Woodpecker Symbolism and Meaning (Totem, Spirit and Omens)

Woodpecker Symbolism and Meaning

Belonging to the family of sapsuckers, piculets, and wrynecks, the woodpeckers are a species of Piciformes birds known for their characteristic trait of hammering at tree trunks with their beaks. There are about 240 woodpecker species in the world with a widespread distribution. But what do these noisy birds symbolize to us?

Woodpeckers symbolize positivity, resourcefulness, self-awareness, motivation, intellect, creativity, innovation, and wisdom. They are instinctive opportunity-seekers with an uncanny ability to comprehend the full potential of their assets. For a  long time woodpeckers are believed to be linked to the spirit of nature in different cultures throughout the world. For many, their hammering noise is symbolic of the heartbeat of Mother Nature. 

Have you been dreaming of the woodpeckers for the past few days? Or do you feel a strange connection with their spirit? Whatever it is that you’re feeling or experiencing, we will help you understand it better.

This article will talk about the symbolism of woodpeckers, the interpretation of their dreams and tattoos, and their cultural significance. Moreover, we will explore what it means to have them as your spirit animals and totems.


What do woodpeckers symbolize?

Woodpeckers symbolism

Even though they possess sharp beaks, the woodpeckers have a peculiar habit of using their tongue to catch their prey. Sounds unusual, doesn’t it? There are many other unusual traits these birds possess, which makes their symbolism unique to us:

Stability and wisdom

Many of you might not know this, but the woodpeckers that inhabit forests are often found to prefer nesting on the oak trees. These ancient trees are symbolic of durability and wisdom, traits that we can associate with the birds as well. Woodpeckers aren’t fickle-minded like many smaller birds that jump from one branch to another but are steady and reliable.

Resourcefulness and creativity

Woodpeckers are regarded as highly intelligent birds that can solve any problem within minutes. What gives them an edge over the other birds is their creativity and unique perspective. Their spirit provides us with a fresh perspective and awakens our creativity, enabling us to channel our full potential into everything we do.


What does it mean to dream of the Woodpeckers?

Dream of woodpecker meaning

Have the woodpeckers been visiting you in your sleep? What could it mean to dream of them? In order to reveal the true meaning of such dreams, you must try to gather every detail you see in the dream, for these details will help you in interpreting them.

We have curated a list of the most common woodpecker dreams along with their interpretations below.

Hearing the sound of a Woodpecker

If you hear the sound of a woodpecker in your dream but can’t find them anywhere, it is a lucky dream. Such dreams are indicative of a lucky period in your life. Whatever you begin or commit to in the next couple of months is going to bring you success.

A woodpecker crossing your path

If a woodpecker crosses your path in your dream, it is a positive sign. Such a dream is significant in the positive changes in your life. You might move into a new city because of work, or decide to get married to the one you love.

A Woodpecker in a hollow

Dreaming of a woodpecker peeking out of its hollow has a negative interpretation. Such a dream indicates that in the near future, you will have to take up the responsibility of informing your family and relatives about a mishap or a terrible affair. You know that the news will be a huge disappointment for them, but you are helpless in the matter.

A Woodpecker pecking on your house roof

Dreaming of a woodpecker pecking at the roof of your house has a negative interpretation. Such a dream is a warning of the impending family troubles. Maybe someone at your home is going to suffer through a serious disease or injury. You need to be prepared and stay strong in the face of a crisis.

A dead Woodpecker

Dreaming of a dead or dying woodpecker is a bad sign. Such dreams are connected to your personal and professional life and indicate that you are about to receive bad news, such as a loss in your company, falling out with friends, or someone close to you severely ill.

A large Woodpecker

Dreaming of a large and brightly colored woodpecker is a foretelling that you are about to receive the good news that might not necessarily concern you but could be about the people you love and care about.

A tireless Woodpecker

If you dream of a woodpecker drilling at a tree trunk tirelessly, it has a positive interpretation. Such a dream is indicative of your self-confidence and self-assertiveness. It means that you have everything you need to succeed. There’s no way anyone can stop you from achieving your goals.

A Woodpecker perched on a tree branch

If you dream of a woodpecker perched on a tree branch, it is a warning that someone you have never met before is about to convey to you the most unexpected news. You might not be able to believe it a first, but it would be the truth.

A Woodpecker attacking you

A woodpecker attacking you in your dream indicates that you will soon have a falling out with your friend. However, you needn’t feel bad about it, since it is only for your greater good.

An injured Woodpecker

Seeing an injured woodpecker might not sound so appealing, but dreaming of them is a good sign. It indicates that you will meet someone at a party or a conference who will prove to be a positive influence in your life and help you make the decisions you are dreading.

A strange-colored Woodpecker

If you dream of a woodpecker that has a body-color unusual for woodpeckers, such as deep green, or emerald blue, it signifies that you are about to receive unexpected and shocking news that will shake you to your core. It might be the news of the passing away of a close relative you haven’t been in touch with lately. However, with the support of your loved ones, you will get over it.

A Woodpecker talking to you

If you find yourself speaking with a woodpecker in your dream, it indicates that you are about to go through a change that will be essential in your growth. You might switch jobs or choose a different stream. Whatever you are about to do, rest assured that it will positively impact your life.

A Woodpecker watching you

If you see a woodpecker watching you in your dream, it reflects your inner peace and indicates that the people in your family are very happy for you.

A Woodpecker with a broken beak

Dreaming of a woodpecker with a broken beak has a negative interpretation. Such a dream indicates loneliness that you just can’t shake away, no matter how hard you try.

A flying Woodpecker

Dreaming of a woodpecker flying away is symbolic of your dissatisfaction with where your life is currently leading. Such a dream is a message that you need to turn your life in a different direction.

A Woodpecker looking for larvae

If you dream of a woodpecker searching for larvae among the dead leaves, it has a positive interpretation. Such a dream indicates that your hard work and talent will soon be rewarded with either a financial gain or an upliftment of your status.

Feeding a Woodpecker

If you see yourself feeding a woodpecker in your dream, it is a good sign. Such a dream indicates that you will be rewarded both with praises as well as financially because of your punctuality.

Killing a Woodpecker

Killing a woodpecker in your dream is a bad sign. Such a dream indicates that you are probably aiming for all the wrong things in life. You should reconsider your plans or your approach towards them.

Admiring a Woodpecker

If you admired the woodpecker you see in your dream, it signifies that you hold the hard-working people in your life in high esteem. These are, in fact, the kind of people you want to surround yourself with.

Holding a Woodpecker

If you see yourself holding a woodpecker in your hands, it indicates that you will soon get an opportunity to help someone junior to you in your workplace. You can choose not to, but it will weigh heavily on your conscience later on. Therefore, it would be best if you go ahead and help them.

Being surrounded by Woodpeckers

If you find yourself being surrounded by too many woodpeckers from all sides, it means that the people around you are overwhelming you. Their nagging about trivial things is driving you crazy, and you can’t take it anymore. Your best option is to confront them about it so that they know when to stop.


The cultural significance of Woodpeckers

As we have already mentioned, the family of woodpeckers is quite large and has a worldwide distribution. Let’s take a look at what these birds mean in the different cultures of the world.

  • In Ancient Roman culture, a scared woodpecker known as Picus was associated with the planet Mars, which is known for its highly energetic vibrations.
  • The woodpeckers are believed to be linked to the zodiac sign of Aries. This is because their spirits are natural influencers who have a knack for pioneering movements.
  • In Shamanism, the sounds made by the woodpeckers were symbolic of the sound of nature. Therefore, in their rituals, the shamans recreated their sounds in order to connect to the spiritual world.
  • The Native Americans consider woodpeckers to be symbolic of protection, and the sound of their drumming signifies the heartbeats of nature.


What does it mean to have a Woodpecker tattoo?

Many of us are fond of bird tattoos since these winged creatures signify to us the freedom we strive to attain. But have you ever thought of getting a woodpecker inked on your skin? Woodpeckers are believed to be the link between man and nature in many cultures.

Therefore, getting their tattoos can help you get in touch with your spirituality. These birds are also known for their resilience and resourcefulness, qualities that are essential for leading a successful life. The woodpecker tattoo will allow you to tap into the positive energy of their spirit, making your life simpler and happier.


Woodpecker totem

If you feel like you have a tendency to give up on things at the first sign of difficulty, you need the assistance of the woodpecker totem.

The totems can never give up because they can scan the full potential of everything and everyone, and with all the potential they need by their side, they are confident that they will succeed. Once they teach you to do the same, you will never again have the urge to flee at minor inconveniences.

The woodpecker totem believes in seizing each day and making the best of it. Their continual hammering is symbolic of the peace they find in the rhythmic life. However, it doesn’t mean that they are not into trying new things. The only thing they despise to multi-tasking; trying to do everything at once is just not their thing.

They believe in dedicating their full potential to one thing at a time, and it is only when they’re successful in it that they will move on.

These totems help you in discovering your hidden talents and skills and tell you what a waste not using them would be. With them in your life, you just can’t settle with a small win. You will keep going, even if you repeatedly fail until you’ve reached your desired goal.


Woodpecker spirit animal

Those who have woodpeckers as their spirit animal are avid opportunity-seekers. These people know that they have what it takes to lead a successful life and are, thus, always on the lookout for opportunities to learn and grow.

They are talented, creative, and passionate and are often the most deserving candidate in a room. It is also very difficult to demotivate them since their inner motivation is much stronger than you can imagine.

The fact that success is important for these people doesn’t mean that it is the only thing they care about in life. On the contrary, they lead a full life surrounded by people they love and care about. They are innately kind, and compassionate. They would never turn down someone looking for a helping hand; it is just not how they’re made.

People guided by the woodpecker spirits tend to love unconditionally. When they commit to a friendship or a relationship, they’re committing to it for a lifetime. They’re sensitive to their loved ones’ needs and are always there to give them company and lift them up whenever they feel down. They take faithfulness very seriously and expect the same from others. Being in love with them or related to them is a blessing.


When can you call upon your woodpecker spirit animal?

The spirit of the woodpeckers can be your rock in your difficult times. You can seek their help and guidance in the following circumstances:

1. When you are looking for stability in your life. Nowadays, all of us are moving so fast that we’ve lost all concept of stability. It might seem unattainable to us, but that’s just our fear. If we are willing to work for it, we can maintain stability in our lives under the guidance of woodpeckers’ spirit.

2. When you are faced with two opportunities, both of which seem to you equally appealing, and you’re not sure which one you should go for. The woodpeckers’ spirit teaches us that it is impossible for two different opportunities to be equally beneficial for a single individual. If you think otherwise, then you haven’t measured their pros and cons properly. They will help you through the process of choosing the one that is better for you.

3. When you feel like you are losing motivation. The woodpecker spirit believes that motivation is something that should come from within ourselves. If you keep looking for motivation outside, these sources will disappoint you sooner or later. The day you find your inner motivation, you will truly become unstoppable.


Woodpecker symbolism and meaning (bottom line)

If you are looking for a bird spirit that is associated with stability and a grounded personality, you needn’t look farther than the woodpeckers. These birds might appear noisy on the surface, but on the inside, they are calm and calculated.

They are as striking in appearance as they are in symbolism, with some of them having red bills, some adorned with a golden crown, while some possess a stunning black plumage.

Dreaming of the woodpeckers is a good sign in most cases. However, some dreams, such as killing them, can have a negative interpretation as well. As your spirit animals and totems, these birds will never let you feel hopeless. Whenever you feel like every door has been closed for you, they will open a window.


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