362 Cute and Funny Names for Pet Hamster

Cute and Funny Pet Hamster Names

Hamsters are tiny, adorable balls of fuzz that you can keep at home. They make great pets because they don’t require much exercise (make sure it has a nice wheel to run, though) and attention, and they don’t take much space in your home.

If you’ve children in your home, a hamster can be an excellent addition to your family. They’re cute and cuddly, and they’re relatively easy to look after. If you’re looking for a name for the adorable and puny critter, here are some cute and funny names for hamsters you should know.


Cute Hamster Names

Cute Hamster Names

An adorable name is perfect for your cute new family member. If you’re looking for a few ideas, this list of cute hamster names will help.

  1. Paws
  2. Sugar Cookie
  3. Tammy
  4. Baby
  5. Little Buddy
  6. Cocoa
  7. Furball
  8. Timmy
  9. Whiskers
  10. Bobo
  11. Momo
  12. Boba
  13. Furry
  14. Furby
  15. Olive
  16. Daisy
  17. Lily
  18. Remi
  19. Cloudy


Good Hamster Names

What do you think makes a good hamster name? Well, it should be memorable and easy to pronounce. Check these good hamster names out for your pet.

  1. Doughnut
  2. Cookie
  3. Pinkie
  4. Scruffy
  5. Grizzly
  6. Chubby
  7. Fuzz
  8. Chips
  9. Chomp
  10. Peppy
  11. Pickle
  12. Mango
  13. Iris
  14. Becky
  15. Neo
  16. Elmo
  17. Piggy


Funny Hamster Names

If you consider yourself a funny person, perhaps a hilarious name for your pet is the way to go. If you’re not, giving your pet, a hilarious name could showcase some of your hidden sense of humor. Well, in either case, here are some funny hamster names we’re sure you’re going to like.

  1. Ham Solo – If you’re a fan of the legendary sci-fi film series Star Wars, then you must already know and love the character Han Solo. Well, for your hamster, you can use the name, Ham Solo. Harrison Ford may not like it, but that’s all right.

Take a look at some more hilarious names for your small pet.

  1. Churro
  2. Sir Nibblets
  3. Hamlet
  4. Waddles
  5. Beefcakes
  6. Little League
  7. Ham n’ Cheese
  8. Wiggles
  9. Sir Squeaks-a-Lot
  10. Mr. Cheeks
  11. Miss Chunky
  12. Abrahamster Lincoln
  13. Squeaks
  14. Cinnabon
  15. Hamsterdam
  16. Sir Paws
  17. Hampton
  18. Mister Fluffs
  19. Poofers
  20. Gingersnap
  21. Tank
  22. Boo Bear
  23. Lady Fluff
  24. Goldilocks
  25. Dust Bunny
  26. Chumiee
  27. Hamelia
  28. Nutmeg
  29. Mouse
  30. Paul Bunyan
  31. Budweiser
  32. Hamburger
  33. Ricky Bobby
  34. Chongo
  35. Napoleon


Female Hamster Names

Female Hamster Names

If your new hamster is female, then you may want a name that’s best suited for her. To help you find the perfect name, here’s a long list of female hamster names.

  1. Tinkerbell
  2. Pearl
  3. Magenta
  4. Holly
  5. Precious
  6. Maggie
  7. Cashmere
  8. Charmaine
  9. April
  10. Gretel
  11. Dolly
  12. Honey
  13. Jasmine
  14. Bonnie
  15. Mabel
  16. Minister
  17. Bella
  18. Amber
  19. Angelica
  20. Peppermint
  21. Blondie
  22. Mini
  23. Aggy
  24. Catnip
  25. Windie
  26. Babs
  27. Riley
  28. Allie
  29. Elena
  30. Jessie
  31. Ellie
  32. Lizzie
  33. Betty
  34. Betsy
  35. Kelly
  36. Missy
  37. Jenny
  38. Polly
  39. Terrie
  40. Cathy
  41. Cassie
  42. Birdie
  43. Rita
  44. Bailey
  45. Lila
  46. Lulu
  47. Gracie
  48. Gigi
  49. Kiki
  50. Haley
  51. Macy
  52. Mary
  53. Millie
  54. Mindy
  55. Mandy


Dwarf Hamster Names

Dwarf hamsters are found in various parts of the world, including China and Russia. Therefore, the following names are inspired from those countries.

  1. Svetlana
  2. Mao
  3. Kumquat
  4. Mishka
  5. BaoBei
  6. Kroshka
  7. Snezhana
  8. Dan Dan
  9. Xia Xue
  10. Vovka
  11. Mushu
  12. Suyuz
  13. Vladimir
  14. Niko

If you’d prefer to name your hamster after its small size, then check these names out.

  1. Bitsy
  2. Bubbles
  3. Boo
  4. Acorn
  5. Dinky
  6. Bean
  7. Chickpea
  8. Niblet
  9. Pebbles
  10. Peewee
  11. Teeny
  12. Tink
  13. Twiggy


Male Hamster Names

This category is perfect for those of you who want to give your small pet a human, male name. Browse through this extensive list of male hamster names.

  1. Earl
  2. Rich
  3. Larry
  4. Caesar
  5. Steve
  6. Alfie
  7. Jasper
  8. Rex
  9. Maxmillian
  10. Lucius
  11. Bruce
  12. Gus
  13. Archie
  14. Max
  15. Teddy
  16. Franklin
  17. Pablo
  18. Dave
  19. Derrick
  20. Jimmie
  21. Jamie
  22. Jesse
  23. Paul
  24. Nolan
  25. Lance
  26. George
  27. Luke
  28. Fred
  29. Gilbert
  30. Deke
  31. Bryan
  32. Carl
  33. Oliver
  34. Elvis
  35. Einstein
  36. Gordon
  37. Frodo
  38. Tony
  39. Pete
  40. Kyle
  41. Andy
  42. Archibald


Disney Hamster Names

Disney Hamster Names

  1. Rhino – Rhino is the hamster in the 2008 Disney feature film, Bolt. Rhino is Bolt’s biggest fan and spends the better part of the movie in a hamster ball. The character’s funny and helps his friends whenever he can. If your pet hamster shares similar qualities as Rhino, then your name choice should be obvious.


Best Hamster Names

  1. Biggie Smalls – This is the stage name for the late rapper Christopher Wallace. In the few years that Biggie was around, he touched a lot of people’s hearts with his music and is revered for it to this day. We selected the name Biggie Smalls as our best hamster name because it both pays homage to the brilliant Christopher Wallace and makes a reference to your pet’s small size.


Adorable Hamster Names

An adorable creature deserves an adorable name, wouldn’t you agree? If you’re on board, take a look at these adorable names for your small little furball.

  1. Snookums
  2. Fufu
  3. Lovebug
  4. Butterscotch
  5. Pudding
  6. Skittles
  7. Tigger
  8. Sweety
  9. Snuggles
  10. Babydoll
  11. Peanut
  12. Cotton
  13. Cheesecake
  14. Princess
  15. Biscuit
  16. Rosie
  17. Sophie
  18. Creampuff
  19. Nugget
  20. Pip Squeak
  21. Marshmallow


Aesthetic Hamster Names

If you’re a fan of art, here are some names inspired by Renaissance painters that you can give to your furry pet.

  1. Leonardo da Vinci
  2. Sandro Botticelli
  3. Raphael
  4. Michaelangelo
  5. Donatelo
  6. Caravaggio
  7. Filippo Brunelleschi
  8. Giovanni
  9. Bellini
  10. Tintoretto


Albino Hamster Names

This category consists of names that are perfect for your albino hamster.

  1. Artic
  2. Alaska
  3. Bianco
  4. Bolt
  5. Champagne
  6. Custard
  7. Blondie
  8. Alabaster
  9. Comet
  10. Eggy
  11. Gelo
  12. Kaya
  13. Lightning
  14. Lunar
  15. Misty


Black and White Hamster Names

Do you have a beautiful little black and white hamster and can’t think of a name for it? Well, look no further! Here’s the perfect list of names in that case.

  1. Penguin
  2. Dalmation
  3. Zebra
  4. Panda
  5. Eightball
  6. Oreo
  7. Butler
  8. Chess
  9. Blot
  10. Chaplin
  11. Inky
  12. Freckles
  13. Domino
  14. Marble
  15. Noir
  16. Obsidian
  17. Orca
  18. Raven
  19. Piano
  20. Swan
  21. Tiger
  22. Zorro


Evil Hamster Names

  1. Darth Ham – In Star Wars lore, the prefix Darth is given to evil sith lords. Well, you could use the logic and name your evil hamster Darth Ham.


Grey Hamster Names

Grey Hamster Names

If you want to name your pet hamster after the color of its coat, here are some grey hamster names that may pique your interest.

  1. Ash
  2. Smokey
  3. Shadow
  4. Chrome
  5. Mercury
  6. Rain
  7. London
  8. Storm
  9. Twilight
  10. Granite
  11. Cinder


Harry Potter Hamster Names

  1. Slytherin – In the Harry Potter novel series, an unnamed boy belonging to the Slytherin house brought a magic hamster to Hogwarts. Considering we don’t know the name of the hamster or the boy, we felt it’s best to stick with the name Slytherin.


Long Haired Hamster Names

Long-haired hamsters are common pets because they’re friendly and get along well with humans. The following names are great for your long-haired pet.

  1. Rapunzel
  2. Longhair FluffPants
  3. Bon Jovi
  4. Bigfoot
  5. Chewbacca
  6. Cottonball
  7. Raggedy
  8. Gizmo
  9. Wookie
  10. Sasquatch
  11. Fluffernet
  12. Moptop


Orange Hamster Names

Below is a list of names that you absolutely must consider for your orange-colored hamster.

  1. Autumn
  2. Apple
  3. Caramel
  4. Apricot
  5. Ember
  6. Fizz
  7. Ginger
  8. Nacho
  9. Marmalade
  10. Garfield
  11. Rusty
  12. Dixie
  13. Crookshanks
  14. Cheeto
  15. Candy Corn
  16. Whiskey
  17. Sherbet
  18. Paprika
  19. Nemo
  20. Phoenix
  21. Hazel
  22. Opie
  23. Ariel
  24. Peaches
  25. Saffron


One-Syllable Hamster Names

Giving your pet a one-syllable name is great because it’s easy to say, and you’ll never forget it. Go through some of these to find the perfect match for your friend.

  1. Tess
  2. Kit
  3. Ron
  4. Tex
  5. Mike
  6. Pike
  7. Bam
  8. Zeke
  9. Sam
  10. Burt
  11. Cat
  12. Pat


Syrian Hamster Names

Syrian hamsters are also known as golden hamsters. This breed of hamsters is generally larger than the more common dwarf hamsters. Golden hamsters can be great house pets because they’re inquisitive, docile, and extremely cute.

  1. Mr. Saddlebags – Mr. Saddlebags was the name of the first-ever Syrian hamster. The Israeli biologist, whose name is Israel Aharoni, named the hamster Oger, which translates to Mr. Saddlebags. So, if you’re a fan of history and want to give tribute to this breed’s origins, then the name Oger or Mr. Saddlebags is an excellent choice.


Twin Hamster Names

If you’re lucky enough to bring a pair of twin hamsters in your home, you’re going to need to think of creative names that complement each other. The following twin hamster names will help give you a few ideas for your pets.

  1. Simon and Garfunkle
  2. Han Solo and Chewbacca
  3. Phineas and Ferb
  4. David and Goliath
  5. Chip and Dale
  6. Ben and Jerry
  7. Batman and Robin
  8. Starsky and Hutch
  9. Spongebob and Patrick
  10. Timon and Pumba


White Hamster Names

Winter white hamsters are like walking cotton balls but only cuter. If you want to name your hamster after its flawless white fur, then this category is for you.

  1. Frosty
  2. Snowballs
  3. Blanche
  4. Casper
  5. Snowflake
  6. Ice Cube
  7. Angel
  8. Coconut
  9. Bianca
  10. Sugar
  11. Ivory
  12. Feather
  13. Snowdrop
  14. Polar
  15. Orchid
  16. Ghost
  17. Thunder
  18. Nova


Yellow Hamster Names

  1. Sunshine – Your pet hamster will almost always brighten up your day. So, why not name the little critter Sunshine?
  2. Gold
  3. Lemon
  4. Minion
  5. Yellow bear


Last Few Words

While hamsters may be considered as good pets to get for the first time, they do require sufficient attention and care.

Make sure you read up on how to take care of them before you bring one to your home. Once you’ve done your homework, all you need to do is come up with a name that fits your hamster’s personality or appearance perfectly.

It can be a bit challenging to come up with names on the spot. Well, any of the cute and funny names for hamsters above will help steer you in the right direction.

Good Luck!

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