11 Reasons Why You Should Never Own Beagles

Why You Should Never Own Beagles

Guess you are looking to adopt a puppy. Well if you are, let me warn you not to consider getting a Beagle. Want to know why? Here are the 11 reasons.


They won’t let you work

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They are troubles wrapped in cuteness

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They have a better fashion sense than you

funny beagle dog in straw hat sitting on sofa - Stock Photo - Dissolve



They won’t let you rest

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They want a new toy every week

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They are always hungry

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Beagle routine:

Eat, sleep, repeat

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Hide your phone chargers away or else beagle knows what to do

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Your wife will love him more than you

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They want to pick fights with bigger dogs

Gave that bitch a kiss. Bitches love kisses. - Imgur


Your laptop is now his territory

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