200 Cute and Funny Ladybug Names

Ladybug Names

Did you know that there are as many as 5,000 different species of ladybugs in the world? Although named as ‘ladybugs’, these insects do not fall into the classification of true bugs. Perhaps that is why most of the Entomologists prefer to call them ‘ladybird beetles’ or ‘lady beetles’ instead of ‘ladybugs’.

Although ladybugs have a wide variety of colors and patterns on them, the one most of us are familiar with is the classic, seven-spotted ladybug, with its vibrant red body covered with black spots. This specific variety has originated from Europe. These insects have a dome-like body to which six little legs are attached.

Small in size and attractive in color, these little creatures are harmless to human begins. In fact, in many cultures, ladybugs are also believed to be the harbinger for good luck.

Have you spotted ladybugs in your garden and want to give them distinct names? You’re just in the right place. We have more than 200 name suggestions for your little friends.


Cute Ladybug Names

Cute Ladybug Names

‘Cute’ is an adjective that suits quite well on ladybugs. If you’re thinking of ladybug names, why not go for something cute that defines them?

  1. Bitsy
  2. Heidi – a Germanic name derived from ‘Adelheid’, which means ‘of noble birth’
  3. Bichito
  4. Hans
  5. Chili
  6. Oz
  7. Hank
  8. Josie
  9. Oak
  10. Floyd
  11. Lady cow – a British term for ‘ladybug’
  12. Elmo
  13. Edgar
  14. Eifel
  15. Pearl
  16. Kumbang – a term for ‘beetle’ used in Indonesia and Malaysia
  17. Pandora
  18. Hooch
  19. Axle
  20. Basil
  21. Cyrus
  22. Pepsi
  23. Marieta – a Catalan term that translates to ‘ladybug’
  24. Bart
  25. Pete
  26. Nitro
  27. Ribbon
  28. Toffee
  29. Gandac – a Romanian word for ‘beetle’
  30. Buttercup


Funny ladybug names

Funny ladybug names

A funny ladybug name can be a hilarious subject of conversation between your friends and family. Check out these funny ladybug names you can settle on.

  1. Bugaboo
  2. Levi
  3. Izzy
  4. Isabella
  5. Kidcore
  6. Ladycow – another name for ‘ladybug’
  7. Nibbles
  8. Kiwi
  9. Bootie
  10. Cha Cha
  11. Jelly
  12. Mo
  13. Ladybeetle
  14. Bichito
  15. Kot
  16. Gigi
  17. Nina
  18. Ladyfly
  19. Dee Dee
  20. Ketchup
  21. Aussie
  22. Mimi
  23. Jesse
  24. Polkadots
  25. Buzzy
  26. Blackhorn
  27. Doe
  28. Fifi
  29. Ladyclock


Famous ladybug names

Ladybugs are quite popular insects around the globe. They have been named differently in countless different languages and cultures. Do you wish to use these classic names for ladybugs? Check them out:

  1. Vika – a Finnish word for ‘bug’
  2. Felix – a Latin word that translates to ‘lucky’ or ‘happy’
  3. Dolce – colorful
  4. Keera – a Nepali term for ‘beetle’
  5. Goobre Poka – a Bengali word for ‘ladybug’
  6. Eloisa – vibrant
  7. Dame – a Dutch term that means ‘lady’
  8. Coccinelli – a Latin term for ‘ladybug’
  9. Kismet – an Arabic word that means ‘luck’ or ‘destiny’
  10. Kever – a Dutch term for ‘bug’
  11. Praga – a Galician term for ‘pest’
  12. Mariquita – a Spanish word that means ‘ladybug’
  13. Wadudu – a word in Swahili which means ‘pest’
  14. Skarabo – a term that translates to ‘beetle’ in Esperanto
  15. Keet – a Hindi word that means ‘pest’
  16. San Antonios – an Uruguay term for ‘ladybug’
  17. Zortea – a term in Basque that means ‘lucky’
  18. Senora – a Galician term for ‘lady’
  19. Fehler – a German word for ‘bug’
  20. Brumbull – an Albanian term for ‘beetle’


Pet ladybug names

Pet ladybug names
Pet ladybug names

Keeping cute little creatures like ladybugs as pets is highly unheard of. However, if you consider the ones you have found as your pets and want to name them, go ahead and take your pick from the following names:

  1. Aphid
  2. Ebe – an Igbo term for ‘beetle’
  3. Tick
  4. Praying Mantis
  5. Buba – a Bosnian term for ‘bug’
  6. Bedbug
  7. Moth
  8. Gnat
  9. Besie – an Afrikaan term for ‘beetle’
  10. Bumblebee
  11. Maricat
  12. Arachnid
  13. Yellow Jacket
  14. Beetle
  15. Daddy Longlegs
  16. Bille – a term for ‘beetle’ in Danish and Norwegian
  17. Louse
  18. Gizmo
  19. Sly
  20. Kapontje – a Dutch term for ‘ladybug’
  21. Bee
  22. Flea
  23. Hornet
  24. Cleopatra – the famous Egyptian queen
  25. Sandra


Girl ladybug names

Is your ladybug a girl? While it’s difficult to tell, here are some of the girl ladybug names you can use.

  1. Eva
  2. Iris
  3. Rosa
  4. Ivy
  5. Cindy
  6. Sugar
  7. Dixie
  8. Milady
  9. Sally
  10. Roxie
  11. Genie
  12. Abigail
  13. Dona – a Chichewa word for ‘lady’
  14. Silky
  15. Chloe
  16. Ladybug
  17. Nikita
  18. Bernie
  19. Gypsy
  20. T-bird
  21. Yin
  22. Susie-Q
  23. Keesha
  24. Finnie
  25. Callie


Boy ladybug names

If you want to find a suitable boy ladybug name, you can browse through our list given below:

  1. Wiz
  2. Aldo
  3. Ty
  4. Rex
  5. Chad
  6. Howie
  7. Nutmeg
  8. Acorn
  9. Pablo
  10. Brouk – a Czech term for ‘beetle’
  11. Noel
  12. Remy
  13. Argus
  14. Snitch
  15. Oakley
  16. Guld-ko – a Swedish term for ‘ladybug’
  17. Guld-hona – another Swedish term for ‘ladybug’
  18. Red
  19. Banjo
  20. Galineta – an Occitan term for ‘ladybug’
  21. Milo
  22. Newt
  23. Hugo
  24. Pepper
  25. Rico


Good ladybug names

Have you still not found the name you were looking for? Here are more suggestions for good ladybug names for you.

  1. Bucky
  2. Vermello – a Galician term that means ‘red’
  3. Quinn
  4. Jingles
  5. Dath – an Irish term that means ‘color’
  6. Uger Bocegi – a Turkish word for ‘ladybug’
  7. Timber
  8. Bugsy
  9. Vistoso – a Spanish term that means ‘colorful’
  10. Mia
  11. Joy
  12. Rang – a Hindi word that means ‘color’
  13. Chaos
  14. Piros – a Hungarian term that signifies the color red
  15. Bullet
  16. Suerte – a Spanish word that means ‘lucky’


Miraculous ladybug names (TV Show)

Most of you ladybug-lovers must already know about ‘Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir’. However, if you don’t, we will tell you all you need to know about it. The Miraculous is an animated web series that focuses on the life of Marinette Dupain-Cheng, a teenager who aspires to be a fashion designer.

However, an extraordinary secret of this seemingly ordinary girl’s life is that she is also a superhero named ‘Ladybug’ who solves crimes.

The show has many incredible name ideas you can use for your ladybug. We have listed a few of them below:

  1. Marinette – the central character of the show
  2. Cat Noir – Marinette’s classmate on whom she is crushing
  3. Alya Cesaire – Marinette’s best friend
  4. Tikki – the kwami of creation
  5. Nino Lahiffe – Adrien’s (Cat Noir) best friend
  6. Plagg – the kwami of destruction
  7. Andre Bourgeois – the mayor of Paris and the owner of the Le Grand Paris
  8. Chloe Bourgeois – the daughter of the mayor
  9. Sabrina Raincomprix – Chloe’s assistant and her only friend
  10. Le Chein Kim – a boy who has a crush on Chloe
  11. Hawk Moth – Gabriel Agreste, the antagonist of the show
  12. Max Kante – an intelligent boy; a good friend of Kim
  13. Mylene Harpele
  14. Master Fu
  15. Rose Lavillant
  16. Juleka Couffaine
  17. Vincent
  18. Roger Raincomprix
  19. Ms. Mendeleieve
  20. Stormy Weather
  21. Alec Cataldi
  22. Mr. Damocles
  23. Caline Bustier
  24. Mirelle Caquet
  25. Tom Dupain
  26. Alix Kubdel
  27. Sabine Cheng
  28. Nadja Chamack
  29. Nathaniel Kurtzberg
  30. Ivan Bruel


Did you know these facts about ladybugs?

The ‘lady’ in ladybugs

Are all ladybugs females? If not, why are they named ‘ladybugs’? There’s an interesting story behind it.

In the Middle Ages, all the European farmers were in agony since a swarm of aphids was destroying all the crops they had worked hard on.

The helpless farmers prayed to the Virgin Mary to help them. The ladybugs arrived as an answering boon, destroying all the aphids and saving their crops. The ‘lady’ in their name is, thus, derived from the Virgin Mary.


Why are ladybugs colorful?

The factor that sets ladybugs apart from the other bland or ugly looking insects is their attractive color. But have you ever wondered why it is so?

It might sound surprising, but what looks attractive to us seems terrible to the other animals.

The predatory animals mostly avoid eating brightly colored insects because they believe them to taste awful. Their attractiveness apparently saves their lives.


How much can a little ladybug eat?

How much do you think? We’re sure you couldn’t have imagined this, but these little creatures can eat about 5,000 insects in their lifetime. It means that they can eat 75 to 100 mites a day!


Ladybug lays snacks!

When a ladybug lays eggs, not all of them contain an embryo. Some of them are more like dummy eggs. But what is their use? The newly-hatched baby ladybugs eat these eggs as a snack.


Winters are for mating and sleeping

As winter approaches, ladybugs return to their ancestral home in clusters. There, they mate and then go into hibernation to survive the biting cold.


Conclusion: Ladybug Names

Whether you are looking for funny ladybug names or the names of ladybugs that are popular around the world, you will find a suitable one in this article.

I hope this article helped you find a unique ladybug name for your little ladybug, or at least gave you some ideas for other ways you can find creative names!

There are many names to choose from, and I’m sure you’ll find something here to your liking. Start searching now to find that perfect name for your ladybug companion!