Bee Symbolism and Meaning (Totem, Spirit and Omens)

Bee Symbolism and Spiritual Meaning

Bees are among the most important creatures on Earth. Many cultures see them as messengers of the Gods. And we’re also convinced they can do wonders for our health, both physical and spiritual, which is why we want to share with you what bee symbolism means and how you can apply it to your everyday life.

The bee symbol is commonly associated with life, creativity, hard work, community, success, prosperity, and abundance. In religious history, they represent the human soul. The hive represents the human body, with honey symbolizing the rich inner life we can enjoy within ourselves. The bee’s pollen-collecting ball also reflects our own psychic gifts.

Additionally, the hardworking honeybee shares certain positive qualities with humanity as a whole, and thus is considered a symbolic representation of mankind. In general, bees carry associations with busyness and the working like – easygoing but purposeful energy that manages to get things done.

Have the buzzing bees been visiting your dreams lately? If yes, what if your dream has a deeper, spiritual meaning? Rest assured, you will find the answer to all your questions in this article. Here, we will talk about their symbolism, the interpretation of their dreams, their cultural significance, and the importance of their totem and spirit animals.


What do bees symbolize?

What are the traits and qualities that the little bees can teach us? Let’s find out:

Hard work and productivity

There’s a reason why the expression “busy as a bee” is so popular in every corner of the world. These little insects don’t spend a single moment of a day idly. They are always working, be it collecting nectar, tending to their young ones, building the honeycomb, or feeding and grooming the queen. They’re proud symbols of productivity, a trait we can learn from them.

The feeling of community

Bees are highly social creatures that are capable of functioning much more effectively in a colony than by themselves. Due to the complex structure and functions of their colonies, these little insects are also called “Eusocial”. To us, they symbolize that we can achieve great heights and do the impossible if we can stand united and work as a team.

Sexuality and fertility

Did you know that the queen bee can lay about 2,000-6,000 eggs in a single day?! This makes them symbolic of extreme fertility. Moreover, bees also play a major role in pollination and asexual reproduction in plants. This is why they are symbolic of fertility and sexuality.


Dreaming about bees interpretation

Considering the fact that bees are a common sight in most parts of the world, dreaming of them is not an unlikely event. However, if you are wondering about what their dream could mean, you must first understand that the meaning of every individual dream depends on the subtle details in it.

Below, we have curated a list of some common bee dreams, along with what they could mean. Check them out:

A bee flying

If you simply dream of a bee flying, it might not be a good sign. Such a dream is indicative of troubles for you soon. However, if you dream of a bee flying around you, you are lucky. It signifies that you will overcome all the obstacles that come your way. Moreover, this dream also has a positive romantic indication.

A swarm of bees flying

Dreaming of a swarm of bees flying has a positive interpretation. Such a dream is a sign that all the time and energy that you’ve invested in your work will soon pay off, bringing you the success you have always dreamt of.

A bee chasing you

If you see yourself being chased by a bee in a dream, it is a warning for you to be careful in your school or workspace. Such a dream indicates that there’s someone who is following you closely, just waiting for you to slip so that they can use it against you.

A bee attacking you

If you see a single bee attacking you in your dream, it indicates that someone around you has been behaving suspiciously for a while. And while you’ve dismissed it casually, there might be a serious hidden intention behind their actions.

A swarm of bees attacking you

Being attacked by one bee is a bad sign. Being attacked by their swarm is even worse. Such a dream suggests that very soon, you will find yourself in circumstances that you have no control over, no matter how hard you try.

A bee stinging you

Being a victim to any insect in your dream has a negative indication, and bee sting is no different. Such dreams often indicate that someone close to you will either betray you or go behind your back to gossip about you.

If you can feel the sting in the dream, it means that their actions will hurt both you and your reputation deeply, and you will take time to overcome it. However, if you feel no pain, it signifies that you have a tough personality and a stellar reputation that is not easy to tarnish.

A bee stinging someone else

Dreaming of a bee stinging someone else while you’re simply watching suggests that you need to pay more attention to your relationships. Someone you love might have been hurt due to your action or behavior without you being aware of it.

A bee following you

Being followed by a bee in your dream suggests that there is someone in your life who is obsessed with you and wants to control your life. This person might seem affectionate, but in the end, their intentions towards you are irrational and unhealthy for your growth in life. You must not give in to their charm.

A worker bee

Although the worker bees are the smallest members of their colony, they have the largest population and perform all the essential tasks, such as cleaning the comb, collecting nectar, caring for the younger ones, and so on. If you dream of these bees, it suggests that you’re a hardworking person, and in the near future, your hard work will be rewarded abundantly. Moreover, you will also be praised for it, and your colleagues will have a newfound respect for you.

A queen bee

A queen bee serves only one purpose: laying eggs. But because of it, she holds the most superior position in the colony. Dreaming of the queen bee indicates that you are appreciated everywhere, not because of your appearance but because of your knowledge and wisdom.

A honeybee

Honeybees are known for their industriousness. Dreaming of them indicates that only your effort and hard work can help you in gaining success. Whatever shortcuts you are thinking of will not make any difference.

A black bee

Dreaming of a black bee is a sign that you are not honest with your profession, and the reason behind it could be your interest elsewhere. If that’s the case, you shouldn’t waste another day to change your vocation and pursue that which makes you truly happy.

A dead bee

A dead bee in your dream is symbolic of unpleasantness and difficulties in your near future. If you dream of it, it might indicate some financial loss ahead. It is also a warning that if you’re planning to start a new venture or project, now is not the best time to do it.

Killing a bee

Killing a bee is a symbol of caution. If you see yourself doing it in a dream, it is a sign that you should tread carefully if you want to avoid unpleasant surprises both in professional and love life.

Bees collecting nectar

Dreaming of bees collecting nectar from the flowers is an indication of the huge financial gains you are about to have.

Bees dancing

If you dream of bees dancing around in joy, it is a happy sign. Such a dream signifies that the next few months are going to be lucky for you. You will be relieved of work stress and find time to spend with your family. Anything you begin during this period is bound to bring you success ultimately.

Raising bees

If you dream of yourself raising a colony of bees, it means that you will soon need to use your leadership qualities and take charge of things at work in order to maintain the efficiency of your co-workers as well as juniors.

An empty beehive

An empty beehive in your dream is a bad sign. Such a dream indicates that you are about to lose a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for which you have worked hard for a long time.

A beehive full of bees

On the contrary, dreaming of a beehive full of bees is symbolic of abundance and prosperity. All your investments will bring you monumental gains, and your work life will flourish.

A burning beehive

If you dream of a beehive being on fire, it is not a good sign. Such a dream is a warning that you might soon lose something that is most valuable to you in the whole world.

A bee buzzing near your ear

Dreaming of a bee buzzing in your ear is symbolic of the hustle and bustle in your life. If you feel annoyed by the buzzing in the dream, it indicates that you’re tired of all the activity and are desperately seeking calm.

Bee in your mouth

If you see a bee coming out of your mouth in a dream, it suggests some medical problem will make your life difficult soon.

Bee in your hair

If a bee is tangled in your hair in a dream, it means that you’re easily distracted at work, which has reduced your productivity and can even threaten your employment if you don’t get a hold of yourself.


The cultural significance of bees

Bees hold an esteemed position in many cultures and civilizations worldwide and are often depicted in a positive light. Let’s explore what significance these little flying insects hold in the following traditions:

The Greeks believed that if a bee touched a baby’s lips, they would grow up to become either a talented poet or a skilled speaker.

They also believed that if a bee flew into your house, it was a symbol that you would soon have a visitor. Killing a bee in your house was avoided at all costs, for it would mean that the visitor would bring some kind of bad news for you.

Although the mention of bees in the Native American culture is scarce, they do appear from time to time in the cautionary tales disrespecting nature. Many tribes respected them for their capability of defending themselves despite their size.

In some of the South American legends, these insects were portrayed as fierce little warriors that are victorious over larger enemies that are cowards at heart.

In many Native American communities, bees were also associated with fertility, so their honey was considered a good luck charm for the couples trying to conceive.

The Chinese have appreciated the bees’ hardworking nature since ancient times and believe them to be symbolic of fortune and abundance.

Between 3,000 B.C.E. to 350 B.C.E., Ancient Egypt’s pharaohs used the honeybees as a symbol of royalty.
Moreover, many legends claimed that the bees were supposed to be the tears of Ra, the Sun God.


Bee totem

The bee totem enters your life when you are somehow detached from your family, friends, or community. In times like these, it is fairly simple to lose track of your life direction and feel listless.

But the bee totems would not let you stay down for long. They are firm believers in the idea of getting up again every time you fall down until you’ve learned to walk properly.

Their totem will provide you with all the strength you need in order to keep moving ahead in life despite all odds. Moreover, they will also teach you how one’s family or community is their most priceless wealth, without which you can never be happy.


Bee spirit animal

If you are someone who finds comfort in their routine and work, the spirit of bees is guiding you. Those who are under the influence of bee spirits are hardworking and industrious. They’re dedicated to their work and easily outshine the others in their workspace. While this quality often works in their favor, in some cases, it also makes them workaholics, which is not good for their physical or mental health.

Apart from work, these people often have multiple hobbies that they indulge in when they take time off. They are always eager to learn new skills and hone their old ones. However, this doesn’t mean that they spend all their time being cooped up at home.

They’re highly social and love interacting with their friends and family. You would never spot a person guided by the bee spirits staying alone. Solitude is the one thing they are not fond of. If you leave them alone, they will find even the simplest tasks quite difficult. It is because they are so used to having people around that they can’t be their best selves in isolation.

Many people guided by bee spirits would rather live with their family that fly across to a different part of the world for work. For all their hard work, they are not overly ambitious and can easily settle with a moderate prospect if it means that they get to be around their loved ones. For them, success doesn’t hold any appeal if they don’t have people to celebrate it with.

As a partner, these people are extraordinary. They are very expressive and have great communication skills. If you meet one of them, you will find yourself falling in love in no time. Their gentle, warm, and charming personality can win over almost anyone. And the best part of dating them is that nothing ever gets old and dull with them.

These people keep coming up with new ways to keep the romance alive. Moreover, you will never have to worry about taking any important decisions with them, for there’s a chance that they have already planned it all elaborately, considering all factors and coming to the best possible conclusions.


When can you call on the bee spirit animal?

The spirits of the bees are quite the multitaskers and can solve most of your problems. You can call on them in the following instances:

When you are facing difficulties in communicating with others, particularly in your workspace. Due to their social affinity, the bee spirits find it very easy to communicate with people. They are never afraid to take the step or initiate a conversation and can teach you to do the same.

When you have lost your productivity. In everyone’s life, there comes a phase where they are so deeply disturbed with their life that nothing feels important anymore. Under such circumstances, the spirits of the bee will motivate you to find comfort in a routine life so that you can slowly pull yourself out of that phase.



To sum it up, bees stand for productivity, prosperity, and the values of a community. They’re appreciated for their commendable qualities throughout the different cultures of the world, despite their small size. As your spirit animals, they will always motivate you to get out of bed and seize the day no matter what.

Being one of the most industrious creatures on earth, the bee is also known for its hard work and powerful nature. The bee symbol was used in cultures from around the world.  Having been noticed for their remarkable role in pollination, these insects are associated with many social and spiritual aspects in different societies.


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