73 Animals that Start with S (Facts and Pictures)

Animals that Start with S

We are so engrossed in the daily activities that sometimes, we don’t have any conversations at all. My friend and I were at our wit’s end over the lack of conversation that takes place every day. So, just for fun, I asked her what animals begin with the letter ‘S.’ In spite of having read about animals her whole life, surprisingly she could up with a rather short list.

As you know, I like animals and I like to write. Combine the two, and I’m a pretty happy girl (of course, with some limitations and exceptions). Hence, I decided to come up with a list of animals that start with the letter “S”.

If you were to bring up a list of animals that start with the letter S, most people could probably tell you a few off the top of their heads. But what about an animal list where all the animals fit into other specific categories? This is where things get interesting.

There are certainly many animals out there that start with the letter S. You may, or may not know some of them, but it’s certainly going to be a pretty long list.

Let’s get started.

 Dog Breeds 


Saarloos Wolfhound

This dog came from cross-breeding a Eurasian gray wolf from Siberia with a German Shepherd, then crossbreeding again with a German Shepherd. They were bred after someone believed German Shepherds were too domesticated.


Saint Bernard

This dog is part of a large working dog breed. It was bred for rescue work by the hospice of the Great St Bernard Pass. This dog is known for stories of rescues and is shown doing the same thing in several shows and movies like in Peter Pan.


Saint Shepard

This breed is a cross between a German Shepherd and a Saint Bernard. These dogs are fairly large because of their parent dog breeds being large as well.



This breed was developed from sighthounds and bred to hunt game animals by nomadic tribes. There are similar dog breeds in the Middle East and in northern Africa. Similar dogs show up in ancient art.



This breed, also known as the Bjelkier, is a medium-sized herding dog that takes its name from Samoyedic people in Siberia. It was bred to herd reindeer, hunt, guard, and sled.



This is a small breed from Belgium that is a type of spitz. In Belgium, they are small shepherds. They are sometimes called little black foxes because they are mischievous and have a lot of energy.



This dog breed is from Germany. Their name comes from the word for snout or mustache. This dog was given the name because of its fur that looks like a flowy mustache. This dog comes in three different sizes including standard, miniature, and giant.


Scottish Terrier

This small dog breed is one of five terrier breeds originating in Scotland. This dog is very popular and has been known as the dog as being the pet of celebrities and presidents. The dog breed also frequents the Westminster Dog Show and is frequently one of the most successful.


Shar Pei

This breed is from southern China and was near extinction at one point. It is known for having deep wrinkles in the west, but also has a version with fewer wrinkles. This dog can be seen in art from centuries ago from Ancient China.



This is a dog breed that is a crossbreed of a Poodle and an Old English Sheepdog. The dog looks as though it could be a stuffed animal and has become more popular recently. This breed can come in many sizes and colors because it is a mixed breed.


Shetland Sheepdog

This herding dog is also called a Sheltie and closely resembles the Rough Collie. This dog is from the Shetland Islands in Scotland and was originally named the Shetland Collie. This dog is still great at herding, but is usually just a pet or is a working dog.


Shiba Inu

This hunting dog breed is from Japan and is the smallest of the spitz dog breeds native to Japan. This breed has similar looks to the Akita Inu and the Hokkaido, though it is a completely separate breed. These breeds are very popular and have become the face of Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency.


Shih Tzu

This toy dog breed originated in Tibet and is called the lion dog like the Pekingese. The dog was bred to look like a lion in traditional art. The dog is also named after Xi Shi who was known for being one of the most beautiful women in ancient China.



This dog breed is named after one of the main islands in Japan, which is where the dog is a native breed of. This dog is one of six native dog breeds in Japan and is a spitz like the other breeds. The dog looks similar to the Akita Inu and Shiba Inu.


Siberian Husky

This dog breed belongs to the spitz family and was bred as a sled dog. Though this dog looks similar to the Alaskan Malamute, it is smaller. This dog breed originated in Asia and helped people in Siberia.


Spanish Mastiff

This dog was bred as a guard dog for livestock to protect from wolves. This breed worked with sheep in medieval times and defended them from predators. These dogs are known to be fairly large and powerful.


 Cat Breeds 


Savannah cat

This cat breed is a cross between a domestic cat and a serval. This cat breed is a large breed and is the largest cat breed. Those cats directly of a serval and domestic cat tend to be more like servals and are larger.


Scottish Fold

This cat is known for its floppy, folded ears due to a genetic mutation. This cat was originally called lop-eared after the lop-eared rabbit. Though its appearance is liked by many, the cat is susceptible to various illnesses due to its mutation and breeding.


Selkirk Rex

This cat breed is known for having curly hair, similar to the Devon Rex and Cornish Rex. Unlike those two breeds, this one has a normal coat length. This breed comes in long hair and short hair and has a plush and thick coat.



This cat came about after a Bengal was combined with an Oriental Shorthair. This cat is meant to look like a serval without using wild cats. This breed is still fairly new and is being developed.


Siamese Cat

This cat breed is native to Thailand, which was originally called Siam. This cat breed became increasingly popular in Europe and North America in the 1800s. The cat breed has also been used to breed other cats like the Oriental Shorthair.


Siberian Cat

This is a centuries-old cat breed from Russia. This cat breed is of the size of a medium to large-sized car and is thought to be closely related to the Norwegian forest cat. The cat started as a naturally occurring breed but was pedigreed after selective breeding.


Singapura cat

This breed that was imported from Singapore to the US is known for its large eyes. This cat also has various other names including Love Cat. There has been some speculation that this cat is a crossbreed between the Burmese cat and the Abyssinian cat.


Snowshoe cat

This breed was made after a breeder created a program to produce “silver laces.” This breed is known for having white feet.



This breed is also known as the Sokoke Forest Cat and is native to Kenya. The breed has been developed in Denmark and the US. This breed is closely related to a feral landrace cat of Kenya.


Somali Cat

This breed is an Abyssinian cat with a recessive gene causing longer hair. This cat was selectively bred after the first long-haired-Abyssinian. The gene was not wanted by all and was actively kept out of certain breeder’s cats.


Sphynx Cat

This cat is known for being bald compared to other cat breeds. They were developed after selective breeding to have cats that show hairless genetic mutations. These cats may or may not have whiskers and have webbed feet.



This cat breed originated in Thailand and can be confused with the Burmese cat, which has a similar look. This cat is also compared to the Korat, which has been around for centuries. First descriptions of this breed are found in ancient manuscripts.


 Wild Mammals 



This animal is related to weasels and otters. They can be found in Siberia and eastern Asian countries. The name of this animal has also become a description for the coats of rabbits and cats.



This is a native wild feline to Africa and is seen throughout sub-Saharan countries. The cat is known for being very slender with long legs. This cat has been used to create a domesticated cat breed known as the Savannah cat, which is smaller.



These animals are kept as livestock and are typically sheared for their wool. Though mainly known for their wool, sheep can also be used for food as well. One of the most popular sheep is Dolly, who was cloned.



This is an animal known for its scent. Skunks are able to spray a strong-smelling liquid when threatened. Though these animals are related to polecats and weasels, they are most closely related to stink badgers.


Siberian Tiger

This feline is native to eastern Russia and northeast China. The tiger has lived in various countries throughout eastern Asia, including Korea and Mongolia. This tiger is most closely related to the Caspian tiger, which is extinct.



Sloths are one of the slowest moving creatures to exist. They spend their time in tropical rainforests in the south and central America. Surprisingly, they are the most closely related animals to anteaters.


Slow Loris

This nocturnal primate is known for its very large and round eyes. They originated in southeast Asia. The animal is fairly small and it uses its limbs to traverse trees.


Sun Bear

This bear is known for its sort of strange look and orange-colored patch on its chest. These bears tend to sleep in trees and will visit areas resided by humans at night. These bears do not hibernate like other bears because their foods are typically available all year round.


 Marine Animals 



This fish is actually several species and sometimes includes other fish within the same family. Salmon live in the ocean but are hatched and do their hatching in freshwater. Salmon are thought to return to the exact spot that they were hatched to hatch their own eggs.


Salmon Shark

This species of shark does in fact eat salmon as well as other fish and squid. This shark can maintain its stomach temperature, which fish cannot typically do. These sharks are smaller than their relative, the great white shark.


Sand Tiger Shark

This shark is a very strong swimmer but is fairly slow. This is one species of shark that is not known to have killed any humans. The embryos of this species are known to feed on one another in the womb, with the most developed feeding on the most.



Sardines are small fish within the herring family. These fish are thought to be from the area near the island of Sardinia. They are commonly packed in a can for eating.



These fish are also known as carpenter sharks and are related to stingrays and manta rays. These fish are not harmful to humans but can cause harm when they are defending. These fish are protected against harm in a variety of countries and cannot be hunted in certain places.


Sea Cucumber

These leathery marine animals are found along the seafloor all over. They are gathered to make various dishes, typically used in Asian dishes but can also be found in European countries.


Sea Dragon

The sea dragon is also known as the weedy seadragon and is closely related to seahorses. They are the emblem of Victoria, Australia. Typically, they can be found in the waters near Australia.


Sea Lion

Sea lions are closely related to fur seals and typically live for up to 30 years. There are three species that are endangered of the five species that make up sea lions. Interestingly, baby sea lions are called pups or puppies similar to dogs.


Snail Darter

These are freshwater fish that are no longer considered endangered. There was controversy concerning their status and the building of a dam. These fish live in creeks, rivers, and reservoirs.




Sarus Crane

This crane does not migrate, compared to other bird breeds. This bird is the tallest of all flying birds and is native to South Asia and Australia. These powerfully flying birds are one of 15 species of crane.


Scarlet Macaw

This species of bird is very well known for its looks and can be seen in a variety of movies and shows. One of the most well-known characters who is a scarlet macaw is Iago from Aladdin. These birds are known to live in forests and are colored red, yellow, and blue.



This prehistoric-looking bird has various names and is stork-like. It was once classified with storks but they were then classified with pelicans. These birds can be found from South Sudan to Zambia.



This bird species is a small bird that can be found almost anywhere. They are one of 25 similar species that are native to a variety of continents. These birds are a symbol of love in ancient Greek and are the sacred bird of Aphrodite.


Spotted Crake

This bird breed is a water bird found in Europe and Asia, moving to Africa and Pakistan in the winter. These birds are known for literally being spotted. They have various spots covering their chest or their whole body.


Spotted Dove

These birds can be found in Asia and were introduced to different areas throughout the world. These birds have spots around their neck. Though called doves, these birds are pigeons like all other doves.



These birds are known for their distinctive look and have largely been associated with babies. They are closely related to herons, spoonbills, and ibises. This connection can be traced back to ancient Greek mythology.


Stygian Owl

This owl is named for being related to the River Styx of Greek mythology. They are known for having feathers that look like expressive eyebrows on top of its head.



This small bird is found all over, including Antarctica. Most swallows can be found in Africa. This species of bird includes 90 different types of swallow.



This is a bird known for its beauty and violence. There’s another species of bird that was originally known as a swan, but they are more closely related to ducks. These birds can become very aggressive when defending their nests.


 Reptiles and Amphibians 



These amphibians are lizard-like and are typically found in the northern hemisphere. They typically have four toes on their front legs and five on their rear. Salamanders tend to live in cool, damp places and can regenerate lost limbs.


Sand Lizard

These lizards are across Europe and thrive in areas with hot sand to incubate their eggs. They tend to like dryer habitats, but will live anywhere with the proper sand.


Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko

This gecko is also referred to as the phantastic leaf-tailed gecko and is known as the Uroplatus phantasticus. The first name of this gecko comes from the same origin as oroboros, which is the symbol of the snake eating its tail.



The scorpion has pincers and is also known for its stinger. These animals have been around since before dinosaurs.



Skinks are lizards belonging to the family Scincidae and found all over the world. The family has short legs compared to other lizards. These skinks typically avoid colder regions, specifically arctic regions.


Snapping Turtle

This turtle is known for its strong bite. The turtle has a very strong jaw and has a very mobile head and neck, making it easy for the turtle to bite who or whatever it pleases.


Spike nosed tree frog

This frog breed is fairly new and has a spiky nose. The nose is the reason it is one of the frogs called the Pinocchio frog. These frogs can inflate and deflate their nose depending on the situation.



These reptiles are Serpentes and most closely related to various extinct animals who are also legless lizards.


 Endangered Animals 


Saiga Antelope

This antelope is critically endangered and can be found in Eurasia, specifically in the Caucasus and Carpathian mountains.



This animal is one of the rarest animals and is critically endangered. This is a large forest-dwelling animal that can only be found in Vietnam and Laos. They are related to antelopes and goats.


Sea Turtle

They are also known as marine turtles and include six separate species of turtle that are endangered. There is a seventh marine turtle that is not threatened, which lives near Papua New Guinea.


Sea Otter

This marine mammal lives in the pacific ocean and is in the weasel family. They have a thick coat that helps to keep them warm. Even though these animals can traverse land perfectly fine, they are able to live solely in water.


Snow Leopard

This animal is native to central and south Asia and is being threatened by poaching and the destruction of its habitat. These animals are very well adapted to living in cold temperatures.


Sri Lankan Elephant

This elephant is named for its native country of Sri Lanka. Overall, Asian elephants are smaller than African elephants. This particular elephant has had a decline in population by 50% in the past 50 to 70 years.


Sumatran Rhino

This rhino is also known as the hairy rhino and is one of five surviving rhino species. It is critically endangered and locally extinct in Malaysia.


Sumatran Tiger

This tiger is a native to the Sunda Islands of Indonesia and is the only surviving tiger population in the area. This tiger is one of few Sunda tiger species and has only 50 total tigers currently living.


 Extinct Animals 



This extinct feline is also known as the Saber Tooth Tiger and was from the Americas, mainly North America. It is called a tiger but is not closely related to today’s tigers. These big cats have also shown up in shows and movies like in the Ice Age film series.


Steller’s Sea Cow

This relative of the manatee is named after Georg Wilhelm Steller. This sea cow was a very social animal and lived in family groups. The slow animal was overhunted for fat, meat, and hide until its extinction.


Conclusion: Animals that Start with S

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