Top 7 Magnetic Boots for Horses

best magnetic boots for horses

Though magnetic healing therapy has existed for decades, it has again begun to gain momentum in this era. Being a non-invasive and drug-free therapy that offers faster healing than the conventional treatment methods, even the professional horse riders opt for magnetic boots for their horses these days.

Magnetic boots aren’t just for treatment rather they can also be used for relieving the aching joints and muscles, to warm up the horses, and so on.

One of the frequently asked questions on these magnetic boots is whether there are different boots for specific functions. And whether all these boots can be used in all horses?

So yeah, these boots can be used on all types of horses for everything from soft tissue injuries, muscle and tendon injuries, ligament inflammations, osteoporosis, circulatory problems, and many hoof conditions.

That being said there are quite a few magnetic boots that are available in the market. Choosing one among them can be a strenuous task owing to the number of parameters that have to be considered before buying one.

This is why in this article, we have compiled a list of the top 5 magnetic boots that you can buy for your horses. This list has been made after consulting with vets and professional riders who have firsthand experience in using these boots on their horses.


Choosing the right boots for your horse!

Magnetic boots are undoubtedly the best when it comes to treating muscle and tissue injury of horses. But it is imperative that you choose the right one for your horse.

According to David Marlin, Ph.D., associate dean for research at Hartpury College, in the U.K., “It’s almost impossible to predict which boots will do what until you either test them and/or take a knife and open them up.”

In this section, we will have a look at the basic parameters that have to be considered while choosing a boot for your horse.

Heat and Weight Factors

When it comes to magnetic boots for horses, price, sturdy construction or the materials that are used in its making cannot imply anything about the boot. However, the weight of the supporting boot and its heat-retaining capacities has to be considered.

For instance, if the support boot is heavy there will obviously be more stress on the horse as it has to expend more energy. Similarly, these heavy boots can sometimes restrict the lower leg’s range of motion, compromise tendon function, or even lead to soft tissue injury.

Another important factor to be considered is the boot’s heat exchange capabilities. Boots made out of materials with boot heat exchange capability tend to retain heat inside the boot, making the legs underneath and the tendons very warm.

In a recent study conducted on horses, it was found that the temperature of the lower-leg tendon of a galloping horse reaches 45 degrees without these boots. And these researches claim that retaining heat inside the boots can cause the temperature of tendons to cross the threshold which can cause tendon inflammation and even tendon-cell death.


5 Best Magnetic Boots for Horses

Bioflow magnetic therapy horse boots

This magnetic boot has topped the customer satisfaction chart by achieving a 5star rating in amazon. All the customer reviews about this product are positive and the customers do not have any regrets about buying this product.

These magnetic boots contain two powerful Central Reverse Polarity magnets, a multi-directional magnetic technology developed by the manufacturer Bioflow. Bioflow claims that when blood flows through the magnetic field of the central reverse polarity magnet, the weak cells in that area become energetic and heal the damaged cells.

It also facilitates increased blood flow providing stress relief to the bones. This boot is specially designed to reduce the joined diseases, swelling, symptoms of arthritis, and to increase mobility.

Being made out of ‘neoprene’, a breathable fabric, it doesn’t retain heat inside the boot making it comfortable for the horse to wear. Neoprene is a kind of synthetic rubber that is capable of maintaining flexibility even in extreme temperatures.

The strike pad of this boot is very durable and the strong hook and loop closure provides extra protection to the animal. A pack of Bioflow magnetic boot contains a pair of boot and comes in large size which will be suitable to horses of 14hands.


Professional’s choice Magnetic bell horse boots

Made out of durable nylon with soft cotton lining, the Professional’s choice magnetic bell horse boots can be a comfortable boot for your horse to wear. The magnets in these boots are ideal for treating as the stiffness of muscles, swelling, and arthritis.

Being a lightweight product that weighs only 326gm is the ideal product for your horse. The boot can be fastened with a double hook and loop closure.

This magnetic bell boot has a 5-star rating on amazon which speaks for the quality of the product.


EQU StreamZ Unique Magnetic Horse Band

The EQU StreamZ unique magnetic horse bands aren’t really boots rather they are bands for horses that do the same job as a boot does.

When a horse runs, maximum stress is felt on the fetlocks as it connects the cannon bone and pastern bone. Pain in these joints and swelling at the fetlock is a common ailment among horses.

The EQU StreamZ unique magnetic horse bands are made specifically for providing stress relief to the horse at their fetlock bone.

What makes this product different from others in the price range is that It can be used continuously during the day and night and even before and after exercise.

The inner material of the band made out of neoprene, a type of synthetic rubber can also provide better insulation against cold.


  • Made specifically for curing problems related to fetlocks
  • It can also be used to treat arthritis
  • Made out of a breathable material that reduces heat build-up while wearing
  • Lightweight and easy to manage


Dick-wick DW09BB Magnetic Horse Boot

The Dick-Wick DW09BB magnetic horse boots were developed as tendon boots and can be the perfect solution for pain relief for your horses.

Joint pain due to arthritis is a common condition seen among many horses and the heavy pain can eventually lead to lameness.

The manufacturers of Dick-Wick DW09BB magnetic horse boots claims that this magnetic boot can help your horse recover from lameness by healing the joint pain.

The 14 dick-wick power magnets in the boots can generate a magnetic field of strength 900gauss. This powerful magnetic field can help in the regeneration of damaged cells facilitating speedy recovery from arthritis and stiffness.

Apart from these, the boots can also provide extra support to the cannon bones of the horse.


  • Can be used to treat joint pain due to arthritis
  • The boot is made out of a soft cool cotton inner layer making it comfortable for the horse to wear
  • Easy to clean


  • Cannot be used continuously


Premier equine Magni-Teque magnetic horse boot

The Premier equine Mangi-Teque magnetic horse boots are one of the widely used magnetic boot in the market.

This product has an amazing rating which speaks for the quality and effectiveness of the product. It is in fact designed to work as a magnetic bandage to be to boost the health benefits.

The outer part of the boot is made with breathable Air-Teque neoprene that ensures air circulation and the inner part is filled with soft cotton lining with bipolar magnets. Each boot contains 16 magnets generating a magnetic field of 600 Gauss.

These powerful magnets are known to be effective in recovering muscle tissues and increasing the oxygen supply by boosting blood circulation. The tendon, cannon, fetlock, and ligaments can enjoy the health benefits of this boot.

The boot has a strong Velcro strap which ensures extra security to the animal while providing extra comfort to the animal. It can be used on both front and hind legs.


  • Made out a breathable material
  • Effective in treating fatigues


  • Cannot be used regularly or while turnout
  • Cannot be used during pregnancy


Does magnetic therapy work on horses?

Yes, magnetic therapy does work well on horses.

According to Dr. Robert Holcomb MD, Ph.D., at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center, coming in direct contact with a magnetic field can increase blood circulation, vasodilation, muscle relaxation, reduce nerve-cell firing rate. This in turn can reduce the pain and reduction of free radicals to improve the body’s ability to fight inflammation and to strengthen the immune system.

These days’ magnetic therapy is widely used in horses to activate the cells, help in regeneration of damaged cells, treat pain due to arthritis, and for many other reasons.

Magnetic therapy has proved to be beneficial in improving the blood circulation in horses.


Do magnetic boots help treat windgall?

No magnetic boots cannot be used to treat windgall and it needs medical attention. That being said magnetic boots can be used to reduce pain and swelling while aiding in the faster recovery. Using magnetic boots has been found to be an effective measure to counter the pain during windgall.

As mentioned in the previous section, coming in contact with a strong magnetic field can improve blood circulation, cellular regeneration, decontract muscles, flush out toxins, and regeneration of tissues.

It is important to note that using magnetic boots is not a treatment for windgall. All that it does is to help the horse with the pain.


How long can you leave magnetic boots on a horse?

There isn’t a pre-defined time limit for the usage of magnetic boots on horses. It is greatly dependent on factors such as the material used in the boot, magnetic field, intended purpose, and so on. In general, the more the horse wears the magnetic boot the better.

That being said, if the with which the boot has been made isn’t breathable, you risk heat building up inside the boot of the horse that can cause tendon injuries to your horse. You can safely let your horse wear the boots an hour prior to the exercise for warmup and 1 hour after the exercise to relax.

Always ensure that you only let your horse wear the boots when it is relaxing and not working to reduce the chance of heat buildup inside the boot.

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