121 Funny And Cute Pet Raccoon Names

Pet Raccoon Names

Raccoons are my absolute favorite. I’ve had them since childhood, and I simply cannot have enough of them. If you have just got a raccoon as your new pet and are looking for names for the little one, you have hit on the right article.

Without further ado, let’s get down to some name options for your adorable little raccoon.

Fictional raccoon names

Some of the most popular raccoon names that top the chart are those that have been inspired by their animated counterparts from popular cartoon strips, Hollywood movies, video games, and literature. Here’s taking a look at them:

1. Tico – From Dora, the Explorer

2. Rocket – From the Guardians of Marvel comics

3. Meek – From Disney’s Pocahontas

4. Rocky – From the song, ‘Rocky Raccoon’ by Beatles

5. RJ – From Over The Hedge

6. Sly Cooper – From the video game series of the same name


7. Rascal – From Rascal by Sterling North

8. Avery – From Ozy and Millie

9. Ranger Rick – From Ranger Rick by the National Wildlife Federation

10. Roderick from Rock Jaw – From the Master of the Eastern Border, the 5th book from the Bone series

11. Pepper – From Pepper by Barbara Leonard Reynolds

12. Rigby – From Regular Show by Cartoon Network

13. Don – From Regular Show by Cartoon Network

14. Joey – From the 20th Century Fox movie, Dr. Dolittle 2

15. Pinch – From PB&J Otter by Walt Disney Animation Studios and Jumbo Pictures

16. Scootch Raccoon – From PB&J Otter by Walt Disney Animation Studios and Jumbo Pictures


Other popular raccoon names

Didn’t like any of the above? Or, wouldn’t like to consider names inspired by popular media? Here are some that you may want to consider:

17. Shadow – Besides being black (albeit, in parts), like the shadow, wouldn’t your pet little raccoon follow your like he/she is your shadow!

18. Adora – Because he/she is simply adorable

19. Rocket – Referring to its speed, of course.

20. Ringtail – Sums up your raccoon’s tail in one word

21. Bandit – Look at those eyes.

22. Sunshine – Isn’t he/she a little bit of this in your life?

23. Babe – Your precious baby.

24. Dash – The restless one that he/she already is

25. Sprinter – The claws work with the speed of a sprinter.

26. Flash – Oh, the speed of the claws again!

27. Fiddle – The ever-curious little ones that raccoons are.

28. Prowler – Always on the prowl, the inquisitive little one.

29. Naughty – Goes without saying!

30. Whiskers – Oh, those pocky ones!

31. Monster – The naughty one

32. Marbles – Attributing to those wonderfully shiny eyes.

33. Buttons – For the eyes, again!

34. Shine – The shiny eyes, the fur, Woah!

35. Joy – The joy of your life and your home.

36. Foxy – Looks like a miniature fox.

37. Cuddles – So irresistibly cute that you can hardly keep your hands off him/her.

38. Candy – As sweet as one.

39. Jerry – As naughty as the mouse from Tom & Jerry

40. Mushy – Your little ball of love.

41. Mooshie – ‘Mushy’ pronounced with a slight twist.

42. Spark – The spark in your life.

43. Rebel – Quite a rebel with his/her antics

44. Swift – On its toes forever.


Random raccoon names

A list of names that sound like music to our ears:

45. Flynn

46. Micky

47. Aaron

48. Jay

49. Gizmo

50. Jazz

51. Melanie

52. Charlie

53. Mara

54. Brooke

55. Cooper

56. Will

57. Willow

58. Alex

59. Claudia

60. Delilah

61. Dahlia

62. Walter

63. Ophelia

64. Pablo

65. Sheeba

66. Merry

67. Clara

68. Oz

69. Lolly

70. Lolo

71. Lola

72. Booboo

73. Pop

74. Cleo

75. Parker

76. Diddy

77. Diego

78. Paula

79. Chloe

80. Stella

81. Brittany

82. Roy

83. Jack

84. Claudia


Food-inspired raccoon names

If you are one that appreciates food, you can certainly think about names that are inspired by food or beverage, specifically those that are brown, black, grey or white. Yes! the colors of your teeny weeny raccoon. Below are a few suggestions:

85. Toffee

86. Brandy

87. Biscuit

88. Rum

89. Kahlua

90. Spice

91. Coffee

92. Cocoa

93. Choco

94. Raisin

95. Cupcake

96. Mousse

97. Brown Sugar

98. Brownie

99. Hershey

100. Kitkat

101. Marshmallow


Quirky raccoon names

When you are looking for a name that is creative and unique enough to set your little one apart from other pets, our list here will keep you covered:

102. Maverick – A mad-hatter, totally!

103. Chica – A nice name, especially for your raccoon girl

104. Boi – For your little boy.

105. Bolt – The raccoon version of Usain Bolt.

106. Dart -The quick working of the claws – that’s what’s he/she going to do or already does.

107. Lightning – How quickly his/her claws work!

108. Magic – How he/she works his/her way like a true magician with the claws!

109. Mask – Those beautiful eyes with a white and black border around them. Don’t they look like a mask?

110. Smokie – Ah, those smoky eyes!

111. Kohl – The black-bordered eyes. Beautiful, ain’t them?

112. Jumper – The forever restless one.

113. Hip-hop – Moves in perfect beats.

114. Rhythm – Hop, skip and jump – there’s rhythm in his/her moves.

115. Pandora – A Pandora’s Box, indeed!

116. Knight – Your knight in shining armor, the cute little thing.

117. Peekaboo – Your hide-n-seek partner!

118. Twist – A little bit of a positive twist in your life.

119. Amaze – Amazing is an understatement for your little one.

120. Wizard – Quite a magician, your little pet.

121. Brainwave – A quick thinker as much as being quick with his/her moves.


Conclusion: Pet Raccoon Names

Now that you have finally laid your hands on an extensive list of names for your little raccoon, it’s time to carefully mull over your list of favorites and zero in on one that fit’s your tiny tot’s personality perfectly.

Happy naming! We can’t wait to know the name that you finally chose for your pet or if you have some more suggestions.

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