Polar Bear Symbolism and Meaning (Totem, Spirit and Omens)

Polar Bear Symbolism and Meaning

Polar bears are grand and majestic animals that can fascinate you and yet make you fear their presence as well. They are enormously strong and strike as a powerful soul that people may find intimidating. It is this exact character profile and symbolism that people can learn from and use in their own lives.

The polar bear’s symbolism is a reminder of how capable and courageous you can be. It guides you to take charge of your life and thrive in your environment without fear. If you are encountering polar bears in your dreams often, then that means you are ready to summon your inner strength.

Continue reading to delve deep into the symbolism and spiritual meaning behind polar bears.


Polar Bear Symbolism

Polar Bear Symbolism

The polar bears are believed to have come from Ireland. Genetic evidence shows that polar diverged from Irish brown bears between 130,000 and 650,000 years ago. However, it was only later on in the late 1700s that they were recognized as a distinct species. Since then, polar bears have been inhabiting the icy cold region of the Arctic.

The indigenous people of the Northern Artic, called Inuit, have a close association with polar bears. They hunt these animals as a part of their cultural tradition. They consider Nanuqs, polar bears, wise and almost human. Polar bears have also become synonymous with the name “Ice Man” because of their human-like walk. That is why a successful polar bear hunt in their community receives a lot of praise.

Another reason that Inuits praise polar bears is because of their supernatural beliefs. Howard Norman’s “Northern Tales” talks about this. The author explains that the Inuit community gives a lot of importance to shamans as they influence the Inuit people’s role as religious leaders.

A polar bear’s stance and walk are like humans’, which has led the Inuits to believe that these animals are reincarnated, shamans. As a result, polar bears and mysterious shamans are believed to have a connection since both are powerful beings.

The polar bear’s white color camouflages them well in their cold environment. So it is no surprise that the Inuits call them “Mighty Magicians,” symbolizing their inconspicuousness. Polar bears believe in blending in with the environment and quietly learning and observing. Then, they come out at the right time, wiser than before.

Polar bears are always willing to swim at great lengths to find their food source. This kind of behavior represents patience and persistence. They always strategize first before attacking their prey. Their animal spirit is warning you not to jump the gun but to remain ready for any opportunity that arises. Good things come to those who wait.

As you know, the Arctic region is unforgiving with its cold. This is especially challenging for animals during the hibernation stage. However, the polar bear keeps on moving, maintaining a symbol of endurance, pride, and determination.

Independence is also a huge part of a polar bear’s personality. They are seen as loners. This may show them in a negative light when, in reality, this a sign of self-reliance.

The animal’s characteristic traits specifically cater to surviving challenges in life. They exude ferocity and fearlessness that allows them to navigate through tough terrains. Polar bears teach us that determination can help you thrive in any environment, even the ones that are hostile to others.


Polar Bear Native American Symbolism

In the Northern Realms of the Artic, tribes identify polar bears as the Tornaurssuk. The deity is considered the initiate god that oversees an individual’s life when they are experiencing a period of great transition.

The Inuits believe that polar bears possess the power and message of the Tornaurssuk and pass it on to humans. As a guiding animal, polar bears will set you off on your path to achieving spiritual enlightenment. With this stand, they conclude that polar bears have a soul and therefore are the spirit guides of their Inuit tribe.

Shamans and other Inuit religious leaders often reach out to the polar bear spirit. By summoning the spirit animal, they hope to gain courage, enhanced psychic abilities, and even shapeshifting powers.


Polar Bear In Dreams

Polar Bear In Dreams Meaning

It is not surprising if the first reaction you have when you see a polar bear in your dream is that of fear. However, you do not need to fret. Encountering them in your dream is not tied to one specific meaning.

If you come across a polar bear in your dream, it means you are about to awaken something special within you. It will remind you of your spiritual strength, power, and growth that is still lingering inside of you. When you dream of a polar bear eating, it means you are absorbing new spiritual thoughts. Spiritual thinking will help you get through the tough times.

A polar bear chasing you can be a sign of both good fortune and warning. The polar bear chasing is trying to tell you that you will be faced with an important decision. You must get over any insecurity and make your decision. Once you do, you will be surrounded by good luck, well-being, and success.

You may also see a polar bear running away from you or plunging in the snow. In this case, the polar bear is suggesting that you are currently overlooking opportunities. You are ignoring or refusing to face important facts of life, stopping yourself from achieving personal growth. It is time to muster up the ferocious strength of a polar bear and confront what’s hurting you right now.

Sometimes a polar bear can also represent a powerful enemy or rival in your life. If the polar bear is hunting you, it is trying to warn you of people who act as your friend. Their true intentions are more sinister, so be cautious of any new acquaintances.

If you see yourself or someone else killing a polar bear, it means you are ready to fight anything for survival. This particular dream may occur as a result of doing something immoral or illegal. It may also be trying to tell you that you have grown and are ready to face off your enemies. Either way, you will stay on top of others.


Polar Bear Encounters And Omens

The odds of you encountering a polar bear are very rare as they live in one of the coldest places on Earth. However, they have powerful spirits. So, if you ever do encounter one, even from afar, it is always good to pay attention to their message.

Native tribes believe that seeing a polar bear indicates that you need to loosen the reins. A polar bear omen is asking you to gain some perspective by being more adaptive and flexible.


Polar Bears’ Mythology And Folklore

The Inuits are the only ones to have legends and myths about polar bears. Besides Tornaurssuk, the so-called polar bear god, Inuit legend also talks of Nanook. Nanook, the polar bear, is known as the master of all polar bears.

His existence and pseudonym were popularized when the silent documentary Nanook of the North was released. Soon, the legend spread that Nanook could give the judgment on the success of hunters or failure of respecting taboos.

Nanook and thereby all polar bears have earned the respect of the Inuit tribe. Many Inuit hunters have a special shrine in the name of Nanook. The shrine would be decorated with tools and a bear’s hide that would hang for several days. The belief is that bears sacrifice themselves to take the spirit of the tools with themselves to the afterlife.

The Inuit mythology also includes the legend of a powerful sky god, Torngasuk. This deity is said to be a demon, spirit, and even a leader of Tornat, a group of protective gods. He appears to people in the form of a polar bear, with one side having a human arm. The folklore says he only shows himself to a medicine man or shaman. The shamans call upon his spirit when they require healing power.

There is an old Eskimo tale about a man who has a face-off with a massive polar bear, a nanurluk. The nanurluk lives under the sea ice to sneak on its foes with its monstrous size and ice-covered fur. This time, the nanurluk encounters a lone hunter that refuses to give up. The polar bear pushes the hunter to use his quick thinking and survival skills to outsmart the animal.

This tale has been kept alive in the Kugaaruk region for generations, to have kids learn from the actions of the nanurluk and the fictitious hunter.


Polar Bear Spirit Animal

Polar Bear Spirit Animal

The polar bear spirit animal will show itself when you feel like you have lost your focus. It is natural to feel faint of heart when the challenges life throws your way start to overwhelm. The polar bear renews your aura, almost like a rebirth. You gain a new sense of courage and determination.

When you find yourself facing the polar bear spirit animal, accept it as your healing force. Polar bears will guide you in your quest to find a quiet haven from the chaos of life. This is essentially the spirit’s way of giving you a time-out. The time-out will help you reassess your situation and get back on your feet.

The mantra of this spirit animal is that silence can be healing. It teaches you about harnessing the power of a quiet place where you can hear your Higher Self and the Divine guiding you.

The spirit will also show itself to you by blessing you with the ability to spot incredible opportunities. The spirit hopes to get you out of your slump by making you focus on the opportunity at hand instead of your insecurities.

When you feel you are not able to adapt to a situation, call upon the spirit of the polar bear. It acts as a guiding strength that empowers you on how to take responsibility for your life and for others you care about. It’s been established that people have both fear and admiration for the polar bear’s strength. You will feel that same energy and vigor being passed onto you. The energetic force inspires you to transform into a leader who acts without fear.

Another way the polar bear spirit helps you is through their connection with shamans. People who try to explore the possibility of astral travel may call upon their polar bear spirit animal. As reincarnated shamans, polar bears know their way around the different worlds. They are considered as guardians of the paths between the worlds, ensuring a safe journey for all who pass.

With the polar bear as your spirit guide, you can expect to see a significant improvement in your confidence. With a little trust from your side, it can help you discover your talents and use them with utmost certainty.


Polar Bear Totem Animal

People born with a polar bear totem inherit the ferocity and power of the animal. When a situation arises, you go into your observation mode. You think carefully before making any moves so that when you do, the winning probability is on your side. As a result, people around you think of you as an intelligent and fearless person.

When you have a polar bear totem, you are filled with a strong sense of individualism. You will not mind taking a stand against everyone else, as long as it is for a cause that you truly believe in. If you are pushed into a corner, you will push back harder. The forceful mode may come off as aggressive behavior, although that is not the case. You are simply set in your ways and are persistent in getting what you want.

In contrast to the individualistic character, you can also turn out to be an amazing provider. You enjoy having the responsibility of taking care of yourself and your significant others.

You are strong and smart but do not like to show off your presence. You rather hide in plain sight and learn about your surroundings, indicating excellent survival skills. As a result, you only spend your energy when necessary, and time your actions accordingly.

With a polar bear totem, you can push past your fears and make steady progress towards achieving your goals. You will always show gratitude for your wins and use that as motivation to continue moving forward.


Polar Bear Power Animal

As a power animal, the polar bear is believed to possess ancient wisdom that can teach you about energy management. They will help you hide in dire situations so you can reserve your energy.

When your energy levels are down, the power of the polar bear will help you sustain. Whether it be physical, mental, or spiritual, the animal will never fail to pass onto you its spiritual force. The spiritual force support also extends to when you need to establish a connection with the spirit realm.

Since polar bears are known to have shamanic powers, the power animal can open your communication with higher powers. It will also assist you to power through dream journeys and even go as far as inducing dreams with visions grounded in reality.

It is common knowledge that polar bears have a close relationship with ice. So when you need to put a situation on hold or “ice,” you call the polar power animal. Its energetic nature will stop any negativity that is following you. You get more time to create a plan of action for reducing any chaos in your life.

Other goals the animal can assist you with include how you can strategize and survive in a new environment. If you call the polar bear a power animal, it can support, guide, and strengthen you.


Polar Bear Tattoo Meaning

Polar bear tattoo meaning

For people native to the Arctic region, the polar bear tattoo is an important spiritual symbol. Polar bear hunting is a tradition that is praised to this day. As such, many tribes see a polar bear tattoo as a symbol of protection and expert hunting.

The western hip-hop scene has also seen artists getting a polar bear tattoo. You will find several tattoos that show innocent-looking polar bears with bright colored themes.

The deeper meaning behind these kinds of tattoos is that of aspiration – to work hard and get what’s yours. This is a play on the polar bear’s characteristic traits of endurance and power.


Final Thoughts

Polar bears are the largest and perhaps the bravest group of bears on Earth. The tales and beliefs of the Inuits confirm this. They will tell you that polar bears are essentially guardians that are connected to a powerful force.
The polar bear symbolizes standing tall with confidence. With its traits like patience, persistence, strength, and strategy, you can overcome any adversity. Besides giving you power, you can also look up to this spirit guide for support. So whenever and however you come across a polar bear, reflect on your inner self.