194 Cute and Funny Ostrich Names

Cute and Funny Ostrich Names

Native to Africa, Ostriches are the largest birds on the planet. For all the magnificence of their structure, these birds have feathers but are still flightless. However, what ostriches lack in flying, they make up for in the running. For a bird that weighs so much, ostriches are surprisingly fast runners. Even their wings, which are mostly useless, come in handy when they change directions while running.

Are you looking for creative names for ostriches? You are exactly in the right place. Read on to find the lists of ostriches we cave curated for you.

Famous Ostrich Names

These magnificent birds are popular all around the world, not just for their qualities but also for their appearances in the fictional world of movies and television. If you are looking for famous ostrich names that everybody is familiar with, here are your options.

1. Clementine – the name of the ostrich in the Disney movie ‘Swiss Family Robinson’ from the 1960s

2. Kambuni – an ostrich that appears in ‘The Lion Guard

3. Madame Upanova – an ostrich ballerina in the movie ‘Fantasia’ in 1940

4. Ms. Henrietta Venderpeen – an ostrich who is the editor of Woodland House Wonderful in the ‘Woodland Valley’

5. Rhea – an ostrich who appears in ‘The Gallopin’ Gaucho’ from Mickey Mouse

6. Oscar – an ostrich who appears as the pet of Mickey in the comic strip ‘Oscar the Ostrich’

7. M.E.R.C. – short for Mechanical Emotionally Responsive Creature. She is a pet robotic ostrich of Miles Castillo who appears in ‘Miles from Tomorrowland’


Funny Ostrich Names

Funny ostrich names

Doesn’t the fact that ostrich, despite being a bird, cannot fly, strike as funny to you? Well, if you are looking for funny names that suit the bird, you can get an idea from the funny ostrich names given below:

  1. Can’t Fly
  2. Fuzzy
  3. Droopy
  4. Speedy
  5. Cheesecake
  6. Pepper
  7. Saustrich
  8. Flash
  9. Fast Yeeter Boy
  10. Monkey Llama
  11. Sparky
  12. Fluff Ball
  13. Feathers
  14. Huckleberry
  15. Java
  16. Pistachio
  17. Smudge
  18. Thor: taken after the Marvel superhero; the Norse God of Thunder
  19. SpongeBob
  20. January
  21. Nutella
  22. Pippa
  23. Sabrina
  24. Zoltan: a Hungarian term that means ‘life’
  25. Tofu
  26. Hobbes
  27. Stitch
  28. Syrup
  29. Trojan: taken from the Trojan-Sparta War in the Greek mythology
  30. El Nino
  31. Congo
  32. Longbones
  33. Aztec
  34. Atilla


Good Ostrich Names

Good ostrich names

All animals deserve a good name that matches with their traits. Here is a list of good ostrich names that you can check out.

  1. Beatrice
  2. Florence
  3. Giselle
  4. Gwen
  5. Maud
  6. Khaleesi – borrowed from the Game of Thrones
  7. Leia
  8. Amir
  9. Mitten
  10. Oreo
  11. Sebastian
  12. Valerie – a French term that means ‘fierce’ or ‘brave’
  13. Buckeye
  14. Macaroni
  15. Shrimp
  16. Suede
  17. Tristan
  18. Wanda
  19. Maverick – an American name that means ‘wildly independent’
  20. Tater Tot
  21. Zorro
  22. Walnut
  23. Garfield
  24. Wynnona – a Native American name that translates to ‘firstborn daughter’
  25. Kylo – it means sky
  26. Pickle
  27. Latte
  28. Nathan
  29. King
  30. Goliath – a Biblical name that means passage.
  31. Joel
  32. Hershey
  33. Gadget
  34. Ink
  35. Hulk – it means ‘an enormous person’ and is borrowed from the Marvel character, the Incredible Hulk.


Cute Ostrich Names

Cute ostrich names

Are you looking for some cute and cuddly names you can use for an ostrich? We’ve got you. Check out the list below.

  1. Amorita – a Latin term for ‘dearly loved’
  2. Pudding
  3. Dumdum
  4. Fluffy
  5. Alexander
  6. Muffin
  7. Longcake
  8. Reese – an Anglicised version of the Welsh name ‘Rhys’ which means ‘fiery’
  9. Butter
  10. Jacob
  11. Marble
  12. Biscuit
  13. Cocoa
  14. Button
  15. Ursula
  16. Pasta
  17. Wonka
  18. Nougat
  19. Yoda
  20. Almond
  21. Marshmellow
  22. Skittles
  23. Julian
  24. Oatmeal
  25. Caramel


Boy Ostrich names

Ostriches, like all birds and animals, have specific genders. Do you want to name a boy ostrich and need ideas about it? Following is the list of boy ostrich names that we have created to help you out.

  1. Daddy longlegs
  2. Ollie
  3. Jarl – a Norse or Danish chief
  4. Herbert
  5. Long Boi
  6. Ozzy
  7. Captain
  8. Fruit
  9. Ospi
  10. Carl
  11. Olive
  12. Larry
  13. Cashew
  14. Liam – short for the Germanic name ‘William’ which means ‘guardian’
  15. Frodo
  16. Neville – it means a new town
  17. Aussie
  18. Elliot
  19. Fudge
  20. Rowan – a Scottish term for ‘a little red-haired one’
  21. Hercules – a mythical Greek hero who was popular for his strength
  22. Lorenzo
  23. Puck
  24. Wyatt


Female Ostrich Names

What if the ostrich you are planning to name is a female? Don’t worry, we have thought of that as well. Go through the list of female ostrich names below and see if you can find the right one.

  1. Caroline – it means a free woman
  2. Tina
  3. Even
  4. Chelsea
  5. Jenny
  6. Olivia
  7. Alexa
  8. Ezra
  9. Rochelle – a French term that means ‘little rock’
  10. Miguel
  11. Noodle
  12. Jerry
  13. Chuckles
  14. Raisin
  15. Sushi
  16. Amazon
  17. Rory
  18. Ava – a Latin term for a bird
  19. Bertha
  20. Enola
  21. Brooklyn
  22. Cersei
  23. Frida
  24. Gillian – it means youthful


Cool Ostrich Names

Are you still looking? We’re sure you will find what you need in the list of cool ostrich names that follows:

  1. Ostroid
  2. Mr. Smee
  3. Ostralia
  4. Giraffe Bird
  5. Oasis – a spot in the desert where you can find water
  6. Eli
  7. Flappy Bird
  8. Maddox – a Welsh term that means ‘fortunate’
  9. Pharaoh – an Egyptian term that means ‘great house’
  10. Mufasa
  11. Viking
  12. Oleff
  13. Zeke – a Hebrew term that means ‘God will strengthen’
  14. Felicity – it means intense happiness
  15. Juno
  16. Kahlua – a Hawaiian term that means ‘second child’
  17. Reese
  18. Colossus
  19. Sahara
  20. Venus
  21. Cupid
  22. Jax – it means ‘God has been gracious’
  23. Puma
  24. Caviar


Kooky Ostrich Names

Ostriches are indeed strange birds, and strange birds deserve eccentric names. Don’t you agree? This final list might give you some interesting name suggestions.

  1. Oh-Stretch
  2. Ostrimus Prime
  3. Mr. Skinny Legs
  4. Sbiten – a traditional Russian honey-based beverage
  5. Pretzel
  6. Sintya – it means ‘determination’ and ‘independence’
  7. Pencil Neck
  8. Ackee – a tropical tree that grows in West Africa
  9. Flightless Feather Boi
  10. Balthazar – it is the name of someone who protects the King
  11. Gwendolyn – a Welsh term that means ‘blessed ring’
  12. Sycamore – this tree is believed to be the symbol of strength and eternity in the Egyptian culture
  13. Cho Oyu – it means ‘goddess of turquoise’
  14. Superstrich
  15. Pomelo – a yellow-skinned citrus fruit
  16. Oblong Yeeter
  17. Fast Turtle
  18. Pantless Thundergoose
  19. Valkyrie
  20. Sehran – a Welsh term that means ‘leader’
  21. Bruiser


Did you know? Many of us believe that there isn’t much to know about ostriches, but these birds are a mystery by themselves.

Here are some interesting facts about ostriches that you should know:


Ostrich’s legs: formidable weapons

The legs of an ostrich are the most formidable weapons they have. They have a long and sharp two-toed claw that is capable of killing a predator as dangerous and strong as a lion.

If humans like us ever manage to upset an ostrich, they can easily tear us into pieces. However, ostriches are not instinctively violent and do not attack until cornered or provoked.


Three stomachs

Did you know that ostriches have three stomachs? In addition to these stomachs, they also have an extremely long intestine, which takes 36 hours to digest food.

But why do they need three stomachs? It is because they consume tough plants in the desert that is difficult to digest.


Water through food

Ostriches have no problem surviving without water for days, even weeks at times. It is because they can live on a lower quantity of water and depend on ingesting water from the food they eat.


The myth of ostrich burying head in sand debunked

It is a popular belief across the world that ostriches bury their heads in the sand as a defense. However, it is not true at all.

Ostriches have a tendency to lie low, pressing their necks into the sand to become less visible when they encounter trouble.

To someone witnessing this from afar, it appears as if the ostrich has buried its head under the sand, and that is how the myth got around.


Humungous eyes

Ostriches have the largest eyes of all terrestrial animals. Their eyes are about 5 cm wide, even bigger than their brains. It allows them to locate a predator from a considerable distance.


Summing it up: Ostrich Names

Ostriches are elegant, somewhat royal animals of the desert. Naming them casually should be a sin! If you are looking for a proper name for these birds, you will find some interesting options in this article.

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