11 Reasons Why You Should Never Own Brussels Griffons

Why You Should Never Own Brussels Griffons

Are you looking to adopt a puppy and considering what breed to get? I warn you not to get Brussels Griffons. Here are the 11 reasons why not to get Brussels Griffons?


They are always stoned

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They are a connoisseur of good food. They just don’t like normal food

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They know fashion & style more than you

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They look like an old Chinese kungfu master

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They snore so loud



They will surely steal your girlfriend’s heart

Brussels Griffon Puppy & Andrea | Andrea Arden | Flickr



They’ll occupy your laptop

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They look like tiny little monsters

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They’ll wake you up every morning to go for a walk

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They just want to play all-day

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They are always hungry

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They are T.V. Addict


I hope these reasons are enough to warn you before you think of getting a Brussels Griffons.