Can Pigs Eat Bananas? (or Banana Peels)

Can Pigs Eat Bananas

Pigs are precious little pets to own, but the owners often wonder what fruits are suitable for them. Owners oftentimes wonder whether or not pigs can eat bananas. If you have this same question in your mind, you’ll get a detailed answer in this article.

So, can pigs eat bananas? Yes, pigs can eat bananas, and they certainly enjoy it as well. Many vet experts suggest that owners should keep watch over the pigs when feeding them with bananas as there’s a risk for them to choke on it if given with the peel on.

Pigs are known to eat many fruits and bananas make a count on that list. They can eat it without any risk. Although pigs do love eating everything, bananas are their favorite, among other fruits and veggies.

However, there should be a balanced diet for pigs, just like humans. Though pigs love eating bananas and other fruits, there should be a restriction to avoid unhealthy weight gain. Treat them with fruits that they love but also restrict the portion of it.



Health Advantages of Bananas for Pigs

Bananas are very high in essential amino acids, electrolytes, Vitamins C and B6, minerals, and most significantly potassium. These are elements that piglets and adult pigs need to have in their diet chart. Bananas are a very simple and natural fruit that fulfill essential nutrients.

It is a low-calorie treat for pigs and other animals as well, which is good. But only as a treat! Since pigs eat almost anything, including bananas, it is only nice to treat them and not make them habituated.

Bananas are also fairly low in cholesterol and sodium. This characteristic makes them a great treat for the owners to use as an alternative for other fatty treats. Also, the high fiber in bananas helps pigs with digestion and problems related to that.

Bananas have multiple health benefits for both humans and animals. Other than any fruit, a banana can help a pig maintain a balanced diet. Whenever you treat them with bananas, make sure to cut them into slices, and never try to feed a whole banana to your pig.

This act can result in choking. Pigs are more likely to have a complex build and can face a hard time recovering from choking, and just so you know, choking can be fatal to animals and lead to death if it turns worse.

Not to mention, only the fresh, ripped bananas are acceptable for consumption. There is a fun fact that many pig owners don’t know. Pigs develop their personalities and individual preference for food.

Hence, you must understand what your pet enjoys. Some may or may not like a general type of food that they usually eat, but there is nothing to worry about. Let your pig decide what fruit or vegetable they want to eat.


Can Pigs Eat Banana Peels?

Yes, pigs can certainly eat the banana peels. The question is if it is good for their health or not? Eating bananas with their peels on not only heightens the risk of choking but also it is not the right way to get all the nutrients of banana into your pig.

If your pig really loves eating banana peels, you can feed them by mixing with pig nuts or cutting them into small pieces. There is a myth about banana peels that they are poisonous to pigs. But the survey says pigs like banana peels and it’s absolutely danger-free.

But if you are not careful enough, this action can result in choking. Pigs are more likely to have a complex build and can face a hard time recovering from choking, and just so you know, choking can be fatal to animals and lead to death if it turns worse.

Give the peels to them in variation. Treat them by mixing the peels with dried bread, nuts, other fruits, and yes, freeze them. Adult Pigs and piglets tend to love more of these treats than actual food. But again watch out for overconsumption and other dangers while feeding. Also, don’t listen to myths and treat your pet well.


Simple ways to feed Bananas to Pigs

Feeding bananas to pigs

There are multiple ways for you to feed bananas to the pigs. Bananas are a special kind of food that can be eaten in many ways.

When feeding your pig bananas, never feed them with too much quantity. A full-grown or adult pig is eligible to consume one or two banana every couple of days or so. At the same time, a piglet should only consume limited slices of banana.


Plain banana

The simplest way to feed bananas to your pig is to just peel it, cut it in tiny slices, it helps them eat without any risk. Though they are eager and can eat the whole thing in a moment, it’s too risky. It doesn’t matter if bananas are soft or not; always slice it up before feeding them.


Mashed Up with food

Another way could be mashing up a banana and mixing it with their food. This is a clever and good way to get those essential nutrients delivered in their systems. It also makes mealtime a slightly different and tastier than normal, which is fun for piglets.

Pigs are always hungry, and a proper diet will keep them healthy. Treating them bananas is fine until a point, but let them be open to other options.



Best foods for pigs aside from bananas

No doubt, bananas are a treat for pigs, but there are many other fruits and vegetables very likable to them.

The following will be a list of very popular items among the best choices of a pig, and our research says that most pigs love eating these fruits and vegetables more than anything.

  • Cooked broccoli
  • Beets
  • Grapes
  • Dark green lettuce
  • Oranges
  • Grapefruits
  • Tomatoes
  • Zucchini
  • Carrots
  • Apples
  • Snow peas
  • Cucumbers
  • Spinach

These vegetables will keep your pig healthy and satisfied. Most of them might like these fruits more than a banana.

Also, there is one thing to remember about a pig’s diet; there should not be meat in their diet. It will cause multiple numbers of torments for both pigs and its owner.


Why is meat strictly a No-No for Pigs?

Perhaps the fastest way for pigs to fall sick or get contaminated is by consuming meat. Awful virus outbreaks that occurred in the past mostly embarked on pigs. Pigs are adept at getting contaminated by diseases called Zoonotic diseases.  This virus is hazardous to many other animal species, and it transmits to humans as well.

In some states and regions, it is already a criminal offense to irresponsibly permit your pig to eat meat. The two most dangerous viruses that are globally known are listed below; they have taken approximately thousands or more innocent lives.


Swine Influenza

This is the most common virus that is popular in animals, deadly to all ages. It may be identical to a typical fever, which makes it even tougher to identify, but once it gets nasty, it could be lethal to the point of death.


Foot-and-mouth disease

This virus ignites overwhelming fever, rash, appetite loss, sore throat, depressed state of mind, discomfort in between tongue and gums, red hive on palms and soles, and petulance in babies or toddlers.

Almost everyone who knows or has heard about these deadly viruses should keep in mind how dangerous it can become when it gets out of hand. It is a potential threat that can be eradicated, but the instructions must be followed.

The worrying thing about these deadly viruses is that it is not restricted to just meat. Any meat products and other food that has contact with meat should be averted at all costs. The list also includes food scraps, bakery waste, trash from restaurants, and unused cooking oils and fats.


Avert Leftovers or Spoiled food at all times

A piece of advice for all the owners, even in the time of a “stomach of steel” (meaning that they can eat almost anything and devour them without falling or feeling sick), is prudent to stick to a proper diet.

It is a mistake that we must not indulge in; pigs have their biological ability to digest any variety of food. But, just because they can eat anything, doesn’t mean owners should allow and feed them according to that.

What a pig eats affects their growth, reproductive system, health, attitude, and their whole lifespan. Thus, be careful, and do not feed leftovers or any sort of spoiled food to pigs.

But sometimes, it is not even in your hand if your pig secretly eats something and chokes on it. There have been incidents where piglets choked to death, and some of them had a problem digesting when the seeds were large enough to impede several body functions that affected numerous issues.

It is no joke to perfectly look after pigs as it possesses many mischief habits that sometimes get out of control. But, hey, it is also the responsibility of an owner to take care of their pets. We believe with the help of the information provided in the post; you will be cautious of any possible danger. Besides that, treat them with care and bananas.