Most Dangerous Fish in the World

Piranha - Most Dangerous Fish in the World

Several kinds of fish, such as sharks and the barracuda, have earned the reputation of being dangerous, but what is the most dangerous fish in the world?

Piranha (carabe or pirai) is the most dangerous fish in the world. No other fish including sharks and barracuda can compare in ferocity with this small freshwater fish of South America. No land animal, however large, may be considered safe from these little balls of fury.

Observing a piranha in an aquarium, one gets no impression of the latent ferocity contained within that relatively small body. One sees a fish somewhat resembling a perch in general shape. But look closely at the largemouth with its pugnaciously protruding jaws.

Observe that along the margin of each jaw are razor-sharp triangular-shaped teeth which seem too large for such a small fish.

Piranhas have the nasty habit of hunting in schools, and any animal that is attacked becomes the center of a seething maelstrom of activity until every shred of flesh has been ripped from its bones. It is reported that they sometimes turn savagely upon their fellows and devour them with equal relish.

Several naturalists have written interesting accounts of experiences with the piranha, and many South Amedean explorers, as well as natives, bear scars as a result of unpleasant encounters with them. One explorer, while fishing for piranhas, lost his balance and fell headfirst into a school of them. Before he gained the shore, only a short distance away, he was severely bitten in several places.

Another naturalist reported that a native on muleback passed through the camp on his way home. A short time later the mule returned to camp, riderless. Following the mule tracks to a stream, the naturalist found the native’s skeleton a short distance from the stream crossing, completely stripped of flesh.

Piranha will fasten their razor-sharp teeth upon the first part of the anatomy that comes within reach and will continue their attack even out of water.

Wooden planks and sticks will be chewed up with insatiable fury, and several men have had their fingers terribly mutilated when they attempted to remove a hook from a piranha’s mouth.