136 Cute and Funny Pet Turtle Names

Turtles can be a great choice for pets because they can be your companions for a long time, unlike other kinds of pets.

Turtles are believed to live for as long as 25 years, which is a long time and it is indeed a great thing! Also, they are considered to be low maintenance pets, much different than dogs, cats or other kinds of pet animals.

For all these reasons pet turtles are a craze now and people are learning more about these aquatic pets.

Now, since your search has taken you to this page, I believe that you already have a cute turtle as a pet or have just gotten one and are looking for a cool, cute and funny pet turtle name.

Worry not! We are here to give you a list of turtle pet names to pick one from!

I do get it that your friends might have suggested something, but you want to take that credit of naming your pet turtle cutie. Here, I give you a whole bundle of cute and funny pet turtle names. Let’s get started with the funny pet turtle names.


Funny Pet Turtle Names

Funny Pet Turtle Names

  1. Chandler– If you are a F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan and know Chandler Bing, you will agree with me that he is by far, the funniest characters on a T.V. So, why not name your funny turtle Chandler? Could I be funnier? Well, you get me, don’t you?
  2. Mr. Bing– Again, inspired by my first pick, I suggest Mr. Bing as a second funny name because this is Chandler’s last name.
  3. Helmet– How about your turtle named Helmet? Haha! An aquatic pet that appears to be actually wearing a headgear is named after one. Funny, right?
  4. Voldetort– Voldetort is inspired by Voldemort. Now, this is clever and funny.
  5. Stardust– The star of your life that will literally reside in the dust, probably in your aquarium is a funny little cute name for your pet turtle.
  6. Kindle– Unless you wish to read to a really least interested pet in the world!
  7. Mr. Nobody– Imagine someone asking you where your new pet is; and you would reply, “Nobody is there!” LOL
  8. Scooter– A turtle swimming in an aquarium looks like a little scooter on the road, Right?
  9. Woodpecker– A bird breed, but let’s call a turtle Woodpecker for fun.
  10. Deputy– Give him whatever designation you wish, he would love it!
  11. Tarte– Let’s be very easy and yet lazy. We will call our funny pet turtle a Tarte.
  12. Crackhead– Funny, unless your turtle takes offense. Hahaha!
  13. Acrobat– If your funny pet turtle is a gymnast, you can well enough name him/her Acrobat.
  14. Curious– Another funny here- for all the curious ones!
  15. Duh!– This funny pet turtle name makes it to our list because come one, Duh! I don’t know what to name him/her.
  16. Mr. Fox– Yes, because I think a turtle can be a fast swimmer sometimes.
  17. Good Boy– Again a funny name. Imagine talking to him- now who is a Good Boy? Where is my Good Boy?
  18. Falafal– How about naming him a Falafal?
  19. Mr. Punch-Me– Try punching him, unless you want to get hurt yourself.
  20. Mr. Hard Head– Among one of the cute and funny pet turtle names is Mr. Hard Head.


Boy Turtle Names

Boy Turtle Names

What’s in a name? Well, a lot! There is so much in the name because it’s the first thing that people will ask when you tell them that you have a new family member.

These beautiful looking creatures can have really cool and cute names if you can be a little more creative. But you don’t need to worry because we have it sorted.

Now, here are some of the funky, cool and hilarious pet turtle names.

  1. Leonardo
  2. Squirt
  3. Yertle
  4. Bolt
  5. Rocky
  6. Shell-Shock
  7. Cujo
  8. Tank
  9. Peanut
  10. Hobbit
  11. Beans
  12. Mr. Hard Nut
  13. Captain Hardrock
  14. Mowgli
  15. Mr. Fox
  16. Franklin
  17. Shredder
  18. Sir Lancelot
  19. Mr. Putt-Putt
  20. Lucky
  21. Mr. Charmer
  22. Doodle
  23. Comrade
  24. Commander


Girl Turtle Names

Your little girl turtle name can be an inspiration from some movie character, name of a popular actress, historical figure, or food. You can name her funny, silly, dignified or something famous.

You may name her anything you desire because after all, she is your girl and you love her. Here is my list for you.

  1. Rapunzel– A beautiful Disney princess Rapunzel is such a sweet name for your little girl turtle.
  2. Crush– Turtles are so gorgeous that you can have an actual crush on them when you look at them. If I were to have her, I would name her Crush.
  3. Skirt– A little odd, but a pretty name for her.
  4. Prettiness– I can totally imagine me calling her, “Hey Prettiness!”
  5. Shelly– Too literal and too cute a name for pet girl turtle.
  6. Flippy– She can be a flipper and show you some real skills.
  7. Queen Victoria– A popular name in history, your girl turtle can be popular too.
  8. Bertha– I like this name, do you?
  9. Phoebe– Another popular character from the T.V. show, you can call her Phoebe.
  10. Rachel– This is yet another beautiful name for your gorgeous little turtle girl.
  11. Snow White– This can be a beautiful name for your mud turtle girl.
  12. Rainbow– One of the most amazing looking turtle pets are the ones that are painted. Rainbow is such a beautiful name for her.
  13. Shine– For the painted turtles again, Shine is a pretty name.
  14. Taffy– For her sweetness!
  15. Eve– Cute and sweet girl turtle name, Eve can suit almost all kinds of female pets.
  16. Juliet– A character from Shakespeare’s famous play, Juliet is a pretty pet turtle name for her.


Cute Pet Turtle Names

Cute Pet Turtle Names

You can name your pet turtle for different reasons or seek inspiration based on diverse factors.

There can be alphabetic names or the ones based on turtle personality or even based on their color, shape, size, appearance, and kind of turtle you’ve bought.

While the personality-based names can take a little while, other common kinds are almost an instant.

You can just name your pet turtle out of instinct because you feel that the name is best suited for your pet.

Here is are our suggestions of cute pet turtle names.

  1. Peanut
  2. Feng
  3. Deo
  4. Butters
  5. Bubbles
  6. Sniffer
  7. Joy
  8. Waffle
  9. Dexter
  10. Bravo
  11. Butch
  12. Bert
  13. Titan
  14. Tina
  15. Crayon
  16. Dome
  17. Colour
  18. Blush
  19. Seek
  20. Poe
  21. Pony
  22. Jet
  23. Pokemon
  24. Mocky
  25. Mishell
  26. Cherry
  27. Salsa
  28. Nerdy


Famous Turtle Names

Famous people, characters, monuments, cartoons, and movies give some of the best-suited names. I have compiled my personal favorite list of famous turtle names you can seek inspiration from.

  1. Flash
  2. Caesar
  3. Brute
  4. Donatello
  5. Koopa
  6. Squirtle
  7. Franklin
  8. Mock Turtle
  9. Scott
  10. Thor
  11. James
  12. Archer


Ninja Turtle Names

Ninja Turtle Names

You may not know about this interesting fact about turtles, but I am going to tell you one surprising thing about these pets.

Some may suggest that it is not a very good idea to have turtles as pets, but it isn’t right always.

For one thing, they can outlive most of the pets and have a really long life; but more importantly, turtles are able to understand their owners’ sound and sight.

They become habitual to their owners and even start recognizing them.

Aren’t they a little Ninja in reality? So, here is my compilation for your ninja pet turtle names, all of which are directly or indirectly Ninja-based. Have a look.

  1. Mei Pieh Chi
  2. Venus
  3. Donatello
  4. Michelangelo
  5. Leonardo
  6. Raphael
  7. Artemisia
  8. April
  9. Shredder
  10. Master Splinter
  11. Venus de Milo
  12. Kraang
  13. Larota
  14. Talena
  15. Amoly
  16. Hamato Yoshi
  17. Cowabunga
  18. Tang Shen
  19. Oroku Saki
  20. Mikey
  21. Dona
  22. Mike
  23. Donnie
  24. Jennika
  25. Jenny
  26. Hamato
  27. Sai
  28. Katana
  29. Bo
  30. Angelo
  31. Natello
  32. Yosh
  33. De Milo
  34. Calabaan
  35. Calacbangan
  36. Mirage


Bottom Line

Turtles can be excellent pets and are often friendly. It is believed that when they recognize and see their owners, they actually swim up to the surface so as to meet or greet owners.

These pets can be terrific to be around, considering that you know how to make adjustments according to the needs of their specific species.

By maintaining them as pets, you can have them around for a long time. But just like your other pets, turtles also need regular vet appointments and proper care.

While some turtle species are water-based, not all of them are the same. Some may be mud-based too. Once you get a hang of a turtle as a pet, they can be tremendous for keeping you company!

Let us know in the comment which names you like the most. Also, share with other pet owners, your own suggestions.

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