Can French Bulldogs Eat Cucumbers?

Can French Bulldogs Eat Cucumbers

Charming and fun-loving, French Bulldogs are the ideal companion pets for us. If you have the fortune of owning one of these lovely creatures, you will never find yourself alone. Imagine having salad for breakfast with your pet French Bulldog staring at you.

Don’t you feel like giving them a bite as well? However, before you do that, you should ask yourself whether it is safe for your dog or not. Dogs have a diet quite different from ours for a good reason. But is it alright for them to take a bite or two from our food at times? What about cucumbers?

Can French Bulldogs eat cucumbers? Yes, French Bulldogs can certainly eat cucumbers. Cucumbers pose no threat to your furry friends’ health, and in fact, make a great snack for them. With a high-water content and low calories, these fruits are both healthy and tasty for French Bulldogs, who are always looking for something crunchy to bite on. However, as with every other fruit, you should feed these to them in moderation.


Are cucumbers healthy for French Bulldogs?

Are cucumbers healthy for French Bulldogs

About 98% of cucumber is water. What does that mean for your French Bulldog? French Bulldogs love a crunchy snack. However, most store-bought dog treats you offer are high in calories and can make them obese if fed too frequently.

Cucumber, on the other hand, is low in calories, and the abundance of water content can keep your French Bulldog hydrated for longer hours.

Due to the beta-carotene and manganese, cucumbers have been proven to control high blood pressure in all animals, including dogs. Animal studies also claim that cucumber reduces inflammation in animals.

Cucumber contains dietary fibers and potassium, which are said to protect the cardiac health of dogs. It is low in sodium and fat, and rich in Calcium and Vitamin K, strengthening bones and improving joint health in dogs.

Other vitamins and minerals of cucumbers that are healthy for your French Bulldog are Vitamins B1, B5, B6, C, copper, phosphorous, zinc, iron, biotin magnesium.

To sum up, cucumbers are very healthy for your French Bulldog as far as treats or snacks go.


Is it safe to feed French Bulldog cucumbers?

Yes, feeding cucumber is completely safe for your French Bulldog. The only issues cucumbers can pose to your French Bulldog is overeating and choking hazard.

We agree that cucumbers are healthy for your French Bulldog in every manner. However, too much of anything can prove to be harmful, and the same is true for cucumbers.

Eating too much cucumber can upset the stomach of your pet and lead to gastrointestinal issues. This is more commonly seen in dogs who have started eating cucumbers recently. Thus, feed your French Bulldog cucumbers in moderation.

The other concern is cucumber becoming a choking hazard for your French Bulldog. An average-sized cucumber is big enough for your pet dog to choke on. Therefore, you should never feed them the fruit as it is.


How many cucumbers should you feed French Bulldog?

Feeding Cucumbers to French Bulldog

When feeding your French Bulldog cucumbers, it is best to stick with the 10% rule all veterinarians recommend. According to the rule, on 10% of your pet dog’s daily diet should contain treats, whether fruits, vegetables, or store-bought goods.

This means you can feed them a slice of cucumber every day. However, if you want to feed them other treats as well, you can create a rotating pattern between them all.


Tips and tricks of feeding French Bulldog cucumber

You can feed cucumbers to your French Bulldog in several ways. However, when you start feeding them these treats for the first time, be careful about steadily increasing their quantity. Give your pet the time to acclimatize to it.

The classic serving style of cucumber is to chop them up into bite-sized pieces for your French Bulldog. You can also peel the skin off if you want to.

Cucumbers also work well with a variety of fruits and vegetables. Thus, you can also serve them as a salad to your French Bulldogs. You can also add pieces of cucumbers in the daily meal of your French Bulldog to mix it up a little.


Can French Bulldog puppies eat cucumbers?

If you want to feed your French Bulldog puppy cucumbers, you must wait until they are weaned and begin eating solid food.

Even then, you should remember that their digestive systems are still developing. Thus, it’s best if you feed them slices of cucumbers once a week.

If the pup is still consuming milk, feeding it cucumber might be a bad idea, since it could upset their stomach.


Are raw cucumbers okay for French Bulldogs to eat?

Yes, raw cucumbers are totally fine for your French Bulldog to eat. In fact, they are fond of the crunchiness and prefer it raw. Raw cucumbers contain all the nutrients as well, so you’re not compromising your pet’s health by feeding them these.


Can French Bulldogs eat the skin of cucumber?

The cucumber skin contains more nutrients than the fruit itself, and it might be healthier for your French Bulldog to eat the fruit along with the skin.

However, the French Bulldog finds it difficult to digest the cucumber’s skin, so it’s best to peel them off while feeding them.

Moreover, the skin of the cucumber also contains pesticides and chemicals. You should, therefore, wash them thoroughly before serving them to your pet.


Are cucumber seeds safe for French Bulldog to eat?

The seeds of many fruits and vegetables are harmful to animals, especially dogs. However, if you’re wondering about the safety of French Bulldog regarding cucumber seeds, you needn’t worry at all.

The seeds of cucumbers are safely and as healthy for your pet as the rest of the fruit. Therefore, you don’t have to remove them before feeding them to your French Bulldog.


Can French Bulldogs eat cucumber pickles?

If you are considering feeding your French Bulldog cucumber pickles, that’s a bad idea. Although fresh, even raw cucumbers are great for your French Bulldog, their pickles are not healthy for them. Pickles contain sodium and a number of spices, all of which can harm your pet dog.


Cucumbers: treating bad breath in French Bulldog

In general, the mouth of a French Bulldog contains in abundance bacteria that produce a bad odor. Therefore, their mouths stink.

Cucumbers can improve their bad breath because they contain phytochemicals and phytonutrients. These destroy the bacteria and help to refresh their breaths.

However, you can’t depend on cucumbers solely for their oral hygiene. You should brush their teeth regularly to keep their mouths healthy.


Frequently Asked Questions

Apart from cucumbers, which other vegetables can my French Bulldog enjoy as a snack? If you want to feed your French Bulldog an alternate of cucumbers, you can go with asparagus, green beans, or celery. They make a crunchy and healthy snack for your pet.

Can my French Bulldog eat bread? Yes. Bread is safe for your French Bulldog as long as it is plain. Also, you should feed these to your dog in moderation.

Can I feed my French Bulldog ice cream? Ice cream is a dairy product, and most dogs, including French Bulldog, are lactose intolerant to an extent. However, you may give your pet dog a bite once in a while without creating troubles for them.

Are popcorns safe for my French Bulldog to eat? Popcorns are not ideal for feeding your French Bulldog. However, if you want to feed them these treats, you should go for unsalted, air-popped plain popcorn.



Let’s go back to our first question: can French Bulldogs eat cucumbers? Yes, French Bulldogs can certainly eat cucumbers. With their numerous health benefits and nutritional richness, cucumbers make a crunchy and healthy treat for French Bulldogs and can be included as their regular snacks as well.

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