Rabbit Symbolism and Meaning (Totem, Spirit and Omens)

Rabbit Symbolism

Rabbits are powerful spiritual animals. They have a positive influence on our lives and they’ll help you reach your goals if you treat them with respect and love. You can learn from rabbits. So, in this article, you’ll learn the basics of rabbit symbolism, and spiritual meaning, along with some lucky charms and tips for living with rabbits.

In most cultures, rabbits are associated with positive symbols such as good fortune, fertility, kindness and gentleness, sensitivity, and intuition. However, in some folklore and legends, they are also considered to be witty tricksters. They are considered a potent totem for puberty into successful adulthood.

Do you want to explore the rabbit symbolism and learn more about its cultural significance? Or are you here to know what it means to dream of them? Whatever your motives are, you will find everything you need to know about rabbit symbolism in this article.


What do rabbits symbolize?

Whenever we talk about rabbit symbolism, we find all the positive traits and qualities to associate with them. But how much do you know about these qualities? Let’s find out:

Good fortune and abundance

Rabbits are widely regarded as lucky animals. Many cultures believe them to bring life on Earth through the symbolism of Easter eggs. Some people also believe that taking a rabbit’s name thrice before beginning a new work ensures its success. Moreover, their white fur is believed to symbolize purity, longevity, and abundance.

Fertility and sensuality

Rabbits reach their sexual maturity much earlier than most animals, at the age of about 4-6 months (the males usually mature earlier than their female counterparts). These animals also have a high rank in the list of most sexually active animals globally, which leads them to symbolize sensuality. Moreover, in paganism, Eostre, the goddess of fertility, has a rabbit as her animal symbol, explaining why they symbolize fertility.

Spontaneity and intuition

Although rabbits are cute and cuddly, they are also known for their delicious meat and soft fur. While the wild animals are only interested in the former, humans extensively hunt them for both their meat and fur. Although these practices are primarily discouraged, in some remote areas, they are still prevalent.

Being chased and hunted by both humans and animals, spontaneity is more of survival skill for the rabbits. If they are not quick enough to act on their instincts in the wild, they’ll be dead within seconds. Rabbits are not only fast runners but also have extra sensitive sense organs. They can see, hear, and smell much better than us.


Dream about rabbits meaning

Dreaming of rabbits is not altogether a scary prospect. After all, they are sweet and gentle animals. But do their dreams have a similar interpretation? Well, not all the time. The meaning of their dreams can change with the changing scenarios of it. Given below are some common rabbit dreams with their meanings explained:

A jumping rabbit

A jumping or hopping rabbit in your dream is symbolic of sexual activities. If you see such a dream, it can have two interpretations. The first one suggests that you might change your sexual partner soon. The second one indicates that you could start a family soon.

A running rabbit

If you dream of a rabbit running without a goal, it is symbolic of your inability to trust others. The dream is trying to tell you that your trust issues are driving people away from you. Therefore, you should try to be more trusting towards others.

A tame rabbit

Dreaming of a tame rabbit is symbolic of fertility. Such a dream indicates that you will have several children in the future.

A scary rabbit

If a rabbit frightens you in your dream, it is symbolic of your confusion and anxiety. Such a dream suggests that your inability to make an independent decision makes you feel threatened and depressed.

A friendly rabbit

Dreaming of a friendly rabbit is symbolic of a meaningful conversation. If you dream of them, it indicates that you will soon have a meaningful and satisfying conversation with your partner, and it will motivate both of you to take a step forward in your relationship.

A rabbit biting you

A rabbit biting you in your dream is symbolic of problems in your love life. If you see such a dream, it means that there are many unaddressed issues between you and your partner. But instead of sorting them out, both of you are going out of your way to avoid them.

You must realize that this will only lead to the ultimate death of your relationship. Therefore, you should act while there’s time to salvage things.

If the rabbit in your dream has bitten your toes, it is a sign that the relationship you are currently in has no future. That’s why your best interest lies in parting ways as soon as possible.

A rabbit hiding from you

If you dream of a rabbit hiding or shying away from you, it indicates that to achieve the goal that you’ve set for yourself, you will need to put in more effort than you are doing right now.

A rabbit giving birth

If you see a rabbit giving birth to little bunnies in your dream, it has a positive interpretation. Such a dream suggests that all your past investments will prove to be profitable. It is also an excellent opportunity for you to make new investments.

Baby rabbits

While baby rabbits are adorable, dreaming of them might not be a good sign. It is indicative of your childish approach towards your problems, which is not helping you at all.

A pet rabbit

Dreaming of a pet rabbit can have two interpretations. The first one is a good sign and symbolizes joy and faithfulness in your love life. However, the second one has a negative interpretation and suggests that you might be doing something wrong under other people’s influence.

A starving rabbit

Dreaming of a starving rabbit is a sign that one of your friends might be in trouble and are trying to seek help from you. If they approach you, you shouldn’t turn them down, or it will haunt you for the rest of your life.

A sick rabbit

If you dream of a sick rabbit, it indicates that someone you care about is deeply stressed but doesn’t want to share their problems with you. In order to help them, you must fight their resistance and convince them that they can trust you.

A wounded rabbit

If the rabbit in your dream is injured and bleeding, it is a bad sign. It indicates that you might have hurt someone you are close to unintentionally. You must try to make amends with them before it is too late.

A dying rabbit

Dreaming of a dying rabbit is a bad sign. It suggests that you are going through a rough patch in your relationship, making you feel lonely and unwanted. This phase might end up convincing either you or your partner that your relationship is simply not worth it.

A dead rabbit

Dreaming of a dead rabbit is as bad as it sounds. If you see such a dream, it foretells that you will soon lose someone you love because you didn’t put enough effort into your relationship with them.

A rabbit hole

A rabbit hole in your dream can have several interpretations. It could be symbolic of a hidden side of your personality that not many people have seen. It could also suggest that you’re being too self-centered, ignoring the problems and struggles of the people you care about in the process.

If you see yourself falling down the rabbit hole in your dream, it indicates that you are soon about to uncover an unpleasant truth either about yourself or about your partner.

A rabbit’s foot

The rabbit’s foot is symbolic of good fortune. If you dream of it, it is a sign that good things will come your way soon.

A giant rabbit

If a giant rabbit comes to your dream, it indicates a substantial financial gain shortly. You might come across a better job proposition or a promotion at work.

A lot of rabbits

If you see many rabbits in your dream, it means that you might relocate to a different city or country soon. But this relocation will only bring positivity into your life.

Feeding a rabbit

Dreaming of feeding a rabbit has a negative interpretation. It indicates that there is someone in your life who is trying to take advantage of your kindness. You must be careful about such people.

Eating a rabbit

If you see yourself eating a rabbit in a dream, it can have two interpretations. The first interpretation is positive and suggests that you are doing much better in life than the people around you.

The other, negative interpretation signifies that you are taking undue advantage of someone in your life for your own benefit, and the said person is clueless about it.

Hunting rabbits

Dreaming of hunting rabbits has a negative interpretation. Such a dream is a sign that you will soon be criticized or humiliated publicly for something bad that you’ve done in the past.

Chasing a rabbit

Chasing after a rabbit in your dream is symbolic of your efforts at trying to achieve fleeting happiness. Such a dream is a message for you, telling you not to run after things that don’t have a lasting value in your life.

If you are unsuccessful in your attempt to chase a rabbit in your dream, it indicates that you might have to face failure or defeat in your upcoming endeavors.

Killing a rabbit

Killing a rabbit in your dream is a bad sign. Such a dream is symbolic of a huge financial loss soon. Moreover, this dream also indicates that your impatient attitude might put your reputation at risk in the coming months. It would best if you try to keep control of your temper, particularly in your workplace.


Rabbit dream interpretations based on their color

When you think of rabbits, what’s the first color that comes to your mind? White. But these animals have other fur colors as well, such as black, grey, brownish, etc. And, in your dreams, they can appear in even more varied colors. Below, you can explore what their different colors could signify for you:

A black rabbit

Black rabbits are symbolic of your fear of intimacy. If you see them in your dream, it means that your fear of intimacy is holding you back from giving your all into your relationship. While you’re not wrong to be cautious, your fear and anxiety might cost you a once-in-a-lifetime kind of relationship.

A grey rabbit

The grey rabbit in your dream is trying to warn you against tricksters. Dreaming of them can mean that someone might try to trick you or take advantage of you soon.

A white rabbit

A white rabbit is symbolic of your love life. Dreaming of them signifies that your faith in your partner is unshakable, which is why together, you two can overcome even the biggest challenges.

A pink or red rabbit

Dreaming of a pink or a red bunny is not a good sign. Such a dream indicates an authoritative female figure in your life who controls it more than you’d like. However, you can’t seem to find a way to escape from her influence.

A brown rabbit

Brown rabbits are symbolic of materialism. If you see them in a dream, it suggests that you are either about to purchase a property or investing in a business venture that will bring you huge gains in the future.

A blue rabbit

If you dream of a blue rabbit, it is a good sign. Such a dream indicates that someone loyal to you will bring you good news shortly. This person will most likely be related to you, a part of your extended family.


The cultural significance of rabbits

The rabbits have been prominent figures both in the eastern as well as western cultures. But do you know what symbolism they present in these cultures? Let’s find out:

  • Due to their association with Easter, the Christians think of rabbits as a symbol of good luck, kindness, and fertility.
  • In Chinese mythology, Chang’e, the moon goddess, is believed to have a rabbit by her side. Her companion, often referred to as “Jade Rabbit” or “Moon Rabbit”, is also a resident of the moon, where it spends its time mixing and grinding herbs to make medicine. This rabbit has been blessed never to grow old. Therefore, the Chinese associate rabbits with good health and longevity.
  • The rabbits are also a part of the Chinese zodiac. While they occupy the fourth rank in the order, they are considered the luckiest of all the twelve animals. The traits and qualities associated with them are grace, mercy, intelligence, and beauty.
  • In Japanese culture, rabbits are believed to symbolize progress, ambition, and self-devotion. However, in some places, they are also considered to be tricksters.
  • The south-eastern tribes of Native America considered rabbits to represent guile and wit. On the other hand, the south-western tribes associated them with abundance and fertility.
  • The people belonging to the Aztec culture associated rabbits with a local alcohol drink called “Pulque”. Therefore, to them, rabbits symbolized revelry, drunkenness, and promiscuity.


Rabbit totem

The rabbit totem comes to your aid when you have lost touch with your sensitivity and feel lonely deep inside despite having countless friends and acquaintances. These totems teach you the true meaning of choosing quality over quantity.

They show you how having too many people around you can’t make you feel better, but having a couple of friends who care about you genuinely can. Under their influence, you will get back in touch with your inner senses and judgment and will learn to appreciate the people who are truly concerned about your welfare.


Rabbit spirit animal

If you are someone who is extremely shy of meeting new people but can be loud and weird after you grow accustomed to them, the spirits of the rabbit are watching over you.

Almost all people guided by the rabbit spirit are introverted; they are never the ones to take the first step, initiate a conversation, or ask someone out. This tendency of waiting to be approached by others is half of the reason they have such a small friend circle. But small it might be, dull it isn’t.

Once you grow close to them, you will see the fun side of them, something you couldn’t have anticipated when you first met them. Apart from being fun, they are also very sensitive, kind, supportive, and understanding, all the qualities you need in a good friend.

They will listen to your problems and struggles patiently, stick by you in your difficult times, and will always be there in your times of need.

On the downside, they can sometimes be oversensitive to the point of being touchy; on those days, you might find yourself apologizing for every puny thing, which can be exhausting for many people. But that’s just the price you should be willing to pay for having a gem of a friend like them.

These people are not very good at flirting, but you will realize that they needn’t flirt when you are in a relationship with them. They have a secret, sensual side that is irresistible. But they are very private about it and take some time to grow comfortable enough to be their true, sensual around you.

Moreover, these people are incredibly faithful and consistent in love; once they’ve given you their heart, they will never leave your side, no matter what.



To sum it up, rabbits are mainly associated with fertility, good fortune, intuition, movement, guile, wit, and shyness. As soft and gentle as they might appear, they are also incredibly fast and know how to survive in the wild, where they have countless predators. If we can learn the skill of survival from them, we can achieve great things in life.


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