Tallest Animal in the World

Tallest Animal in the World

The giraffe, thanks to its extremely long neck, is the tallest living mammal. It is possible that a few individuals 20 feet in height may exist, but the greatest height I have found recorded is 18 feet 11 inches to the tips of the horns.

Perhaps surprisingly, the giraffe has only seven bones in its neck, the same number that most other mammals have. Seen in a mounted skeleton, they remind one of sticks of stove wood stacked end to end.

Although the giraffe is the tallest mammal alive today, at least one extinct species was the taller-a type of rhinoceros, Baluchitherium by name remains of which have been unearthed in Mongolia.

Specimens of this old fellow reached a shoulder height of seventeen feet nine inches, as opposed to ten or eleven feet for the giraffe Added to this height at the shoulder, the giraffe has a columnar neck of some seven or eight feet, but our rhinoceros friend has a neck at least this long.

In the tallest animal contest, it Is believed that “Balucky” could have surpassed any living giraffe by several feet. A large specimen of the extinct rhinoceros would probably have measured-nearly twenty-five feet from the soles of its front feet to the crown of its head.