  47. Bliss
  48. Delight
  49. Meena
  50. Furry


Male Blue Dog Names

Blue male dogs need names that complement their personality and unique characteristics. Here are a few name suggestions for your blue male dog:

  1. Azul – Azul is a Spanish word that literally translates to “blue.” Instead of just calling your dog blue, you can add more character to the name by using the Spanish equivalent. Azul is a unique and cool name, and that is why it is one of our favorites for blue-coated dogs.
  2. Aqua – The word “aqua” refers to water. Since water reflects the blue color, it makes a fitting name for your blue dog. Aqua is not a common name and makes a quintessential fit for your precious dog.
  3. Caspian – Caspian is taken from the Caspian Sea. If you don’t simply want to call your dog “ocean” or “blue,” then you can go with something a bit more specific, such as Caspian.
  4. Dex
  5. Diesel
  6. Flash
  7. Rain
  8. Snow
  9. Snowy
  10. Freeze
  11. Joy
  12. Levi
  13. Navy
  14. Polar
  15. Ghost
  16. Champ
  17. Marlais
  18. Cloud
  19. Caribbean
  20. Cobalt
  21. River
  22. Arctic
  23. Creek
  24. Cookie Monster
  25. Frank
  26. Papa Smurf
  27. Denim
  28. Lucky
  29. Flame
  30. Hinto
  31. Aoki
  32. Prince
  33. Jazzy
  34. Oxford
  35. Zaffre
  36. Max
  37. Grover
  38. Blue Ice
  39. Blue Moon
  40. Azurite
  41. Indigo man
  42. Furry Blue
  43. Sailor
  44. Aquadug
  45. Aquaman
  46. Aquarius
  47. Oceanbreeze
  48. Seashore
  49. Wavy
  50. Tide


Female Blue Dog Names

Blue female dogs deserve the same thought and consideration when you choose a name for them. You should consider different options to make a final decision based on your dog’s personality and unique traits.

Here are a few name ideas for your female blue dog:

  1. Agua – Agua is Spanish for water and makes a beautiful name for your girl pal. It sounds different but in a very elegant way. Agua also sounds nice on the tongue, and your dog will get used to it quickly.
  2. Blue Ivy – What more fitting name for a blue female dog than Blue Ivy? It is elegant, beautiful, and magical, and your precious dog deserves nothing less than a name that symbolizes all of those things.
  3. Lila – Lila is another wonderful name for your pretty blue dog. This short name has a pure feminine touch, which makes it ideal for your female dog.
  4. Aster
  5. Starry
  6. Penny
  7. Lilo
  8. Oslo
  9. Cashew
  10. Coco
  11. Mila
  12. Stony
  13. Beth
  14. Lizzie
  15. Alice
  16. Capri
  17. Doly
  18. Robin
  19. Tiffany
  20. Billie
  21. Ella
  22. Blueberry
  23. Teal
  24. Navy
  25. Atasi
  26. Beryl
  27. Blue Bell
  28. Iris
  29. Moody
  30. Meena
  31. Rosita
  32. Skye
  33. Bloom
  34. Violet
  35. Ariel
  36. Berry
  37. Charon
  38. Daisy
  39. Darya
  40. Elara
  41. Jean
  42. Billie Jean
  43. Juno
  44. Luna
  45. Maya
  46. Mishka
  47. Lina
  48. Peri
  49. Mizu
  50. Ula
  51. Bella
  52. Mia
  53. Nilo
  54. Blossom
  55. Miracle
  56. Blue beauty
  57. Indigo Queen
  58. Delight
  59. Delilah
  60. Bella


Blue Dog Names Based on Fictional Characters

Your blue dogs are one of a kind, so why not give them names that are also just as eccentric? You don’t have to restrict your choices to real-life characters. Instead, you can take inspiration from the fictional world to name your dog more accurately.

There are several cartoon, movie, and comic characters with names that would fit your blue dog perfectly. Take a look at a few of our top choices below:

  1. Dory – Dory is a popular cartoon character from the movies “Finding Nemo” and “Finding Dory.” In these movies, Dory is a blue-colored fish with a fun and lively personality. If that sounds like your female dog, then there wouldn’t be a more perfect name than this.
  2. Mystique – Mystique is the name of a fictional character from the X-men comics. This powerful female character has appeared in comics, cartoon series, and movies. What makes this name perfect for your female blue dog is that mystique is also blue in color.
  3. Genie – Genie is an excellent name for your male blue dog. This character belongs to the Disney character “Aladdin,” and has a blue body. The similarity in color and playful nature makes this a great choice for your energetic furry friend.
  4. Bubbles
  5. Elsa
  6. Gumball
  7. Doremon
  8. Olaf
  9. Mary Poppins
  10. Jane Eyre
  11. Stitch
  12. Smurfette
  13. Huckleberry Hound
  14. Doctor Manhattan
  15. Mordecai
  16. Eleven
  17. Shuri
  18. Ice King
  19. Cookie Monster
  20. Daphne
  21. Raven
  22. Rio
  23. Beast
  24. Captain Planet
  25. Princess Luna
  26. Furrball
  27. Snow Queen
  28. Road Runner
  29. Blue Ranger
  30. Iceman
  31. Silver Mist
  32. Squirtle
  33. Megamind
  34. Fairy Godmother
  35. Transonic
  36. Road Runner
  37. Biggie
  38. Stuart
  39. Mulan
  40. Katara
  41. Tina
  42. Nala
  43. Princess Kida
  44. Snowhite
  45. Ariel
  46. Lola
  47. Harley Quinn
  48. Starfire
  49. Hermoine
  50. Dobby
  51. Princess Leia
  52. Han Solo
  53. Arya Stark
  54. Brienne of Tarth
  55. Amy March
  56. Leslie Knope
  57. Matilda
  58. Galadriel
  59. Gandalf
  60. Athena
  61. Alice
  62. Daenerys
  63. Arwin
  64. Wolverine
  65. Flash
  66. Cinderella


Cute Blue Dog Names

Many dog parents want really cute and adorable names for their cute and adorable puppies. That’s why we have designated a separate section for names that will perfectly fill fit your furry little friend.

Take a look at a few of the suggestions below:

  1. Mr. Buttons – How cute does Mr. Buttons sound? Just try saying it once, and you’ll know. If you’re looking for a name for a dog who is both playful and grumpy, then this name will be the perfect fit.
  2. Hitomi – Hitomi is a Japanese word that translates to “blue eyes.” This name is ideal for your cute female blue dog.
  3. Peaches – Peaches is a unisex name, which you can give to both your male and female dogs. It is an adorable name and is a fitting choice for an adorable furry friend.
  4. Miles
  5. Puddles
  6. Cookie
  7. Snuggles
  8. Nikka
  9. Sprinkles
  10. Noodle
  11. Waffles
  12. Muffins
  13. Oreo
  14. Sneakers
  15. Panda
  16. Candy
  17. Otis
  18. Seuss
  19. Sprout
  20. Angel
  21. Socks
  22. Mittens
  23. Peapod
  24. Buffy
  25. Goofy
  26. Nerd
  27. Mina
  28. King
  29. Prince
  30. Princess
  31. Queen
  32. Mr. President
  33. Soldier
  34. Bailey
  35. Chip
  36. Beau
  37. Boots
  38. Bee
  39. Clover
  40. Charlie
  41. Boots
  42. Cece
  43. Birch
  44. Button
  45. Cuppy
  46. Buddy
  47. Dixie
  48. Kennedy
  49. Hershey
  50. Lola
  51. Mia
  52. Moon
  53. Puzzles
  54. Ziggy
  55. Wiggly
  56. Bubbly
  57. Frizzy
  58. Cuddly
  59. Baby blue
  60. Chipmunk
  61. Blue Valentine
  62. Royal Blue
  63. Blue bark


Conclusion: Adorable Blue Dog Names

Trying to find a specific blue dog name can be tough. After all, you want to find a good and unique blue dog name that also fits the personality of your pet. But this list of cute and funny blue dog names will definitely help you out. Here you’ll find plenty of blue dog names that you can choose from. See if your favorite name is on the list!


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