Do Australian Cattle Dogs Like To Cuddle?

Do Australian Cattle Dogs Like To Cuddle

The first question that pops in the head when you think about getting a fluffy partner is whether they like to cuddle. Every dog owner’s dream is to snuggle in bed with their four-legged companion. However, there are a few breeds of dogs that, although loyal and affectionate, like to maintain their distance. Australian Cattle dogs are one of them. They are alert and have a high intellect, which makes them very popular. But do they like cuddling? For people who are looking forward to adopting an Australian Cattle dog, we’ll answer this question for you.

Do Australian cattle dogs like to cuddle? Since Australian cattle dogs come off as string athletic dogs, people often mistake them for watchdogs and believe that they don’t like to cuddle. However, the truth is that no matter which breed your dog is, they all like to snuggle and feel loved. The only difference lies in the kind of cuddles they like. Australian cattle dogs were initially bred to be herding dogs. This is why they are cautious of their surroundings and prefer staying around friendly faces.

Wish to know more? Keep reading to find out all about Australian cattle dogs’ cuddling habits.


What’s the significance?

For a few dogs, especially toy breeds, cuddling is equivalent to sitting in their owner’s lap and burying their head. While for others, just petting and hugging qualifies as a good cuddle.

Given their tough physique, they need a good amount of exercise to stay healthy. With the breed’s appearances in famous movies such as Mad Max and Hulk, these dogs have endeared many.

These dogs are extremely loyal and tough by nature. They like to run around and play, yet they stay alert at all times. They are quite big and walk around with a straight posture, which might come off as intimidating. However, these dogs are softies and will snuggle with loved ones.


How to train Australian cattle dogs to cuddle?

How to train Australian cattle dogs to cuddle

Australian cattle dogs are charming and look really adorable, especially as puppies. Anyone’s first instinct after seeing them would be to give them a hug and a kiss. Now, Australian cattle dogs are independent dogs. This is why it is important to inculcate social skills in them.

Quick learning is their virtue

They are quite protective of their family, and they need to be trained to be amiable around strangers. These beautiful creatures are easy to train due to their quick learning abilities. This gives them an edge over other breeds as they love to keep themselves occupied with something.

Alert dog breed

Australian cattle dogs get restless easily, and hence, it is important that you keep them mentally and physically engaged. For this reason, this breed does not cuddle with people they don’t know. These dogs are always on their feet and sleep with one eye open.

They stay wary of trespassers and strangers, which is why they don’t like it if someone they don’t know comes and pets them. You need to train your Australian cattle dog from a young age to be comfortable around people and not pounce.

Cozy and calm

A great way to get your Australian cattle dog clingy and close to you is by training them to be cozy around you from a young age. These dogs are not couch dogs. They don’t enjoy snuggling as other dogs do. Their way of displaying affection towards you is by being obedient and protective.

Play and attract

You can play fetch with them and train them. On being rewarded and pet, they feel proud and happy. The way they express love is by letting you touch or hug them.

They are a far cry from being lazy and so don’t expect them to sit under the blankets with you and watch movies. Since they are herding dogs, they appreciate and enjoy the presence of those they know.

Being herding dogs are used to chasing other animals around. This might end up being a little messy and aggressive.

So, make sure you don’t introduce them to new pets or other animals at middle age. These species are very curious and love moving around, which is why it is advisable to keep them on a leash when they are exposed to new people or surroundings.


How to encourage the habit of touch and snuggle in Australian cattle dogs?

A way to encourage Australian cattle dogs to cuddle with you is by giving them a task and then petting or appreciating them in the form of a hug. Australian cattle dogs are very easy to train because they like to perform activities and impress their owner.

Having a sharp brain and cognitive skills, they understand and judge their environment well. So, if you reward them and follow it with a hug, they will take cuddling as a token of appreciation.

Australian cattle dogs, however, do not like to get very touchy. Suppose you are someone who wants your dog and snuggle and sleep beside you, then Australian cattle dogs are not the ideal choice. They get cranky and might nip you if you force yourself on them.

These dogs like their own space and freedom. This is why you should always adopt or get an Australian cattle dog if you have a big space in or outside your house where they can play. These are not apartment dogs, and closed spaces don’t bode well for them.


Why Aren’t Australian cattle dogs Cuddlers?

Australian cattle dogs are dominant dogs. They like to be in charge, and when they feel like someone is trying to patronize them, they get grumpy. Since these dogs are smart and intelligent, they don’t like to laze around. If they get bored, they might get too destructive, and you must keep them involved in something all the time.

The reason that they don’t like to cuddle is that they are sporty dogs. They think of cuddling as a mundane activity and don’t actively take an interest in it. These dogs feel macho and walk around with a charm and attitude. They feel like it’s their responsibility to protect their loved ones and so they don’t like to get distracted.



Will my Australian cattle dog bite me if I try to cuddle?

Although Australian cattle dogs are friendly dogs, they can get impatient quite quickly. So if you try too hard with them, they might retaliate and attack. You need to maintain a distance and respect their boundaries. They don’t attack their owners and loved ones as they feel it is their duty to look over them. So, there is a low chance that they will bite you.

If you appreciate them and reward them with a hug, they will feel loved. However, don’t overdo it and let them be at peace with themselves if they are restless or want to be left alone, for instance, when they are sleeping. If you approach them, suddenly they will react.

Are Australian cattle dogs comfortable around other people?

Australian cattle dogs are originally herding dogs. If you introduce them to new animals, people, or babies, they will likely get excited and jump on them. Since they are rough and strong dogs, there is a high possibility that they scratch or nip the other person/animal.

Although they are not aggressive and won’t violently attack anyone else unless they see them as a danger, it is best to keep them on a leash around new people.

They are inquisitive dogs and like to explore, so if you take them to a park or area with people and other dogs, be very careful. Stay around them and instruct them to take it easy and stay calm.

Can I teach my Australian cattle dog to Cuddle?

The way your dog behaves depends on how you treat and train them from the very start. Even though a few people believe that guard dogs don’t like to be touched, it boils down to how you instruct them.

If you instill the habit of snuggling and hugging in your dog, they will not resist it later on. However, if you don’t touch them or play with them compassionately from the time they are puppies, then they will grow up with an aversion to touch.

Indeed, few breeds don’t like to be touched at all. However, there is no hard and fast rule. You can always foster your pet the way you want them to grow up. Many people believe that even German Shepherds are aggressive and oppose to touch, but there are many live examples of the breed being tender and warm.


Summing Up

Australian cattle dogs are kind-hearted and lovely dog breeds. They are extremely cute as puppies and incredibly obedient and protective once they grow up. If you give them a ground to play and keep them occupied, they will be the happiest.

These dogs are very loyal and loving. Even though they don’t show their fondness readily and conventionally, they have their ways of expressing their care.

The notion that this breed is difficult to be with and slightly hostile is false. They will reciprocate the sentiment and admiration you show them. No book says that these breeds don’t like to cuddle.

Every dog likes to be petted and felt loved, and so do they. You can always rely on this breed to be by your side and safeguard you! These beautiful creatures are strong and resolute yet gentle at heart.