How To Tell The Age Of Bighorn Sheep?

How To Tell The Age Of Bighorn Sheep

This is a general question among the hunters that how can they determine the age of a bighorn sheep. I studied the procedure and found out how experienced hunters can quickly tell the age of these mountain sheep.

So, how to tell the age of bighorn sheep? The approximate age of the bighorn sheep can be determined by an examination of their horns. But the ease with which this can be done varies. I have seen sheep heads with horns so well marked that an inexperienced could easily estimate the age but I have also seen others that would trouble even an expert.

The horn growth for each year is marked by a deep crack or crevice that encircles the horn, the material between two cracks being called a ridge. When the cracks and ridges are definite. the age of the sheep can be approximately determined by counting the ridges, one ridge for each year of life.

But in addition to the large cracks and ridges that mark the yearly growth, there are usually numerous smaller rings and ridges on the horn surface. These sometimes are, but should not be, confused with the annual rings; the annual rings are wider and deeper and the annual ridges may be an inch or an inch and a half in width.