Do Mosquitoes Sleep? When and Where?

Do Mosquitoes Sleep? When and Where?

We all know about those pesky bugs that come out at night and bite us to create itchy bumps on our skin. They are also known as mosquitoes. It seems like these bugs are constantly active and are always out for blood (literally). This brings many people to wonder if mosquitoes ever sleep. If so when could they possibly have the time and where are they sleeping?

So, do mosquitoes sleep? The answer to the question is yes, mosquitoes do sleep. There are some exceptions to this, but most living things do sleep. The majority of mosquitoes, however, rest during the day, meaning they are nocturnal. This is why you probably realize them at night so much more because that is when they come out to feed.

As soon as daylight starts to appear, they will search for areas to sleep. Despite this, there are a few species of mosquitoes that will come out and bite during the day.

A type of mosquito called the Ades Aegypti will bite humans usually in the morning or evening, meaning they would sleep during the middle of the day. If they’re lucky enough to get inside a house, this is where they prefer to sleep. They find comfort in places like closets or drawers of clothes or towels.

These types of mosquitoes can also spread many types of viruses. Luckily, humans have a lot less of a chance of getting these diseases than other mosquitoes. These insects live in tropical climates, so if you live in Antarctica, chances are you won’t have an issue with them.

Did you know female mosquitoes are the only ones that bite?

This is because she needs the protein from human blood to help feed her eggs. Female mosquitoes can have up to three hundred eggs at a time, so it is necessary that she gets all the food and nutrients she needs to have these babies.

They also do not have teeth. Mosquitoes will bite you with a thing called a proboscis. It is in their mouths and is used to slightly cut the skin and locate a blood-filled area. The mosquitoes DNA will get inside of you and your body will reject it which will cause your immune system to react.

It tries to get rid of whatever foreign substance is inside your body. The immune system will then produce something called histamine. Histamine will boost the flow of your blood and the number of white blood cells around the affected wound.

This is what causes all the swelling around the bite. The itch also comes from histamine because it will affect the nerves near the bite. Over time, you may get more tolerant to mosquito bites and not swell up as much. Now, when these mosquitoes aren’t out sucking your blood, where do they go?

Where do mosquitoes sleep?

Mosquitoes like to sleep in covered places such as bushes, hollowed out trees or wood, dents in the ground, or thick plants. However, if a mosquito wonders around in a city or neighborhood, they might choose to sleep in the crack of a sidewalk or road. Typically, all of these places are dark.

A research project was done to prove that mosquitoes prefer sleeping in the dark rather than the light. Models called “resting boxes” were created to attract mosquitoes for places to sleep.

Most of them chose to sleep in the boxes that were in the in areas that were shaded such as covered forests and tended to stay away from the ones places in open fields.

Do mosquitoes hibernate?

What happens to a mosquito when it gets cold? Since mosquitoes are cold-blooded they would much rather prefer warm summer days than the cold winters.

In the case that the weather turns below fifty degrees, mosquitoes will find someplace to hibernate. Usually, this is in places such as basements, caves, or anywhere they can find to keep them living and warm.

Occasionally, there will be a warm winter day and a mosquito will emerge from hibernating. However, this doesn’t last very long they will soon go back to sleeping until the warm days return for good.

Some species plan their life cycles out perfectly. The adults will lay their eggs and die in the fall, and then their babies won’t hatch until the spring.

Where do mosquitoes go during the daytime?

If you live in areas where mosquitoes breed in large numbers, you must have realized that mosquitoes are more active after dawn. It is because mosquitoes prefer to stay in cold places during the daytime which they find in the bark of trees, toilets, near water bodies, etc.

Sunlight in summers has a high intensity of heat which can kill the mosquitoes by dehydrating them. Therefore mosquitoes prefer to sleep during the daylight in dark places where there is very less sunlight and in the humid places (near water taps, bathrooms, etc) to save them from the danger of dehydration.

They also find hiding in natural vegetation like grass, holes in the ground, caves, etc. These all places act as sheltered dark relatively cool and humid places for mosquitoes.